Chapter 1286 – Disturbance In The Restaurant

The three little fellows were naturally Ling Bai, A’Man, and Bai Kui.

The Immortal Dimensions was said to be filled with sects that stood like trees within a forest and countless living beings. So there was naturally no lack of different living beings and races in Darkombat City that came from all over the Immortal Dimension.

For example, the formidable marine race from Kunlun Sea, the Spirit Lands’ Mayfly Clan, Woodvine Clan, Flamesong Spirit Clan, Moondance Shroom Clan, and various others.

This caused the cultivators in Darkombat City to have become accustomed to living beings of all sorts of shapes and sizes a long time ago. However, when they saw Ling Bai’s group, they were still unable to avoid having their attention drawn over.

The reason was that these three little fellows truly seemed to be too filled with intelligence, and it was extremely rare. Moreover, many cultivators were even unable to recognize their origins.

This naturally caused them to be curious. Exactly which immortal’s immortal beasts are they?

When facing these curious gazes, Ling Bai was indifferent, A’Man was indifferent, and Bai Kui was naturally even more indifferent, and they swaggered through the streets.

A’Man finished half the watermelon and seemed unsatisfied as he licked his mouth, and then he stretched out hit thick palm to scratch his head while seeming to be slightly unwilling. However, he still handed the other half of the watermelon towards his shoulder in the end.

Bai Kui was already on the verge of losing his patience from waiting, and he howled before grabbing the watermelon in his mouth and chewing. Watermelon juice sprayed out and dripped all over A’Man’s furry shoulder, yet A’Man smiled and didn’t mind at all.

Ling Bai had his arms crossed before him and remained handsome and cold as before. Only his drooping eyelids couldn’t help but twitch slightly while he cursed in his heart. Gluttons! You’ve been eating all along the way here, yet you’ve still not had enough. Both of you are simply throwing all my face by doing this in public.

“Ling Bai, I’m feeling shy from their gazes.” Without the watermelon to occupy him, A’Man’s attention was instantly drawn by the people on the streets, and he noticed most of them were sizing him up with curiosity. A’Man instantly lowered his head and muttered in a low voice with slight embarrassment.

Ling Bai remained emotionless when he heard this, but the corners of his mouth that were sharp and angular couldn’t help but twitch before he said indifferently, “There’s no need to be nervous. They’re looking at me, and you’re just like a leaf that’s used to enhance my appearance. No one cares about you.”

When he spoke up to here, Ling Bai imperceptibly raised his chest while his expression became even more cold and proud.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” A’Man nodded naively, and then he rubbed his shriveled stomach and smacked his lips. “But I seem to be still hungry. The Watermelon had too much juice, so it wasn’t filling.”

Bai Kui who’d swallowed the other half of the watermelon with its skin nodded fiercely as well upon hearing this, and then he howled without end as if he was saying that A’Man was right!

When he saw this, Ling Bai seemed to have recalled something sad from the past, and his handsome face sank while he was unable to maintain his elegant demeanor any longer. He gritted and berated in a low voice. “Eat! Eat! Eat! Both of you have only been eating since we left the Divine Abyss of Darkness. I only ate three of the divine watermelons Big Brother Heaven Trampler gave us, and all the rest were eaten by the two of you! Is it not enough!?”

A’Man was embarrassed and went silent.

Bai Kui on the other hand glanced at Ling Bai with an aggrieved expression, and then he lay weakly on A’Man’s shoulder.

Ling Bai took a deep breath and shrugged before he said bitterly, “Can the both of you consider my feelings next time? I’ve been starving for many days!”

As he finished speaking, a wisp of resentment surged out from Ling Bai’s heart as well. All along the way, for the sake of taking care of these two gluttons, what he’d endured simply couldn’t be more terrible!

A’Man was even more embarrassed, and his large head drooped down.

Bai Kui on the other hand rolled his eyes and seemed as if he couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it.

Ling Bai couldn’t help but sigh once more when he saw this, and he muttered. “It’s only a little while longer. Once we find that fellow, Chen Xi, would we have to worry about having good food and drink? That fellow’s a Supreme Spirit Chef Grandmaster… Oh, just thinking about it makes me slightly excited.”

A’Man and Bai Kui seemed to have recalled the time they followed by Chen Xi’s side all those years ago, and both of them swallowed a mouthful of saliva in unison.


Ling Bai’s face sank when he heard the unpleasant sound of them swallowing their saliva, and he felt that these two fellows were simply too embarrassing.

“Oh, what’s that smell?!” In the next moment, the eyes of Ling Bai, Bai Kui, and A’Man lit up simultaneously, and they glanced towards a restaurant at the side in unison while gulping down a mouthful of saliva at the same time as well.

How fragrant!

This restaurant that towered into the clouds had a renowned name — the Immortal Love Restaurant. It was noon at this moment, and strands of tempting fragrance was drifting out from within, causing their mouths to water.

“Ling Bai, perhaps we should go have a good meal before we meet Chen Xi.”


“I feel that…” Ling Bai’s brows knit together tightly as he pondered deeply for a long time, and then he nodded and said, “This suggestion isn’t bad!”


A’Man simply seemed as if he’d heard the order of a sage. Before Ling Bai’s voice could finish resounding in the air, his chubby figure had erupted with astounding speed, and he drew out a string of shocking afterimages as he charged into the restaurant.

“Slow down! I said…act in a bit more reserved manner! Alas… A glutton gone mad is simply too terrifying!” They entered the Immortal Love Restaurant while accompanied by Ling Bai’s reproach that was filled with exasperation, and they sat upright before a table under the astounded gaze of the restaurant’s attendant.

