Chapter 1277 – Fight For Supremacy In The Dao Of Swords


The wisp of sword qi that flashed abruptly carried an invincible imposing aura as it shot over violently, and it seemed to disregard the obstruction of space as it instantly arrived before Chen Xi’s throat.

This wisp of sword qi was too swift and fine like a hair, causing it to be impossible to take precautions against!

Yet Chen Xi seemed as if he was prepared since the beginning, and he’d pressed his fingers together and made a slashing movement before the sword qi had shot over. The surrounding space trembled and rumbled, and it shook the wisp of sword qi to the point of trembling and slowing down.


Chen Xi seized this opportunity to stretch out his hand and claw the wisp of sword qi into pieces that transformed into a rain of light that dissipated into the surroundings.

It really is a brand of his Sword Dao’s aura that has been left here for a long time. The Sword Insight is pure, and it faintly carries a trace of a divine and inviolable aura. All those years ago, Yun Fusheng seems to have already exceeded the level of Grandmaster and touched the threshold of the realm of Sword God…

No wonder no inner court students has been able to reside and cultivate here in all these years. Merely this Sword Dao brand isn’t something an ordinary Golden Immortal can resist.

As he sensed the aura that effused out from the shattered sword qi, Chen Xi instantly analyzed its might, and he was shocked in his heart.

After all, his grasp of the Sword Dao had exceeded the scope of the level of Grandmaster, and it was faintly on the verge of touching the threshold of the realm of Sword God.

If it wasn’t for that, it would be utterly impossible for him to so easily resist that wisp of sword qi from before.

Swish! Swish!

Before Chen Xi could rest for a moment, numerous strands of sword qi sprayed out from within the dense and surging Immortal Energy that was like tempestuous waves. The sword qi was like a storm that carried a powerful aura, and it faintly revealed the ability to throw Yin and Yang into chaos and annihilate everything.

This sword qi was terrifying indeed. Even if it had been left behind within the abode many years ago, it was still sharp and murderous to the extreme. The attack contained within every single strand of sword qi carried the terrifying might that surpassed the scope of the Grandmaster level in Sword Dao.

If it was any other inner court student, then the student would have withdrawn various Immortal Artifacts upon seeing such a shocking scene and used every means possible to resist the sword qi.

But Chen Xi didn’t. He only took a deep breath before his figure flickered repeatedly, and his slender and fair fingers pointed out swiftly in an illusory manner. Every single strike of hit a wisp of sword qi with extreme precision.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thus, in the next moment, the entire abode resounded with a wave of explosions that rose and fell. Every single explosion would definitely erase a Sword Dao brand that Yun Fusheng had left behind all those years ago.

Since I entered the academy, I’ve always been compared to you, and it seemed like no matter what accomplishments I attained, I can only be ranked on par with you and am unable to surpass your accomplishments from all those years ago…

But this time, I don’t intend to be on par with you any longer!

As his figure flashed while he dealt with the terrifying sword qi that shot over violently from all directions, the feeling of meeting his match had appeared in Chen Xi’s heart at this moment, and the hot blood in his chest surged while he himself was filled with lofty sentiments.

He’d never been interested in rankings, yet since he entered the academy, he’d been repeatedly compared with Yun Fusheng’s accomplishments from all those years ago. As time passed, it caused Chen Xi to frequently have the desire to find out if the Yun Fusheng from all those years was more formidable, or if he was the more formidable one.

Unfortunately, Yun Fusheng had left Dao Emperor Academy for too long, and he’d vanished without a trace. Even until today, there was no news about him in the three dimensions.

Moreover, even if there was news about Yun Fusheng now, since so many years had passed, he’d probably already attained a terrifying height. So the enormous gap in cultivation would make it impossible for Chen Xi to have a chance to have a fair fight with him.

But at this moment, it was a rare opportunity for Chen Xi to compete with Yun Fusheng!

The Sword Dao brands within the abode were left behind by Yun Fusheng all those years ago. At that time, he was only a Golden Immortal and an inner court student. No matter if it was his cultivation, identity, or status, it was roughly similar to Chen Xi.

Even the might of the Sword Dao brands that were left behind for years within the abode possessed a roughly equal level of accomplishment as Chen Xi’s Sword Dao.

So at this moment, Chen Xi had truly encountered a formidable opponent that was on par with him!

Thus, Chen Xi intended to seize this superb opportunity to decide the final victor between him and Yun Fusheng!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sword Qi flashed horizontally and vertically within the abode, and they flowed with cold glows as peerless sharpness swept through the surroundings. On the other hand, Chen Xi’s figure was flashing and teleporting within the dense strands of sword qi, and he easily dealt with all the numerous strands of terrifying sword qi.

The battle was very intense. Fortunately, it was within this abode that was covered in numerous ancient restrictions. If it was in the outside world, then it would absolutely be a peak battle that drew the attention of all.

It was a competition between an astounding expert in the Sword Dao of the current younger generation and a renowned figure that had left behind numerous glorious deeds in the academy.

They’d surpassed the limits of space and time to compete with each other in this manner at this moment!


Suddenly, Chen Xi’s eyelids twitched as he acutely noticed that no less than over a thousand strands of sword qi were surging over explosively from all around him at the same time!

