Chapter 1280 – Ancestor Of The Phoenix Clan

Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he turned around and asked Xue Zhen. “Would I be able to look at this piece of information if I called Senior Xuanyuan Pojun over?”

Xue Zhen shook his head. “Senior Xuanyuan is only a head instructor of the inner court, and his authority is slightly lacking.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he was even more certain that this piece of information definitely contained shocking secrets. When he thought up to here, he asked once more. “What about Senior Chen Hao? He’s the Dean of the Pill Reserve, so he ought to have the qualifications, right?”

Xue Zhen was stunned, and then he shook his head once more. “This piece of information relates to the situation of the powers within the Immortal Dimension. As Grandmaster in the Dao of Pills, Dean Chen’s qualifications are slightly lacking as well.”

Chen Xi frowned without end. “Then exactly who should I bring over?”

Xue Zhen couldn’t help but smile shyly, and then he hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Chen Xi, if you wish to look at this piece of information, then the Dean is absolutely capable. Besides him, the inner court’s Dean, Senior Chi Cangsheng, the Dean’s disciple Senior Hua Jiankong, the Scripture Reserve’s Ancestor of the Dragon Dimension, Senior Ao Ming….”

“Can I?” Before Xue Zhen could finish speaking, a clear and melodious voice resounded abruptly. This voice was extremely unique and seemed to contain the tune of nature, and it seemed to be able to resound in the bottom of one’s heart and enlighten one’s soul.

At this instant, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the bustling atmosphere within the entire Immortal Secret Pavilion had instantly fallen into deathly and perfect silence.

Besides that, no matter if it was the students or the instructors, everyone had stopped what they were doing and looked towards the entrance in succession while their expressions couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of shock and reverence.

All of this was merely because of a single voice!

When Chen Xi recovered from his shock and looked towards the entrance, his eyelids instantly twitched while he revealed a wisp of shock.

It was a beautiful woman with snow white hair and an appearance that was young, smooth, and fair. Her skin was tender while her eyes were deep and calm like a lake, and it surged with strands of golden flames.

She wore dark golden palace clothes that were lined with black and held a golden Azure Phoenix Cane that was over three meters long. Her snow white hair was coiled into a bun behind her head and held there by a wooden hairpin, revealing a perfect and flawless peerless beautiful face, and her entire body emanated a supreme, mighty, and noble imposing aura.

Along with her arrival, the aura within the entire hall seemed to submit to her and had become extremely silent.

Zhao Taici!

In an instant, Chen Xi recognized her. Because at this moment, Zhao Mengli was obedient like a sheep and had her head lowered while she followed by this white haired woman’s side.

Moreover, only the ‘old phoenix’ that had lived in seclusion within the Scripture Reserve for countless years could possess such a noble and supreme aura, and only she was capable of silently causing the aura within the hall to submit to her.

No wonder Senior Xuanyuan Pojun who had the most unrestrained disposition would be fearful when he mentioned her. This sort of imposing aura isn’t something that just anyone can possess… Chen Xi exclaimed endlessly with shock in his heart when he saw this legendary senior of the academy make an appearance here.

Most shocking to Chen Xi was that Zhao Taici was actually walking over towards him.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, everyone else within the hall was surprised and bewildered as well because they wondered why this senior that had lived in seclusion within the academy for many years had suddenly made an appearance here. After that, when they saw this scene, many gazes instantly descended towards Chen Xi.

“Eh! It’s actually Chen Xi.”

“So it’s him? Could it be that Senior Zhao Taici came here solely for the sake of looking for this fellow?”

“Isn’t this like making a big deal out of nothing? Logically speaking, if she wants to see Chen Xi, then she only has to instruct Chen Xi to come see here, and Chen Xi would probably instantly stop everything he was doing to pay a visit to her, right?”

“How could this kid have the honor to actually make this Old Phoenix that’s even more domineering than Dean Chi Cangsheng to personally come looking for him?”

Many people in the surroundings recognized Chen Xi, and they instantly felt slightly surprised and bewildered.

“Heh, how many years has it been since I’ve taken a stroll outside? I never expected that the academy even established an Immortal Secret Pavilion. Little Fellow, I ought to have the qualifications to look through this piece of information, right?” Zhao Taici’s feet moved and instantly appeared by Chen Xi’s side. Her eyes that were suffused with strands of golden flames swept the crimson red colored information on the screen of light before she spoke while smiling lightly. Her voice was clear and melodious, and it carried the tune of the Dao, causing it to strike directly at the hearts of all as it resounded through the hall.

She clearly had the peerlessly beautiful appearance of a young woman, yet she naturally emanated a mighty bearing that caused others to submit before her while her clothes and snow white hair served to display her peerless imposing aura.

“Yes, yes.” Xue Zhen had never imagined that after the legendary Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Taici, made an appearance, she would actually speak to him. He was instantly overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, and he even started to stutter slightly.

Zhao Taici casually stretched out her hand and withdrew a crimson red jade slip from within the screen of light. However, she didn’t look through it but directly and casually pass it over to Zhao Mengli that stood by her side.

Zhao Mengli’s beautiful face flushed red for some reason when she saw this. Even though it was only for a moment, it was still noticed by Zhao Taici, and she couldn’t help but sigh lightly in her heart. However, Zhao Taici didn’t say anything and just shot her gaze that was calm like a lake and suffused with strands of golden flames onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi instantly felt as it a mountain of pressure was surging through his entire body. Every single inch of his skin felt uncomfortable, and it felt as if that at this instant, his entire body was seen through from inside out by this ancestor of the Phoenix Clan that stood before him.