“May I know what… Young Master requires?” The attendant’s gaze scanned the three of them for a long time before it finally descended onto Ling Bai. Even though this little fellow was only 10cm tall, yet at least his appearance was no different than a human…

Ling Bai coughed dryly, and then his expression recovered its coldness and pride from before. He picked up the menu and pointed at it before he said, “Give me one of all your signature dishes.”

A’Man raised his head and said, “No, it’s three, not one.”

The corners of Ling Bai’s mouth twitched imperceptibly, and he nodded and said, “Do as he said.”

“Alright.” The attendant put away the menu, and then he said, “Young Master, there are a total of 137 dishes. If it’s three of each, then it will cost 370,000 Immortal Stones in total or 37 top-grade Immortal Essence Stones.”

Ling Bai was stunned. “Aren’t we supposed to pay after eating?”

The attendant explained in a low voice. “The bill must be paid first before the food will be served. This is the rule of our Immortal Love Restaurant, and it has been this way for over 10,000 years.”

As he spoke, his expression carried a trace of disrespect because merely based on these words alone, he was able to guess that these three little fellows with strange appearances had definitely arrived at Darkombat City for the first time.

He even slightly wondered that since these outsiders didn’t know how expensive the Immortal Love Restaurant was, then would they have prepared sufficient Immortal Stones?

After all, ordinary cultivators in Darkombat City didn’t have the ability to afford visiting Immortal Love Restaurant. It couldn’t be helped, even though the rarest dishes of the three dimensions were gathered here, its price wasn’t something that anyone could afford.

“Immortal Stones?” Ling Bai was stunned because he didn’t have any on him.

On the other hand, when the attendant saw this, he was even more certain that these three strange little fellows were ignorant bumpkins.

As he thought like this, his face that originally didn’t carry much respect instantly revealed a wisp of disdain and detest instead, and he said impatiently, “You dare come to our Immortal Love Restaurant when you don’t even have Immortal Stones? You made me waste time for no reason. Leave! Leave! Leave! Our Immortal Love Restaurant doesn’t give alms to beggars!”

When he heard such rude words, Ling Bai’s slanted brows suddenly raised while coldness arose within his eyes, and he lightly nodded to A’Man.

A’Man laughed slyly before directly standing up before swinging his palm at the attendant. A shrill and miserable howl resounded as the attendant was smashed flat on the ground, and he endlessly coughed up blood while letting out shrill howls.

“Help! Someone is looking for trouble!!” The attendant let out a shrill cry, yet A’Man swaggered over to sit on him, and it caused his facial features to twist together in pain while white froth foamed from his mouth. Moreover, he wasn’t even able to make another sound.

“A’Man, don’t kill him. This is Darkombat City, and there are numerous experts here. If we offend someone we can’t afford to offend, then we can only flee with our stomachs empty.” Ling Bai instructed casually, and he said that he would have to flee, yet it was spoken in a completely indifferent manner.

A’Man scratched his head and said, “Alright, for the sake of filling my stomach, I’ll be careful to not kill him.”

The nearby Bai Kui nodded and really appreciated the price A’Man paid for the sake of food.

The commotion here drew the attention of the others nearby, and many customers shot their gazes over in succession. Their gazes carried slight surprise because they seemed to have never imagined that someone would actually dare to cause trouble in the Immortal Love Restaurant. Especially when it was three strange looking little fellows, and it was impossible for them to not draw attention.

“Who’s causing trouble in my Immortal Love Restaurant?”

“Hmph! You’re simply courting death!”

“Don’t make noise! Don’t allow these ignorant bastards to affect the meals of the other guests.”


Numerous figures approached menacingly, and all of them were the guards of the restaurant. Their strengths were actually rather formidable, and the weakest amongst them was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

The old man in the lead who wore embroidered clothes was even at the Golden Immortal Realm, and he walked over with vigorous strides and a terrifying imposing aura, causing him to be rather terrifying.

When they saw the ones causing trouble this time were actually three strange looking little fellows, all of their faces sank and were extremely furious. Whose immortal beasts are these? They actually dared to come to our Immortal Love Restaurant to cause trouble?

“What’s going on?” The old man in the lead’s gaze was like a blaze as it swept coldly at Ling Bai, A’Man, and Bai Kui.

A’Man scratched his head when faced with this and smile. “Ling Bai said he was like a dog looking down on humans. Even though I’m not a human, I’m very angry as well.”

“Bastard! You actually still dare to smile at a time like this? You’re simply too arrogant!” A guard berated in a fierce voice, and he truly wished for nothing more than to swing his blade and kill this yellow bear.

“I’ll kill you if you dare speak another word.” Ling Bai glanced coldly at the guard while a sharp glow appeared within his eyes, and it pierced the guard to the point his entire body trembled while terror rose within his heart. He was actually terrified to the point he didn’t dare speak another word.

The old man’s eyes suddenly narrowed when he saw this, and he carefully sized Ling Bai up for a moment before he grunted coldly. “Don’t you dare run wild! If you don’t give me an explanation today, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Could it be that you didn’t hear him? This bastard was looking down on us!” Ling Bai didn’t back off in the slightest, and he was even overbearing and aggressive. He stared coldly at the old man and said, “Old man, let me ask you something, how did you train a bastard attendant with such a disgusting attitude like him?!”

Ling Bai’s arrogant attitude caused the others to be infuriated, and they intended to make a move against Ling Bai and capture him before teaching him a terrible lesson. However, they were stopped by the old man in the end.

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