Chapter 1276 – Sword Room

In the depths of Dao Knowledge Palace.

A lone 30m tall jade wall stood towering there. Its surface was enshrouded with mist and it revealed the model of numerous mountains. Each of these models were only the size of a thumb, and they were fine, exquisite, and lifelike.

Before this jade wall was an old man in grey clothes sitting cross-legged on a meditation cushion. His eyes were closed slightly, and he was meditating in silence.

When Qing Ye led Chen Xi here, he immediately bowed slightly to the grey clothed old man.

After that, he pointed at the jade wall and said in a low voice, “Senior Brother Chen Xi, the inner court’s 1,800 abodes are listed on this jade wall. According to the different attributes of Immortal Energy contained within them, they’re divided in Chaos, Primeval, Creation, Auspicious, Genesis, and so on and so forth. The students of our inner court choose the abode most suitable for their own requirements to cultivate in.”

“For example, Senior Sister Ling Qingwu cultivates the Grand Myrtle Genesis Scripture. Thus, she chose the abode that contains Genesis Qi to cultivate in.

“On the other hand, Senior Brother Ye Tang cultivates the Chaotic Creation Technique, so he chose the abode that contains Creation Qi.”

Along with Qing Ye’s explanation, Chen Xi noticed to his surprise that this handsome young man was actually clearly aware of the cultivation techniques cultivated by many inner court students, and this was no simple matter.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, the abodes here are unlike the outer court, and there isn’t much difference in their quality and only depends on suitability. So, Senior Brother Chen Xi should select one that’s most suitable to you.” Qing Ye moved aside after he finished speaking and allowed Chen Xi to make his choice.

Chen Xi frowned instead and was slightly unable to decide.

While he was in the Ninth Hell a long time ago, because his Blackhole World had been destroyed, he’d taken an unorthodox path and utilized the Dao of Talismans to rebuild the meridians and apertures in his entire body. Moreover, even his Blackhole World was condensed into form by the Divine Talismans of the five elements. It was also from then onwards that he hadn’t chosen a cultivation technique again.

The reason was very simple, because his meridians, apertures, and even the circulation of vital energy in his body contained the profundities of various talismans like the five elements, Yin, Yang, Star, and Devour. So it was practically capable of accommodating the Immortal Energy of various attributes. This caused him to never have the thought of choosing a cultivation technique to cultivate in, and it wasn’t of any use to him even if he did.

So at this moment, all the 1,800 different abodes were suitable for Chen Xi, and there was nothing for him to choose.

“Which abode did you choose, Junior Brother Qing Ye?” Chen Xi suddenly had a thought and asked.

“Me?” Qing Ye was stunned, and then he shook his head and said shyly, “I cultivate the Chaotic Gold Technique, so I chose an abode that contains Chaotic Qi.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and pointed at a mountain on the jade wall. A bright light flashed before the model of the mountain opened up slowly, and it revealed three abodes. Surprisingly, two of those abodes revealed the names of Ye Tang and Qing Ye, and the last abode was empty.

“What attribute does this abode contain?” Chen Xi pointed at the empty abode.

“That abode?” Qing Ye was stunned, and then he said, “No one has shown interest in that abode for many years. The reason is that the attribute of the Immortal Energy within that abode is too violent, and it’s a mix of various attributes. Senior Brother Chen Xi, you should be clearly aware that it isn’t always the best to utilize Immortal Energy that contains too many attributes mixed together as it will affect your path of cultivation in the future.”

Chen Xi said instead, “I’ll take it.”

Qing Ye was stunned, and he couldn’t help but say. “Senior Brother Chen Xi, once an abode is chosen, then it’s impossible to be changed. Will you not reconsider?”

Qing Ye was indeed acting out of good intentions, but to Chen Xi, this abode that no one showed interest in was the most suitable to him instead. The problem of the Immortal Energy being too violent and containing a large mix of attributes was beneficial towards his cultivation, and the reason was naturally because his meridians and apertures were unlike ordinary people.

“It’s decided,” said Chen Xi.

Qing Ye could only glance at Chen Xi in wonder before going silent.

“This abode is called Sword Room, and it costs 5,000,000 Starpoints a year.” Meanwhile, the grey clothed old man that sat cross-legged on the meditation cushion opened his eyes, and he glanced indifferently at Chen Xi before he said, “If you’ve made your decision, then hand your Violet Ribbon Starcrest over.”

Chen Xi handed it over as the old man instructed.


Along with a strange buzzing sound, the abode called ‘Sword Room’ on the jade wall revealed Chen Xi’s name, and it represented that it had a new owner.

After that, the grey clothed old man returned the Violet Ribbon Starcrest to Chen Xi.

“Junior Brother Qing Ye, come, bring me to my new residence. Oh, your abode just happens to be neighboring to mine. In the future, if I encounter any problems, I’ll trouble you to provide me with guidance,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

Qing Ye nodded bashfully. “I’m too stupid, so I’ll probably be unable to guide Senior Brother.”

Chen Xi went silent as he didn’t know what to say, and then he moved to leave with Qing Ye.

“Wait.” Right at this moment, the grey clothed old man spoke abruptly, and he seemed hesitant to speak any further.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he turned around and cupped his hands. “May I know what guidance Senior has to offer?”

The grey clothed old man stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he said, “You really don’t know the history of that abode?”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and then he shook his head.

“Oh, I remember now. That abode, Sword Room, was where Senior Yun Fusheng cultivated all those years ago. However, since he left it, no one has chosen that abode ever since.” Qing Ye slapped himself on the forehead and seemed as if he’d just remembered.

