Chapter 1273 – Raising A Storm

The 300m tall stone stele was the inner court’s Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings that listed the names of the top hundred strongest students in the inner court. It wasn’t just a supreme honor, and one would even be able to obtain a huge amount of Starpoints as a reward every single month according to one’s ranking!

The top hundred were rewarded with 500,000 Starpoints every single month, the top fifty were rewarded with 800,000 Starpoints every month, and the top thirty were rewarded with a million.

Moreover, the difference in rewards for the top ten was extremely great. For example, the 10th was rewarded with two million, the 9th with three million, and so on and so forth. The 3rd was rewarded with nine million, and the 2nd with ten million.

As for the first, it was the most special, and it was 15 million!

In other words, the Flaming Rain, Ling Qingwu, who was one of the six blazing suns and ranked at the 1st position didn’t have to do anything yet would be able to earn 180,000,000 Starpoints in a year!

Such a reward was countless times greater than the Allheaven Gold Rankings in the outer court.


The 300m tall ancient stone stele suddenly erupted with a wisp of blazing golden light, and it was like a golden star that arose from beneath the earth and charged up at a shocking speed.

Its speed of ascent was too swift, and in a short period of a few breaths, it had charged into the top fifty.

A wave of exclaims of shock arose in the vicinity. This was the inner courts Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, and it was extremely difficult to occupy a position on it. Yet now, Chen Xi had only just stepped foot into the inner court and hadn’t even started cultivating there officially, but his strength had actually ascended into the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings and seemed to be advanced vigorously up the rankings!

This fellow always exceeds everyone’s expectations! Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others sighed with emotion in their hearts. However, when they thought of Chen Xi’s ferocious combat achievements in the Outerealm Battlefield, they felt that this was normal.

“Fuck! Why is it like this?” When he saw this scene, as he squatted on the ground and drew circles, Zuoqiu Jun’s finger shivered and almost destroyed a circled he’d almost finished, and this obviously displayed the shock in his heart.

“Eh, someone is charging up the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings?”

“I wonder which Senior Brother of the inner court it is. He actually caused such a scene.”

“Wait, today is the day that the students of the outer court that passed through the exam are entering the inner court. It wouldn’t be one of those fellows that is causing such a scene, right?”

“Someone definitely refused the request of that freak, Old Demon Chi. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.”

At the same time, the change in the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings drew the attention of many students in the entire inner court. Various voices resounded ceaselessly from all directions, yet not a single one of them dared to go investigate. The reason was probably because they were clearly aware that the inner court’s Dean, Chi Cangsheng, was there, and none of them were willing to face that old fellow with a hot and vicious temper.

On the other hand, under the gazes of everyone, the blazing golden light continued up all along the way, and it quickly charged into the top forty. At this moment, even Ji Xuanbing and the others were shocked and became nervous.

All the names on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings were famous students in the inner court, and even if Chen Xi has made an outstanding display in the past, it was only at the outer court after all. Compared to those inner court students who’d commanded the wind and clouds in the inner court for countless years, they couldn’t avoid feeling worried and nervous for him.

Especially because the requirement was the top thirty in the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings. In the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, those in the top thirty were absolutely dazzling existences that could become blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension in the future. They were one in a million and were unprecedentedly outstanding.

It was even to the extent that the top thirty rankings hadn’t been moved by anyone in the recent years.

Yet now, the golden light that represented Chen Xi has actually charged through the top fifty and was charging towards the top thirty, and it was a shocking scene.

Could it be that this little fellow is really able to accomplish it…? At the side, the thin and short Chi Cangsheng stood with his hands behind his back while his eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the rankings, and there was a wisp of a strange glow faintly surging in the depths of his eyes.

Just like this, under the focused attention of everyone, the golden light started to slow down after arriving at the 40th position, but it didn’t show any signs of stopping for now.

The 39th.

The 35th.

The 33rd.

“No! Absolutely not! This must not happen! Never!” Zuoqiu Jun stared fixedly at the rankings and even forgot to draw circles on the ground. His heart would jerk fiercely every single time Chen Xi’s name rose a position, and he was on the verge of being unable to restrain his flames of resentment and envy.


In the end, the wisp of golden light that represented Chen Xi’s name suddenly leaped up, and it directly leaped up to occupy the 30th position!

At the instant that Chen Xi’s name appeared on the surface of the stone stele, the name that was originally ranked at the 30th position wasn’t pushed down to the 31st position, and it actually vanished instead.

This was very normal because according to the rules of the rankings, once a position was occupied, then the previous owner of the position would be directly removed from the rankings, and if one wanted to ascend onto the rankings once more, then one could only wait for six months before being allowed to ascend the rankings once more.

This sort of restriction was to avoid students becoming unsettled, causing their Dao Heart to be disturbed, and placing all their energy towards reclaiming their position because their position had fallen because this would ultimately affect their cultivation.

“This is impossible! How could his combat strength possibly be so abnormal? How…how long has he entered the academy for…” When he saw Chen Xi’s name finally stopping at the 30th position, Zuoqiu Jun was on the verge of going mad, and he roared endlessly with resentment in his heart.

