Chapter 1285 – Swaggering Through The Streets

Everyone clearly remembered that Chen Xi had already used 45 minutes of time when he entered the 72nd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain. So, under these circumstances, practically most people felt that it was very difficult for him to break the record and leave his name on the Passage Stone Stele.

After all, Mu Daofu who was ranked at the 10th position had utilized 45 minutes and 50 breaths of time all those years ago. Thus, under such circumstances, there was naturally no one that believed Chen Xi would be able to annihilate all thirty six black clothed figures in the 72nd level within such a short period of 50 breaths of time.

Yet now, Chen Xi’s name had appeared onto the Passage Stone Stele, whereas his results were only 45minutes and 24 breaths of time. In other words, Chen Xi had merely utilized 24 breaths of time to pass through the most difficult 72nd level!

This was too astounding to them.

All those years ago, even Ling Qingwu wasn’t as fast as Chen Xi when she overcame the 72nd level!

It was precisely because of this that everyone would be so shocked when they saw this scene, and they practically didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“45 minutes and 24 breaths of time. It’s merely twelve breaths of time slower than the 9th ranked Ao Ling… He’s simply a freak! If I’m not wrong, Chen Xi is merely at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm now, right?”

“Yes, it’s another new record. Moreover, did all of you notice that Chen Xi’s ranking on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings is only at the 30th position right now? This indirectly proves that his combat strength is so strong that it isn’t as simple as his cultivation.”

“He really is formidable, truly astonishing!”

“Presently, Chen Xi has created a new record and is ranked at the 10th position. So, he can obtain an additional reward of 3,000,000 Starpoints every single month. I truly feel envious.”

Everyone discussed animatedly and exclaimed endlessly with surprise.

Only Meng Qi’s entire body was stiff while his expression was extremely gloomy, and his eyes that were filled with ruthlessness and resentment were covered in unwillingness as he remained silent for a long time.

The nearby Luo Xuan couldn’t help but glance at him with worry, and he opened his mouth yet didn’t know how to persuade Meng Qi.

Once some obsessions occupied one’s Dao Heart, then it was sufficient to make a peerlessly wise person instantly become unreasonably obsessed and stupid, just like Meng Qi was.


Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arose at the entrance to the 37th level, and then Chen Xi’s handsome figure appeared.

At this moment, Chen Xi still stood ramrod straight, yet his eyes had recovered its calm and tranquility. It was deep like the starry sky, and it was completely clear.

Only his handsome face was pale and practically translucent. This revealed that he’d exhausted his strength greatly while challenging the domain, and he was in an exhausted state right now.

When they saw Chen Xi appear, a wave of bustling noise arose on the platform. The gazes of most people couldn’t help but carry a wisp of reverence and respect as they looked at him.

Obviously, Chen Xi’s performance in the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain had filled many of them with admiration.

Only Luo Xuan’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch when he saw Chen Xi seemed to not be in a good state, and he cried in his heart. Shit! If Meng Qi were to disregard everything right now and make a move against Chen Xi, then even though it’s extremely likely he would win, the consequences will absolutely be a disaster.

When he thought up to here, he hurriedly and imperceptibly obstructed Meng Qi’s path, and he made sufficient preparations. So long as Meng Qi dared to make a move, then he would absolutely not hesitate to stop Meng Qi!

“What’re you doing?” Meng Qi frowned and spoke with a displeased tone.

Luo Xuan’s heart jerked, and he hurriedly said in a low voice, “That’s enough! I’ll absolutely not allow you to continue running wild at this moment!”

Meng Qi frowned and glared at Luo Xuan before he said impatiently, “Quickly move aside. Are you still my good friend? You’re already starting to side with others!”

The argument between the two drew the attention of the others in the surroundings, and the gazes of many swept over towards them.

At this moment, Chen Xi noticed Luo Xuan and Meng Qi as well, and he couldn’t help but frown, yet his heart was rather calm. He just felt that this fellow was truly troublesome, and if Meng Qi were to annoy him all the time, then it would truly be a headache.

His practice in the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain earlier had completely vented the grievance in his heart, and his Dao Heart had become even more pure and firm, so he wasn’t depressed any longer.

At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with Meng Qi, and he turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Chen Xi!” Suddenly, Meng Qi’s voice sounded out from behind. Chen Xi frowned and instantly stopped moving as he silently sensed his own vital energy. He noticed that he still had the energy to do battle, so he calmed down completely.

On the other hand, Luo Xuan’s expression changed slightly at this moment, and he hurriedly pulled on Meng Qi’s clothes before he said to Chen Xi, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, you’ve just experienced a great battle, so you should quickly return to your abode to rest. Don’t exhaust yourself.”

Chen Xi was stunned, yet he shot his gaze over to Meng Qi instead.

“Move aside! Did I say that I was going to fight him?” Meng Qi roared with anger in a low voice. He suddenly broke free of Luo Xuan’s hand, and then he took a deep breath before his expression actually became solemn.

After that, under the gazes of everyone present here, Meng Qi suddenly bowed and cupped his fists. “I was wrong. Through the scene from before, I admit that I’m inferior to Junior Brother Chen Xi, so I hope that Junior Brother Chen Xi doesn’t take my offence from before to heart.”

As he spoke, he bowed once more to Chen Xi with a calm bearing, and his tone was sincere and completely lacked any sarcasm or deception.

This sort of unusual actions didn’t just stun Chen Xi, even Luo Xuan’s eyes opened wide from shock. It was like he’d gotten to know this good friend of his for the first time.

