Chapter 1290 – The Rise Of Chaos

Chen Lingjun!

Perhaps only this name was capable of making Chen Xi lose his composure now because it was his father, the man he’d never seen since he was young.

Early on when he was still in the Dark Reverie, Chen Xi had merely found out from the Sect Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Wen Huating, that his father, Chen Lingjun, had utilized the might of the Saintly Land of Ascension and took extreme risks to sneak into the Immortal Dimension.

However, since that day, he’d never heard any news about his father, Chen Lingjun, even until now.

In the recent years, he frequently thought about where his father was in the Immortal Dimension and why he hadn’t heard any news about his father since he’d arrived in the Immortal Dimension.

He was constantly worried that his father would disregard everything to rescue his mother and fall into the hands of the Zuoqiu Clan…

Yet now, Ling Bai told him that his father, Chen Lingjun, had actually made an appearance in the mysterious Prehistoric Ruins. To Chen Xi, this was simply like a thunderclap resounding by his ears, and it shocked him to the point of losing his composure. He was surprised, excited, and frustrated, causing his emotions to be complicated to the extreme.

Yes, even he’d never imagined that not only had his father entered the Immortal Dimension, his father had actually entered the mysterious Prehistoric Ruins!

Exactly what…is father intending to do? When he realized this, Chen Xi’s mind instantly became much clearer. He faintly felt that his father’s actions were probably related to some sort of plan, and the objective was definitely related to rescuing his mother.

On the other hand, Chen Lingjun’s strategy was no different than utilizing indirect methods because he was clearly aware that it was impossible for him to go against and overturn the Zuoqiu Clan by himself, so he chose this sort of method — heading to the Prehistoric Ruins to strengthen himself!

The reason Chen Xi made such a deduction was very simple. It was because Chen Xi was doing something similar right now as well. The only difference between him and Chen Lingjun was that he’d chosen Dao Emperor Academy to gain a foothold and strengthen himself, whereas Chen Lingjun had targeted the Prehistoric Ruins instead.

After that, Chen Xi took a deep breath to completely calm himself, and then he asked Ling Bai a critical question. “Since one must break open the barrier that only a Half-step Immortal King can break through to enter the Prehistoric Ruins, then how did my father enter it? Could it be that he has already attained the Half-step Immortal King Realm?”

Ling Bai frowned and pondered deeply for a long time when faced with this question yet was unable to give Chen Xi an answer because he’d only obtained this piece of information from Heaven Trampler, and he was unaware of the exact circumstances.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed by this, but he was clearly aware that unless he met his father, Chen Lingjun, himself, even Heaven Trampler would probably be unable to give him an answer.

The reason was very simple. Heaven Trampler had only heard about his father by coincidence, and if he knew the exact reasons, he would definitely not hide it from Ling Bai while Ling Bai would definitely tell Chen Xi about it.

“The upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand. Presently, the signs of the upheaval have already appeared in the Prehistoric Ruins.” Subsequently, Ling Bai’s words were shocking as he spoke of news about an astounding secret.

This shocked Chen Xi as well, and he asked about the detailed reason.

“I heard Big Brother Heaven Trampler’s master say that the upheaval of the three dimensions would definitely start at the Prehistoric Ruins. Presently, disasters are occurring frequently all over the Prehistoric Ruins while the Quintessence Energy of the world within it is starting to show signs of collapse… The quickest would be in a hundred years and the latest would be in a thousand years, and then the entire Prehistoric Ruins would collapse, vanish from the heavens and the earth, and cease to exist…”

According to Ling Bai, the various sects within the Prehistoric Ruins were restless and anxious. They’d started searching for methods to save themselves, and they’d placed their targets onto the Immortal Dimension.

In other words, because a great calamity was occurring within the Prehistoric Ruins, the heirs of the prehistoric sects that were called ‘Ancient Immortals’ would be surging into the Immortal Dimension in the future, and it would affect the situation in the Immortal Dimension.

After all, even though the heirs of the prehistoric sects were few, their strengths were formidable to the extreme, and there was no lack of terrifying Immortal Kings amongst them. When such a force surged into the Immortal Dimension, it was bound to bring numerous changes to the situation in the entire Immortal Dimension.

Presently, the publicly known Immortal Kings in the Immortal Dimension only amounted to a total of four, whereas there wasn’t just a single one Immortal King within the prehistoric sects.

The upheaval of the three dimensions!

The collapse of the Prehistoric Ruins!

The prehistoric sects chose to target the Immortal Dimension to save themselves!

In an instant, Chen Xi was shocked by this piece of information.

After all, since the Prehistoric Ruins was able to survive until now through the countless years, it had experienced innumerable disasters. Yet now, the Prehistoric Ruins were unable to be preserved when facing the upcoming upheaval of the three dimensions. It wasn’t difficult to perceive from this that the destruction from the upheaval of the three dimensions was absolutely unprecedented!

