Chapter 1280 – Ancestor Of The Phoenix Clan

Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he turned around and asked Xue Zhen. “Would I be able to look at this piece of information if I called Senior Xuanyuan Pojun over?”

Xue Zhen shook his head. “Senior Xuanyuan is only a head instructor of the inner court, and his authority is slightly lacking.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he was even more certain that this piece of information definitely contained shocking secrets. When he thought up to here, he asked once more. “What about Senior Chen Hao? He’s the Dean of the Pill Reserve, so he ought to have the qualifications, right?”

Xue Zhen was stunned, and then he shook his head once more. “This piece of information relates to the situation of the powers within the Immortal Dimension. As Grandmaster in the Dao of Pills, Dean Chen’s qualifications are slightly lacking as well.”

Chen Xi frowned without end. “Then exactly who should I bring over?”

Xue Zhen couldn’t help but smile shyly, and then he hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Chen Xi, if you wish to look at this piece of information, then the Dean is absolutely capable. Besides him, the inner court’s Dean, Senior Chi Cangsheng, the Dean’s disciple Senior Hua Jiankong, the Scripture Reserve’s Ancestor of the Dragon Dimension, Senior Ao Ming….”

“Can I?” Before Xue Zhen could finish speaking,...

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