Chapter 1294 – The Sovereign Forgets All Emotions

Chen Xi? Chi Cangsheng frowned and said with a tone of displeasure, “Since they named Chen Xi as someone that has to participate, then we have to do as they said? Aren’t they thinking too highly of themselves?”

Wang Daolu smiled bitterly and said helplessly, “But it’s still slightly unsuitable for you to send out a few new students to participate in the Dao discussion, right? What if they lose in the Dao discussion, it’ll affect the reputation of our academy.”

Chi Cangsheng glanced at Wand Daolu, and then a wisp of arrogance suddenly flashed on his thin face as he laughed coldly. “I precisely intend to let the other six academies see that we can still crush them even when we send out new students!”

Wang Daolu was slightly stunned, and then he gasped. Never had he expected that this old geezer actually had such intentions. If this were to succeed, then it would indeed be able to deliver a fierce blow to the other six academies.


It’s still too risky in the end!

If they fail, then it would similarly be a great blow to the reputation of the academy. At that time, the outside world wouldn’t care whether we sent out new students or seniors.

“Chen Xi must participate no matter what.” Suddenly, Zuoqiu Taiwu that had remained silent at the side since the beginning suddenly opened his eyes and spoke slowly.

Chi Cangsheng’s eyes narrowed when he heard Zuoqiu Taiwu speak, and he said slowly, “Old man Zuoqiu, you aren’t joking, right?”

Obviously, he attached extremely great importance to Zuoqiu Taiwu’s opinion.

Zuoqiu Taiwu didn’t answer him directly and spoke of something else instead. “The six academies are coming prepared this time. I heard that some formidable figures amongst them aren’t inferior to Vastsky Academy’s Wan Jiansheng.”

As he spoke, he withdrew a jade slip and passed it over. “Both of you take a look. When Misty Immortal Mountain was annihilated that day, the Sovereign Sect deployed an Immortal King Realm expert. After that, I asked some friends of mine to head over and investigate, and they noticed that traces of the Sovereign Sect hadn’t just appeared solely within Misty Immortal Mountain.”

The jade slip was precisely the jade slip Chen Xi had the luck to look through that day. It recorded the sequence of events from Misty Immortal Mountain being annihilated to Evil Lotus being killed.

“You’re saying that the Sovereign Sect might be standing behind the six academies?” After he finished looking through the jade slip, a wisp of shocking divine light suddenly flashed within Chi Cangsheng’s eyes.

Wang Daolu’s expression became solemn because mentioning the Sovereign Sect caused him to recall a bloody rumor from the past. It could be summarized into a single sentence — The Sovereign forgets all emotions and has no emotions!

Perhaps this sect was extremely mysterious and supreme to the living beings in the three dimensions, but to seniors like Wang Daolu and the others, they were clearly aware that since the Sovereign Sect was established at the absolute beginning of the world until now, it had brought countless calamities to the three dimensions.

The Sovereign Sect followed the path of ‘emotionlessness.’ It felt the Heaven Dao was without emotion, and if one wanted to attain the peak of the Grand Dao, then one should sever all emotions and desires. One should remain unmoved by both emotion and feelings, and only in this way could one take control of the Heaven Dao.

It was precisely because it was without emotion that it acted without any restraint. For the sake of controlling the Heaven Dao and governing the three dimensions, the Sovereign Sect had caused countless bloodbaths in the annals of time, the traces of the Sovereign Sect could practically be found behind all the calamities of the heavens and the earth in history.

But up until now, the Sovereign Sect still stood in the three dimensions and possessed a lofty status, and it could compare with Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace. The reason was that its foundation was terrifying to the extreme. It covered the three dimensions, and it was utterly not something that an ordinary power could go against or destroy.

However, after the calamity of the Fiendgods erupted a million years ago, the Sovereign Sect restrained itself greatly for unknown reasons, and it hadn’t made another appearance in the three dimensions for a long time. But any senior that had some experience was clearly aware that the Sovereign Sect still existed, and it was silently strengthening itself!

Yet now, Misty Immortal Mountain was destroyed, and then an Immortal King from the Sovereign Sect had made an appearance in the Immortal Dimension. This was like a sign that displayed the Sovereign Sect that had secluded itself from the world for a long time was about to descend once more into the three dimensions.

This was absolutely not good news!

It was even to the extent that Wang Daolu suspected the Sovereign Sect intended to cause a storm when the upheaval of the three dimensions was about to arrive.

“Even though it’s impossible to confirm, it should be like that.” Zuoqiu Taiwu’s reply was very calm, and his aged voice didn’t carry any emotion.

“According to the information I obtained, a disciple of Bitter Silence Academy that possessed a cruel and extreme nature and was expelled from the academy a few hundreds of years ago had suddenly made an appearance a few days ago. Moreover, he became one of the key figures that Bitter Silence Academy is sending to participate in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time.

“If nothing unexpected happens, then the Sovereign Sect definitely stands behind him. The only thing I’m unsure of is whether or not Bitter Silence Academy has…joined the Sovereign Sect.” As he finished speaking, there was a wisp of a heavy expression between Zuoqiu Taiwu’s brows.

Chi Cangsheng’s expression became slightly heavy when he heard this, and he said, “This is really difficult to say for sure. The Sovereign Sect is most skilled at infiltration and control. Its forces and informants cover the entire three dimensions, and it isn’t surprising if Bitter Silence Academy was recruited by it.”