As for the others on the platform, all of them were puzzled. They didn’t know the ins and outs of the matter, but it didn’t stop them from determining that this renowned senior figure of the inner court, Meng Qi, had taken the initiative to admit defeat to this new student in the inner court, Chen Xi!

This was a rare event!

Chen Xi was never one that had to take revenge for the smallest enmity, and there was no deep-rooted hatred between him and Meng Qi. So when Chen Xi saw Meng Qi apologize sincerely, he naturally wouldn’t continue pursuing the matter. Chen Xi immediately cupped his fists and said, “I’m naturally happy to know that Senior Brother Meng Qi is broad-minded.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi turned around and left.

Even though he’d forgiven Meng Qi, he wouldn’t suddenly get on friendly terms with Meng Qi either.

Luo Xuan only heaved a long sigh of relief after Chen Xi’s figure vanished from his sight, and then he glanced at Meng Qi with surprise and said, “I never imagined that you would actually become understanding today.”

Meng Qi said angrily, “Do I look like such a stupid person?”

He actually felt slightly bitter in his heart. Understanding? He’d only realized the gap between himself and Chen Xi because he saw Chen Xi broke the record and even pushed down Mu Daofu who was ranked at the 23rd position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings from the Passage Stone Stele.

If he didn’t even have this little bit of sensibility, then how could he have possibly entered Dao Emperor Academy and ascended onto the 30th position of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings? Even though…that was something of the past.

“That’s for the best. I was really rather worried that you would disregard everything and fight Chen Xi.” Luo Xuan patted Meng Qi on the shoulder and sighed. “After all, you noticed as well, this new junior brother of ours can’t be judged by convention at all. Only a short few years have passed until now, yet he has already grown to such an extent. How formidable would he be in the future?”

It wasn’t just Meng Qi who was unable to refute these words, even the others in the vicinity deeply agreed with it, and they sighed endlessly with emotion in their hearts.

Yeah, a figure like Chen Xi is truly too dazzling, and he’s bound to be extraordinary.

A dispute was silently resolved amidst this silent comparison.

At the bottom of it all, it was a type of competition of strength. However, it was reflected in the Passage Stone Stele of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

The 10th!

It was already a height that could make most inner court students look up to.

Especially because Chen Xi had just stepped into the inner court, and his cultivation was merely at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Skypath Mountain, within the Sword Room.

After he returned, Chen Xi immediately sat down cross-legged and silently entered into a meditative state.

Challenging the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain earlier had caused him to exhaust a great deal of strength. Especially when he was at the 72nd level, he’d executed a strand of sword qi that contained the might of a trace of the realm of Sword God, and it had almost completely exhausted the strength in his entire body. Coupled with the fact that he didn’t have the Dark Parasol Sapling to replenish his Immortal Force, it caused him to feel slightly exhausted.

However, all of this tempering was worth it. Firstly, he’d overcome the depression in his heart, and he wasn’t disturbed by the matter of the Sovereign Sect any longer, allowing his thoughts to become clear.

Secondly, he’d created a new record. Even though it was merely the 10th position on the Passage Stone Stele, so long as his ranking didn’t change, then he would obtain a reward of 3,000,000 Starpoints every month in the future.

Coupled with his position in the first 36 levels of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain being maintained at the 1st position on the Passage Stone Stele there, he would similarly be able to obtain another reward of 1,000,000 Starpoints every single month.

Merely these two accomplishments allowed him to obtain an entire 4,000,000 Starpoints every month without doing anything.

If the monthly reward of 1,000,000 Starpoints from being ranked at the 30th position of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings was included, then he would obtain 5,000,000 Starpoints in total every single month!

Presently, I don’t have the Dark Parasol Sapling with me, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to me. I can seize the opportunity presented by these three months of time to cultivate with all my might and continue using the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain to temper and break through in the limits of my cultivation. It’ll definitely provide extraordinary benefits to my future advancement into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Besides that, if I’m able to ceaselessly break the records on the Passage Stone Stele and improve my ranking, then the amount of Starpoints I’ll be able to obtain on a monthly basis will rise explosively. It can be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

Chen Xi meditated as he pondered in his mind.

The only thing that caused him to frown was that he had to pay a fee of 1,800,000 Starpoints every single time he entered the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and this was a huge amount of Starpoints.

Looks like it won’t be too late to challenge the domain once more after my cultivation has obtained an obvious increase. Otherwise, I’ll only unnecessarily waste my Starpoints… When he thought up to here, Chen Xi finally completed his future plans, causing his entire body to become relaxed. He discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and then completely fell into a deep level of meditation.

At the same time, three strange little fellows had arrived on the bustling streets of Darkombat City, and they drew the attention of countless gazes all along the way.

It was a charmingly naïve little yellow furred bear that casually ate a large watermelon as he walked.

On the bear’s shoulder was a snow white and fluffy little beast laying there, and it was looking with eager eyes at the watermelon in the bear’s hand and seemed to be on the verge of drooling.

Besides that, there was a 10cm tall little person sitting on the snow white beast’s back. The little person was peerlessly handsome and wore snow white clothes, and his arms were crossed before him while his eyes were slightly drooping. He seemed as if he was sleeping yet wasn’t, and his entire body emanated a cold and proud aura.

When these three little fellows swaggered through the bustling and clamorous streets together, they naturally drew the attention of numerous people.

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