Chapter 1279 – Classified Information

As he gazed at Meng Qi that obstructed him once more, Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly flashed with a wisp of a piercingly cold glow.


In an instant, a thick and vast strand of sword qi slashed down from the tip of Chen Xi’s finger.

This sword strike was executed casually, and he hadn’t utilized the true ability of the realm of ‘Sword God,’ but the fierce and murderous aura it possessed was still extremely horrifying.

Meng Qi’s pupils constricted while he felt astounded. He’d never imagined that Chen Xi would actually attack immediately without saying a word and coupled with the ghastly might of this strand of sword qi, it caused him to feel indescribable pressure. Thus, he practically instinctively dodged to the side and didn’t dare bear the brunt of it.

Of course, he couldn’t help but reveal a slightly embarrassing bearing when dodging while being taken by surprise. So after he steadied himself safely at the side, Meng Qi’s eyes instantly turned red when he thought of how numerous others were watching in the surroundings.

I intended to formally invite him to battle, yet this bastard suddenly came out and interrupted me.

I tried hard to maintain my demeanor as a senior, yet this fellow disregarded it and directly disregarded me.

Moreover, at that instant earlier, this fellow even went as far as to actually attack without saying a single word just because I provoked him slightly…

How can anyone fucking endure being repeatedly humiliated like this?

Meng Qi was utterly furious. He suddenly let out a long howl. His hair fluttered while he revealed a ferocious and arrogant bearing, and he seemed like an enraged lion that had been provoked repeatedly.

But in the next moment, his howl stopped abruptly while he himself was dumbstruck.

Because Chen Xi had seized this instant of time to teleport and vanish.

“Dammit! Chen Xi! You…you…you bastard! You’re simply going too far!” Meng Qi was on the verge of exploding with rage, and his eyes almost split apart from fury while his lips trembled without end. He suddenly felt that his actions today were like a farce.

I was so serious and solemn about this spar, yet that bastard was so arrogant and haughty, and despicably disregarded everything I did!

It was even the extent that he seized the opportunity to launch a surprise attack against me!


Meng Qi had a bellyful of rage but nowhere to vent it, and his face flushed red from it. He swept the surroundings with his gaze, and the numerous inner court students in the vicinity didn’t dare meet his gaze and avoided it.

But Meng Qi felt as if he was able to hear silent ridiculing laughter resounding by his ears, and it was like a myriad of swords stabbing his heart, causing him to reveal a savage expression.

“Chen Xi! This isn’t over! It isn’t over!!!”

Meng Qi was unable to restrain himself from roaring towards the sky, and his furious voice resounded in the sky above Skypath Mountain, causing the layer of clouds above to disperse as it resounded without end.

Chen Xi was utterly unaware of all of this, and he didn’t have any intention of finding out.

At this moment, he was rushing towards the Immortal Secret Pavilion.

The Immortal Secret Pavilion was known as the most well-informed place within Dao Emperor Academy, and all the newest information within the three dimensions converged here every single day.

This information included the changes in the situation within the Immortal Dimension, the summary of battles within the three dimensions, new phenomenon, new dazzling upstarts, and so on and so forth. It could be said to cover everything in the world.

To immortal cultivators, a piece of information could perhaps transform into an extraordinary fortuitous encounter, help one avoid danger, turn around the situation in an area, help obtain a treasure that one dreamed to possess…

So Dao Emperor Academy had specially established this Immortal Secret Pavilion and sent out specialized instructors and forces to gather the important information of events that occurred within the Immortal Dimension at all times.

Of course, if one wanted to look through or obtain a piece of information, one had to pay a certain amount of Starpoints in fees.


A wave of spatial fluctuation arose before Chen Xi’s figure appeared before an ancient and grand hall.

This is the Immortal Secret Pavilion? So long as I’m able to obtain information related to Evil Lotus, then I won’t hesitate no matter how many Starpoints it takes… Chen Xi took a deep breath and steadied his mind to calm himself down before he walked towards the entrance.

“Eh, Chen Xi? You’re actually here? What a coincidence, I was just about to go look for you.” When Chen Xi approached the ancient hall, a peerlessly beautiful woman walked over towards him from within the hall. She wore a fiery red dress, had jet black and beautiful hair that flowed down like a waterfall, and skin that was fair and tender, and every single move she made was suffused with an oppressive noble and proud aura.

This woman was the descendant of a True Phoenix in the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Mengli. She was slightly stunned upon noticing Chen Xi and was slightly surprised before her red lips curved into a slight smile.

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he asked. “Oh? Miss Zhao, is it something urgent?”

“Something urgent?” Zhao Mengli was stunned, and then her gaze focused onto Chen Xi. She noticed that the space between his brows faintly carried a trace of deep anxiousness, and she instantly understood that Chen Xi had come to the Immortal Secret Pavilion this time to deal with something urgent.

“It isn’t anything important. Thank you for helping me in the Outerealm Battlefield that day, or I wouldn’t have been able to leave the tomb safely. After my Ancestor found out about it, she wanted to meet you and thank you in person.” Zhao Mengli immediately spoke about what she intended to say in a swift and succinct manner.

“So it’s because of that.” Chen Xi smiled, and then he shook his head and said, “I’ll go pay your Ancestor a visit when I have the time. As for thanking me, there’s no need for that because it wasn’t anything difficult.”

