Chapter 1287 – Terrifying Reputation

The others intended to attack, yet they were stopped by the old man in embroidered clothes.

He frowned as he glanced at Ling Bai who seemed to be fearless before he glanced at A’Man and Bai Kui who hadn’t paid any attention to him from the beginning until the end. For no rhyme or reason, a trace of a bad feeling arose in his heart.

These three strange little fellows are too composed. When the events unfold unusually, then there’s definitely something to consider. The old man had to take precautions against the possibility that they had extraordinary backgrounds.

“Speak, tell me what happened?” The old man’s gaze descended onto the attendant that A’Man was sitting on.

The attendant’s face was contorted in pain while white foam frothed from his mouth, and he immediately cried out in a hysterical voice when he heard this. “Manager Zhao, they came here without bringing any Immortal Stones. I asked them to leave, yet they attacked me instead. They’re simply too arrogant… AH!!”

As he finished speaking, he suddenly let out a shrill howl because A’Man had moved his butt and broke a few of the attendant’s ribs.

This action instantly caused the nearby guards of Immortal Love Restaurant to reveal expressions of rage, and if it wasn’t for the old man, they’d have attacked and eaten these three little bastards alive.

“Do all of you…want to give me an explanation?” The old man frowned, and he stared at Ling Bai with a gloomy expression. He’d decided that if it was the truth, then he wouldn’t fear anything and directly make a move against them.

At this moment, the attention of most of the customers in the restaurant was drawn over. So, if he still didn’t deal with this problem, then it would affect his business today, and the consequences weren’t something he was able to bear.


Ling Bai directly withdrew an extremely grey and dark stone and tossed it onto the table before he said, “We really don’t have Immortal Stones, but this treasure is sufficient for us to eat here for three years.”

Eat here for three years!?

Everyone was stunned, and they almost didn’t dare believe their ears. What high sounding sentiments! Do they really think the Immortal Love Restaurant is an ordinary little eatery?

On the other hand, when their gazes descended onto the rock Ling Bai produced, they were angered to the point they almost started laughing. A Darkgale Source Stone? That thing is only worth eighty Immortal Stones at most. Not to mention eating three years in the restaurant, it can’t even pay for a cup of water!

They intend to use a common Darkgale Source Stone to make up for their lack of Immortal Stones? These three little bastards are obviously looking for trouble!

All of their expressions turned hostile while their eyes were filled with viciousness and rage. Moreover, they gazed at Ling Bai and the others as if they were staring at three corpses.

Ling Bai shook his head with disdain when he saw this, and his eyes even carried a trace of pity. He seemed to be mocking them for being ignorant.

The old man frowned when he noticed this, and out of cautiousness, he picked up the grey and dark stone before carefully sizing it up.

The stone was only the size of an infant’s fist, it was completely dark, grey, and dim, yet it was extremely heavy. According to the old man’s experience and discerning gaze, this stone was indeed a Darkgale Source Stone without any doubt.

This determination caused his brows to knit together even more tightly while his expression gradually turned gloomy, and the gaze he shot at Ling Bai and the others carried a trace of a murderous aura.

On the other hand, when they noticed the changes in the old man’s expression, the expressions of the guards became even more ruthless. They’d been waiting for a long time for the order, and then they would definitely attack without holding back in the slightest.

The atmosphere in the surroundings became heavy.

Ling Bai raised his slanted brows and glanced at A’Man, and then the latter smiled before nodding to display his understanding.

“Wait, can you allow me to have a look at that treasure?” Right at this moment, a clear and warm voice suddenly resounded, and it caused the confrontational atmosphere in the surroundings to instantly ease up slightly.

The old man frowned, but when he saw the appearance of the person clearly, he was obviously shocked and actually revealed a slightly respectful smile as he said, “So, it’s Young Master Luo Xuan, forgive me for impoliteness from before.”

The young man had a handsome appearance, eyes that were brilliant like stars, and an elegant demeanor. He was exactly the 9th on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings of the inner court, the ‘Young and Handsome God of Wealth, Luo Xuan.

When they saw Luo Xuan, many people present here recognized him, and they instantly exploded into an uproar. They seemed to have never imagined that a figure like Luo Xuan would actually be here.

However, Ling Bai only glanced at Luo Xuan before withdrawing his gaze.

Luo Xuan smiled lightly before directly walking forward, and then he took the stone and observed it briefly before his eyes suddenly flashed with a bright light. He turned towards Ling Bai and said, “Young Brother, is this Snow Essence Dark Iron?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of everyone present here was filled with shock. Snow Essence Dark Iron? That’s a divine treasure used to refine Void Grade Immortal Artifacts! And it can only be chanced upon by luck. It’s practically impossible to find in the Immortal Dimension.

“How could this be possible? That’s clearly a Darkgale Source Stone!” The old man cried out with shock and disbelief. It felt as if he saw a rock, yet someone suddenly said it was a peerless treasure.

Luo Xuan smiled lightly and didn’t give any explanation, and he just looked at Ling Bai.

At this moment, Ling Bai finally took a proper glance at Luo Xuan, and he nodded as he said, “Not bad, you’re much better than those idiots.”

Only Ling Bai would dare judge a renowned figure from Dao Emperor Academy’s inner court like this.

Luo Xuan couldn’t help but smile, and he felt that this handsome 10cm tall little person was rather interesting.