Yun Fusheng!

Sword Room!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed when he heard the name of this familiar legendary figure, and he’d never imagined that no matter where he went, he seemed to always hear things related to Yun Fusheng.

“What you said is correct.” The old man faintly revealed a trace of worry, and he spoke of the past.

It turned out that since Yun Fusheng left the academy, no one had chosen that abode called Sword Room as their place of cultivation.

Firstly, it was because the Immortal Energy within it was too violent and contained numerous attributes. Secondly, it was because when Yun Fusheng cultivated there all those years ago, he’d left behind too many brands of the Sword Dao that hadn’t dissipated until now. If one cultivated within the abode, then one had to be wary of the assault of this Sword Insight at all times.

“Of course, there have always been students over the years that refuse to believe this and chose Sword Room, and they hoped to comprehend some of the profundities contained within the traces of Sword Dao branded within the abode. Unfortunately, all of them were unable to endure it in the end, and they came back empty handed. Some of their minds even suffered great injury that caused irreparable harm to their cultivation.” The old man sighed.

Chen Xi was surprised and anxious as well when he finished listening to all of this as he’d never imagined that an abode he chose casually would actually have such a past.

“Martial Uncle Lu, why…why didn’t you say so earlier. If I knew this beforehand, then I wouldn’t have allowed Senior Brother Chen Xi to choose this abode.” Qing Ye’s handsome face was covered in guilt and worry, and he seemed to feel that he’d led Chen Xi into a trap.

The old man waved his hand helplessly. “I just thought of it myself.”

Qing Ye couldn’t refrain himself and intended to say something else, yet he was stopped by Chen Xi. Chen Xi smiled to the old man and cupped his hands as he said, “Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he left the Dao Knowledge Palace with Qing Ye.

I swear to the heavens, I really didn’t trap this little fellow intentionally… But this really is a coincidence. Could this be the will of the heavens? The old man watched Chen Xi and Qing Ye leave while he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Skypath Mountain.


Space fluctuated before the figures of Chen Xi and Qing Ye appeared.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, look, this is my abode.” Qing Ye pointed towards the distant Skypath Mountain and spoke with a smile.

The mountain towered into the sky and immortal mist roiled around it. It was suffused with surging divine radiance while ancient trees towered into the sky from atop the mountain. The mountain was completely verdant while immortal flying beasts fluttered in the sky, and it was extraordinary and beautiful.

At the mountainside was a verdant cliff, and an abode was situated behind the cliff. All around it was green bamboos dancing in the wind and aged vines coiled about, causing it to be filled with a quiet and secluded aura.

Surprisingly, the rock above the abode was inscribed with ancient characters that meant ‘Sword Room.’

Chen Xi sized it up briefly and felt rather satisfied. This abode was even slightly superior to the Emperor Grade Abode he resided in at the outer court, and it wasn’t just filled with Chaotic and Primeval Qi, it even contained Creation Qi, Genesis Qi, Auspicious Qi, and various other types of Immortal Energy.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll be taking my leave first.” Qing Ye cupped his hands.

Chen Xi cupped his hands as well. “Thank you, Junior Brother Qing Ye.”

He was clearly aware that the cultivation of inner court students fully depended on one’s own will. There were various different classes listed out on the Violet Ribbon Starcrest every single day, and inner court students could go to these classes if they wanted or cultivate in seclusion within their own abodes if they didn’t. They were practically unrestricted in their cultivation.

“Senior Brother Ye Tang might return from his training in the outside world after a few days. At that time, I’ll introduce you to him. After all, only the three of us are living on Skypath Mountain, and we can frequently spar and exchange knowledge in the future.” Qing Ye smiled before turning around and leaving.

Ye Tang?

Chen Xi was stunned and seemed to be lost in thought. Ye Tang was one of the six renowned blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension and being able to get to know Ye Tang could be said to be utterly beneficial.

As he contemplated in his mind, Chen Xi flew over onto the cliff and arrived before the abode.

I’ve finally become an inner court student… Chen Xi took a deep breath before he withdrew the Violet Ribbon Starcrest and waved it at the entrance to the abode.


A shapeless restriction surged, and then the tightly shut door of the Sword Room that hadn’t been opened for countless years finally rumbled as it slowly opened up at this moment.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash in.

The abode was only 300m in circumference, and a meditation cushion, Dao platform, bed, book rack, table, and various other things needed for cultivation were set out within the clean and minimalistic abode.

Swish! Swish!

As soon as Chen Xi’s figure appeared within the abode, a stream of sounds that were like waves surged over. Shockingly, it was a mist that was formed from Immortal Energy of various attributes. There was obscure Chaotic Qi, grey colored Primeval Qi, clear Creation Qi, jade Genesis Qi, and various others. They were condensed together like a tempestuous wave that whistled through the air and seemed extremely violent.

It really is as Junior Brother Qing Ye said. The Immortal Energy within this abode is extremely violent and mixed. If it was an ordinary person here, then the person would probably be unable to endure the pressure from such Immortal Energy, let alone cultivate here… But this is the most suitable paradise for me to cultivate instead. Chen Xi sized up the surroundings, and he was even more satisfied with this abode he’d chosen.


Right at this moment, a wisp of sword qi suddenly shot out violently from within the surging Immortal Energy, and it was like a flash of cold light that tore open a shocking scar in space as it shot towards Chen Xi.

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