Chapter 129 – Acceptance and Goodwill

Chapter 129 – Acceptance and Goodwill

Divine Perception!

Chen Xi instantly understood that just earlier, his soul had transformed into a completely new level.

Ordinarily speaking, Postnatal Realm cultivators tempered the senses of their body.

Congenital Realm cultivators instead condensed a Perception to comprehend the heaven and the earth.

Violet Palace Realm cultivators transformed the Perception into Perception Force and they were able to control Magic Treasures.

Golden Hall Realm cultivators instead molded the Perception Force into Spiritual Perception, and they were able to comprehend the Heaven Dao a step further.

Golden Core Realm cultivators were fused and connected with Yin and Yang, and the intersection of the Yin and Yang allowed them to condense Divine Perception. When the Divine Perception was combined with their gold core, it was able to exert unbelievably profound effects.

Whereas at the Rebirth Realm and above, it was Divine Sense, which was also the highest level the energy of the soul was able to attain in the path of cultivation in the heaven and earth. Supposedly, when one ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal, the Divine Sense was able to transform a step further. But this level was too far away. Just think about it, how many cultivators were able to ascend to become Heavenly Immortals from ancient times until now?

I’m now at the Violet Palace Realm, yet I already possess the strength of Divine Perception that’s on par to a Golden Core Realm cultivators, moreover, I’m only a step away from cultivating it into Divine Sense. It’s truly unbelievable. Chen Xi took a deep breath and opened his eyes, and when he saw the beautiful youth by Bei Heng’s side, he seemed to be jolted awake from a dream as he instantly understood what had happened earlier. It was all because of this person, and his heart couldn’t help but rise and fall in an unconstrained manner once again.

Being able to bring others into a deep level of comprehension by relying on the aura that is naturally effused from the body? What realm has a cultivation like this attained?

Chen Xi felt that the number of times he’d been shocked today was slightly frequent and was simply the most in the past 17 years of his life. First, he encountered Daoist Wen Xuan who was a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator that was stronger than a Rebirth Realm cultivator, then he met the Supreme Grand Elder Bei Heng that was a realm higher than a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator. Now, a mysterious and formidable beautiful youth had appeared. Everything was virtually like a tidal wave, each wave higher than the other, and each wave more shocking than the other.

The moment that Chen Xi opened his eyes, the beautiful youth pointed at the nearby Wen Xuan and said, “Alright, ask him to leave first.”

There was no need for his Master, Bei Heng, to instruct him, Wen Xuan bowed deeply towards the beautiful youth before turning around and intending to leave, yet he was stopped.

“Right, take the little fellow on his back with you. I have a Firesoul Lotus Fruit here. Once he molds his Enlightened Sword Heart, help him reconstruct his body.” The beautiful youth smiled at Chen Xi before pointing at Chen Hao who was on his back, then a spirit fruit that was glittering with a fiery light appeared on her delicate hand. The spirit fruit was the size of an infant’s fist, it seemed as if it contained boundless crimson flames, and a shocking wave of heat gushed out the instant it appeared in the air.

“Firesoul Lotus Fruit!” Chen Xi and Wen Xuen cried out involuntarily at the same time.

“Mmm, although he’s a sword cultivator, amongst the souls of the five elements of nature, an item of fire attribute is the strongest for reconstructing his body.” The beautiful youth nodded with a smile.

Chen Xi believed that what the beautiful youth said was true, yet he was unable to believe that this person would casually toss out a Firesoul Lotus Fruit for the sake of his younger brother. After all, this thing was a rare treasure of the heaven and earth that could only be chanced upon by luck, yet not sought after. How many peerless experts would wish for nothing more than to fight to the death for the sake of obtaining it?

She… Why is she so good to me?

Chen Xi vaguely had a feeling that everything he encountered today ought to be related to the beautiful youth before him. Otherwise, with Wen Xuan and Bei Heng’s status, they wouldn’t be so courteous to him at all.

“Don’t worry, with this lotus fruit, your younger brother’s cultivation will surely progress vigorously. In the future, his accomplishments will be limitless.” Wen Xuan smiled warmly at Chen Xi, then carried Chen Hao on his back before turning and leaving.

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t refuse. Originally, he was thinking of using the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit in his Dantian to help reconstruct Chen Hao’s body. But now, not only did he save a Goldsoul Lotus Fruit, he’d unexpectedly obtained a Firesoul Lotus Fruit that was the most beneficial to Chen Hao’s future cultivation, and it could be said to be an extremely good thing. How could be possibly refuse?