These strands of sword qi stabbed towards his throat, chest, head, wrists, abdomen, knees, hamstrings… All the vital points in his entire body were targeted.

This wasn’t the most important point. The most important point was that these strands of sword qi were flashing over violently from various different directions at the same time!

This was terrifying!

It felt like thousands of Yun Fushengs were assaulting Chen Xi from all directions at the same time.

The Temporal Laws — Shadow of Time!

At this instant, a title floated up into appearance within Chen Xi’s mind, and it was at this moment that his pupils constricted and revealed a serious expression.

It controlled time and formed shadows to overlap the numerous strands of sword qi at the same time. This sort of attack was unimaginable and astounding.

This was also the first time Chen Xi had encountered such a terrifying attack since he’d started cultivation, causing indescribable pressure to arise in his heart.

“Hmph!” Amidst this extreme pressure, monstrous battle intent suddenly surged out from Chen Xi’s eyes, and it blazed like flames that intended to incinerate the sky. Moreover, the space around his body suddenly started to tremble and rumble strangely.

It seemed like a swarm of bees were flapping their wings, and every single inch of space was trembling in a unique pattern. One could notice with the naked eye that strands of Spatial Energy were trembling, shaking, and linking up before resonating with each other!

The Spatial Laws — Spatial Vibration!

This was one of the Allheaven Divine Crests bestowed to Chen Xi by the heavens when he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, and it was a complete Spatial Divine Crest. The only difference was that with Chen Xi’s current ability, he was only able to grasp the first level of the Spatial Divine Crest, Spatial Vibration, and due to the restrictions of his cultivation, he wasn’t able to grasp the other levels like Spatial Ripples, Spatial Lag, and Spatial Overlap.

But even then, by merely relying on the might of Spatial Vibration, its might had already greatly surpassed ordinary Allheaven Divine Crests.

As it was said, time was king, and space was exalted.

No matter if it was the Shadow of Time or Spatial Vibration, they were both branches of the supreme Grand Daos of time and space, and there was no difference in superiority between them. It depended solely on the user.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Right at the instant Chen Xi executed Spatial Vibration, the sword qi that contained the energy of time seemed as if they’d been terrified, and they suddenly started trembling while emanating extremely dense sounds of collision.

It was the might of Spatial Vibration. It was like a millstone that intended to shatter, crush, and destroy all the strands of sword qi. However, the latter were strands of sword qi that contained the energy of time, so they were practically capable of ceaselessly dodging this ‘grinding’ that gradually pressed down upon them.

It was a very strange feeling. Time and space were attacking each other, yet it seemed like two straight lines that were never able to intersect, and they were utterly unable to touch each other.

It was very difficult for Chen Xi to figure out the deeper meaning contained within this by relying solely on his current understanding of time and space. However, he was clearly aware that if he wanted to destroy this balance, then the key wasn’t in the fight between these two Laws but his and Yun Fusheng’s grasp of the Sword Dao!

The Sword Dao!

It was a technique Dao Insight related to the utilization of strength, and it was the publicly acknowledged supreme Grand Dao that possessed the greatest destructive force!

On this path, Chen Xi had already passed through the numerous levels and was on the verge of touching the threshold of the realm of Sword God.

A Sword God was one that was inviolable!

Once a sword strike was launched, then merely its imposing aura caused all swords to submit and even be unable to arise the thought of resisting it, so it was naturally impossible for it to be violated or disrespected.

At this moment, all the comprehensions he’d attained while cultivating in the Sword Dao over the years surged into his heart.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s expression was unprecedentedly solemn. The spirit, energy, and essence within his entire body seemed as if it was on flames, and his entire body was like a peerless sword that came from within the abyss and emanated a boundless and blazing glow of the sword.

But in merely an instant, all the imposing aura Chen Xi emanated was withdrawn, and the glow of the sword he emanated was withdrawn into his body. Only extreme calmness was left behind as everything had been washed away and returned to its initial calm.

After that, he pressed his fingers together into the shape of a sword before stabbing forward.

An extremely ordinary wisp of sword qi flashed through the sky, yet everywhere it passed, the airflow, Immortal Energy, dust, light, sound, and everything else in space was silently obliterated by this wisp of sword qi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Amidst this calm, the sound of Spatial Vibration was devoured, and the surroundings fell into deathly silence, whereas the numerous strands of sword qi that contained the Shadow of Time were crushed into pieces at this moment, causing a rain of light to spray into the surroundings before dissipating into nothingness.

This sword strike was like hearing the sound of thunder in a place where no sound existed!

At this point, all the Sword Dao brands that Yun Fusheng had left behind within the abode all those years ago were completely obliterated by Chen Xi’s extremely calm sword strike!

However, it was also this same strike that instantly emptied all the strength in Chen Xi’s body. When all of this came to an end, his countenance was pale while his entire body was drenched in cold sweat, and he fell onto the ground before panting heavily without end.

Even the energy of his Dao Heart that had attained the Heart Soul Realm was actually completely exhausted in this short instant, causing his entire body to feel extremely exhausted.

At this moment, only his eyes that were deep and profound like the starry sky remained extremely bright.

Because he’d finally touched upon a trace of the profundities of the realm of Sword God! Even though it was merely a trace, yet the terrifying might it possessed caused his heart to tremble without end.

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