Chapter 1283 – Only Battle Can Calm His Heart

This is impossible!

These last three words were spoken by Meng Qi in a confident and determined manner, and it even carried a trace of undisguisable resentment that caused Luo Xuan to laugh bitterly without end upon hearing it.

Luo Xuan stopped persuading him and just shot his gaze towards the nearby Passage Stone Stele before he said in his heart, Even though Mu Daofu stands at the 23rd position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, his combat strength is ferocious and stands above most students in the inner court. Pushing his record down isn’t a simple thing to accomplish indeed.

Luo Xuan and Meng Qi were the best of friends. They’d entered the academy at the same time, and they were on very friendly terms. So when Luo Xuan heard Meng Qi intended to vent his anger on Chen Xi because his position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings had been taken, Luo Xuan was instantly unable to stand by idly.

Because he’d heard about Chen Xi and even possessed information related to Chen Xi that was much more comprehensive than what Meng Qi possessed. He was very clearly aware of how enormous Chen Xi’s potential was, and it seemed to be on par with Yun Fusheng and might even surpass Yun Fusheng.

It wasn’t just that, Chen Xi had just entered the academy for a few years, yet he’d established a student society of his own, the Star Alliance. Moreover, he’d obtained the support of the Xuanyuan Clan and numerous seniors in the Pill Reserve!

Even Luo Xuan wasn’t willing to become enemies with such a peerlessly outstanding figure. It couldn’t be helped, the potential of such a figure was truly terrifying, and he wouldn’t be able to eat and sleep in peace if he became enemies with such a figure.

Of course, Luo Xuan was similarly clearly aware that Chen Xi’s foundation in the academy wasn’t that indestructible because the key was that he’d become complete enemies with the Zuoqiu Clan.

It was common knowledge that amongst the seven great ancient clans, the Zuoqiu Clan’s forces in Dao Emperor Academy were the greatest. So there was extremely great danger and potential troubles lurking behind Chen Xi since he’d become enemies with the Zuoqiu Clan.

However, no matter what, as far as Luo Xuan was concerned, it was extremely unwise for Meng Qi to become enemies with a figure like Chen Xi because even the Zuoqiu Clan was unable to repress him completely until now, so how could Meng Qi?

Alas, I only hope that Chen Xi can break a record and completely dispel the obsession in Meng Qi’s heart. Otherwise, if this continues, then it would definitely be Meng Qi that suffers a loss in the end… Luo Xuan sighed lightly in his heart. But he was very clearly aware that it wasn’t really possible for this hope of his to be realized.

This was the 37th to 72nd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and every single student that was capable of leaving behind a record on the Passage Stone Stele was a top existence in the inner court.

For example, Luo Xuan was clearly at the 9th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, yet his results in the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain couldn’t even compare to Mu Daofu who was ranked at the 23rd position on the rankings. This obviously showed that ascending onto the Passage Stone Stele wasn’t such a simple matter.

“You…intend to wait here?” Luo Xuan couldn’t help but ask.

Meng Qi didn’t hesitate in the slightest. “Of course. I won’t be able to swallow this humiliation if I don’t watch this fellow getting bashed up!”

Luo Xuan sighed once more in his heart and stopped persuading Meng Qi any longer. He was slightly worried about Meng Qi’s practically obsessed attitude because once Chen Xi left the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain and was unable to break a record, then a conflict would definitely arise.

Alas, I’ll persuade him again when the time comes and try my best to prevent a conflict from occurring. Luo Xuan decided in his heart.

On the other hand, at this moment, the gazes of everyone on the platform had focused towards a jade wall. On the wall was a wisp of gold light that represented Chen Xi, and it was flickering repeatedly.

It was about to begin!

The 37th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

Chen Xi stood by himself within the vast space. His handsome face was covered in a calm expression, and only his deep and black eyes surged silently with a wisp of rising battle intent.


All he wanted right now was to use battle to break through that rock in his heart and vent the pressure he felt.

As for everything else, he didn’t care.


Starclasp let out a clear howl as it left its sheath and was held in Chen Xi’s firm and strong right palm. At this instant, a wisp of sharp qi surged out from Chen Xi’s body.

His jet black and dense long hair fluttered while his back remained ramrod straight, and his gaze was like cold lightning as it shot out. Even though he stood there silently, yet he naturally emanated a terrifying and confident imposing aura.

His qi refinement cultivation, Grand Dao comprehension, combat technique, battle experience… At this moment, all of it had transformed into the purest battle intent, and it blazed in Chen Xi’s heart.

Only battle could calm his heart!

“It’ll begin after ten breaths of time.” A familiar ancient and indifferent voice resounded abruptly.


After a short moment, space fluctuated before a black figure condensed into form. He had a blurry appearance, yet his aura and cultivation seemed exactly similar to Chen Xi. This was the guardian of the 37th level, an opponent that was on par with Chen Xi in cultivation.

At the bottom of it all, the black clothed figure was actually a complete embodiment of Chen Xi’s own strength. It was a projection of his own cultivation and strength, and defeating this black clothed figure was actually no different than defeating himself.

Chen Xi was extremely familiar with this, and his figure suddenly flashed at the instant the black clothed figure appeared. He executed teleportation to instantly vanish into thin air.


