Chapter 1275 – Unexpected


A wave of gasping resounded within the hall. Never had they expected that this young man who’d been silent since entering the hall would be so domineering and ferocious once he fought.

The robust young man was called Meng Ta, and he could be considered to be a great figure in the inner court. He was ranked at the 83rd position of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, and he possessed a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Most importantly, Meng Ta’s combat strength wasn’t as simple as his ranking made it seem to be. Once he fought, he was peerlessly overbearing, and even some experts ranked higher than him wouldn’t dare fight him rashly.

Yet now, Meng Ta was actually instantly lifted up and smashed fiercely onto the ground like trash, and it was to the point that he wasn’t able to stand back up again!

This was too shocking to the others.

“Sure enough, I knew that those who’re able to enter into the inner court as the first in the inner court exam are definitely not simple.” Many inner court students felt lucky in their hearts that they didn’t look for trouble with Chen Xi earlier.

As he gazed at Meng Ta who was letting out shrill cries on the ground, the rage in Chen Xi’s heart calmed down slightly. He looked down at Meng Ta with a calm gaze before he said, “If you didn’t obstruct my path and didn’t attack me without saying a word, then perhaps I would be a bit more courteous to you. Yet now, you aren’t worthy of it. I welcome you to challenge me at any time in the future, but I won’t let you off so easily next time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi patted his hands together before turning around to look at Qing Ye who seemed to be dumbstruck before he said with a smile, “Let’s go.”

Qing Ye nodded, and then he couldn’t help but say. “Senior Brother Chen Xi, Starpoints will be deducted for fighting in the academy.”

Chen Xi said, “I know, it’s only 10,000 Starpoints.”

“But you don’t know that a fight between inner court students will cause 100,000 to be deducted every single time.” Qing Ye spoke in a weak tone.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned while the corners of his mouth twitched imperceptibly. This inner court…is really unlike the outer court!

Qing Ye smiled shyly when he saw that Chen Xi seemed to have understood the cons of it, and he said, “I feel that the meaning of cultivation isn’t necessarily completely displayed in battle, and I hope Senior Brother doesn’t fight too much in the future. Sometimes, fighting might not necessarily be the only method to solve a problem.”

Chen Xi nodded. Qing Ye seemed to be young, yet he was Chi Cangsheng’s disciple after all. He was pure in character and didn’t like fighting, and this was understandable.

“Junior Brother, wait a moment. It doesn’t seem to be right for you to leave after bashing someone up, right?” When they saw Chen Xi was about to leave, another inner court student stood out. He had silver hair, an extremely handsome appearance, and wore a loose silver robe. Moreover, every single move he made carried an oppressive and noble aura.

“Sure enough, Jiang Yu was unable to continue watching after Meng Ta was beaten.”

“Senior Brother Jiang Yu is ranked at the 45th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, and perhaps his rank is inferior to Chen Xi, but if they were to really be compared in combat strength, then Chen Xi will probably suffer a loss.”

“Exactly. Senior Brother Jiang Yu is a disciple of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Jiang Clan. He has cultivated in the inner court for a thousand years, and he even possesses an ancient immortal treasure passed down to him by his clan. If he were to make a move against Chen Xi, then he would definitely be able to suppress the arrogance of this new student.”

When they saw this silver haired young man walk out, the others in the surroundings started whispering in discussion, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi more or less carried a trace of pleasure from Chen Xi’s misfortune.

Chen Xi frowned. He really never imagined that there would still be someone that would fearless come forward under such circumstances. Could it be that I was too easy on Meng Ta earlier, and it wasn’t deterring enough?

“Senior Brother Jiang Yu…” Qing Ye spoke cautiously when he saw this, and he seemed to intend to dissuade Jiang Yu. However, Jiang Yu interrupted him while revealing an indifferent expression. “Qing Ye, this is none of your business. Move aside.”

“But…” Qing Ye frowned, and he pondered for a moment before he said seriously, “Senior Brother Chen Xi has just entered the inner court today, and I’m in-charge of receiving him in and arranging a place of cultivation for him. Since it’s I who brought Senior Brother Chen Xi here, then how could it not be related to me?”

His features were clear while his bearing was pure and clear like a stream, and it wasn’t tainted by a trace of impurity, causing it to be very difficult for others to arouse adverse feelings towards him.

However, Jiang Yu was slightly displeased and said impatiently, “You’re so stupid, so why do you keep thinking about such things? Quickly move aside, otherwise, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

“Qing Ye, you idiot, quickly move aside!”

“This fellow really is stupid. I wonder why Dean Chi Cangsheng just had to choose this slow-witted fellow as his disciple.”

The others were extremely amused as well when they saw this, and they spoke in succession.

However, to the surprise of everyone, the usually shy and reserved Qing Ye actually took a 180 degree turn in attitude today, and he didn’t move aside at all!

Even Chen Xi was stunned, and he’d never imagined that Qing Ye would actually go so far for the sake of protecting him, causing his impression of Qing Ye to rise greatly while he said in his heart, If Jiang Yu dares to make a move later, then I’ll absolutely not allow him to injure Qing Ye.

At this moment, Qing Ye’s brows knit together even more tightly while he looked at Jiang Yu with a troubled expression, and he said in a low voice, “Senior Brother Jiang Yu, can you not make a move against him?”

“You really are slow-witted! Move aside now!” Jiang Yu was utterly displeased, and his gaze became icy cold as he pushed Qing Ye aside with the intent of pushing him away and stopping Qing Ye from nagging while blocking his path.