After Wen Xuan left, the beautiful youth raised his eyes to size Chen Xi up as if she was appreciating a treasure. She looked at him extremely carefully; her gaze was gentle, and it caused one to feel as if one was bathing in the summer breeze, and caused one to be unable to have an uncomfortable feeling or the feeling of going against her.

After a short moment, the beautiful youth suddenly grinned as she said via voice transmission, “Not bad, you cause my efforts to come here and meet you to be in vain. Hmm, I’ll gift you something before I leave.” As she spoke, a black light swiftly bore into Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness. This thing was the size of a palm with a peculiar shape, and it seemed to be a shattered piece of a tortoise shell.

How could Chen Xi not understand that this was a fragment of the River Diagram?

As expected, after this River Diagram fragment appeared, the piece of the River Diagram’s fragment that silently floated without moving in his sea of consciousness had instantly exploded out with a suction force, and it instantly fused together with the River Diagram fragment that had entered into his sea of consciousness at this moment. They formed a crescent moon shape that was an entire double in size.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that around the River Diagram fragments that had fused together, a layer of a silhouette had appeared. The silhouette was divided into seven pieces that were of peculiar shape, and with a glance, the seven silhouettes just happened to piece together an almost completely round diagram.

This ought to be the complete shape of the River Diagram. Could it be that another seven River Diagram fragments are still abandoned in the heaven and earth? Chen Xi instantly came to a sudden understanding in his heart, then he muttered in his heart. Could it be that this person knew I possessed a River Diagram fragment since long ago?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi abruptly sobered up from the pleasant surprise of obtaining the second River Diagram fragment, and the gaze he looked at the beautiful youth with faintly contained dense fear and astonishment.

“Cultivate properly, future Little Junior Brother.” The beautiful youth seemed to completely not notice Chen Xi’s gaze. After she grinned and sent a voice transmission, her entire body instantly vanished on the spot, seeming as if she’d evaporated into the air, and didn’t leave behind a single trace. It was as if she utterly never appeared!

Little Junior Brother! Chen Xi felt his head buzz, and it was as if he was struck by lightning. Could it be that the fellow who was disguised as a man earlier is actually a disciple of Senior Fuxi?!

At this moment, Chen Xi wished for nothing more than to jump into the abode and ask Ji Yu, if the Master of the abode, Senior Fuxi, had actually left behind other disciples.

Regretfully, before he attained the Golden Hall Realm in both qi refinement and body refinement, he was utterly unable to enter the abode.

Little Junior Brother… Little Junior Brother… If it’s really like this, then everything I experienced today is very understandable. But how did she find me? Chen Xi frowned and was extremely puzzled.

“This Senior really comes and goes in a rush.” The nearby Supreme Grand Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Bei Heng, sighed, and his voice carried boundless regret.

This sigh instantly awoke Chen Xi who was in deep thought, and he asked, “Senior Bei Heng, you know this person?”

“Don’t call me Senior, let’s form a relationship as equals.” A trace of a smile appeared on Bei Heng’s simple and ordinary face as he said, “When I was young, hmm, around 2,000 years ago, I was once fortunate to encounter this Senior and obtained some guidance and teaching from him. Unfortunately he didn’t take disciples. Otherwise, my accomplishments now would absolutely not be as simple as the Earthly Immortal Realm.”

“Could it be that even Senior doesn’t know him?” Chen Xi clearly felt that Bei Heng’s attitude towards him had become sincere and warm, and it even carried along a trace of faint intention to curry favor.

“If you address me like that again, I’ll chase you out of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.” Bei Heng acted angrily and said, “If Little Brother doesn’t mind, we’ll call each other as brothers. I’m slightly older, so I’ll call you Little Brother Chen Xi, how about it?” As he spoke, his eyes emitted a trace of eagerness.

Even if Chen Xi was any more composed, when he was looked at so sincerely by an Earthly Immortal Realm expert who was the Supreme Grand Elder of the number one sect in the Dragon Lake City, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, he couldn’t help but feel as if he was walking on air.

“This… Seems to be improper, right?” Chen Xi hesitated.

“It’s decided!” When Bei Heng saw Chen Xi hesitate and didn’t possess an obvious intention of refusal, he instantly made the final decision.

