Chapter 1274 – Qing Ye

Chen Xi received his Violet Ribbon Starcrest before turning around and leaving.

He really didn’t want to stay by the side of this old geezer, Chi Cangsheng, for another moment so as to avoid causing trouble for himself.

“What’re all of you looking at? Is there anything to feel jealous about? Since all of you still have the time to think about other things, then it seems like all of you are impatient to prove your ability, right?

“That one, right, you. That one with pretty good chest muscles, stand out! Go put on a show of shattering rocks with your chest, and you can fuck off when you smash a hundred Netherezim Steel Rocks!

“Eh, you dare to laugh? You cultivate in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, right? Now, I won’t make it difficult for you, either dash thirty rounds around this platform on all fours like a pig or ascend to the 30th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings. Choose for yourself!”

“Of course, you can refuse! But you better take a look at the consequences that fellow drawing circles on the floor is facing because once your refusal fails, then the consequences you face will only be worse!”

After Chen Xi left, Chi Cangsheng’s ruthless roars still resounded from far away, and it was like a thunderclap as it resounded through the heavens and the earth, causing Chen Xi’s heart to be unable to help but jerk and twitch from hearing it. Moreover, Chen Xi cursed in his heart before speeding up his footsteps. Old freak!

At the same time, he started to scan through the Violet Ribbon Starcrest in his hand, and he noticed to his surprise that there were many more classes added within the Violet Ribbon Starcrest.

In order, there was pill refinement, equipment refinement, puppetry, botany, taming, and various others. These classes were all taught by inner court head instructors, and there were no limits to inner court students. Anyone could attend these classes.

The most important class amongst them was ‘Dao Revelation.’ It was a class where head instructors would establish a Dao platform and discuss the Dao while guiding the students of the academy in cultivation.

Of course, no matter which class it was, one had to pay a huge amount of Starpoints to attend it.

Besides classes, there were numerous new assignments within the Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and they were directly issued by the Assignment Mountain especially for inner court students to accept and complete.

Chen Xi looked through them roughly, and the assignments weren’t much different than the assignments of the past. The only difference was the Starpoints rewarded were much more generous. Of course, the difficulty of the assignment had increased greatly as well.

Once I’ve arranged everything, I have to make the best use of my time to cultivate while earning Starpoints. Chen Xi took a deep breath before returning the Violet Ribbon Starcrest into his body, and then he distinguished the direction he had to head towards before flashing towards the distance.

Inner Court, Dao Knowledge Palace.

When Chen Xi arrived here, there was a Dao Apprentice with a handsome appearance and hair that was coiled into a Daoist’s bun waiting there.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, I’m Qing Ye. Master asked me to wait here for you.” The Dao Apprentice spoke in a slightly reserved manner. He had pitch black and clear eyes, an extraordinarily handsome appearance, and a natural spirited aura on his forehead. But he seemed to be slightly shy, and he hurriedly lowered his head and bowed upon noticing Chen Xi.

“Your Master is?” Chen Xi sized Qing Ye up briefly and was extremely surprised in his heart because Qing Ye actually possessed a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm as well. Moreover, his aura was pure, lively, and exuberant, causing him to seem extremely extraordinary.

“Didn’t Senior Brother just meet him?” Qing Ye was stunned before he replied.

Chi Cangsheng? Only now did Chen Xi come to an understanding, and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that Qing Ye would actually be the disciple of the inner court’s Dean, and this privilege wasn’t something anyone could possess.

After all, no matter if it was the head instructors or other seniors of the inner court, they usually had extremely harsh requirements towards accepting a disciple. Yet Qing Ye was actually able to receive the favor of Chi Cangsheng, and this obviously showed that his natural talent and constitution were definitely extraordinary to the extreme.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, if you don’t have any questions, then please follow me to choose your place of cultivation.” Qing Ye smiled shyly before turning around and heading in the Dao Knowledge Palace.

“Qing Ye, shouldn’t you address me as Junior Brother?” Chen Xi followed up to him and couldn’t help but tease.

“Master said that no matter which Senior Brother I meet, I have to address them as Senior Brother.” Qing Ye shook his head and seemed extremely sensible and obedient.

Chen Xi was stunned and said, “Could there be some meaning to this?”

Qing Ye shook his head and said with embarrassment. “The reason is that I’m too stupid. Master said that only by admitting I’m stupid would the other Senior Brother be good to me and not bully me. Even when I leave the academy, I have to admit that I’m inferior to others, and I’ll be able to avoid a great deal of trouble.”

Chen Xi was flabbergasted and said while seeming to be lost in thought, “That does make sense. But, aren’t you worried that others would say that you’re cowardly or even ridicule you?”

Qing Ye’s eyes opened wide as he said with wonder. “Since I’ve already admitted that I’m stupid, then what would they have to ridicule me about? Would they ridicule me for being stupid? Then what would I be worried about?”

Right, he has already admitted that he’s stupid, so what’s there to ridicule him about? At this moment, Chen Xi was speechless.

As they spoke, the two of them had arrived within Dao Knowledge Palace.

An instructor usually resided within this grand hall and attended to the miscellaneous matters of the inner court like dividing places of cultivation, distributing the rules of the academy, and so on and so forth…

When Chen Xi just stepped foot into Dao Knowledge Palace, he saw a few students moving about in the large hall, and all of them were existences at the Golden Immortal Realm. Obviously, they were inner court students.

