Chapter 1272 – Squatting On The Ground And Drawing Circles

Zuoqiu Jun speaking abruptly drew the attention of the others as well. Especially the content of his words caused the expressions of everyone to change. Some took pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune while others frowned without end.

However, not a single person dared to speak so as to avoid courting disaster and being ‘tempered’ by Chi Cangsheng.

Chi Cangsheng glanced at Zuoqiu Jun who revealed a respectful expression before he took a glance at Chen Xi, and his shriveled lips curled into a strange arc.

The hearts of everyone jerked. Is this old fellow going to start his ‘class?’

Zuoqiu Jun seemed to be showing a respectful attitude and had his head lowered, yet there was a wisp of a gloomy and cold expression on his face. Even though doing this would be unable to kill Chen Xi, yet he felt it was really nice to be able to watch Chen Xi suffer once.

Chen Xi took a deep breath in secret at this moment, and he warned himself that no matter what this old fellow did, he would do as he was told and not go against the old fellow at all.

“All the inner court students are clearly aware that I hate being interrupted when I’m speaking.” Unexpectedly, Chi Cangsheng actually shot his gaze onto Zuoqiu Jun in the next moment, and his emaciated face was covered in a vicious expression. “Yet you obviously don’t know me and have made a mistake that’s neither great nor small.”

His voice was gloomy, and it caused fear to arise in the hearts of all. Moreover, all of them were astounded as they never expected that Zuoqiu Jun would actually have set himself on fire instead and dug a grave for himself.

Chen Xi laughed coldly without end in his heart as well. He suddenly noticed that this inner court Dean seemed to be hot-tempered and vicious, yet he seemed to be quite a nice person…

As for Zuoqiu Jun, the gloomy and cold expression on his face froze abruptly, and then he swiftly raised his head while seeming to reveal an expression of disbelief before he bowed once more as he said hastily, “I was ignorant, please forgive me, Dean Chi!”

His words were humble and respect, and his attitude was very upright.

Of course, Zuoqiu Jun wasn’t an idiot, so how could he dare talk back against this senior that had a strange temper?

“Oh, you’re able to realize your mistake and rectify it, it’s never too late to mend a mistake.” Chi Cangsheng nodded, and then he chuckled as he said slowly, “However, you have to show some sincerity when you admit your mistakes. Oh, go over there for now, then squat down and draw circles. How long you have to do it will depend on my mood.”

Draw circles?

Everyone gasped. How repulsive! Does anyone make a dignified Golden Immortal squat down and draw circles? If news of this is to spread, then he’ll definitely become the laughing stock of everyone in the world!

Zuoqiu Jun’s entire body trembled while his face instantly changed numerous times. He revealed a livid and ashen expression, and he opened his mouth while seeming to be in panic.

“Dean Chi, this…this…this can’t… I…” At this moment, Zuoqiu Jun actually stuttered and seemed grief stricken as if he was attending a funeral.

Everyone else couldn’t help but be amused by this sight because this was a typical example of trying to harm another yet falling into one’s own trap.

“Do what you’re told. Do you really think my title as Dean is just a decoration?” Chi Cangsheng glared at him and didn’t hesitate at all to give him a kick.

It seemed to be a simple kick, yet Zuoqiu Jun was actually unable to avoid it at all. It struck fiercely onto him, causing him to let out a shrill howl while being blasted flying and falling on his face.

“Start drawing circles now. I’ll slap you if it isn’t round!” Chi Cangsheng spat fiercely, and when his saliva struck the ground, it actually broke open a bottomless hole.

All of them were greatly shocked by this scene, and they gasped without end. He acts and attacks without the slightest hesitation. This old fellow really deserves his reputation.

As for Zuoqiu Jun, he revealed a resentful expression while his body trembled as he crawled up. After that, he obediently squatted on the ground with a depressed expression before the tip of his finger shivered as it moved on the ground. Every time he finished drawing a circle, the embarrassment on his face would grow.

Chen Xi was greatly amused by this sight as well. This Chi Cangsheng’s actions are really unbelievable, and he’s unimaginable weird.

However, before Chen Xi could get too happy, Chi Cangsheng’s gloomy gaze had descended onto him in the next moment. Obviously, it was a rather ill gaze.

Chen Xi’s heart jerked, and he instantly became vigilant.

“Earlier, I asked whose performance in the inner court exam was the most outstanding, so why didn’t you stand out?” Chi Cangsheng kept his hands behind his back while he walked slowly before Chen Xi. His thin and short figure was barely at Chen Xi’s shoulders, yet it was precisely such a thin and frail figure that gave Chen Xi extreme pressure.

All the other’s gazes shot in succession towards Chen Xi when they saw this, and they sighed in their hearts. Sure enough, no one can avoid disaster in this ‘first class’ held by this old fellow.

“I don’t feel that I’m outstanding, so I didn’t stand out.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and acted indifferent as he replied in a calm tone.

“Oh?” Chi Cangsheng’s eyelids raised while a wisp of a cold light surged from his eyes as he sized Chen Xi up, and he gazed at Chen Xi to the point Chen Xi’s hairs stood on end before he said slowly, “If the first in the inner court exam isn’t outstanding, then what is outstanding? If you’re not outstanding, then what are all the brats around you? Trash?”

When he spoke up to here, Chi Cangsheng suddenly raised his voice and pointed at the tip of Chen Xi’s nose before he roared. “According to what you said, the inner court exam of my Dao Emperor Academy is trash, right?”

