Chapter 1275 – Unexpected


A wave of gasping resounded within the hall. Never had they expected that this young man who’d been silent since entering the hall would be so domineering and ferocious once he fought.

The robust young man was called Meng Ta, and he could be considered to be a great figure in the inner court. He was ranked at the 83rd position of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, and he possessed a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Most importantly, Meng Ta’s combat strength wasn’t as simple as his ranking made it seem to be. Once he fought, he was peerlessly overbearing, and even some experts ranked higher than him wouldn’t dare fight him rashly.

Yet now, Meng Ta was actually instantly lifted up and smashed fiercely onto the ground like trash, and it was to the point that he wasn’t able to stand back up again!

This was too shocking to the others.

“Sure enough, I knew that those who’re able to enter into the inner court as the first in the inner court exam are definitely not simple.” Many inner court students felt lucky in their hearts that they didn’t look for trouble with Chen Xi earlier.

As he gazed at Meng Ta who was letting out shrill cries on the ground, the rage in Chen Xi’s heart calmed down slightly. He looked down at Meng Ta with...

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