Chapter 1284 – The Might Of A Sword God

Since he obtained the Dark Parasol Sapling in the Dark Reverie all those years ago, Chen Xi had never worried about the energy within his body being exhausted throughout his path of cultivation.

Because the Dark Parasol Sapling was able to recover the consumed energy in an extremely short period of time, and this practically heaven defying effect allowed him to be successful in every battle since.

However, because of the existence of the Dark Parasol Sapling, it caused him to be unaware of the limits of his own cultivation.

Yes, it was cultivation and not combat strength.

Cultivation represented the depths of his accumulation in the Dao, and it slowly ascended level by level towards the peak of the Grand Dao. However, the levels of every single individual had varying levels of hardness and height.

All of this was embodied in the depths of one’s cultivation.

Moreover, the depths of one’s cultivation in every single realm was displayed in the strength one possessed. For example, True Essence, Immortal Energy, Shaman Energy, Immortal Shaman Energy, and so on and so forth.

Up until now, Chen Xi’s understanding towards the strength he possessed merely remained at being deeper by almost a hundred times more than his peers. As for exactly how deep it was or where his limits were, it was completely unknown to him.

The reason was naturally because of the existence of the Dark Parasol Sapling.

However, the Dark Parasol Sapling had been lent away by the Phoenix Clan’s Ancestor, Zhao Taici, and it would only be returned to Chen Xi three months from now.

So while challenging the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain at this moment, it could be considered to be the first time since he entered into the Immortal Dimension that Chen Xi relied on his own cultivation and fought without holding back in the slightest.

If it was any other person, then they would definitely be in an unbalanced state from being too reliant on the Dark Parasol Sapling, but Chen Xi wasn’t like this.

Because since he started cultivating, Ji Yu had once told him that besides himself, everything else in his path of cultivation is external. So the Dao Heart shouldn’t be restrained by it!


When the indifferent and completely emotionless aged voice resounded, Chen Xi’s figure transformed into a wisp of flowing light that flickered through space.

In his control, Starclasp erupted with a myriad of strands of piercingly cold starlight, and it seemed like a dancing river of star that swept through the heavens and the earth with invincible might.

This was the 61st level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and his opponents were twenty five black clothed figures with equal cultivations to Chen Xi. But when facing Chen Xi’s terrifying assault that surged towards them like a torrent, they seemed as if they couldn’t withstand a single strike and even didn’t have the strength to resist.

In practically a short moment, all of them were crushed into pieces like paper by the brilliant and vast sword qi and transformed into a rain of light that covered the sky before vanishing without a trace.

If such a scene was visible in the outside world, then it would definitely cause a mighty uproar.

But in Chen Xi’s opinion, this was extremely normal. Cultivation could affect one’s combat strength, yet the performance of one’s combat strength wasn’t as simple as possessing a certain cultivation.

It included the utilization of Dao Insights, the addition of the might of Immortal Artifacts, the ability to bring forth one’s combat strength, the support of the will to fight, and various others.

No matter which aspect it was, Chen Xi had attained an unprecedented height when compared to his peers. So when he faced these opponents that were merely on par with him in terms of cultivation, he naturally revealed an all-powerful state of crushing everything before him.

It’s getting interesting. After the battle ended, Chen Xi’s dark eyes grew brighter while his tightly knit brows slightly eased up.

“The 61st level, completed in thirteen breaths of time.”


In the next moment, Chen Xi was carried into the 62nd level.

“It’s alright.”

“Not bad.”

“Pretty good.”

“Very good.”

“This is what I’m looking for!”

Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi advanced triumphantly all along the way. His footsteps hadn’t stopped for a moment, and along with the increase in the levels he overcame, the pressure he faced gradually increased. However, this sort of pressure caused his frown to ease up even more instead, and he felt at ease from battle.

Crushing one’s enemies was fun.

Being unable to go against one’s enemies was troubling.

Only a well-matched opponent was satisfying!

Obviously, as he went up the levels, Chen Xi faintly felt the satisfying feeling of meeting his match, but it was far from sufficient because he still hadn’t arrived at the limits of his cultivation.


At the 71st level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, Chen Xi suddenly let out a long howl while Sword Insight surged like a tempestuous wave. It rumbled as it spread throughout the surroundings, and everywhere it passed, the black clothed figures were crushed, destroyed, and vanished into nothingness.

At this moment, he seemed to be arrogant and showing his ability to its full extent, and the space between his brows were filled with an imposing aura of supremacy.

On the other hand, battle intent blazed like lava within his body. Every single inch of his skin seemed to be trembling and yearning while the pressure, depression, and restlessness that were stuck in his heart had the rare chance to be vented.

Chen Xi wasn’t an emotionless person. He had his own emotions, and he was carrying numerous heavy burdens on his shoulder. If he hadn’t continued forward tenaciously until now, then his body and Dao Heart would have probably been crushed a long time ago.

He similarly needed to vent!

He’d fought all alone until now while overcoming all sorts of obstacles along the way. From the Darchu Dynasty to the Dark Reverie; from the Netherworld to the Immortal Dimension. Who could he tell about the pain and hardships he’d suffered all along the way?

The heavens didn’t understand his heart.

The earth didn’t know what he wanted.

