Chapter 1292 – The Path To Overcoming The Levels

The Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

This was Chen Xi’s third time here, and he was already familiar with it. He paid no attention to the surprised gazes that came from the surroundings and directly entered it.

“This fellow, Chen Xi, has actually come back again?”

“I remember that only a month has passed since he challenged the domain last, right? Why is he back here again this time? He wouldn’t be intending to make a new record, right?”

“Impossible. I clearly noticed that his cultivation is still at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. Not to mention that only a month has passed since then. How could his combat strength possibly improve so quickly?”

“Exactly. In my opinion, perhaps Chen Xi has taken the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain to be a place of training, and he has only come for the sake of challenging his limits while tempering and improving his strength.”

All the students on the platform discussed animatedly, and they were surprised and bewildered.

After all, once had to pay a huge amount of Starpoints to enter the domain every single time, and Chen Xi’s actions were simply too extravagant and incomprehensible. Could it be that he has too many Starpoints that he has nowhere else to spend them?

45 minutes later.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed out from within the domain, and then he swiftly vanished without staying here for a single moment.

He’s done?

Everyone was stunned, and they shot their gazes towards the Passage Stone Stele in succession. After that, their eyes suddenly opened wide while they were shocked to the point their jaws almost hit the ground.

The 9th!

Results, 45 minutes and 5 breaths of time!

Compared to his results from before, Chen Xi hadn’t just improved by 19 breaths of time, even his position on the Passage Stone Stele had improved, and he’d risen from the 10th to the 9th position!

What did the 9th position mean?

It meant that Chen Xi would obtain 5,000,000 Starpoints as a reward every single month, and it was an entire 2,000,000 extra when compared to the 10th position!

Someone calculated that if Chen Xi challenged the domain once a month and improved by a position every single time, then besides the 1,800,000 Starpoints he paid to challenge the domain, he would still have a great deal of Starpoints left every single month.

“This fellow wouldn’t have taken the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain to be a method of earning Starpoints, right?” Someone spoke with astonishment.

“He’d still need the corresponding strength to accomplish that. Do you think it’s so easy to obtain a position on the Passage Stone Stele?” Another was indifferent towards this.

“No matter what, this fellow, Chen Xi’s, combat strength is becoming more and more abnormal. I even slightly wonder how long it’ll take him to surpass the third position and compete with Senior Sister Ling Qingwu and Senior Brother Ye Tang.” Someone else exclaimed with shock and drew the agreement of many others.

Yeah, only a month has passed yet Chen Xi has renewed his record. If he’d given more time, then wouldn’t he constantly break the records step by step?

After returning from the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation again.

One month later, he appeared once more and entered the domain. As expected, he broke a record once more and ascended into the 8th position, and he could obtain 7,000,000 Starpoints every single month.

The improvement in his combat strength this time wasn’t related to his cultivation at all. It was instead because he’d condensed the four rare Grand Daos of Obliteration, Devour, Eternal, and Creation into Grand Dao Laws.

At this point, besides the Grand Dao profundities of Paramita, Oblivion, light, and darkness, all the other Grand Dao profundities he possessed had been condensed into Grand Dao Laws.

When it came to Laws, it was naturally better the more one possessed. Because every single time one grasped a Law, it represented that one’s understanding of the Heaven Dao in the Immortal Dimension became even deeper. In this way, one’s grasp towards energy would improve, allowing one’s combat strength to benefit greatly from it as well.

Compared to the other Golden Immortals that belonged to the same generation as him, the Laws Chen Xi grasped were so many that it was absolutely rare in the world. Moreover, many of these Grand Dao Laws were top rare and formidable Laws in the world.

For example, Eternal, Creation, Obliteration, Devour… If it was any other Golden Immortal, then grasping any one of them was already sufficient to provide a lifetime of benefits to the person.

Yet Chen Xi had grasped more than ten of them!

So if his combat strength didn’t improve under such circumstances, then it would truly be strange.

The third month.

“He’s here again! That fellow Chen Xi is back again!”

“My god! Could it be that he intends to renew his record every single month? This is simply too irritating. How can we continue living like this? Wu~ Wu~ Wu~”

“When compared to this freak, I suddenly feel I, this publicly acknowledged genius, am simply weak like trash!”

When they saw Chen Xi’s familiar figure appear once more on the platform before the domain, everyone’s expressions became extremely complicated and were covered in admiration, shock, bitterness, helplessness, and so on and so forth.

On the other hand, Chen Xi didn’t disappoint them. He overcame the levels and created another new record, and he improved his position on the Passage Stone Stele to the 7th position.

This meant that he would be able to obtain 8,000,000 Starpoints as a reward every single month!

Besides that, the matter of his successively renewing his record over three months of time had completely stirred the entire inner court as well. It wasn’t just the students, even the numerous instructors and some seniors were paying attention to this matter while Chen Xi’s name had become the topic that everyone mentioned after meals.

It couldn’t be helped, this string of incidents was truly too shocking, and it could be considered as unprecedented. Chen Xi had renewed his record over and over again, and it renewed their understanding of Chen Xi over and over again.