He was able to clearly sense that the cultivations of every single one of these inner court students was extremely formidable, and even the weakest amongst them was on par with the previous number one ranked outer court students, Ao Zhanbei!

This was very normal because the inner court students were the core force of the academy’s younger generation. Every single one of them were like heavenly geniuses that were even more formidable than the overlord level powers of some continents, so they were far more extraordinary.

After all, Dao Emperor Academy was the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension that stood towering in the Immortal Dimension until now, it absolutely deserved its reputation. Even the disciples of the seven great ancient clans had willingly entered Dao Emperor Academy to seek an education, and this obviously showed how deep the resources and reserved of the academy were.

Thus, those who were able to become inner court students of Dao Emperor Academy were absolutely not ordinary.

“Oh? Someone new has actually come to report in so quickly?”

“How extraordinary, he was actually the first to pass through Dean Chi Cangsheng’s ‘tempering’.”

“Haha! All of you really have eyes yet fail to see. Haven’t all of you noticed that he’s the renowned first amongst the new students of our Dao Emperor Academy?”

“So he’s Chen Xi. In this way, it was he who ascended onto the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings earlier and wiped off Senior Brother Meng Qi’s name from the rankings?”

Many students noticed Chen Xi and Qing Ye walking in together, and they instantly shot their gazes over while discussing without end. Some had sly smiles, some clicked their tongues in admiration, some sneered, some were extremely doubtful, and so on and so forth.

These inner court students were geniuses that were one in a million. All of them had their own arrogance and pride, and they couldn’t be considered to look down on everyone, yet their pride was a must.

Chen Xi frowned as he acutely noticed many gazes faintly carrying a wisp of a provocative expression, and they seemed to be very doubtful of his strength.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, come over here.” Qing Ye seemed to have not noticed all of this, and he smiled shyly to Chen Xi before leading Chen Xi directly towards the depths of the hall.

Chen Xi nodded and stopped sizing up the students in the surroundings. He’d seen such a hostile atmosphere on many occasions. It was none other than because he was new here, a completely new student, and it was unavoidable that these seniors would ‘crowd around to have a look at him.’

However, he never expected that the more he kept silent, the more teasing, mocking, provocation, sneers, and doubtful gazes he received.

It was even to the extent that someone spoke with disdain. “This fellow actually doesn’t have any temper at all. He’s truly a pussy. How boring.”

“Perhaps he didn’t take any of us seriously at all.”

“Ha! He doesn’t take us seriously? Does he think that this is the outer court?”

“There’s no point in saying all of this. Why don’t you test that kid’s ability? He’s new here after all, and if he wants to win respect, then he has to reveal some ability at least.”

“Alright, I’ll go test Junior Brother Chen Xi’s ability.”

Amidst their animated discussion, a robust young man suddenly walked out, and he teleported in midair before standing in Chen Xi’s path like a lofty mountain.

Especially unexpected to Chen Xi was this young man actually attacked without any hesitation and slapped down his palm towards Chen Xi.


The shapeless space in the surroundings instantly surged when the robust young man’s palm slapped out, and it transformed into surging and blazing white mist. As it moved, a strand of terrifying Golden Immortal Laws of Fire and Yang surged out with a peerlessly ferocious aura.

“What a formidable Sky Destruction Yang Palm!” Someone praised as he’d recognized that it was one of the robust young man’s best ultimate moves.

This strike was formidable to the extreme indeed. Once it was executed, it was like a fiery sun soaring into the sky. It was peerlessly domineering, and this simple palm strike carried a myriad of variations that completely fused into the Golden Immortal Laws of Fire and Yang.

“This Bastard really is direct!” When he saw the robust young man didn’t just obstruct his path but directly attacked without saying a single word, even if Chen Xi’s calm nature, a strand of rage couldn’t help but soar into his heart at this moment.

“You want to test my ability? You don’t have the qualifications!” Chen Xi suddenly spoke like a thunderclap, and when facing this palm, he pressed his fingers together before clawing out abruptly like a bolt of lightning.

The might of this claw contained the energy of the Five Element Divine Crest, and it also carried a trace of the Spatial Divine Crest hidden within. If seemed to be extremely ordinary, yet it actually contained boundless profundity, and it was impossible to avoid.


Chen Xi’s claw directly and extremely accurately clawed onto his pressure points, and it almost clawed his hand’s bones into pieces.

“Hmph!” The robust young man’s expression changed slightly before his entire body suddenly erupted with boundless golden radiance. He twisted his arm while shrinking back, and his left hand pressed together into the shape of a blade before slashing towards Chen Xi’s neck. He intended to launch a lethal assault against Chen Xi in order to turn the situation around and escape Chen Xi’s grip.

“You still intend to struggle?” A wisp of ridicule appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he saw this. His right hand that held onto the young man’s wrist shook slightly, and then a terrifying, enormous, and violent force surged into the young man’s body. The robust young man felt intense pain spread throughout his entire body, and then his entire body started shivering.


In the next moment, Chen Xi held up his robust figure before smashing it fiercely onto the ground, and the hard ground that was densely covered in restrictions emanated a muffled bang.

Everyone in the surroundings gasped as they witnessed this scene. All of this had occurred too quickly, and it caused them to be unable to react in time before the robust young man was already smashed onto the ground.


The robust young man let out a shrill and miserable cry, and he was smashed to the point he was dizzy. He lay there on the ground as if he was having a seizure, and his entire body twitched violently from the intense pain.

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