He could only vent all of this in battle and release it on his path towards the Dao.

Perhaps when the day came that he was able to step foot onto the peak of the Grand Dao and suddenly looked back, all of these hardships, pain, pressure, and venting would become the most precious mark in his life…

“It’s almost going to be forty five minutes. Chen Xi has finally stepped foot into the 72nd level!”

Everyone on the platform was staring fixedly at the jade wall without blinking as they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

Since Chen Xi started his challenge until now, he’d finally stepped foot onto the 72nd level, causing the hearts of all of the spectators that were paying attention to him until now to tense up.

If Chen Xi was able to succeed in his challenge within 45 minutes and 50 breaths of time, then Chen Xi would be able to break the record that Mu Daofu maintained. However, only around 50 breaths of time remained now. Could he…succeed?

At this moment, even Meng Qi’s heart had tightened while his gloomy expression faintly revealed a trace of indescribable anxiety and a wisp of resentment and detest.

He didn’t believe that Chen Xi could succeed!

He didn’t believe it!

On the other hand, at this moment, the nearby Luo Xuan noticed this scene, and he sighed once more in his heart. He knew that there was no need to continue watching because no matter if Chen Xi made a new record or not, Chen Xi’s display was sufficient to prove that Meng Qi wasn’t a match for him at all.

Why is this fellow so block-headed and just had to compete with Chen Xi? Luo Xuan frowned, and he contemplated about exactly what he should do after Chen Xi returned to avoid a conflict between Chen Xi and Meng Qi.

Because he was very clearly aware that even if Chen Xi broke the record, Meng Qi wouldn’t let the matter go. The reason was that Meng Qi had a stubborn temper, and as a good friend of Meng Qi’s, Luo Xuan was naturally clearly aware of this.

At this moment, within the 72nd level of the domain.

Thirty six black clothed figures formed a battle formation and encircled Chen Xi from all directions. This battle formation was like a whole that completely locked down the surroundings, causing Chen Xi to be unable to find any path of retreat.

However, Chen Xi didn’t intend to retreat.

Not only did he not intend to retreat, Chen Xi’s gaze was bright like two blazing suns at this moment. Battle intent surged throughout his body while he emanated boundless light and a peerlessly vast imposing aura.



The thirty six black clothed figures tore through the sky while crisscrossed with each other, and they threw the surrounding space into chaos. It seemed to be a messy formation, yet it formed an extremely tight entrapment formation, and they crushed down in an all-powerful manner towards Chen Xi who stood at the center.

It felt as if numerous divine mountains were moving from all directions at the exact same moment, and they intended to block off all paths of retreat before crushing Chen Xi who stood at the center.

Their impetus was extremely terrifying!

The pressure he faced rose explosively by multiple times, and unlike the levels from before, the black clothed figures in the 72nd level obviously grasped a battle formation to cooperate with each other. Even though their combat experience was lacking, they relied on the battle formation to perfectly make up for this deficiency.

Chen Xi stood silently when facing this. The energy, essence, and spirit in his body seemed to be burning and caused the space in the vicinity to warp, and this made his figure seem illusory and ethereal.


Right at the instant those thirty six black clothed figures were about to arrive before him, Starclasp that lay in Chen Xi’s hand suddenly shook, and the myriad of strands of piercingly cold starlight emanated from the body of the sword seemed to be lit ablaze at this moment as well.

In the next moment, a thick, large, and extremely dazzling strand of sword qi swept out horizontally!

This strike possessed a brilliant imposing aura, and it seemed to pass through the ages. It was only a simple sword strike, yet it caused the heavens and the earth to dim down while space rippled without end.

Om~ Om~ Om~

At this instant, the swords in the hands of the thirty six black figures trembled in unison and seemed as if they were on the verge of escaping the black figures’ hands. They emanated waves of wailing sounds and seemed to be submitting to Chen Xi.

This was the might of the realm of Sword God. Even though it was merely a trace, when it was utilized in one’s sword qi, its might was sufficient to crush the sun and moon and destroy the ages!

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

A wave of muffled bangs resounded. Everywhere the edge of his sword passed, body after body was slashed into two. None of them could avoid it, none of them could survive, and in merely less than a blink of the eye, the thirty six black clothed figures had transformed into a rain of light that sprayed through the heavens and the earth.

The rain of light was extremely resplendent as it fluttered in the sky until it vanished. Even though it wasn’t real blood, it revealed a bloody and silent aura that was murderous and sorrowful.

On the other hand, At this moment, Chen Xi’s handsome face instantly turned pale and practically translucent, yet his eyes were bright as before and seemed to be the brightest star in the night sky.

“The 72nd level, completed in 24 breaths of time.” The indifferent and completely emotionless aged voice suddenly resounded, and it reverberated by Chen Xi’s ears.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s name on the jade wall that was situated on the platform outside the entrance to the 37th level had vanished as well.

It has ended?

Everyone was stunned, and they glanced towards the nearby Passage Stone Stele in unison. After that, their expressions froze in unison as they gasped.

Because the 10th position on the Passage Stone Stele that used to belong to Mu Daofu had been replaced by Chen Xi, and there were a few dazzling golden words shining behind his name — 45 minutes and 24 breaths of time!

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