Chapter 128 – Azure Lake In The Secluded Valley

Chapter 128 – Azure Lake In The Secluded Valley


A flying light tore through the sky like a wisp of flowing light that flashed in the sky.

Chen Xi executed his Divine Windwing Flight at full force, and only then was he able to barely follow behind Wen Xuan. This had already caused him to be extremely strained, however, when he saw Wen Xuan who flew comfortably, moving a distance of 3km with every stride, shock surged out from within his heart.

I originally thought that even though my cultivation is unable to compare to Wen Xuan, relying on the complete Wind Dao Insight that I’ve comprehended combined with the Divine Windwing Flight, I would at least be able to slightly compare to him. Now it would seem like no matter if it’s in cultivation or speed, I don’t have the slightest probability of winning! Chen Xi sighed in his heart.

“Chen Xi, watch out. If I’m not mistaken, he’s probably a Nether Transformation Realm expert.” Ling Bai spoke via voice transmission from within his storage ring.

What? A Nether Transformation Realm expert? Wouldn’t that be an expert that is a realm higher than a Rebirth Realm cultivator? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and felt disbelief.

The path of cultivation was divided into the Postnatal Realm, Congenital Realm, Violet Palace Realm, Golden Hall Realm, Golden Core Realm, Rebirth Realm, Nether Transformation Realm, the eight great realms of overcoming tribulations in the Earthly Immortal Realm, and above it was to step into the path of immortality, the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

However, although it was a mere eight great realms, how many people in this heaven and earth were able to attain it?

Amongst the one million cultivators of Pine Mist City, the highest cultivation was only at the Violet Palace Realm.

Amongst the ten million cultivators of Dragon Lake City, Golden Core Realm cultivators were only considered as first-rate existences.

In the confines of the southern territory, Rebirth Realm cultivators were already at the peak standard. They shook everything around them with their might and were even respectfully addressed as Ancestor by others.

This was only the Rebirth Realm. How difficult it was to advance to the next realm in the path of cultivation could be known from this.

Presently, an existence that was very likely even more terrifying than a Rebirth Realm cultivator was right before his eyes. Even if Chen Xi knew that the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s hidden reserves and resources were ancient and deep, he couldn’t help but be shocked fiercely.

He was currently at the 6th star of the Violet Palace Realm in qi refinement and at the 2nd level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement. Even if he was able to exceed a realm and kill a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, to exceed three realms successively and go against a Nether Transformation Realm expert would only be a path that led to death.

“Ling Bai, who do you think he’s taking me to see?” Chen Xi said via voice transmission. He was extremely curious, as besides his younger brother, Chen Hao, he practically didn’t know anyone else in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Who would Wen Xuan bring me to see?

“Who knows? This fellow is exceedingly mysterious, and there was no need for him to waste so much energy if he wanted to kill you. Hmm, you should act according to the circumstances.” Ling Bai shook his head endlessly.

After around 10 minutes, Wen Xuan stopped before a quiet and secluded mountain. When Chen Xi looked over, he saw a verdant forest on the mountain, a waterfall in a deep valley, a flowing spring in a ravine, and mist suffused all over the mountain. It seemed like an immortal paradise in the mortal world, and it was full of vitality.

“This mountain is my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s rear mountain restricted area, the Ascension Peak. Without someone leading the way, no one can even think about entering it.” Wen Xuan smiled as he explained, then with a swing of the feather fan in his hand, a myriad of misty azure mist soared up into the sky and arrived atop Ascension Peak before transforming into specs of azure light that seemed like rain as they rained down.


An extremely long stairway flew out from Ascension Peak and had already appeared beneath Wen Xuan’s feet in the blink of an eye, and it was like an arched bridge passed through horizontally in midair, and the scene was extremely magnificent.

“Come up.” Wen Xuan raised his feet and walked up the stairs, and then he smiled as he beckoned to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was extremely curious about who exactly wanted to see him as well, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to walk up the stairway.


The extremely long stairway abruptly shrunk backward, carrying along Wen Xuan and Chen Xi to vanish into Ascension Peak.