On the other hand, the old man and the others heard Ling Bai call them idiots, and their expressions were extremely unsightly. Yet at this moment, they obviously didn’t care about all that, and all their thoughts were placed on that stone.

If it’s really Snow Essence Dark Iron, then it’s priceless. It would even be more than enough to eat for three years in the restaurant.

Most importantly, this treasure is extremely rare and practically impossible to find, it’s utterly something that can only be chanced upon by luck. This is the most valuable part of it all.

“Young Master Luo Xuan, is it really a piece of Snow Essence Dark Iron?” The old man frowned and still didn’t dare believe it.

Luo Xuan nodded, and suddenly said to Ling Bai, “The price for this treasure in the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion is 30,000 Immortal Essence Stones. I’m willing to pay 35,000 Immortal Essence Stones to purchase it. I wonder if Young Brother can part with this treasure?”

He wanted to refine a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact, and if he could utilize a piece of Snow Essence Dark Iron as the main material, then its might would at least improve by a whole level.

35,000 Immortal Essence Stones!

Everyone present in the restaurant exclaimed with shock when they heard this price because this price could purchase countless Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts!

On the other hand, the expression of the old man and the others sank instantaneously, and they were extremely embarrassed while they wished for nothing more than to kill the attendant. Luo Xuan was the descendant of the Master of Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, so he naturally wouldn’t lie. So this stone was definitely a piece of Snow Essence Dark Iron, whereas since they were able to casually produce it, how could those three little fellows possibly be unable to pay for their food?

But unexpectedly, Ling Bai didn’t even give it a thought before he directly refused. “This treasure is important to me, so I won’t sell it to someone else.”

Luo Xuan was stunned when he saw Ling Bai’s firm attitude, and he sighed with slight regret. In the end, he returned the stone and shook his head before turning around.

“Young Brother, since you don’t intend to sell it, then why did you use this treasure as a reliance to eat in my Immortal Love Restaurant?” The old man couldn’t help but ask, yet his tone and expression had eased up greatly and didn’t carry the coldness and gloominess he had earlier.

“There’ll naturally be someone that’ll come pay for my food. Do I have any need to pay with a piece of Snow Essence Dark Iron? Could it be that you think I’m an idiot?” Ling Bai frowned as he glanced at the old man.

The old man’s expression froze, and in the end, he couldn’t refrain from saying. “The rule of our Immortal Love Restaurant is that food will only be served after the bill is paid.”

Ling Bai sneered and said, “Of course. But there’s no need to humiliate us or kick us out because we don’t have Immortal Stones, right? Is this how your Immortal Love Restaurant treats its guests?”

The old man’s brows knit together tightly, and then he glared fiercely at the attendant on the ground before he said, “This was indeed the mistake of my Immortal Love Restaurant. I hope Young Brother can forgive us.”

“Forgive you?” Ling Bai was unforgiving. “If I didn’t produce a piece of Snow Essence Dark iron, then all of you even intended to attack us, right?”

The old man was questioned to the point of becoming speechless, and he was extremely troubled. Where did this little bastard come from? Why is he so difficult to deal with?

“Forget it, I’ll pay for this meal. I hope that Young Brother can calm your anger. The reputation of this Immortal Love Restaurant has always been not bad, and it’s just that some bad attendants are mixed with the good.” Luo Xuan who’d walked off helped to mediate the situation.

“Right! Our Immortal Love Restaurant will pay for this meal, please do accept it.” The old man heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and nodded as he spoke.

Ling Bai grunted and said, “Do I look like someone that eats and drink yet can’t pay for it? Since you want to apologize, then go to Dao Emperor Academy and help me tell the inner court student, Chen Xi, that I, Ling Bai, have traveled thousands of miles to come look for him, yet I can’t even have a meal now!”

Chen Xi!

Everyone present in the restaurant was shocked when they heard this name, and they revealed surprise on their faces. They seemed to have never imagined that the little fellow before them would actually be related to that legendary genius that’s renowned throughout the world now.

Chen Xi… A bright light flashed within Luo Xuan’s eyes, and he sighed in his heart. This Immortal Love Restaurant really bit off more than it can chew. If Chen Xi finds out about what happened here, then he’ll probably tear this place down.

“Chen Xi?” The expressions of the old man and all the guards by his side froze while their eyes opened wide, and coldness arose in their hearts. These three little fellows actually know Chen Xi? Moreover, based on his tone, their relationship seems to be rather good?

At this moment, he felt as if he’d been hit in the back of his head by a stick, and his head droned.

Presently, everyone in Darkombat City knew of the legendary figure, Chen Xi, from Dao Emperor Academy who was like the scorching sun in the midday sky! Moreover, all of his shocking deeds had become the hottest topic of discussions on the streets of Darkombat City.

Yet now…they’d actually offended friends of Chen Xi’s!

When he thought up to here, the old man and the others were on the verge of crying.

Chen Xi was a peerless figure in the younger generation. In terms of strength, it wasn’t sufficient to make the Immortal Love Restaurant that had resided in Darkombat City for ten thousand years to fear him, yet it wasn’t his strength that was the most terrifying, it was his background!

Once anything happened to such a figure, then would the seniors of Dao Emperor Academy be able to sit still?

To put it simply, if anyone dared to offend a student like Chen Xi in Darkombat City, then they were absolutely tired of living and wouldn’t even know how they died!

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