But to his surprise, he actually missed! Qing Ye hadn’t utilized any ultimate techniques, and he’d just moved his shoulder back and easily avoided it.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly narrowed while a thought flashed within his mind. “Spatial profundities!”

Qing Ye hadn’t moved his shoulder back at all earlier, and he’d utilized a type of Spatial force earlier, allowing him to move the position his shoulder resided at!

I never expected that Qing Ye actually grasped a type of Spatial profundities as well. I wonder which branch of the Spatial Laws it is… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

On the other hand, Jiang Yu thought he’d been careless. Especially when it was under the gazes of everyone present, and his attack had actually been dodged by Qing Ye, causing his expression to faintly become unsightly.

“Senior Brother Jiang Yu, if you continue acting in this way, then I… I…” Qing Ye’s expression was hesitant and troubled, and his handsome face had completely contracted together.

“Why do you want?” Jiang Yu’s face sank while his eyes revealed a wisp of viciousness. “You still want to fight me? A stupid piece of trash like you? I really wonder why Dean Chi Cangsheng would take you as his closed door disciple. If it wasn’t for your identity, you would have been bashed up countless times in the past, yet you still dare to threaten me now?”

As he spoke, he suddenly raised his hand and tried to push Qing Ye once more. “Move aside right now…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the troubled and hesitant expression on the face of the handsome, clean, simple, and reserved young man before him had instantly been replaced by a sharp aura. It was like a peerless sword had been unsheathed, and the young man was the cold edge of the sword!

In the next moment, Qing Ye made his move. His figure didn’t seem to have made any move, yet before Jiang Yu’s push could arrive, a slender and fair hand had already grabbed Jiang Yu’s throat!

Yet when all of this occurred, Jiang Yu’s hand had just been raised, and he’d only spoken half the words he intended to…

It was too quick!

Everyone felt as if something had flashed before their eyes, and they originally thought they would witness the scene of Qing Ye being blasted flying, yet never had they imagined that what they saw in their field of vision would be Qing Ye stretching his hand out to grab Jiang Yu’s throat before forcefully raising the latter’s body up!


A muffled bang resounded. Jiang Yu didn’t even have the time to struggle before Qing Ye pressed him down fiercely onto the ground, and it smashed the ground to the point the hall trembled slightly.

Jiang Yu’s entire body trembled violently, and it seemed exactly like how Meng Ta had been defeated by Chen Xi earlier. The only difference was that Qing Ye’s hand was always on his throat, causing him to be unable to make a sound no matter how intense the pain was. It suffocated Jiang Yu to the point his face flushed extremely red while nerves bulged on his face, and his appearance was unusually savage, miserable, and agonized.

This scene caused the students in the surroundings to be dumbstruck, and they practically didn’t dare believe their eyes. When did this idiot become so formidable? Is he still…that clean and simple Qing Ye that always calls himself stupid?

Chen Xi on the other hand had expected this since a long time ago because Jiang Yu’s ability was utterly insufficient to do anything to Qing Ye. But he’d similarly never imagined that once Qing Ye fought, Qing Ye would actually be so ferocious, straightforward, swift, and utilize the most precise method to restrain his opponent in one strike!

So this fellow has always been acting weak to defeat the strong. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart.


Meanwhile, Qing Ye raised his hand and directly utilized internal force to knock Jiang Yu out cold. Only then did he release Jiang Yu’s throat and stood up, and his expression had returned to his usual harmless, reserved, and shy appearance. It was impossible to find a trace of that sharp aura from before.

But in the eyes of everyone, not a single one of them dared to underestimate this handsome young man before them, and it was even to the extent that many people faintly revealed gazes of fear because not just anyone could restrain Jiang Yu who was ranked at the 45th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings with a single strike!

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, excuse me for the scene from before.” Qing Ye lowered his head and seemed to be slightly shy.

“I understand.” Chen Xi smiled lightly with deep meaning.

“It…it really was the first time I’ve fought.” Qing Ye was instantly anxious when Chen Xi seemed to not believe him, and he seemed like an obedient child that had been wronged. “Master always told me that if others desire to make a move against me, then I should strive to defeat the person before the person can make a move against me. I…really didn’t deceive you.”

Chen Xi stared blankly at Qing Ye, and then he said, “What else did your master tell you?”

Qing Ye seemed to be slightly cautious as he said with a bashful expression. “Master has taught me too many things in these years, but I’m too stupid, and I only remember some things that he always nags about.”

Chen Xi covered his forehead with his hand while sighing endlessly in his heart. If this handsome young man isn’t pure to a certain extent, then he’s wicked to the extreme!

Subsequently, not a single person obstructed them any longer, and they directly walked towards the depths of the hall.

“That slow-witted Qing Ye was actually faking it all the time…”

“Dammit! He tricked us so terribly!”

“No wonder Dean Chi Cangsheng took him as his disciple. The master has a hot and vicious temper, and the disciple is a wicked fellow!”

As they gazed at Meng Ta who was still groaning in pain on the ground and Jiang Yu that had been knocked out, and as they recalled the scenes from before, all of them sighed lightly in their hearts without end.

One was a new student that had just stepped foot into the inner court, yet had defeated Meng Ta with a single strike; the other was a handsome young man that had always been extremely stupid in the eyes of everyone, yet he erupted with a terrifying combat strength that Jiang Yu was unable to struggle against…

Books really can’t be judged by the cover!

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