Chapter 1282 – Depressed

After he left the forest of Dark Parasol Trees, Chen Xi didn’t rush back to his abode and just walked aimlessly through the academy.

He was in a rather disturbed mental state. It felt like there was a rock stuck in his chest, and he felt indescribable dejected.

All of this came from the news of Evil Lotus’ death.

Misty Immortal Mountain was annihilated, yet Evil Lotus was hunted down and killed by an Immortal King from the Sovereign Sect as well. This caused Chen Xi to even more firmly believe that the death of the Chaotic Divine Lotus all those years ago was definitely related to the Sovereign Sect!

I wonder how Senior Dao Lotus will feel if he finds out about this… Chen Xi let out a long sigh while his thoughts drifted instead, and he recalled Dao Lotus that resided at the 99th level of the sword cave in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Evil Lotus and Dao Lotus were twin brothers that represented the two extreme sides of the Chaotic Divine Lotus. Evil Lotus was domineering, unreasonable, and wild like an exalted devil born in the darkness, whereas, Dao Lotus was clean, graceful, and warm like sunlight that illuminated the world.

But no matter which side it was, they’d both silently guarded Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the sect the Chaotic Divine Lotus left behind. It was because of them that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect could survive within the three dimensions until now.

Yet now, Evil Lotus had perished…

Chen Xi silently and unconsciously clenched his fists together tightly while the depths of his eyes that were dark like an abyss flashed with a wisp of ruthlessness, and the depression in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

The Sovereign Sect!

He was aware that the reason his mind couldn’t calm down was because of this sect. It was too strong and stood proudly at the peak of the three dimensions for countless years, and in the entire three dimensions, only Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace could rival it.

This was obvious from the crimson red jade slip that recorded the news of Misty Immortal Mountain’s annihilation. Even Dao Emperor Academy took it to be a classified secret and only allowed a few seniors of the academy to look through this piece of information. This obviously showed no one in the three dimensions didn’t dare attach importance to matters related to Sovereign Sect, and this included Dao Emperor Academy.

On the other hand, no matter if it was to take revenge for Evil Lotus or the end the enmity related to the Chaotic Divine Lotus from all those years ago, he couldn’t overlook the existence of the Sovereign Sect.

So the pressure that weighed down on Chen Xi as he faced all of this now was obvious.

Even if he was a disciple of Oracle Mountain, the hopes of him being able to topple a supreme sect on par with Oracle Mountain was tiny, and it was almost impossible.

It was even to the extent of being countless times more difficult than annihilating the Zuoqiu Clan!

“Eh, isn’t that Senior Brother Chen Xi?”

“Didn’t he just enter the inner court? What’s he doing here at the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain? He wouldn’t be intending to…challenge it again, right?”

“It’s possible. Senior Brother Chen Xi comprehended the Dao while ascending through the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain and advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm a long time ago before the inner court exam. Moreover, he even created an unprecedented record and became the number one record holder for the first 36 levels of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain. Even Senior Yun Fusheng from all those years ago was pushed down to the second position.”

“My god! So in this way, could it be that Senior Brother Chen Xi came here this time to make a new record in the higher levels?”

A wave of bustling noise resounded, and it jolted Chen Xi awake from his deep thoughts. He raised his eyes and glanced over, and only then did he notice that he’d actually unknowingly arrived before the entrance of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

At this moment, there were many Mysterious Immortal Realm outer court students looking at him, and their expressions more or less carried a wisp of reverence and fervor.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he shook his head. He intended to turn around and leave, yet right after that, he frowned and suddenly stopped moving.

Presently, it’s like there’s a rock stuck in my heart, and it’s impossible for me to calm down. If this continues, then it’ll affect my cultivation instead. So why don’t I seize this opportunity to challenge the 37th and higher levels of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain to temper myself while venting… Chen Xi turned around and looked at the entrance of the domain while he went silent for a long time. In the end, he took a deep breath, and then his figure flashed and charged swiftly through the entrance.

“He really entered it!”

“Do all of you think Senior Brother Chen Xi will be able to create a new record this time?”

“There’s no need to guess blindly. We can’t observe the situation in the 37th to 72nd level of the domain. Unless we’re able to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm and enter the platform before the 37th level, otherwise, we won’t be able to notice anything.”

When they saw Chen Xi enter the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, all the students before the entrance entered into a wave of animated discussion.

Along with a fluctuation in space, Chen Xi’s handsome and tall figure appeared on the platform before the 37th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

At this moment, many students were gathered on this platform. However, their cultivations were all at the Golden Immortal Realm, and they were mostly inner court students yet there was no lack of outer court students.

When Chen Xi appeared, he was recognized at the first possible moment, and it caused a wave of whispered discussion. Some were surprised, some were vigilant, some were astounded…

This was extremely normal. Presently, Chen Xi was an outstanding figure of the academy, and he was like the sun in the midday sky. No matter if it was students or instructors from the inner or outer courts, it was impossible for them to not know who Chen Xi was.

Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice all of this, and his gaze immediately locked onto the Passage Stone Stele that stood towering at the side of the platform.

The stone stele was three meters tall, completely jet black, and its surface was suffused with a blurry golden glow. It recorded the holders of the records in passing through the 37th to 72nd level of the domain, and there was a total of ten names.