On the other hand, the other students were unable to restrain their shock from being revealed on their faces. He’s too formidable! They even wondered that if they continued to compare themselves with Chen Xi as they’d done in the past, then would they live beneath Chen Xi’s shadow forever?

This was something that couldn’t be helped. Since the moment he’d entered the academy, Chen Xi had grown at an astounding speed, and he’d created countless miracles that stirred the academy, causing all of these students of the younger generation that had entered the academy along with Chen Xi to be inferior in comparison and be hidden beneath Chen Xi’s radiance.

If Chen Xi didn’t exist, then the new students this time would definitely be in a situation where Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli were on par and stood at the peak.

Unfortunately, there were no if’s in the world.

“He actually ascended to the top thirty!”

“The 30th on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, Chen Xi! Isn’t this…the name of that new student that entered the academy just two years ago?”

“It’s actually that fellow!”

At this moment, the entire inner court’s atmosphere became deathly silent, and one could faintly hear a wave of gasping rising and falling in the surroundings.

Chen Xi!

This name wasn’t unfamiliar to every single student of the inner court now, and it was even to the extent that when they found out Chen Xi had entered the inner court as the 1st in the inner court exam, many inner court students were rubbing their fists together and intended to test if this fellow was as strong as the rumors said.

But they’d never imagined that on the first day Chen Xi stepped foot into the inner court, he would ascend to the 30th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings in such a domineering manner. Didn’t this mean that amongst the eight hundred Golden Immortal Realm students in the inner court, most of them had been left far behind by Chen Xi in terms of strength?

“Tsk, this fellow is really making a showy display. The Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings represent the judgment of one’s strength, yet it’s not necessarily the case in terms of combat strength.”

“I remember that it was that fellow Meng Qi who was ranked at the 30th position before this, right? This Chen Xi removed his name from the rankings as soon as he entered the inner court, and with Meng Qi’s character, he probably won’t swallow this humiliation.”

“Haha! That would be for the best! I on the other hand hope that Chen Xi’s arrival will be able to put the entire situation of our inner court into disorder and cause a great storm!”

The changes in the top thirty on the rankings had imperceptibly drawn the attention of numerous students of the inner court, and they faintly felt that their future days in the inner court would probably not be peaceful with Chen Xi here…

“The 30th.” At this moment, there was no ripples in his heart as Chen Xi gazed at his ranking on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings. The strength he’d utilized while determining his rankings was still within the scope of his control, and if he erupted without holding back in the slightest, then perhaps his final rankings wouldn’t be so simple.

Meng Qi… That day at the Immortal Love Pavilion, you warned me to be careful after I enter the inner court. This can be considered to be my reply to your warning. Chen Xi took a deep breath before he moved his gaze away from the rankings.

When his gaze looked towards the platform, he noticed that the gazes Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others shot at him were obviously different, and their shocked expressions carried an indescribably complicated feeling.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards this and directly walked over to Chi Cangsheng before he said calmly, “Senior, I was lucky enough to accomplish your request, so can I refuse your…request to draw circles?”

Draw circles…

When he heard these words, the entire body of Zuoqiu Jun who was roaring resentfully in his heart trembled abruptly, and he cried in his heart. Shit! I was completely focused on this bastard’s ranking that I actually forgot to draw circles!

When faced with Chen Xi’s words, Chi Cangsheng’s expression changed before he grunted coldly, and then he suddenly turned around and roared towards Zuoqiu Jun that was squatting on the ground and had started to draw circles once more. “You even got distracted while drawing circles! You want to cultivate with such a disposition?”

His voice was like a thunderclap that reverberated through the surroundings.

Zuoqiu Jun was terrified to the point his entire body shivered while his face went pale, and he was aggrieved and embarrassed to the point he wished for nothing more than to directly commit suicide. I can’t even draw circles properly? If news of this were to spread, then how would I gain a stand up in the Immortal Dimension in the future? What would all the living beings in the Immortal Dimension think of me?

Everyone else forcefully restrained themselves from laughing.

After he finished shouting, Chi Cangsheng gazed at Chen Xi before he suddenly said gloomily, “Very good. Not bad. My inner court needs students like you. However, don’t think that you can sleep in peace after accomplishing my request today. Your future path…is still very long ahead.”

Chen Xi’s eyelids twitched. What does this old fellow mean? Could it be that he intends to give me ‘classes’ from time to time?

“Stop wasting time, hand your Violet Ribbon Starcrest over to me.” Chi Cangsheng frowned and spoke impatiently.

Chen Xi was stunned. Even though he didn’t know what this geezer meant, he still obediently handed over his Violet Ribbon Starcrest.


Chi Cangsheng casually swiped on the Starcrest, and then some strange fluctuations that seemed like ripples suddenly arose from its surface before he passed it back to Chen Xi. “Alright, you’re already a true inner court student now. Take your Violet Ribbon Starcrest and head to the Dao Knowledge Palace, and there’ll be someone there to arrange a place of cultivation for you. Now, you can fuck off!”

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