The black clothed figure’s reaction was extremely swift and suddenly drew his sword before piercing it towards the space before him. It forcefully blocked Chen Xi’s sword strike that appeared out of thin air, and as the two swords collided, it erupted with a myriad of strands of sword qi that rumbled as it swept towards the surroundings.

On the other hand, the black clothed figure was directly blasted flying. He was like a leaf being blasted by a gale, and every single inch of skin on his body collapsed inch by inch within the gale before vanishing into nothingness in an instant.

“Too weak! His strength was sufficient, but technique was too crude!” Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air, and he frowned and shook his head with an indifferent expression upon seeing this. He revealed a trace of dissatisfaction, and it was disappointment from being unable to express his combat strength.

“The 37th level, completed in one breath of time.” The indifferent and completely emotionless voice resounded. Along with this voice, a wisp of green radiance silently swept up Chen Xi’s figure and brought him into the next level.

The 38th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.


Chen Xi’s figure was like an awl as it tore open a large right in space, and he instantly arrived 30km away.

After an entire three breaths of time since Chen Xi stopped and stood there silently, two muffled explosions resounded in the hall. The necks of two black clothed figures standing before the spatial rift were slashed open, and their heads fell to the ground before exploding into a rain of light that vanished without a trace.

“Still too weak. Their combat strength was lacking!” Chen Xi frowned once more.

“The 38th level, completed in one breath of time.”

The 39th level.

“Their combat strength is lacking!”

The 40th level.


The 41st level.


As he rose up the levels, the amount of enemies Chen Xi encountered gradually increased as well. Moreover, as he defeated them successfully, his voice that carried displeasure resounded time and time again, and it resounded through the area without end.

On the other hand, the platform before the entrance to the 37th level was filled with bustling noise.

Everyone was staring at the jade wall that revealed the situation within the domain at all times, and along with the golden glow that represented Chen Xi rising repeatedly, a wisp of admiration silently appeared between their brows and was growing in intensity.

“He’s too fast!”

“Since he started until now, only 72 breaths of time have passed, yet this fellow, Chen Xi, has actually killed his way into the 60th level!”

“In other words, he’s passing through a level in practically every three breaths of time!”

“This fellow really is as abnormal as the rumors say. I remember that when Senior Sister Ling Qingwu challenged the domain all those years ago, her results were about the same. Could it be that he’s going to create a new record once more?”

The crowd exclaimed with surprise and discussed without end.

“Wait, look! Since he entered the 55th level, his speed has obviously reduced slightly. Perhaps along with the passage of time, his speed will only grow slower and slower.” Someone frowned and analyzed carefully. “All those years ago, when Senior Sister Ling Qingwu challenged the domain, her speed hadn’t slowed down at all until the 65th level.”

“Yes, all those years ago, Senior Brother Ye Tang only slowed down at the 60th level.”

“But no matter what, Chen Xi’s performance is sufficiently shocking. Perhaps his name really might be able to appear on the Passage Stone Stele this time.”

Amongst the people present, only Meng Qi’s expression remained completely gloomy because Chen Xi’s conspicuous performance caused him to feel a sense of loss.

Conversely, when Chen Xi’s speed slowed down slightly after arriving at the 55th level, he instantly became relaxed because he was clearly aware that when Mu Daofu challenged the domain that day, Mu Daofu had only revealed a similar situation like Chen Xi at the 57th level.

Even Mu Daofu was only ranked at the 10th position on the Passage Stone Stele now, so how could Chen Xi possibly break Mu Daofu’s record?

Did this arrogant kid really think he can create a miracle every single time? Meng Qi laughed coldly in his heart.

The nearby Luo Xuan seemed to have discerned what Meng Qi thought in his heart, and Luo Xuan couldn’t help but frown before he sighed in a low voice. “Don’t forget that even if his results are unable to ascend onto the Passage Stone Stele, but if it’s compared to you, then…”

He didn’t finish speaking, but the meaning was clearly revealed. He meant that even if Chen Xi couldn’t compare to those that were ranked in the top ten of the Passage Stone Stele, he was stronger than the both of them!

Sure enough, when he heard these words, Meng Qi’s expression instantly sank while coldness appeared between his brows. He glanced at Luo Xuan with displeasure and said, “Why do I feel like you’re siding with Chen Xi?”

Luo Xuan was stunned, and then he laughed bitterly and shrugged. “I’m just unwilling to watch you become enemies with Chen Xi.”

Meng Qi grunted coldly and said, “I’m just watching him challenge the domain. Who’s becoming enemies with him?”

Luo Xuan puckered his lips and said, “I hope it’s as you said.” Obviously, he didn’t believe Meng Qi at all.

“You…” Meng Qi glared at him before turning around hatefully, and he went silent while revealing a gloomy expression.

Luo Xuan opened his mouth and wanted to say something, yet he instantly shut up and stopped persuading Meng Qi when he saw Meng Qi’s expression.

On the other hand, at this moment at the 61st level of the domain, Chen Xi finally felt a trace of pressure because his opponents had multiplied to a total of twenty five!

So what if I don’t have the assistance of the Dark Parasol Sapling? I’ll seize this opportunity to find out exactly where my limits lie! Chen Xi took a deep breath. His clothes fluttered while the flames of battle blazed and surged like lava in the starry eyes on his calm and indifferent face.

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