“So in this way, the Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time isn’t as simple as it seems. It wouldn’t be that the Sovereign Sect intends to utilize this event to help the other six academies to repress our Dao Emperor Academy’s reputation in order to attain some unknown objective?” Wang Daolu frowned and sighed lightly.

“There’s no need to make guesses. Presently, the Prehistoric Ruins are in chaos. In my opinion, the Sovereign Sect’s attention will be placed on the Prehistoric Ruins and not on this trivial matter,” said Zuoqiu Taiwu in a calm manner.

As soon as these words were spoken, Wang Daolu and Chi Cangsheng pondered briefly before they deeply agreed as well.

Chi Cangsheng frowned as he asked. “What’s the name of that kid you mentioned just now?”

“Xiao Qianshui.”

“Is he very formidable?”

“He’s probably not inferior to Wan Jiansheng.”

“So even if we send Chen Xi out, it wouldn’t be of much use.” Chi Cangsheng had never expected that a little bastard called Xiao Qianshui that appeared out of nowhere would actually possess strength that was on par with Wan Jiansheng.

“But Chen Xi must participate.” Zuoqiu Taiwu had a calm expression as he gave Chi Cangsheng a reason that Chi Cangsheng couldn’t refuse. “Because this is the Dean’s orders.”

Chi Cangsheng was only the Dean of the inner court, whereas the Dean Zuoqiu Taiwu mentioned was the Dean of the entire academy. So he wasn’t able to refuse such orders at all.

Chi Cangsheng couldn’t help but ask. “Why?”

“Then why do you insist on not allowing Chen Xi to participate?” It was Wang Daolu that spoke this time.

Chi Cangsheng was stunned, and he scratched his dishevel grey hair before he smiled embarrassedly and said, “I just feel that kid, Chen Xi’s, reputation is already sufficiently resounding now. If we still don’t allow the other students to show off their ability, then they’ll definitely get depressed. “

When he heard such a weird reason, even with Wang Daolu’s immovable disposition, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. This old fellow is really unreasonable.

“I don’t know the reason. But since it was the Dean’s orders, then it definitely carried deep meaning of its own.” After he finished speaking, Zuoqiu Taiwu’s tottering figure stood up before he turned around to leave. “The Seven Academy Dao Discussion will begin in another month. It’s too noisy, so I won’t be participating.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed before vanishing into thin air, and he didn’t give Chi Cangsheng and Wang Daolu any chance to react at all.

“In the entire inner court, that old fellow conceals the most.” Chi Cangsheng grunted, and he was very displeased with Zuoqiu Taiwu leaving like that.

“Brother Chi, since the Dean ordered for Chen Xi’s participation, then shouldn’t you remove someone from those five you spoke of earlier?” asked Wang Daolu.

“I’ll remove Qing Ye.” Chi Cangsheng thought for a moment and sighed in the end. “Actually, all of you don’t know that my disciple’s ability isn’t bad at all.”

“Cough! Cough! Brother Chi, if there’s nothing else…” Wang Daolu coughed dryly upon hearing this, and he wanted to leave as well. However, he was directly and bluntly interrupted by Chi Cangsheng. “You can leave if you want. But you’re in charge of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion next month!”

Wang Daolu’s face froze, and he laughed bitterly. “Why me?”

Chi Cangsheng rolled his eyes and said angrily, “Don’t you know my temperament? I wouldn’t be able to refrain myself from bashing up those old fellows from the six academies once I see them. What if we get into a fight?”

Wang Daolu was speechless. He rubbed his nose and could only accept his misfortune.

“Then… Should we tell Ye Tang and the others about Xiao Qianshui?” said Wang Daolu muttered.

“Reminding them when the time comes is enough.” Chi Cangsheng waved his hand casually and said, “Alright, go on and leave. I’ll leave this matter to you. Unless its fighting those old fellows from the six academies, otherwise don’t bother me with anything else.”

“Sigh, you bastard…” Wang Daolu couldn’t help but shake his head before he left.

Along with the passage of time, more and more cultivators surged into Darkombat City from all over the Immortal Dimension, causing it to become extremely bustling.

On the other hand, within Dao Emperor Academy, topics related to the Seven Academy Dao Discussion had become the topic that all the students and instructors discussed.

Especially now when they were clearly aware that the academy was sending Ye Tang, Chen Xi, Ji Xuanbing, Zhen Lu, and Zhao Mengli to participate in the Dao discussion this time. Thus, discussions related to Ye Tang and the others grew in intensity, and they became the five students in the academy that received the most attention.

“Besides Senior Brother Ye Tang, why are all the other four students new to the inner court? What would we do if they are defeated in the Dao discussion?” Of course, some people displayed doubt towards such an arrangement.

“Hmph! You’re worrying for nothing. Since the seniors of the academy made such arrangements, then they’re definitely extremely certain that Senior Brother Ye Tang and the others won’t lose in the Dao discussion.” Someone else refuted.

“I really look forward to the battle between Senior Brother Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng. A battle between blazing suns would definitely be an unparalleled battle!” Even more people were filled with anticipation towards the Dao discussion.

In short, because the Seven Academy Dao Discussion was about to be held, various discussions covered every single corner of Dao Emperor Academy, and everyone looking forward to finding out exactly what sort of brilliant battles would occur in the Dao discussion this time.

At the same time, Chen Xi was completely unaware of all of this instead. He was still in closed door cultivation within the world of stars, and he was working hard to accumulate might while fully immersed in breaking through to the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm…

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