Chapter 1293 – Seven Academy Dao Discussion

Time flowed like water, and three months had passed since Chen Xi went into closed door cultivation to break through to the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, whereas almost one and a half years had passed in the world of stars.

During this period of time, Chen Xi sat there silently without moving like a statue, and he ceaselessly utilized the Dark Parasol Sapling to temper himself and didn’t rest at all.

Under such tempering, his spirit, energy, essence, vital energy, and even the entire world within his body had attained a peak and surging state.

Later on, it seemed as if the sound of wind and lightning was resounding within his body, and it rumbled while filled with a grand aura of the Dao.

Moreover, every single inch of his skin ceaselessly emanated golden divine brilliance that dazzled the eye. When looked at from afar, he seemed to be bathed in brilliant radiance that illuminated the entire starry sky.

This was the process of accumulating might because Chen Xi’s foundation was truly too deep and tremendous. If he wanted to advance into a higher stage, then the energy required was even more tremendous than normal, otherwise it would be impossible for him to move the solid barrier between him and the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Accumulating might was for the sake of waiting for the right moment to charge forward in one go and instantly break through the threshold to step into a completely new realm!

For the sake of accomplishing all of this, Chen Xi had exhausted an entire one and a half years, and if other Golden Immortal Realm experts were to witness this scene, then they would be struck dumb.

After all, accumulating might for so long merely for the sake of a breakthrough was an extremely rare state. This indirectly proved how deep and tremendous Chen Xi’s foundation was, and it was extraordinary.

Most importantly, this process of accumulating might was still going on until now…

During these three months that Chen Xi was in closed door cultivation, numerous events had occurred within Dao Emperor Academy.

For example, Zhen Lu had stepped into the top ten of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings in one go. It shocked the entire academy, and for a time, he became the most renowned student in the inner court.

Another example was that Zhao Mengli and Ji Xuanbing had broken records in the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain. The former was ranked at the 5th position, whereas the latter was ranked at the 6th. Moreover, the 7th below them was Chen Xi.

In other words, in less than one year of time, three of the students that were new to the inner court had broken records on the Passage Stone Stele for the 37th to 72nd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain. Such a scene caused a mighty uproar in the academy, and it caused numerous instructors and seniors to endlessly click their tongues with surprise.

Some guessed that if Zhen Lu were to challenge the domain, then perhaps he would be able to break a record as well. But from the beginning until the end, Zhen Lu hadn’t stepped foot into the domain, so this guess had become a mystery that was impossible to verify.

Besides these matters, a piece of news that was spread lately had become the topic that entire academy paid the most attention to, the Seven Academy Dao Discussion.

As its name implied, it was a meeting for the discussion of the Dao and sparring between the students of the seven great academies.

This was an ancient tradition as well. Since the seven great academies had been established, they would hold such a discussion every few years. The seven academies took turns to host the discussion, and the students that participated in it were the most outstanding Golden Immortal Realm students in the academies.

There was only a single objective in holding such a meeting. It was to test the strengths of the younger generation and encourage students to work hard in their cultivations.

However, along with the passage of time, the traditional feeling of this event had changed, and it had become the colosseum for the most outstanding students of the seven academies to compete for supremacy.

It was even to the extent that the outcome of every Dao discussion would affect the reputations of the seven academies, and it was something that was known very well by the 4,900 continents of the entire Immortal Dimension.

This time, it was Dao Emperor Academy’s turn to host the Seven Academy Dao Discussion.

Unlike the past, it was very likely for a battle between blazing suns to erupt during the Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time!

Because according to rumor, one of the seven great blazing suns, Wan Jiansheng, who was from Vastsky Academy, would be participating in the Dao discussion this time.

Wan Jiansheng!

He was a blazing sun that had gained his reputation much earlier than Ling Qingwu, Ye Tang, and Mu Junlin. Amongst the six great blazing suns, in terms of the time they’d become famous, only Zuoqiu Kong and Xuanyuan Qingfeng could compare with him.

Others took special delight in talking about Wan Jiansheng’s status as a rare Supreme Grandmaster in the Sword Dao, and there were even rumors that said his cultivation in the Sword Dao had attained the realm of Sword God!

According to the current rumors, Wan Jiansheng would definitely participate in the Dao discussion, and it was definitely only a blazing sun who could spar with him.

Moreover, it was common knowledge that only Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang were blazing suns as well in Dao Emperor Academy. As for Zuoqiu Kong and Mu Junlin, they hadn’t cultivated in any one of the seven great academies, so it was naturally impossible for them to participate in the discussion.

Only Xuanyuan Qingfeng was special. He’d once passed through the test and entered Dao Emperor Academy, yet he’d only cultivated in the academy for less than three years before he left the academy and returned to the Xuanyuan Clan. Until today, no one knew the reason behind this.

But in short, when Xuanyuan Qingfeng ascended to be ranked amongst the blazing suns, it was a hundred years after he’d left the academy, so he couldn’t participate either.

Simply speaking, if Wan Jiansheng participated in the discussion this time, then his opponent would definitely be either Ling Qingwu or Ye Tang.