Within a quiet and secluded gorge on Ascension Peak, there were ripples on an azure lake. Numerous lotus leaves were supported on the clear lake water. They slowly revolved around under the cool breeze, and the bloomed lotus flowers emitted strands of delicate fragrance. In the pleasantly cool mountain, the delicate fragrance assaulted the face and refreshed the mind.

At the side of the lake, numerous snow white seagulls fluttered lightly, numerous aquatic animals lay on the silver sand as they rested lazily, and a group of Three-Tailed Minks with slick fur happily bore into the lake and when they ascended the shore once again, they held a large and fleshy fish in their mouths.

Everything before his eyes could be said to be like a scene in a drawing that was overflowing with vigor and vitality, and it was like an immortal paradise.

What dense spirit energy, there ought to be a top-grade spirit vein spread within this lotus lake. Chen Xi followed behind Wen Xuan, and at the instant he arrived at the gorge, he felt rich spirit energy assault his face. He inhaled a breath and felt strands of clear streams flowing throughout his entire body, causing his mind to be refreshed and his spirits couldn’t help but be raised.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi glanced over unintentionally and abruptly noticed that a tall figure stood silently at the side of the vast azure lake in the distance. The figure had grey hair and wore grey clothes, his back was ramrod straight. His entire figure seemed to have merged with the azure lake and the blue sky, and he gave others a strange feeling of being illusory and imperceptible. He seemed to not be a real person, but an illusion.

My soul is utterly unable to sense the existence of this person, and when relying solely on my eyes, he changes between clear and blurry from time to time. Could it be that this person’s cultivation is even more terrifying than Wen Xuan? Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart.

“Both of you have come.” The grey clothed and grey haired figure beside the lake seemed to have noticed something as he suddenly raised his head.

Finally, Chen Xi saw the appearance of the person clearly. This figure was an old man in good health; his appearance was ordinary, his eyes indifferent, yet his brows were extremely long and slanting downwards, and they fluttered with the wind. His entire figure gave others a simple and strange feeling.

“Master.” At this moment, Wen Xuan had already put away the white feathered fan in his hand and bowed respectfully, and when he gazed at the old man, his eyes revealed respect and adoration that came from the heart.

This scene almost shocked Chen Xi’s jaw off. Master? The Master of a Nether Transformation Realm expert? Then wouldn’t the cultivation of this old man be at the Earthly Immortal Realm or above? Could it be that this old man is the Earthly Immortal Realm peerless sword immortal that lives in seclusion in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect like the legends of the outside world say?

But why would a peerless expert like this look for me without rhyme or reason?

At this moment, Chen Xi was completely no longer poised as Wen Xuan’s cultivation has already caused him to feel that he was unable to go against it. Now, a formidable existence that was senior to Wen Xuan had appeared, and no matter who it was, they would probably be unable to maintain their calm.

“Mmm.” The old man nodded towards Wen Xuan, and then his gaze descended onto Chen Xi. A trace of unusual color flashed within his eyes that were indifferent like water. “I’m Bei Heng, the Supreme Grand Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Little Brother, you can call me Bei Heng.”

Wen Xuan’s entire body went stiff as he glanced at his own Master in disbelief. Up until now, he was still unable to wrap his head around why his Master would ask him to personally go bring this person to the restricted area in the rear mountain. At this moment, when he suddenly head his Master talk with Chen Xi as if they were of the same generation, the shock in his heart was imaginable.

Could it be that this little fellow has some terrifying background that isn’t known to others? It ought to be like this, otherwise, with just his cultivation at the Violet Palace Realm, how could he be treated like this by Master…? Fortunately when I met him, I didn’t use force and my attitude was still acceptable. Wen Xuan felt extremely lucky in his heart, and the gaze he looked at Chen Xi with had already carried a trace of a complicated color that was indescribable.

