Chapter 1281 – The Birthplace Of Phoenixes

Kill without mercy! 

Chen Xi heart jerked, yet his expression was calm as before, and he puckered his lips and remained silent while he guessed in his heart. What exactly is Zhao Taici trying to achieve by telling me this?

Unfortunately, Zhao Taici didn’t speak any further after saying this. She continued leading Chen Xi until they arrived before a Dark Parasol Tree that was extremely ancient and an entire 300m thick.

This ancient tree towered into the sky while its canopy was like an umbrella that covered the entire sky, causing darkness to fall to the area beneath it. Its branches and leaves were verdant and jade-like, and they emanated strands of suspicious glows that caused a rain of light to flutter in the sky. It was a rather magnificent scene.

As one stood before it, one was like an ant and would feel tiny.

This was the place Zhao Taici resided at, a piece of wood from the Dark Parasol Divine Tree!

As he looked at it, Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered, and he acutely noticed that the Dark Parasol Sapling in his body actually aroused a trace of yearning at this moment and seemed to wish for nothing more than to take possession of the piece of wood before it.

Swish! Swish!

On the other hand, at this moment, the ‘tree’ that stood silently before them suddenly swayed and shook about. It seemed as if it had awoken from its deep slumber, and it emanated a myriad of strands of green and glimmering auspicious radiance that enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body.

In an instant, Chen Xi clearly noticed that the Dark Parasol Sapling within his body was actually absorbing the quintessence energy of the ‘tree’ before him!

Chen Xi was instantly shocked and hurriedly circulated the vital energy in his body to suppress the aura of the Dark Parasol Sapling, and only then was all of this stopped. However, when he glanced at Zhao Taici and Zhao Mengli, the two of them were actually not very surprised.

“See?” Zhao Taici glanced at Zhao Mengli.

“So, it really is true.” Zhao Mengli nodded, and the gaze she shot at Chen Xi grew much brighter.

Chen Xi was stunned. Could it be that they knew I possess the Dark Parasol Sapling since the beginning?

“You ought to be clearly aware that during the primeval times, the Dark Parasol Divine Tree that was born at the very beginning of the world and connected the Immortal Dimension and Mortal Dimension was affected by an unexpected change in the heavens and the earth, and it perished within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. It was also from then onwards that the cultivators of the Mortal Dimension had to experience tribulations before they could ascend into the Immortal Dimension.” Zhao Taici looked up at the towering tree before her, and her voice was clear and melodious as she said slowly, “But you’re probably unaware that the Dark Parasol Divine Tree…was the place my Phoenix Clan’s Founding Ancestor attained the Dao.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. He’d indeed never imagined that the Dark Parasol Divine Tree actually had such a connection with the Phoenix Clan.

The Founding Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan was naturally the legendary Chaotic True Phoenix, and it was a terrifying existence that was born in the chaos at the very beginning of the world before the primeval times.

“So in my Phoenix Clan, we’ve always taken the Dark Parasol Divine Tree to be our Ancestral Grounds. Unfortunately, along with the great calamity all those years ago, all the living beings of my Phoenix Clan haven’t had the chance to see our Ancestral Grounds again.” Zhao Taici sighed lightly while her snow white hair fluttered in the wind, and her young and beautiful face revealed a wisp of age and sorrow that flashed momentarily before vanishing.

Chen Xi wasn’t really moved by this because even though he was able to understand some things, he wasn’t able to feel it as if he’d experienced it himself, just like this moment.

Especially when the Ancestral Grounds Zhao Taici spoke of was faintly related to the Dark Parasol Sapling within his body. This caused him to be unable to feel much for it while he aroused a trace of worry in his heart instead.

“I brought you over this time firstly to thank you for saving Mengli’s life, and secondly to borrow the Dark Parasol Sapling in your possession.” Zhao Taici turned around, and she spoke indifferently while her deep eyes that were suffused with specks of golden flames stared at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi sighed in his heart. It really is as I thought!