Looks like the time I have left to cultivate in the future will only be even less… In the face of great chaos, gods and sages are like grass, immortals and demons are like ants. No one can escape by sheer luck. However, so long as my strength is great, then perhaps I’ll be able to find a chance of survival. Chen Xi had heard about the various calamities of the heavens and the earth that had erupted in history. For example, the disaster suffered by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree and the Ant Exalt or the Fiendgod calamity that occurred a million years ago…

Before this sort of calamity that affected the three dimensions, no one could escape by sheer luck and everyone had to suffer the calamity. Only with great strength would one be able to strive to obtain a chance of survival.

As for those that possessed insufficiently formidable strength, they’d been buried in the surging annals of time and cease to exist.

“Since the Prehistoric Ruins is suffering a calamity and disaster is occurring frequently, then why didn’t Miss Zhen come to the Immortal Dimension with all of you?” Chen Xi suddenly realized something, and his brows knit together as he asked.

Ling Bai said with a smile instead, “You don’t have to worry. It’ll take time for the Prehistoric Ruins to be completely destroyed. Not to mention that when the chaos erupts this time, there’ll be a great deal of fortune that’ll emerge into the world as well. Presently, it isn’t just the prehistoric sects but even some great figures of the Immortal Dimension that have placed their attention onto the fortune in the Prehistoric Ruins.”


“Yes, the Prehistoric Ruins is the oldest world that has survived until now, and there have been countless prehistoric sects within it. Even though some sects perished a long time ago, they left behind many places of fortune, and there are many fortuitous encounters there that would even move the hearts of Immortal Kings to the extreme.”

“So that’s how it is.” Only now did Chen Xi come to an understanding. As it was said, disaster is where fortune rests. When chaos erupts, it’s a disaster to some people, yet in the eyes of others, it means various fortuitous encounters!

In short, being able to reunite with Ling Bai, A’Man, and Bai Kui today was undoubtedly something worthy of delight in Chen Xi’s opinion.

Especially that he’d found out about some information related to his father, Chen Lingjun.

As for the calamity within the Prehistoric Ruins, it was too far away from Chen Xi. With his current cultivation realm, it was utterly impossible for him to change anything, so thinking about it was pointless.

From that day onwards, Chen Xi’s life recovered its calm. It was calm yet extremely rich. Besides cultivating, all he did was still cultivating, and he didn’t dare waste any time.

When he challenged the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain that day, he didn’t simply overcome the depression in his heart and vent the pressure in him. It had even allowed him to realize that at least in the inner court, there was still a gap between him and many other students while solely relying on his cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

For example, the existences that were ranked at the top nine positions on the Passage Stone Stele.

If he were to compare himself with Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang, then the gap between them would probably be even greater. However, Chen Xi wasn’t worried because he’d just stepped into the inner court while his cultivation was only at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. So long as he was given the time, then it wasn’t impossible for him to catch up to their footsteps.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi was confident that amongst his peers, perhaps only the existences called the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension would be able to match him once he advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Of course, even if it was in the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, his potential hadn’t been fully unearthed. For example, he was using most of his time now to temper his cultivation while the remaining time was utilized to condense and comprehend the Dao Insight Laws.

For example, he’d condensed the Dao Insights Laws of the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, and star now. As for the other Grand Dao profundities like Paramita, Oblivion, Eternal, Creation, Obliteration, and Devour, he hadn’t condensed them into Laws yet.

Moreover, amongst the Allheaven Divine Crests he possessed, besides the Five Element Divine Crest, he’d only comprehended the first level, Spatial Vibration, from the Spatial Divine Crest.

Besides that, the rare Grand Dao profundities of light and darkness contained within the Yin Yang Fish King’s Origin Bone and the Taichi Divine Crest condensed from these two Laws similarly required him to consume time to comprehend it.

Dao Insight, Laws, Golden Immortal Laws… Every single step required Chen Xi to spend a great deal of time to comprehend and condense them before he could gain control over them.

In short, if there wasn’t anything urgent during this period of time, then Chen Xi practically utilized all his time on cultivation.

As for Ling Bai, A’Man, Bai Kui, and Starry, besides cultivating, they played around all over Skypath Mountain, so they weren’t bored.

Without realizing, a month had passed since he challenged the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain that day, whereas an entire five months had passed in the world of stars.


On this day, a wave of fluctuation suddenly arose in the world of stars, and it rippled towards the surroundings.

Chen Xi who sat upright with a solemn expression suddenly opened his eyes. As his eyes opened, cold bolts of lightning flickered, and it seemed as if the universe and stars were circulating in the depths of his eyes, causing it to reveal a grand and vast scene.

On the other hand, an extremely shocking scene appeared around him.

Half of it was bright like day, and it illuminated the world.

The other half was dark like the eternal night, and it was boundlessly deep.

The two of them didn’t encroach on each other and effused out silently, and they emanated a grand, brilliant, deep, and icy cold aura that dyed the world of stars in black and white.

Darkness didn’t exist without light.

Light couldn’t appear without darkness.

These two Grand Dao profundities supplemented each other. It was like when light illuminated the world, then it would definitely be accompanied by shadows; or when the flames of a candle flickered, then besides light, there would be shadows.

Now, Chen Xi had finally comprehended the two rare profundities contained within the Yin Yang Fish King’s Origin Bone and completely grasped them for his own use!

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