Chapter 1289 – Prehistoric Ruins

As he spoke, Chen Xi had brought Ling Bai and the others to the Sword Room.

Chen Xi didn’t enter the abode and stood before a rock on the cliff, and then he casually flipped his hand, causing a pile of various cooking utensils and bottles of materials to appear.

After that, he withdrew a few fishes, they were the Yin Yang Fish that he’d captured in the River of Fiery Refinement in the Immortal King’s Tomb. At that time, Chen Xi had specially kept a few, and they’d come in handy now.

Besides these fishes, Chen Xi prepared the flesh of some variant beasts that were rare in the Outerealm and various delicious immortal fruits.

After he finished doing all of this, this Supreme Spirit Chef Grandmaster that hadn’t cooked in a very long time started to cook his first meal since entering Dao Emperor Academy.

At this moment, Ling Bai, A’Man, and Bai Kui were surprisingly silent, and all of them looked eagerly while standing by Chen Xi’s side as if they were waiting patiently for the delicacies to be served.

Chen Xi quickly prepared the various cooking materials while he asked Ling Bai in a casual tone. “Go on, where’s the Divine Abyss of Darkness?”

“The Prehistoric Ruins.” Ling Bai replied swiftly.

According to Ling Bai, early on before the primeval times, the Prehistoric World had shattered, and it had formed into the current Mortal Dimension, Netherworld, and Immortal Dimension.

All of these three dimensions contained numerous large worlds and countless minor worlds. Moreover, no matter if it was the large worlds or minor worlds, they were actually formed from the fragments of the Prehistoric World.

To put it simply, the Prehistoric World was like an egg. One day, it was shattered, and it was divided into three large fragments that were the Mortal Dimension, Netherworld, and Immortal Dimension, and countless other small fragments like the Dark Reverie and Talisman Dimension.

The Prehistoric Ruins were similarly formed from a fragment of the Prehistoric World. However, unlike the three dimensions, only the Prehistoric Ruins maintained the Quintessence Energy of the world from the Prehistoric times!

It was common knowledge that the Immortal Dimension consisted of 4,900 continents, whereas besides these known areas, there were numerous mysterious areas, dangerous spaces, and unknown shattered worlds in the boundless space of the Immortal Dimension.

The Prehistoric Ruins resided and existed in the boundless space.

According to Ling Bai, the Divine Abyss of Darkness was in the Prehistoric Ruins, and it was like a minor world.

Because the quintessence energy of the world in the Prehistoric Ruins was unlike the three dimensions, so even though it seemed like the Prehistoric Ruins resided within the scope of the Immortal Dimension, no matter if it was entering the Immortal Dimensions from the Prehistoric Ruins or vice versa, there was a precondition — One had to break through the barrier formed by the Prehistoric Ruins’ World Energy!

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but speak with surprise. “You’re saying that Heaven Trampler broke through the barrier and sent all of you into the Immortal Dimension?”

At this moment, he was roasting the Yin Yang Fish with concentration, and it emanated a fragrance that caused the others to drool.

Ling Bai stared fixedly at the roasting Yin Yang Fish that was dripping with golden droplets of fat, and he gulped down with great difficulty before he nodded. “Yes, only an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm is capable of breaking through that barrier. Of course, Big Brother Heaven Trampler is slightly more formidable than an ordinary Half-step Immortal King.”

A Half-step Immortal King!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he said to himself, No wonder Heaven Trampler dared to look down upon Bing Shitian in the Primeval Battlefield all those years ago and looked at him like an ant. So, it turns out that he’s actually an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

If I inferred based on this, then wouldn’t his and Zhen Liuqing’s Master be an existence at the Immortal King Realm?

An Immortal King!

In the Immortal Dimension, the Immortal Kings that were known to all were the Masters of the four great continents, the Immortal Kings Valiant Star, Midnight, Profound Path, and Icesky. But these were only the known Immortal Kings, and no one could provide an accurate answer of exactly how many Immortal Kings existed in the Immortal Dimension.

In the past, Chen Xi had suspected that the seven great ancient clans, Dao Emperor Academy, and even the other six academies definitely possessed Immortal Kings, but it was only a guess and he couldn’t confirm it.

After all, existences at such a level were truly too far away from everyone else in the Immortal Dimension. For example, with Chen Xi’s current status, he was unable to come into contact with information of this level.

For example, the news about Evil Lotus perishing at the hands of an Immortal King from the Sovereign Sect was only known by Chen Xi through the assistance of the Phoenix Clan’s Ancestor, Zhao Taici.

Of course, there was no doubt that the three supreme sects definitely possessed existences at the Immortal King Realm, and there were certainly more than one in each of their sects.

However, Chen Xi had never imagined that the Master of Zhen Liuqing and Heaven Trampler at the Prehistoric Ruins actually might be an existence at the Immortal King Realm, and this had slightly exceeded his expectations.

“Exactly what sort of place is the Prehistoric Ruins?” Chen Xi couldn’t restrain himself from asking this question.

Ling Bai pointed at the fish roasting on the fire and gulped down a mouthful of saliva before he said, “It’s almost burnt. Quickly allow me to have some first, and then I’ll tell you.”

“I want some as well.” A’Man patted his stomach and spoke while his drool dripped all over the ground.


Bai Kui wasn’t willing to lose to them, and he stared at the fish with determination.

Chen Xi glared angrily at them, and then he patiently spread on some condiments before taking the roasted Yin Yang Fish off the fire…

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, shadows flashed before Chen Xi’s hands were completely empty.