He said this because he recalled that he still lacked the wings of a Phoenix to refine the Flame God Fan that was renowned in the primeval times, and if he wanted to accomplish this, then he had to eventually pay a visit to the ‘old Phoenix’ Zhao Taichi.

“Alright, I’ll go notify my Ancestor. I’ll stop keeping you from what you came here to do.” Zhao Mengli seemed to have thought of something, yet after she took a glance at Chen Xi, she immediately restrained herself. She just nodded before turning around and transforming into a ray of fiery light that charged into the sky.

She seemed to have something to say before she left? Chen Xi frowned, and then he shook his head before walking into the hall. At this moment, all he desired was to find out everything about Evil Lotus’s death, and he didn’t want to bother about anything else.

The space within the Immortal Secret Pavilion was extremely large, and there were rows of screens of light that hung down from above within the hall. Every single screen of light displayed various different information. When one looked around, it felt like one had entered into a sea of information, and it was a rather magnificent sight.

At this moment, there were many figures walking about within the hall. Most of them were students of the academy, yet there was no lack of instructors as well, and it was rather bustling.

Indeed, there were no more than three places that were the most bustling in Dao Emperor Academy. The first was Assignment Mountain, the place where one accepted various assignments. The second was the Starpoint Hall where one exchanged Starpoints for various Immortal Artifacts and precious treasures.

The last place was this Immortal Secret Pavilion, and it was the place where one could look up the newest information of everything that occurred within the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he sized it up briefly before directly heading towards the depths of the corridor, and he moved left and right through the corridor before finally arriving in front of a screen of light.

This screen of light displayed various information related to Misty Immortal Continent.

“Eh! Senior Brother Chen Xi, it’s actually you!” There was a table laid out at the side of the screen of light, and there was a yellow clothed young man sitting behind the table. When he saw Chen Xi approach, he immediately stood up and cried out with pleasant surprise.

Chen Xi was stunned. He faintly remembered that this young man was one of the new students that entered the academy with him.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, I’m Xue Zhen. I tried to enter the Star Alliance a few times, yet I was unfortunately limited by my insufficient strength and was unable to accomplish my wish. Now, I’m working in this Immortal Secret Pavilion to earn some Starpoints for myself.” The yellow clothed young man was frank and open minded as he introduced himself with a smile on his face.

“So, it’s Junior Brother Xue Zhen.” Chen Xi nodded with a smile.

“Senior Brother, what information are you looking for?” said Xue Zhen with excitement. The gaze he shot at Chen Xi surged with adoration, and he seemed as if he wished for nothing more than to follow by Chen Xi’s side.

“Yes, I want to obtain information related to Misty Immortal Mountain.” Chen Xi immediately stated his purpose.

“Wait a moment.” Xue Zhen withdrew an antique command token, and then formed some seals before swinging it towards the screen of light. The screen of light instantly surged violently before it quickly displayed numerous pieces of information related to Misty Immortal Mountain.

Moreover, the back of every single one of these pieces of information indicated the amount of Starpoints required to obtain it.

However, Chen Xi was slightly disappointed after he swept it with his gaze because the topics of these pieces of information were practically completely related to ‘battles,’ so he naturally didn’t have any interest to spend Starpoints on them.

Could it be that Senior Evil Lotus attacked the Sovereign Sect directly? Chen Xi frowned because if it was like this, then the information related to it was probably even more difficult to obtain.

Xue Zhen hurriedly asked. “Senior Brother Chen Xi, what’s wrong? Could it be that the information you require isn’t amongst these?”

Chen Xi nodded, and his interest was slightly flagging as he said, “Thank you for your help, Junior Brother. I’ll go look around.”

Xue Zhen was stunned, and he hesitated to speak. But right after that, his gaze was drawn by a wisp of crimson red that suddenly appeared on the screen of light. It was a piece of information, but it was displayed in crimson red. It represented that this piece of information was extremely important and classified, and only some seniors of the academy possessed the qualifications to read such secrets!

“Misty Immortal Mountain was annihilated…” Xue Zhen suddenly gasped when he saw the topic of the information. He hurriedly raised his hand and immediately caught up to Chen Xi when he noticed Chen Xi hadn’t gone far.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, wait a moment.”

Chen Xi turned around, and then he heard Xue Zhen speak swiftly. “A new piece of classified information just appeared, and the topic was that Misty Immortal Mountain has been annihilated…”

What? Chen Xi was shocked, and he didn’t finish listening to Xue Zhen at all before directly returning to stand before that screen of light. He focused his gaze towards it, and sure enough, he saw a piece of information that was crimson red in color.

Misty Immortal Mountain was annihilated… Could this matter really be related to Senior Evil Lotus? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. He was just about to look through the information when he noticed that he actually didn’t have the authority to read it.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, this information is for the seniors of the academy. It isn’t just inner court students, but even ordinary instructors aren’t qualified to read it.” Xue Zhen hurriedly explained from the side.

Chen Xi’s slanted brows instantly knit together while he pondered swiftly in his mind. It’s actually only for some seniors of the academy? Looks like this piece of information probably contains shocking secrets…

This won’t do!

I must look through it no matter what!

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