Chen Xi frowned, his eardrums were on the verge of being blasted apart, yet he endured it forcefully in the end and puckered his lips while remaining silent because this old fellow was obviously distorting logic and intentionally causing trouble.

“Since you know your mistake, then go draw circles as well.” When he saw that Chen Xi actually wouldn’t talk back when getting scolded, Chi Cangsheng’s eyes narrowed, and he waved his hand in the end while speaking impatiently.

Draw circles again…

Everyone was stunned. If news of this were to spread then asking the first amongst the new students and the first in the inner court exam, Chen Xi, to draw circles would affect the reputation of Dao Emperor Academy, right?

On the other hand, when Zuoqiu Jun who was squatted there while drawing circles heard this, the embarrassment on his face actually eased up greatly. He seemed to feel that if he were able to draw circles with Chen Xi, then even if news of it were to spread, most people would pay attention to Chen Xi and not him, Zuoqiu Jun.

“I refuse.” However, to the horror of everyone, Chen Xi actually refused without the slightest hesitation!

“You refuse? Very good! I love unyielding little fellows like you.” Chi Cangsheng suddenly started roaring with laughter as he said, “However, do you know the price you must pay to refuse me?”

Many of the other students were slightly stunned when this question was mentioned, and some matters of the past appeared in their minds. In the history of Dao Emperor Academy, there were many students who’d refused Chi Cangsheng’s unreasonable requests like Chen Xi had.

Chi Cangsheng would raise three extremely harsh and abnormal requirements towards this. So long as one succeeded in any one of these requirements, then one’s refusal was successful. Moreover, one could smoothly pass through his ‘first class.’

“Please provide me with your guidance, Senior.” Chen Xi had a calm expression, and he seemed immovable like a rock between surging undercurrents.

When he saw this, Chi Cangsheng’s eyes narrowed once more as he sized Chen Xi up briefly, and then he laughed coldly after a long time. “Very good. I noticed that I admire you even more little fellow. However, the precondition is that you’re prepared. If you’re unable to satisfy me, then the consequences will be worse than drawing circles.”

Chen Xi remained silent when faced with this, and he seemed calm and ready to risk everything.

This fellow is really being too unyielding. Allowing this old fellow to create trouble for him is probably going to be bad. Ji Xuanbing muttered in his heart, and he felt both worry and extreme admiration towards Chen Xi.

This old fellow probably won’t go too far. I heard Ancestor say that Chi Cangsheng’s actions against the students have deep meaning behind them. Perhaps all of this is within his plan? Zhao Mengli’s clear eyes glowed brightly and flowed with a sheen of wisdom while she seemed to be lost in thought.

As for the other students, some of them felt pity for Chen Xi, some took pleasure in his misfortune, some compared with Chen Xi encountered now and were worried about the ‘tempering’ they might receive later…

Chi Cangsheng didn’t hesitate any longer. He turned around and pointed towards the 300m tall stone stele in the distance and spoke coldly. “See that stone stele that records the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings? Go forward and determine your strength. You pass if you’re able to be ranked in the top thirty.”


Ascend into the top thirty of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings?

Everyone was greatly shocked in their hearts. Isn’t this a bit too harsh? There are eight hundred students at the Golden Immortal Realm within the inner court, and every single one of them passed through various exams to be selected from the outer court. The Golden Immortal Realm students in the outer court were far from being capable of comparing to them.

Moreover, those students that were able to be ranked on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings were top existences amongst inner court students. Presently, Chi Cangsheng actually asked a student that had just entered the inner court to ascend into the top thirty of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, and this requirement wasn’t just harsh, it was simply abnormal!

Instantly, everyone felt that Chi Cangsheng obviously didn’t intend to let go of his chance to ‘temper’ Chen Xi so easily.

Only the spirits of Zuoqiu Jun who squatted there while drawing circles was refreshed, and he slightly anticipated the consequences Chen Xi was about to face. Worse than drawing circles? What sort of ‘tempering’ would it be?

“If you dare get distracted again, then you can continue drawing here for three days and three nights.” Chi Cangsheng frowned as he swept Zuoqiu Jun with his gaze, causing Zuoqiu Jun to be terrified to the point the corners of his mouth shivered. He lowered his head and focused with an extremely embarrassed and humiliated expression, yet he didn’t dare get distracted again.

He drew circles hatefully while venomously cursing Chen Xi in his heart…

Chen Xi only frowned when faced with all of this, and then he directly walked forward. He arrived before the 300m tall stone stele and briefly sized up the stone stele that was suffused with hazy golden radiance, and then he took a deep breath and slowly clenched his fist together.


Strands of peerlessly thick Immortal Force rippled out from Chen Xi’s body like tempestuous waves, and it caused the surrounding air to fluctuate and surge intensely.

At this moment, Chen Xi had circulated his cultivation to the limit. His entire body emanated a myriad of strands of golden radiance, causing him to seem as if he was bathed in brilliant divine flames, and he seemed to possess an arrogant and imposing aura.

He…actually really intends to charge up onto the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings!

The eyes of everyone squinted when they saw this, and besides feeling shocked they focused their gazes over in unison.

Chi Cangsheng’s eyes narrowed while a thought provoking arc appeared on the corners of his mouth. I keep hearing how others say this kid is extraordinary. I’ll see for myself today if he’s as formidable as the rumors say. If he isn’t able to fulfil the requirements… Hmph! That kid can only blame himself for being unworthy of his reputation!


At this moment, Chen Xi’s fist was suffused with five colored divine radiance that was blazing to the point of seeming material, and then it carried peerless might as it smashed fiercely onto the 300m tall stone stele, causing a deafening bang to resound.

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