However, when everyone was filled with anticipation on the fourth month and were waiting for Chen Xi to create a new record, Chen Xi didn’t make an appearance, and it caused many people to be rather disappointed.

After all, many people in the academy hadn’t witnessed Chen Xi overcoming the levels, and they were originally filled with hope and anticipation to witness it. Yet in the end, Chen Xi didn’t make an appearance, so they naturally felt regretful.

But compared to this, many people heaved long sighs of relief, and they felt that this was normal. Otherwise, if Chen Xi did this every single month, then they really wondered if they would be able to endure such repeated blows.

Especially those students that were ranked in the top thirty of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings and were ranked higher than Chen Xi on the Passage Stone Stele, they felt a great deal of pressure upon them from Chen Xi’s insane record breaking actions. They were deeply afraid that this fellow would suddenly surpass them and push them down the rankings.

The outside world was filled with animated discussion and was in an uproar, yet Chen Xi was completely unaware of it. After he finished his third month of closed door cultivation, he’d started to prepare to charge into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

The reason as very simple, even though three months had passed in the eyes of the outside world, he’d cultivated for over a year in the world of stars.

During this period of time, he’d condensed all the Grand Dao profundities he possessed into various Laws, and if he wanted to improve his strength once more, then he had to fuse the various Laws and condense them into various Allheaven Divine Crests.

Condensing Allheaven Divine Crests wasn’t as easy as condensing Grand Dao Laws, and it was filled with difficulties and consumed a great deal of time. So it was utterly impossible for him to accomplish anything in a short period of time.

Even if Chen Xi’s comprehension ability was heaven-defying, he had to carry it out step by step, and there was no shortcut.

Moreover, he’d made his own preparations for charging into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Because after he completed his third month of closed door cultivation and returned from the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, he’d encountered Zhao Mengli, and she gave him the wings of a Phoenix and the Dark Parasol Sapling that belonged to him.

At that time, at the instant Chen Xi laid eyes upon Zhao Mengli, he clearly sensed that her cultivation had actually leaped up into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. Moreover, her aura was extremely strong and deep like an abyss. She was simply like a completely different person.

According to Zhao Mengli, the reason she was able to advance was because she possessed a supreme inheritance of the Phoenix Clan while the Dark Parasol Sapling could be said to have contributed the most to her cultivation’s advancement.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion towards this. I originally thought the improvement in my own combat strength was sufficiently swift, yet I never imagined that it’s nothing when compared to Zhao Mengli.

It wasn’t just that, Chen Xi suspected that Zhen Lu and Ji Xuanbing’s improvements would definitely not be inferior to Zhao Mengli.

It was from that day onwards that Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation to prepare to charge into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

All of this was similarly related to the Dark Parasol Sapling because it couldn’t be compared to the past now. The essence of the 100,000 year old piece of Dark Parasol wood that Zhao Taici had grown herself had been absorbed by the Dark Parasol Sapling.

Presently, even though the size of the Dark Parasol Sapling was still tiny as before, it seemed to be like a mature Dark Parasol Divine Tree. Its crown was verdant, its roots strong, and every single leaf on it carried an extremely mysterious and complete Dao marking that emanated verdant brilliance of divinity.

When placed within his body, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that the Immortal Energy emanated by the Dark Parasol Sapling carried strands of the aura of divinity, and it caused the vital energy in Chen Xi’s entire body to receive extraordinary benefits at all times.

Coupled with the concentrated tempering of his cultivation and condensations of Grand Dao Laws within the world of stars in these past three months, his cultivation had become stable and solid since a long time ago. When all of this was included together, it became the critical factor for him to charge into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

In this way, it was naturally impossible for Chen Xi to challenge the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain at the 4th month. Perhaps if he challenged the domain after advancing into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, then he wouldn’t simply gain a single position on the rankings.

Within the world of stars, Chen Xi’s eyes were closed while his expression was tranquil. He sat there cross-legged while his entire body was suffused with a tranquil, peaceful, and calm aura. He was like a god that sat upright beneath the starry sky.

In his body, the verdant Dark Parasol Sapling ceaselessly emanated misty brilliance while vast and pure Immortal Energy surged and rumbled out before transforming into a torrent that surged throughout Chen Xi’s body. It resounded with thunderous rumbling while it ceaselessly caused the vital energy within Chen Xi’s body to move and circulate.

The advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm was called the Brahma Heaven Level.

Attaining this stage meant that one had attained perfection in the Golden Immortal Realm. One possessed boundless golden radiance, and the world within one’s body had attained perfection. It echoed with the universe and world in the surroundings like it was part of a whole, and there was no distinction between them any longer.

This stage conformed to the Buddhist saying — The heaven is me and the earth is me. I’m the heavens and the earth.

A step up from this was the Saint Immortal Realm. It surpassed the scope of ‘me’ and started to seek the path of the ‘gods and sages.’

At this moment, after Chen Xi who was standing outside the threshold to the Brahma Heaven Level completed sufficient preparations, he’d started to stride forward with the intention of surmounting through this threshold and breaking through!

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