On the other hand, Bai Kui, Ling Bai, and A’Man were already swallowing their food with large mouthfuls while juices flowed from their mouth, and they were eating with extreme delight.

Chen Xi shrugged helplessly, and then he raised his hand and forcefully seized a fish from A’Man’s fat paws. It couldn’t be helped, this naïve fellow had actually taken three fishes, and he’d gone a bit too far.

Chen Xi let Starry out and gave the fish in his hand to Starry because he wanted to be impartial to them.

Starry glanced at Ling Bai and the others with a puzzled gaze before his attention was drawn by the food by his mouth, and then he immediately disregarded everything and started swallowing wildly.

Chen Xi smiled lightly when he saw this, and then he went to start preparing other dishes.

“Oh, who’s this?” Ling Bai wiped his mouth after eating the roasted fish, and then he shot his gaze towards the nearby Starry and was rather surprised. Obviously, he’d been occupied with eating earlier and hadn’t noticed Starry at all until now!

A’Man and Bai Kui similarly seemed to reveal expressions of wonder, and it was exactly like the wonder in Ling Bai’s eyes.

This was what gluttons were like. While they enjoyed delicious food, they were fully concentrated and distracted by nothing…

“This is Starry.” Chen Xi introduced them casually.

However, his introduction was obviously unnecessary because the straightforward A’Man had already gone forward and stretched out his chubby paws to stroke Starry’s head, whereas Starry only raised his eyes to glance at A’Man before continuing to chew on the fish bones.

A’Man was even happier when he saw this, and he grinned from ear to ear as he said, “I’m A’Man, I’m very happy to meet you.”

Bai Kui flew over to Starry’s back with a swish before curiously pulling on Starry’s snow white and fluffy fur. After that, he lay comfortably and lazily in Starry’s thick and soft fur.

Ling Bai couldn’t help but roll his eyes upon seeing this, and he muttered. “Forgetting the old after gaining something new. A pair of ungrateful gluttons.”

Even though he spoke like this, Ling Bai swaggered over to Starry’s back before sitting cross-legged on it. He felt that it was actually even more comfortable than riding on Bai Kui’s back, and he couldn’t help but click his tongue in admiration.

Starry didn’t make any extreme reactions towards this, and it was even to the extent that he started dashing happily on the cliff. He seemed as if he wanted to bring them along for a joyride and act cool, and it caused Ling Bai and Bai Kui to shout happily. A’Man followed them around behind Starry as well, and he laughed without end while playing happily.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. According to his knowledge, Starry had an extremely domineering and wild temper, and if he didn’t possess the Devour Dao Insight, then Starry wouldn’t even allow him to get close.

Yet now, Starry had only met Ling Bai and the others for the first time, yet they’d started playing together so quickly, and this really didn’t seem like something Starry would do.

However, even though he couldn’t figure it out, Chen Xi was very happy to see such a scene.

Before long, Chen Xi finished cooking numerous dishes. There was a total of thirty six dishes. They were steamed in clear broth, braised, dry fried, deep fried, stir fried… There were all sorts of flavors, and they were both delicious, appealing, and fragrant.

The extremely tempting fragrance even caused many beasts in the vicinity to cast covetous gazes from afar and drool without end.

After that, the little gluttons launched a vigorous operation to clear it all up. They swept through the food like a whirlwind, and even Chen Xi wasn’t able to poke his chopsticks in. This obviously showed how terrifying these gluttons were.

After ten minutes had passed, all the dishes had been cleaned, and Ling Bai and the others let out a wave of burps of comfort.

Chen Xi prepared more fruits and dessert for them before pursuing the topic from before with Ling Bai.

Ling Bai had eaten his fill and was in a happy mood, so he answered Chen Xi readily.

According to Ling Bai, the Prehistoric Ruins maintained the ancient customs of the Prehistoric World, and numerous sects that remained from the prehistoric times resided there.

These sects were called Prehistoric Sects.

Actually, even though they were said to be Prehistoric Sects, yet they were no different from independent cultivators because there were truly too few members in the Prehistoric Sects. Some had one or two members, while those with more members only had a little over ten. It was even to the extent that some sects only had a single member.

For example, the sect that Zhen Liuqing and Heaven Trampler were from was one of the Prehistoric Sects called Integration Sect. During the prehistoric times, it was a large ancient sect that was renowned in the world, yet the sect only consisted of them and their master now.

However, even though these Prehistoric Sects only consisted of a few members, every single one of them was extremely formidable. There was no lack of existences at the Immortal King Realm amongst them. They cultivated in seclusion and paid no attention to the matters of the outside world, and they were called Ancient Immortals.

At the bottom of it all, the Prehistoric Sects were like Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect. They were renowned large sects during the prehistoric times. At that time, the gods and sages fought for supremacy while sects stood like the trees in a forest, and sects that could be considered to be renowned were overlord level existences in the Prehistoric World.

However, along with the formation of the three dimensions, the passage of countless years, and coupled with the disasters that had affected the three dimensions over the course of history. Presently, the Prehistoric Sects were far inferior to the three supreme sects.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi felt as if he was suddenly enlightened, and it allowed him to have a comprehensive understanding of the situation in the three dimensions.

“We actually came here this time to tell you something.” Ling Bai’s expression suddenly became serious as he said, “Not long before we left the Divine Abyss of Darkness, Big Brother Heaven Trampler said that he’d occasionally heard news of your father, Chen Lingjun, in the Prehistoric Ruins.”

Chen Xi was extremely shocked, and he cried out involuntarily. “What?”

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