This sort of feeling was something he’d encountered for the first time, and he hurriedly took a deep breath in his heart before trying hard to visualize the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness. Sure enough, in the next moment, his entire body felt relaxed and recovered to normal, and he didn’t feel that heavy pressure from before any longer.

However, Chen Xi noticed that at this instant, there was a wisp of surprise that silently flashed past the depths of Zhao Taici’s eyes before her gaze returned to calm.

“Here.” Zhao Mengli’s voice sounded out by his ears, and it was soft like the sound of a mosquito. Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over and saw Zhao Mengli was passing over a crimson red jade slip to him.

Her head was slightly lowered as she seemed to be not so accustomed to this sort of feeling, and her disposition was completely different to her usual noble and proud disposition.

Chen Xi stared blankly at her. He didn’t think too much about it because his mind was occupied by the crimson red jade slip, and he puckered his lips before cupping his hands and bowing to Zhao Taici as he said, “Thank you, Senior.”

After that, he received the jade slip from Zhao Mengli. “Thank you.”

He didn’t have the mood to guess why Zhao Taici and Zhao Mengli would suddenly make an appearance and help him like this, and he directly activated the jade slip and started looking through it because Evil Lotus’s death caused him to have no mood to pay attention to anything else.

The crimson red jade slip recorded a battle, and it was in a very succinct manner —

“Yesterday at fifteen minutes past noon, a mysterious person trespassed into Misty Immortal Mountain by himself. He possessed extraordinary ability and was merciless. He fought intensely for a day and night, and he slaughtered eight thousand members of Misty Immortal Mountain. Only a mere two or three members of the sect survived.”

“After that, while this mysterious person was fleeing, he was stopped by an Immortal King on the way and perished on the spot. According to analysis, it’s very likely that the Immortal King Realm expert was from the Sovereign Sect.”

“Currently, we’re unable to determine the cause of the matter. However, after so many years, the traces of the Sovereign Sect has appeared once more in the Immortal Dimension. It’s unknown if this is a good or bad sign, and we can only report this to the seniors of the academy to make a decision.”

“Because the Sovereign Sect is involved in this matter, news of it has been locked down by me and the other Fellow Daoists so as to avoid it being spread into the outside world and causing an unnecessary stir in the world.”

After he finished reading the content of the jade slip, Chen Xi couldn’t help but fall into deep contemplation. His expression was calm and emotionless like a still ancient well, and it caused others to be unable to sense exactly what he was thinking in his heart.

On the other hand, along with Chen Xi’s silence, the atmosphere in the hall became even more deathly silent. Zhao Taici hadn’t left, so no one dared make any noise as they were deeply afraid of disrespecting this terrifyingly senior expert.

After a long time, Chen Xi let out a long sigh while his gaze recovered its clarity. He immediately passed the crimson red jade slip back to Zhao Mengli before he cupped his hands and said, “Thank you Senior and Miss Zhao.”

“Are…you alright?” Zhao Mengli acutely noticed that Chen Xi’s mental state seemed to be slightly unusual at this moment, yet she was unable to determine exactly what was unusual about it.

Chen Xi shook his head. “I’m fine.”

“If you want to thank Mengli, then come with me. I originally intended to make Mengli ask you to come see me, yet I never expected that you made me take the initiative to see you instead.” Zhao Taici glanced at Chen Xi, and then she flicked her sleeve and didn’t ask Chen Xi if he agreed or not at all. In the next moment, she brought him and Zhao Mengli along as she teleported away and instantly vanished from the hall.

Huff~ Huff~

When Zhao Taici left, no matter if it was the students or instructors, everyone in the hall let out a long sigh of relief while their entire bodies felt relaxed.

The imposing aura of this Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan was too terrifying, and it caused them to suffer a great deal of pressure. It was only at this moment that they dared to slightly heave sighs of relief.

However, after their anxiousness passed, the same question arose in all their hearts. Exactly what shocking secret was hidden within that crimson red jade slip? Why can only seniors like Zhao Taici look through it?

Moreover, why did Zhao Taici come looking for Chen Xi?

No one was able to guess the answer.


Right at this moment, a figure charged into the hall and said loudly, “Where’s Chen Xi? I heard he came to the Immortal Secret Pavilion. Quickly get the fuck out here!”

Shockingly, it was Meng Qi. He had a furious expression while he fiercely swept the surroundings with his gaze, and then he noticed to his shock that the gazes everyone in the hall shot at him seemed to be slightly strange and seemed to contain pity…

What’s going on? Meng Qi’s felt utterly uncomfortable, and he gritted his teeth in his heart as he said, Dammit! It’s all because of you again! You made me lose all face for the sake of looking for you…

Scripture Reserve, Dark Parasol Forest.

This was Zhao Taici’s residence, and there was usually no one that dared to take a step into this place.

Yet today, Chen Xi had the fortune to enter this mysterious place that was filled with ancient Dark Parasol Trees.

However, he didn’t have the mood to size up the luxuriant and verdant ancient Dark Parasol Trees in the surroundings. Firstly, it was because he obtained the detailed information about Evil Lotus’s death, and secondly, it was because he was unable to determine exactly why Zhao Taici had brought him here.

But as far as he was concerned, it was definitely because of something important.

“I heard you need the wings of a Phoenix to refine the Flame God Fan? Then do you know that there’s a ban in my Phoenix Clan, and once we notice that someone in the three dimensions dares to refine this treasure, then we must kill without mercy?” Zhao Taici walked towards the depths of the forest while she spoke casually to Chen Xi who followed behind her.

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