This was a battle between blazing suns, so it naturally was extremely attention drawing towards the Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time.

Besides that, when the six great academies came to Dao Emperor Academy this time, they had another thing to do, and it was to reclaim the precious treasures of their academies from Dao Emperor Academy’s inner court student, Chen Xi.

For example, Vastsky Academy’s Skyearth Gourd, Bitter Silence Academy’s Heaven Hatred Seal, and Grand Desolation Academy’s Greensilk Palace Lantern…

This matter was a hot topic of discussion between all the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy. Only now were they aware that this fellow Chen Xi had actually carried out such a formidable and valiant deed during the inner court exam in the Outerealm Battlefield. He’d forcefully seized the ultimate treasures of three academies, and it was simply domineering to an astounding degree.

In short, this Seven Academy Dao Discussion that was about to be held by Dao Emperor Academy was unlike those of the past, and there were too many things that drew the anticipation of everyone.

It was even to the extent that even though this grand event hadn’t begun yet, news related to it seemed to have grown wings and flown to every corner of the Immortal Dimension, and it had become the topic that everyone took delight in discussing.

Of course, it caused many immortal cultivators to rush over to Darkombat City from all over the Immortal Dimension with the hope of obtaining news related to the grand event at the first possible moment.

After all, it was grand Dao discussion between the seven academies, and it represented the competition between the strongest Golden Immortals of the younger generation. So no one could overlook it.

Dao Emperor Academy, inner court.

A straw cottage, a clear spring, and a pine tree.

This was the inner court’s Dean, Chi Cangsheng’s, place of cultivation. It was established on a short and ordinary mountain, and it was ordinary to the point of seeming slightly shabby.

But Chi Cangsheng was happy and pleased with it. Since the moment he’d become the inner court’s Dean, this place had always been his residence, and it had never changed.

No one was able to figure out exactly why this vicious and bad tempered old fellow did this, and he himself would never tell one as well. In short, no matter if it was his temper or the way he did things, everything related to Chi Cangsheng carried a strange aura, and as time went by, everyone came to become accustomed to it.

At this moment, Chi Cangsheng was sitting cross-legged on the ground before the cottage. Moreover, there were actually two people that sat casually on the ground by his side. Surprisingly, it was the inner court head instructors Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu.

“It’s definite that Vastsky Academy’s Eccentric Feng will be bringing Wan Jiansheng along.” Wang Daolu pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Even though the Seven Academy Dao Discussion is a grand event for the younger generation to spar with each other. However, if Wan Jiansheng comes, then it wouldn’t feel the same.”

Chi Cangsheng laughed coldly as he said, “Isn’t it obvious? That old bastard, Eccentric Feng, has always been unwilling to admit our Dao Emperor Academy’s superiority. He’s obviously bringing such a little fellow over to put our academy in a fix.”

Wang Daolu sighed as he said, “That’s true, but Wan Jiansheng is an extraordinary young man indeed. Presently, our academy’s Ling Qingwu has left the academy to temper herself, and she hasn’t returned until now. She’ll probably be unable to rush back before this grand event. So amongst the students that can go against Wan Jiansheng, only Ye Tang remains.”

When he spoke up to here, he hesitated briefly before he said, “Comparatively speaking, I feel that Ye Tang is slightly inferior to Wan Jiansheng. After all, Ye Tang had just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm when the latter made a name for himself. Now that so many years have passed, even though Ye Tang already possesses the ability to go against him, Ye Tang’s accumulation is inferior to him in the end.”

Chi Cangsheng glanced at Wang Daolu with displeasure and said, “I think Ye Tang is more formidable than that fellow.”

Wang Daolu smiled bitterly. He knew the old fellow by his side had a bad temper and was extremely protective, so arguing with him was utterly pointless. Thus, he changed the topic and said, “According to the rules, every single academy can send out five students during the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. Brother Chi, who do you think we should send out this time?”

This time, Chi Cangsheng frowned and pondered deeply for a long time before he waved his hand and said, “Ye Tang, Qing Ye, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli. The five of them.”

Wang Daolu was instantly stunned when he heard this. Ye Tang being sent out was naturally beyond all question, but the other four had really exceeded his expectations. Qing Ye is reserved and bashful, and he has such a peaceful disposition that he’s even slightly shy. Since he hasn’t participated in a single battle or spar since he entered the inner court, yet you intend to send him out this time?

Even though he’s your closed door disciple, such a disposition like his isn’t suitable for discussing the Dao and sparring at all, right?

Besides him, Zhen Lu and the other two are new students that have just stepped foot into the inner court. Even though they’ve shown extraordinary results in the inner court lately, their accumulation is still slightly insufficient when compared to many seniors of the inner court.

Yet now, you intend to send them out to represent out Dao Emperor Academy to participate in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion? This isn’t a game.

Most importantly, there was still something that Wang Daolu hadn’t spoken about just now, but he couldn’t be bothered about everything else and said directly, “Brother Chi, the six academies directly named Chen Xi as someone that must participate in the Dao discussion.”

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