Chapter 1294 – The Sovereign Forgets All Emotions

Chen Xi? Chi Cangsheng frowned and said with a tone of displeasure, “Since they named Chen Xi as someone that has to participate, then we have to do as they said? Aren’t they thinking too highly of themselves?”

Wang Daolu smiled bitterly and said helplessly, “But it’s still slightly unsuitable for you to send out a few new students to participate in the Dao discussion, right? What if they lose in the Dao discussion, it’ll affect the reputation of our academy.”

Chi Cangsheng glanced at Wand Daolu, and then a wisp of arrogance suddenly flashed on his thin face as he laughed coldly. “I precisely intend to let the other six academies see that we can still crush them even when we send out new students!”

Wang Daolu was slightly stunned, and then he gasped. Never had he expected that this old geezer actually had such intentions. If this were to succeed, then it would indeed be able to deliver a fierce blow to the other six academies.


It’s still too risky in the end!

If they fail, then it would similarly be a great blow to the reputation of the academy. At that time, the outside world wouldn’t care whether we sent out new students or seniors.

“Chen Xi must participate no matter what.” Suddenly, Zuoqiu...

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