Chapter 1288 – Divine Abyss Of Darkness

Everyone in the restaurant was shocked. They finally understood why these three strange little fellows were so composed. It turned out that they had the confidence to be composed!

In this way, the situation the Immortal Love Restaurant faced was slightly bad…

At this moment, the old man in embroidered clothes’ forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he was at a loss for what to do. He didn’t have the graceful demeanor of a Golden Immortal any longer.

He looked at Ling Bai while seeming to be on the verge of crying, and he apologized endlessly with a trembling voice. He praised Ling Bai as best as he could, and all that was left was for him to kneel down and admit his mistakes with regret.

Ling Bai didn’t buy this. He was both hungry and angry today, and the old man had even disturbed his mood to enjoy his meal, so how could he let this bastard off so easily?

If he didn’t produce the Snow Essence Dark Iron and spoke Chen Xi’s name, then would this old fellow apologize humbly like this?

On the other hand, when they saw Ling Bai be so overbearing and unforgiving, everyone else sighed in their hearts. But they didn’t feel that Ling Bai was going too far, and only that attendant of the restaurant could be blamed for having eyes but failing to see.

Right amidst this fierce dispute, a voice that was filled with pleasant surprise suddenly sounded out from outside the restaurant. “Ling Bai, A’Man, Bai Kui?”

Along with this voice, a handsome and tall figure appeared out of thin air within the restaurant. He had a handsome appearance, a ramrod straight figure, eyes that were deep like the starry sky, and a bearing that was indifferent and extraordinary. It was Chen Xi.

Everyone was shocked!

No one had expected that a renowned legendary figure like Chen Xi was actually really make an appearance and come so quickly because only ten minutes had passed since his name was mentioned.

This obviously showed how much importance he attached to these three strange little fellows, otherwise, it would definitely be impossible for him to rush over in such a short period of time.


Bai Kui who was originally laying there lazily while seeming indifferent to everything suddenly transformed into a white shadow. In the next moment, he’d appeared on Chen Xi’s shoulder, and he happily rubbed his fluffy little head against Chen Xi’s cheek and seemed extremely intimate with Chen Xi.

“Chen Xi, I’ve finally found you.” A’Man walked over as well before opening his chubby arms wide and giving Chen Xi a huge bear hug. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi stopping him, he would have almost crawled up onto Chen Xi’s shoulder like Bai Kui had.

Only Ling Bai had his arms crossed before his chest and glanced coldly and proudly at Chen Xi, and he seemed to be very displeased that Chen Xi had only arrived at this moment.

Chen Xi smiled while his eyes glowed brilliantly, and they were filled with boundless happiness.

It had been so many years since he’d entered the Immortal Dimension, and he frequently thought about these little fellows. At this moment, there was no need to mention the happiness in his heart from this unexpected reunion.

The four joys of life, a good rain after a long drought, reuniting with friends while far from home, the wedding night, and achieving success. Reuniting with friends while far from home just happened to be what Chen Xi felt at this moment.

On the other hand, when they saw Chen Xi had such an intimate relationship with these three little fellows, everyone present here shot gazes of pity towards the old man and the others.

If they were ordinary friends of Chen Xi’s, then perhaps there was room to mend the situation, but if it was friends like this, then how could Chen Xi possibly let the matter go?

Even if it was any one of the people present here, they would probably not let the matter go if they saw their friends being humiliated!

As he sensed the strange gazes shot towards him from the surroundings, and as he saw how intimate Chen Xi was with the three little fellows, the figures of the old man and the others froze while cold sweat flowed from their foreheads. They seemed as if they’d lost their souls.

In next to no time, Chen Xi noticed the tricky atmosphere here, and he frowned as he looked at Ling Bai. “You were bullied?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the old man’s heart jerked, and he didn’t dare let his thoughts run wild any longer before hastily moving forward and bowing. “Young Master Chen Xi…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by Chen Xi. “I’m asking my friend right now, so please shut your mouth. Know your place.”

He was utterly blunt.

But no one felt that this was unusual. In their understanding, not to mention speaking bluntly, even if Chen Xi didn’t ask a single question before directly tearing down the restaurant, it wouldn’t be a strange thing.

Ling Bai glanced coldly at the old man before he said, “No, it was only my mood to eat that was spoiled by these bastards.”

“Oh,” said Chen Xi, and then his gaze descended onto the attendant that was groaning without end on the ground. When he entered earlier, he’d clearly noticed A’Man was sitting on this attendant, and he felt that it was probably this bastard that had offended Ling Bai.

Chen Xi was clearly aware of Ling Bai’s nature. The little fellow clearly differentiated between love and hate, and if someone didn’t offend him, then he wouldn’t run wild like this at all.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, can you give me some face and forgive them this time?” Suddenly, Luo Xuan stood up and walked over towards Chen Xi’s side with a bitter smile on his face. As he spoke, he said in a low voice via voice transmission, “To tell you the truth, half of this Immortal Love Restaurant belongs to my Goldwave Immortal Pavilion. It was the mistake of this attendant for having a terrible attitude, and I’ll definitely give you a satisfying explanation once I’ve dealt with the matter here.”

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he looked at Luo Xuan, and then he said, “It was Senior Brother Luo Xuan that sent someone to notify me earlier?”

Luo Xuan smiled lightly, and he could be considered to have admitted tacitly.

Earlier, Chen Xi was in closed door cultivation within his abode when a Junior Brother of the inner court paid him a visit and told him of the matter here. It was only because of this that he was able to rush over in time.

