Chapter 1278 – Coming To Request For A Spar

Huff~ Huff~

His heavy and rapid panting gradually returned to calm and long breaths. Chen Xi sat cross-legged within the abode, and he under the extremely exhausted state he was in, Chen Xi unknowingly entered into deep levels of meditation.

When looked at from afar, he seemed to have transformed into a black hole, and the pure, violent, and thick Immortal Energy within the abode that was a mix of various attributes was ceaselessly being devoured into his body. All attributes were welcome, and it was a shocking scene.

Yet it was another scene within his mind. Numerous comprehensions of the Sword Dao exploded like a jet, and then they completely fused into his Sword Dao.

This was combat experience.

If one constantly stayed behind closed doors and cultivated, then it was impossible for one to comprehend this.

Moreover, this unusual battle was the most formidable and peak battle that Chen Xi had encountered since he’d advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, and under this extreme pressure, he’d finally touched upon a trace of the profundities of the realm of Sword God.

Its might was absolutely capable of providing endless benefits to Chen Xi in the future.

Most importantly, this battle proved to Chen Xi that the Yun Fusheng from all those years ago was inferior to him at this moment!

This allowed him to break open a cage of obsession that coiled around his heart. So even if someone compared him to Yun Fusheng in the future, he would only laugh it off and wouldn’t silently remember it in his heart.

After an unknown period of time, a strand of indescribable fear silently surged into Chen Xi’s heart, causing him to wake up from his meditative state. He opened his eyes, and there still was fear and discomfort within his heart.

Could it be that something has happened? Chen Xi muttered. This sort of fear had appeared silently and seemed too sudden. It seemed as if he had a feeling that something had happened, and it caused him to be suddenly affected.

He took a deep breath yet was unable to eliminate the fear in his heart, and he was even unable to calm down and continue cultivating. So he rose up and walked about within the abode while frowning and pondering without end.

When one’s cultivation attained a certain height, one was able to sense an imperceptible trace of the fortune, fate, and destiny. Perhaps it was related to fate, disaster, or tribulation.

All of this was attributed to the ability of being able to ‘predict the future.’

Chen Xi started examining himself to find the source of this fear as it was undoubtedly related to him.

Firstly, he eliminated the possibility of a tribulation because he was only at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, and it was utterly impossible for him to welcome a tribulation of the heavens.

Next, he eliminated the possibility of a disaster because if an upheaval that could affect him had erupted in the three dimensions, then the seniors of the academy would have probably noticed it and warned him a long time ago.

It isn’t a tribulation, nor a disaster. Then what exactly is it? Chen Xi gradually eliminated his guesses. After a long time, his entire body froze while his face turned grim, and he cried out involuntarily with shock. “How…how could this be possible!?”

His voice carried a feeling of shock and being unable to accept this fact.

“Senior Evil Lotus…has actually perished…”


A blood red sword floated into appearance on Chen Xi’s palm. The sword was over 1m long and seemed like a short halberd, and it was completely crimson red like it was enshrouded by a lake of blood.

This blood red sword was of extremely beautiful make. The hilt was like numerous bloomed lotus flowers that were placed upside-down, the blade of the sword was peerlessly sharp, and it was suffused with an eye-piercing and terrifying ghastly glow.

Moreover, the body of the sword was branded with numerous simple and exuberant lotus flowers. Every single lotus flower contained strands of chaotic qi and auspicious qi floating within it, and it sometimes transformed into an old man wearing ancient clothes and a tall crown who read scriptures while shaking his head and sometimes transformed into a beautiful young woman that danced about while displaying a sword technique in numerous different poses. It was an extraordinary and magical sight.

If one looked carefully, then it felt like one was within a vast, terrifying, and bloody battlefield. The gods were roaring furiously, the saints were crying with sorrow while a rain of blood rained down from the sky, and the earth was covered in bones. The entire world was suffused with a bloody aura of extreme misery and terror.

If there was an ordinary person here, then merely taking a glance at this sword would cause that person’s soul to collapse and perish on the spot in an instant!

This sword was the Dao Calamity Sword that came from the 99th level of the Bloodsoul Sword Cave in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. It was the treasure left behind by the founding ancestor of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, when it perished all those years ago!

Since Chen Xi took this sword from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, he’d always hid it within the Buddha’s Pagoda and had never used it. The reason was that it was a taboo that was linked to various terrifying karma, and once it was noticed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Yet now, when Chen Xi withdrew this sword once more, a blood red lotus pattern that caused one’s heart to palpitate had silently appeared on the sword.

How could this be possible? Senior Dao Lotus is still waiting for him at the 99th level of the sword cave. How could he perish just like this? But when Chen Xi’s vision fell onto the blood red lotus pattern on the sword, his expression instantly became extremely complicated. There was sorrow, frustration, shock, and disbelief on his face.

Exactly…how did he perish? Was it the Misty Immortal Mountain? Or was it the Sovereign Sect? Chen Xi was stunned for a while, and he was speechless for a long time as he pondered swiftly.

Wait! According to Evil Lotus’s wild nature, he would absolutely not perish silently like this. Perhaps I can investigate if any shocking battles occurred in the Immortal Dimension lately… Suddenly, Chen Xi had a flash of inspiration, and he thought of such a method. He was immediately unable to restrain himself, and his figure flashed as he charged out of the abode.

At this moment, outside Chen Xi’s abode, a figure was standing there indifferently. His long hair hung loosely over his shoulders while he emanated a cold and fierce aura, and the thick fluctuations of a Golden Immortal was undulating around him.