The 10th was the inner court student Mu Daofu, and his results was 45 minutes and 50 breaths of time.

The 9th was the inner court student Ao Ling, 45 minutes and 12 breaths of time.

The 8th was the inner court student Xuanyuan Che, 30 minutes and 93 breaths of time.

The 3rd was Yun Fusheng, 15 minutes and 26 breaths of time.

The 2nd was the inner court student Ye Tang, 15 minutes and 19 breaths of time.

The 1st was surprisingly Ling Qingwu with a time of 15 minutes and 7 breaths.

When he saw the name Mu Daofu ranked at the 10th position, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned. If he wasn’t wrong, then Mu Daofu was a disciple of the Mu Clan, and he was ranked at the 23rd position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings of the inner court.

This ranking was sufficient to make numerous other students in the inner court to dim in comparison, yet it was slightly unexpected when his name appeared on the Passage Stone Stele of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

It naturally seemed to be slightly strange that one ranked at the 23rd on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings was able to maintain the 10th position on the Passage Stone Stele, yet many of the other students ranked above him on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings were unable to ascend onto the Passage Stone Stele.

Looks like the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings merely represents the difference in one’s strength and cultivation, yet in terms of combat strength, perhaps the Passage Stone Stele’s records are much more realistic… After that, Chen Xi faintly came to an understanding.

Strength and cultivation didn’t equal to combat strength. After all, some people had formidable cultivations, yet they didn’t have any combat experience, so the combat strength they were able to bring forth was naturally limited.

For example, those senior brothers and sisters Chen Xi had in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect or Mu Linglong who he’d gotten to know when he’d just entered into the Immortal Dimension. All of them had extremely outstanding cultivations amongst their peers, yet they weren’t skilled in battle because they very rarely entered into battles.

Obviously, Mu Daofu who maintained the position of 10th on the Passage Stone Stele was one that didn’t just possess a formidable cultivation, even his combat strength was outstanding.

On the other hand, when he noticed that Yun Fusheng’s record had actually been pushed down to the 3rd position, Chen Xi was stunned, and he said in his heart, Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang really do deserve to be ranked amongst the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension

Chen Xi silently stared at the Passage Stone Stele for a moment before he moved his gaze away, and he raised his head to look at the entrance towards the 37th level.

Last time, I coincidentally broke through into the Golden Immortal Realm at the 37th level. This time, for the sake of overcoming the depression in my heart, I naturally have to advance forward courageously merely for the sake of fighting to my heart’s content!

Chen Xi took a deep breath before his figure charged swiftly into the entrance that led to the 37th level, whereas along with the disappearance of his figure, Starpoints were instantly deducted from his Violet Ribbon Starcrest.

It couldn’t be helped, one couldn’t simply enter the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and one had to pay a certain amount of Starpoint to enter every single time…

“Senior Brother Luo Xuan, don’t stop me. This fellow actually came to the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain to avoid fighting me. Let me see exactly what he’s capable of. Don’t worry Senior Brother Luo Xuan, I won’t act on impulse and fight him here.” Right when Chen Xi’s figure had vanished, space fluctuated once more on the platform, and then two figures appeared successively. One had hair that hung loosely above his shoulder and a gloomy expression, and he was exactly Meng Qi who used to be ranked at the 30th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings.

The other was a handsome young man that wore a Daoist’s robe embroidered with the patterns of wind and fire, a silver crown, a jade belt with scale like patterns around his waist, and shoes with the patterns of clouds and pine trees.

He had fair skin, eyes that were bright like stars, a rather straight nose, a peerlessly handsome appearance, and plump lips that were slightly puckered and curved into a sharp arc. As he stood there casually, he naturally emanated an unrestrained and elegant bearing.

“Senior Brother Luo Xuan! Senior Brother Meng Qi!”

When they noticed the appearance of these two people, a wave of clamorous noise instantly arose on the platform. Especially when they saw Luo Xuan, the eyes of many female students revealed a wisp of fervor and affection.

Luo Xuan was one of the renowned students in the inner court, and he was ranked at the 9th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings. Moreover, he was of extremely illustrious birth. He was the direct line eldest grandson of the Master of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion which could be found all over the Immortal Dimension!

In the inner court, Luo Xuan had the nickname, ‘the Young and Handsome God of Wealth,’ and the meaning was obvious. He was both handsome and rich while he was strong as well, so how could he not draw the attention of others?

Moreover, the rarest and commendable thing was that Luo Xuan had a warm nature and was extremely modest, so he was really well received by the students and instructors of the academy.

At this moment, when Luo Xuan heard everyone greeting him, he smiled lightly and nodded repeatedly in response. After he finished doing all of this, he pulled Meng Qi to the side and laughed bitterly as he said in a low voice, “Why make such a fuss? It’s only a ranking.”

Meng Qi gritted his teeth instead and said, “It isn’t just simply about the ranking!”

As he spoke, he raised his eyes and gazed towards the entrance to the 37th level, and he said coldly, “That fellow has probably already entered the domain. Let me see exactly how far he can go. If his name appears on the Passage Stone Stele, then I’ll immediately apologize to him and admit I’m inferior to him… But obviously, this is impossible!”

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