“Ling Bai, what do you think?” Chen Xi turned around and looked at Ling Bai. Luo Xuan had indeed helped him indirectly, but Ling Bai and the others were involved in this matter, so he had to ask Ling Bai’s opinion.

If Ling Bai didn’t agree, then he naturally wouldn’t give Luo Xuan any face. As for this small favor he owed Luo Xuan, he would just find a chance to return it in the future.

As soon as these words were spoken, the old man and the others looked at Ling Bai with anxious expressions, and they pleaded with their eyes.

Ling Bai shrugged and sighed. “I only want to fill my stomach.”

The old man hurriedly said when he heard this, “Sure, sure. I’ll immediately arrange for the Supreme Spirit Chef Grandmaster in the pavilion to cook some delicacies as compensation.”

Ling Bai grunted coldly instead. “My mood has already been ruined by all of you. Who would want to continue staying here?” When he spoke up to here, he turned around and looked at Chen Xi as he said, “If I’m going to it, then I naturally want to eat Chen Xi’s cooking.”

These words were spoken in a justified and confident manner, and it won nods from A’Man and Bai Kui.

Chen Xi chuckled and immediately cupped his hands to Luo Xuan before he said, “Since it’s like that, then I’ll be leaving first. Farewell.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t even spare a glance to the old man before he left the restaurant with Ling Bai, A’Man, and Bai Kui.

When they saw such a scene, everyone present here faintly felt that Chen Xi would probably not take a single step into the Immortal Love Restaurant in the future…

However, this could already be considered to be the best outcome for the Immortal Love Restaurant because if Chen Xi was infuriated, then it would probably be impossible for the Immortal Love Restaurant to maintain its foothold in Darkombat City!

“Thank you, Young Master Luo Xuan, for assisting us this time. I can’t thank you enough.” The old man let out a long breath of air instead, and he seemed as if he’d taken a walk past death’s door. He couldn’t be bothered to think about anything else before bowing and expressing his gratitude to Luo Xuan, and he seemed as if he was on the verge of shedding tears of gratitude.

The other attendants and guards bowed in succession and thanked Luo Xuan.

“Take care of your subordinates. I can help you once, but I can’t help you forever.” Luo Xuan shook his head and left.

He was thinking what sort of price he should pay to make Chen Xi satisfied and completely forgive the Immortal Love Restaurant.

It wasn’t just that, as a descendant of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion’s Master, Luo Xuan wanted to seize this opportunity to make friends with Chen Xi, and it couldn’t be any better if he was able to maintain a good relationship with Chen Xi.

Because he would be taking over the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion in the future. The Goldwave Immortal Pavilion that could be found throughout the Immortal Dimension was able to remain standing until now not only because of its wealth and business, but because of its enormous and deep web of relationships.

In Luo Xuan’s opinion, a peerless genius like Chen Xi seemed to be extremely worthy of him sparing no effort to make friends with. Of course, the precondition was that Chen Xi was willing to accept his kind intentions.

Presently, Chen Xi doesn’t lack any resources, and his only worry is the Zuoqiu Clan. Perhaps I should gather information related to the Zuoqiu Clan and start to form a relationship with Chen Xi… As he walked, he pondered in his heart. To disciples from merchant clans like Luo Xuan, the thing they didn’t lack the most was social techniques and providing someone with something they needed was the basic principle to establish a network of relationships.

Dao Emperor Academy prohibited friends and family from entering it, but there was obviously no restriction towards the Immortal Beasts of the students.

Even though Chen Xi didn’t take Ling Bai, A’Man, and Bai Kui to be Immortal Beasts that he was raising, they were no different to Immortal Beasts in the eyes of others.

So Chen Xi smoothly brought the three little fellows into the academy.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi! Ah! What handsome little fellows. Senior Brother Chen Xi, are these your Immortal Beasts?”

“Oh, he’s raising three Immortal Beasts at once. Senior Brother Chen Xi really is extraordinary.”

All along the way, many students bowed in succession and greeted Chen Xi, and they naturally didn’t hold back their praise when they saw the three little fellows by his side.

Unfortunately, their actions caused Ling Bai to roll his eyes repeatedly while his handsome face turned completely black. In the end, he was truly unable to endure it and said, “Chen Xi, these students of your Dao Emperor Academy are really shallow. Do I look like an Immortal Beast? Is there an Immortal Beast like me? They’re truly a bunch of ignorant fellows.”

Chen Xi smiled instead when he heard Ling Bai’s complaints, and in his gaze, he felt as if he’d returned to the days in the Dark Reverie.

Chen Xi suddenly recalled something and asked. “Right, where’s Miss Zhen, Mu Kui, and Mortis?”

“They’re naturally still at the Divine Abyss of Darkness. We got Big Brother Heaven Trampler’s assistance with great difficulty, and he broke through the barrier of the Divine Abyss of Darkness to send us into the three dimensions.” Ling Bai smiled as he spoke.

Chen Xi had heard of the name of the Divine Abyss of Darkness. Early on before he ascended into the Immortal Dimension, Zhen Liuqing had once promised him that she would bring his companions along to the Immortal Dimension with her.

However, up until now, he’d never been able to find out the exact location of the Divine Abyss of Darkness, so he had no way of meeting Zhen Liuqing and the others.

Chen Xi asked. “Ling Bai, where exactly is the Divine Abyss of Darkness?”

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