“Of course, in return, I won’t just give you a pair of Phoenix wings, I’ll even give you a great fortune as well!” Zhao Taici’s deep eyes flashed with a dazzling radiance, and she seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, causing the corners of her lips to be unable to help but curve into a proud and arrogant arc. She kept her hands behind her back as she said calmly, “The piece of Dark Parasol Divine Tree growing before you was planted by me. It has been standing here for no less than 100,000 years, and the Immortal Energy it has absorbed is sufficient to be absorbed by a large world for over 10,000 years. When I return the Dark Parasol Sapling to you, I’ll gift this tree to you as well.”

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart. He’d never expected that Zhao Taici would actually pay such a great price to borrow the Dark Parasol Sapling from him.

He was naturally clearly aware that with Zhao Taici’s identity and status, there was utterly no need for her to tell him so much, and the reason she did this was to display that she didn’t have any intention to take possession of the Dark Parasol Sapling.

“Thank you for your kindness, I’ll comply respectfully with your wishes.” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he immediately opened his mouth, and then he spat out strands of hazy green radiance. As the radiance flowed, a verdant sapling with a winding trunk floated up into appearance, and it was the Dark Parasol Sapling.

After that, he held the Dark Parasol Sapling up with both hands and passed it to Zhao Taici.

Zhao Taici was slightly surprised when she saw Chen Xi agree directly without any hesitation.

But right after that, her gaze descended onto the Dark Parasol Sapling, and her calm, graceful, and noble expression faintly carried a trace of a complicated expression at this moment.

It wasn’t just her, even the nearby Zhao Mengli’s gaze was blurry, and she stared blankly at the Dark Parasol Sapling while feeling extremely excited.

Phoenixes were born from the Dark Parasol!

According to legend, the Founding Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan attain the Dao in the three dimensions, and it came from the assistance of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree. It was also from then onwards that all the living beings of the Phoenix Clan took the Dark Parasol Divine Tree to be their Ancestral Grounds, and it implied that the myriad of cultivation techniques of the Phoenix Clan came from the Dark Parasol Divine Tree.

Yet now, after countless years of time, they were actually able to personally see the sapling left behind by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree from all those years ago. So Zhao Taici and Zhao Mengli were naturally unable to avoid tempestuous waves from arising in their hearts.

“If there’s nothing else, then I’ll be bidding my farewell.” Chen Xi calmly cupped his hands as he spoke.

“Remember to come here three months from now, and I’ll prepare the things that you deserve.” Zhao Taichi nodded.

Chen Xi immediately turned around and left, yet he muttered in his heart. Three months of time is enough to obtain a pair of Phoenix Wings and a piece of the Dark Parasol Diving Tree that has been growing for 100,000 years. This Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan is really extravagant…

“This little fellow is really charismatic. No wonder that old bastard Chi Cangsheng was helpless against him.” As she watched Chen Xi vanish in the forest, Zhao Taici suddenly started laughing lightly and sighed with emotion.

“Ancestor, he…rescued me that day and lent the Dark Parasol Sapling to me now. Why do I feel that I owe him too much?” Zhao Mengli’s ink black brows knit together, and her clear eyes flashed with a wisp of frustration.

“You owe him? Little girl, could it be that you think a pair of Phoenix Wings and the piece of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree I planted myself are worthless? If it wasn’t for helping you cultivate, I wouldn’t pay such a heavy price.” Zhao Taici scolded with a smile on her face.

After that, the smile on her face gradually vanished, and her gaze was dim as she said lightly, “Now that I speak of it, this kid benefited greatly. After all, it’s the sapling of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, and it means everything to my Phoenix Clan… Tell me, if that kid enters into battle with the Zuoqiu Clan in the future, then would you avoid getting involved in it?”

Zhao Mengli was stunned, and then she bit her red and moist cherry lips lightly before frowning and falling into deep contemplation for a long time. She said, “I probably won’t.”

Zhao Taici glanced at Zhao Mengli and seemed to have thought of something, causing her to fall silent, and she said after a long time, “Then cultivate properly. You have to remember that kid can possess the Dark Parasol Sapling, but others…can’t!”

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