At this moment, the shock Chen Xi felt wasn’t inferior to Wen Xuan. A Nether Transformation Realm expert that was senior to Ancestor Ling Du was his younger brother’s Master. Now, a formidable existence that called himself the Supreme Grand Elder of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect had appeared, and he seemed to want to make friends as if they were of the same generation… Chen Xi suddenly felt that the numerous things he’s seen after entering the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect this time were too bizarre and too unbelievable.

“Let’s go, follow me to the center of the lake.” Bei Heng smiled and didn’t say anything further. He waved his sleeve and a shapeless force carried along Chen Xi and Wen Xuan to swiftly vanish from the side of the lake, and in the next moment, they’d appeared in a pavilion at the center of the lake.

This pavilion at the center of the lake was built from blue-gray stones. Its structure was ordinary and extremely simple, and it was no different to the inns in the rest pavilions in the mortal world.

But at this moment, because of the person at the side of the pavilion, the entire pavilion suddenly glowed with an unfathomable and exuberant aura. It was like a completely blank paper was splashed with ink by a great painter, and it became into a matchless painting of magnificent mountains and rivers. In the same principle, this ordinary pavilion had suddenly become extraordinary because of the existence of this person.

This was a beautiful youth in gorgeous embroidered clothes. Obviously, it was a woman disguised as a man, yet she had her own natural charm. She was pretty, charming, elegant, and unconventional, and her elegant demeanor was unrivaled.

At this moment, the beautiful youth sat barefoot at the side of the pavilion, and her pair of small feet that were lustrous like white jade were in the azure lake water. Her feet shook and fluttered as numerous groups of multicolored fish happily surrounded around and kissed feet that were white and delicate like jade.

When they saw this scene, no matter if it was Chen Xi, Bei Heng, or Wen Xuan, all of them unconsciously revealed a slight smile, and all the thoughts in their hearts vanished without a trace, causing their minds to be immersed in a natural atmosphere that was indescribably wonderful.

This wasn’t a charming cultivation technique that pulled out one’s soul, and the aura that was naturally emitted from the body of the beautiful youth lead their minds to swim into nature and merge with the world, and it was too wonderful for words.

Chen Xi didn’t know what he was thinking, his soul was muddled as if it was the dawn of the world, and his entire mind swam in the boundlessly vast heaven and earth. He seemed to have transformed into a strand of wind that was free, happy, and lively; and he didn’t have any selfish thoughts, improper thoughts, distracting thoughts, delusional thoughts, resentful thoughts…

He completely didn’t notice that within his sea of consciousness, the energy of his soul had become lively, pure, condensed, crystalline, and translucent, and it was growing at an extremely swift speed.

After an unknown period of time.

The beautiful youth withdrew her feet that were within the lake water and wore her shoes. When she stood up, Bei Heng instantly woke up, and a trace of longing for more remained within his gaze. He cupped his hand and was just about to speak when he was instead stopped by the beautiful youth who lightly smiled and pointed at the nearby Wen Xuan and Chen Xi.

Time flowed by and the time for an incense stick to burn passed. Wen Xuan awoke from the miraculous atmosphere. His expression was dazed, and he seemed to be infatuated as if he was mentally deranged. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he sat cross-legged on the ground right away before closing his eyes and circulating his cultivation technique.

When the nearby Bei Heng saw this scene, even with the current state of his heart, a trace of envy couldn’t help but emerge, and he said to himself, Xuan’er has bumped into an extremely great fortuitous encounter from me bringing him here this time.

“Ah!”  In his muddled state, Chen Xi’s entire body trembled and it was like a morning bell had resounded out within his sea of consciousness, causing his perception, six senses, and soul to seem as if they’d acquired a baptism to become pure and incisive. He was able to sense all the auras in his surroundings with extreme clarity, like the mountain winds, lake water, the fish swimming within the lake water… Everything became full of life, so clear and so enchanting.

This feeling was as if he had an extra eye. This eye was able to clearly see through everything in his surroundings and was able to look down upon everything from the skies, causing even the minutest thing to seem as if it was before his eyes.

Divine Perception!

At this instant, comprehension silently appeared within Chen Xi’s heart.

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