It wasn’t good for Chen Xi to refuse again, and a strange thought couldn’t help be arise in his heart. In this way, wouldn’t Daoist Wen Xuan have become my junior? He’s senior to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master. Inferred from this, then when the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect meets me, he would have to address me as Grand Ancestor as well…

Chen Xi’s thoughts were actually correct. Although he wasn’t a member of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, because he had this layer of relationship with the Supreme Grand Elder Bei Heng, then so long as one was of lower seniority than Bei Heng in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, they would indeed have to address him respectfully as a senior, and they had to admit it even if they didn’t want to.

After all, the more solid the foundation and the more ancient the hidden resources and reserves of the sect was, the stricter the ranks within the sect were. As the saying goes, there’s an order to seniority and there’s difference in relationship depending on status.

“Little Brother Chen Xi, you and I now call each other as brother, and we can be said to be as intimate as real brothers. As the Supreme Grand Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, I naturally should announce this to all the disciples of the sect and celebrate with the entire sect for three days.”

Bei Heng had a generous expression as he said, “Moreover, I’ll open up a mountain on the Wanderingcloud mountain range for you and renovate a palace there to be used as your residence and place of cultivation. The daily supplies and payment of treasures will all be according to the treatment of a Supreme Elder. You must not refuse, as this is Big Brother’s goodwill, and if you refuse, then you’re not taking me as your Big Brother.”

Chen Xi gaped yet noticed he was unable to say a single word. Bei Heng had already put it in this way, and if he were to refuse, it would seem insincere.

Besides that, he’d already completely offended the Su Clan. If he were to be able to obtain this layer of relationship with the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, it would be an extremely strong protective shield. If the Su Clan wanted to touch him, they would first have to think over if the Su Clan was able to endure the consequences of offending the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

“Big Brother Bei Heng, being able to become brothers with you is an extremely great honor of mine. But there’s no need for things like renovating a palace.” Chen Xi said seriously, “After all, my cultivation is low now, and I’m absolutely unable to accept such generous treatment.”

“Little Brother, are you worried about causing reproach?” Bei Heng shook his head and smiled, then he said with a proud expression, “I, Bei Heng, am a great figure in Dragon Lake City no matter what, and celebrating for the younger brother I admitted is a perfectly justifiable thing. If someone can’t bear the sight of it, then it’s a great disrespect to both us brothers, and I, Bei Heng, will let him understand what happened when someone dares offend us brothers!” As he finished speaking, Bei Heng’s words were filled with raging killing intent.

Chen Xi understood well the weight of these words. As the Supreme Grand Elder of the number one power of Dragon Lake City, the height of Bei Heng’s status and the depth of his cultivation was something that there rarely was anyone capable to compare with him. So him saying these words weren’t an exaggeration.

“But I feel that doing things in a low profiled manner is better.” Chen Xi said with a smile. The higher the tree, the stronger the wind. He couldn’t receive the protection of Bei Heng forever, so it was better to incur less envy from others.

Most importantly, Chen Xi wasn’t willing to be seen as a weakling. Each person had his own path to tread on. If he frequently drew support from Bei Heng’s strength, then wouldn’t he be no different from those good for nothing disciples who possessed deep backgrounds?

Relying on another’s power was only a tactic in the end, and the strength of one’s own self was the strongest guarantee of survival!

“Since Little Brother is so persistent, then I’ll do it simply. But you must not refuse the things that ought to be given to you.” Bei Heng had lived for countless years, how could he be unable to perceive Chen Xi’s thoughts? In this way, he instead admired Chen Xi even more. Because, when all was said and done, the reason he didn’t spare to stoop down and make friends with Chen Xi was entirely because of the mysterious beautiful youth, as he hoped to form a good relationship through Chen Xi.

As for Chen Xi, he merely played the role of a middleman, and in his eyes, he didn’t attach much importance to Chen Xi. However, at this moment, when he saw Chen Xi’s actions and persistence, he noticed that he seemed to have underestimated this little fellow, and his mentality unconsciously changed greatly.

“That couldn’t be any better,” Chen Xi said with a smile.

“Haha! Come, come! I’m feeling very happy today, we brothers should drink to our heart’s content and not return until we’re drunk.” Bei Heng pulled Chen Xi’s arm, then his body shook before leaving the pavilion at the center of the lake right away, and he flew towards the bank of the lake.

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