He was the inner court student, Meng Qi.

In the past, he was an existence ranked at the 30th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings. Unfortunately, just two days ago, his name had been wiped off from the rankings by Chen Xi, and if he wanted to charge up the rankings once more, then he had to wait for half a year.

Even though being ranked at the 30th position provided one with a reward of one million Starpoints every month, compared to these Starpoints, reputation was the most important to Meng Qi.

Yet Chen Xi’s actions were absolutely an enormous provocation towards his combat strength and reputation!

A student that had just stepped foot into the inner court had actually wiped his name off the rankings. Presently, this matter had already spread throughout the entire inner court and caused Meng Qi to become a joke, and countless others would use it to ridicule him in the future.

This was a humiliation!

Meng Qi had restrained himself for a long time, yet was unable to restrain himself in the end, and he decided to come look for Chen Xi to have a ‘spar.’ He intended to rely on this battle to wash away the shame he carried on his shoulders.

That day at the Immortal Love Pavilion, I’d already exercised sufficient forbearance because you were a brother from the academy. Yet I never expected that you would actually take a yard when given an inch and cause me to be ridiculed by the others in the inner court. This time, let me see exactly what ability you possess that you actually dared to be so arrogant after just stepping foot into the inner court! As he stood before Chen Xi’s abode, the rage in Meng Qi’s heart surged, and he wished for nothing more than to smash open Chen Xi’s abode right now and bash Chen Xi up.

But in the end, he didn’t do so.

Because he wasn’t stupid. Since Chen Xi could become the first amongst the new students and pass through the inner court exam while being ranked at the first position, Chen Xi’s strength definitely couldn’t be underestimated.

Meng Qi wasn’t willing to fall at Chen Xi’s hands because of carelessness. It was already sufficiently humiliating that his ranking had been wiped off from the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings. So if he were to return in failure after taking the initiative to request a spar with Chen Xi, then it wouldn’t just be a simple humiliation, his reputation would simply sweep the floor.

“Why hasn’t Senior Brother Meng Qi invited him to battle?”

“I feel that Senior Brother Meng Qi’s mental state isn’t bad. His mind was affected by his rage, and he knows that newbie, Chen Xi, isn’t ordinary. This is why he’s so calm and composed because as they say, there’s always calm before a storm. Perhaps when he invites Chen Xi to battle later, Senior Brother Meng Qi will defeat him with his strongest ability.”

“Yes, you’re right. Let’s just wait a while longer. Since I found out two days ago that Chen Xi ascended to the 30th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings in one go, I’ve been very curious about him. Now, I can seize this opportunity to witness his true combat strength.”

There were many figures standing in the vicinity of Skypath Mountain. All of them were students of the inner court, and they discussed endlessly in low voices upon noticing that Meng Qi was still able to maintain his calm and composure while standing before Chen Xi’s abode.

Meng Qi remained indifferent towards all of this. He took a deep breath and sensed the vital energy in his entire body was adjusted to its peak state before a feeling of confidence and arrogance welled up in his heart.

Let’s begin!

Today, I’ll wash this shame away before everyone!

As Meng Qi’s eyes blinked, cold lightning flowed within them. He kept his hands behind his back and considered what he would say before he cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, “Junior Brother Chen Xi…”


Before he could finish speaking, the restrictions of the abode rumbled as they opened up, and then a tall and handsome figure suddenly flashed out from within.

The speech he’d prepared for a long time was interrupted, and it caused Meng Qi to be stunned while his expression couldn’t help but freeze. Could it be that this fellow knew that I came here?

But since he knew about it, then why didn’t he allow me to finish and rudely interrupted me instead? It wouldn’t be that he couldn’t be bothered to listen to me, right? He really is arrogant! Meng Qi’s face instantly sank.

On the other hand, when they saw Chen Xi appear abruptly, all the inner court students in the vicinity who’d come to watch the show were stunned because they’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually come out on his own before Meng Qi invited him to battle.

Hmm? Chen Xi was slightly stunned when he saw the scene outside his abode, and then he shook his head before turning around with the intention of leaving. He was anxious about the news of Evil Lotus’s death, so how could he have the mood to care about this?

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, I came here this time…” When he saw Chen Xi actually disregarded him completely, Meng Qi’s expression became even more unsightly. But he still tried hard to maintain the demeanor that a senior brother should possess, and he laughed lightheartedly before speaking.

“Sorry, I’m busy.” He was directly interrupted by Chen Xi before he could finish speaking, and Chen Xi was about to teleport away.

“What? Could it be that Junior Brother is afraid of having a battle with me?” Meng Qi’s face sank, and his figure flashed to obstruct Chen Xi’s path.

“I’ve told you! I’m busy! Please move aside!” When he saw this fellow acting like this, Chen Xi who had a rather dispirited mood was instantly slightly displeased, and he frowned as he glanced at Meng Qi. In the end, he forcefully restrained his temper before turning around and leaving from the other side.

He wasn’t willing to waste his time on Meng Qi.

“You really are arrogant! If you’re afraid, then admit before all the others here that you’re inferior to me, and I’ll move aside right away. Otherwise, your constant avoidance will only make us all look down upon you!” Meng Qi’s figure flashed and obstructed Chen Xi once more while laughing coldly without end. He felt that Chen Xi was afraid of him and avoiding his challenge, and Chen Xi deliberately used such a fierce tone because Chen Xi was obviously making an empty show of strength.

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