Chapter 1270 – Making Every Second Count

The nine cauldrons soared into the sky. The ancient cauldrons were inscribed with the patterns of mountains, rivers, the sun, the moon, and so on and so forth. Every single cauldron was different from the other yet complemented each other as if they were from the same whole.

“This is the Divine Artifact that guarded the world. During the beginning before the three dimensions had been formed, there was only a single world, and these nine ancient cauldrons were created to hold down the karmic luck of the world.” The tiny cauldron explained. “Unfortunately, the gods, sages, Fiendgods, and various sects fought for supremacy at that time, causing the whole world to be covered in chaos. After that, the three dimensions were formed, and it drew down the curtains to the endless wars.”

Chen Xi listened to the tiny cauldron explain secrets from the primordial times while sizing up the nine ancient cauldrons that floated in midair, and he sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart.

All along his path until now, he’d heard countless legends related to the primordial times, yet he was still unable to restrain his hot blood from surging every single time he heard it.

To the entire three dimensions, it was an ancient and savage period where wars erupted frequently, and the flames of war spread far and wide. The world was in chaos, and the myriad of living beings in the world could only struggle to survive.

But to the cultivators, it was the most glorious and resplendent part of history in the cultivation world, and it was the period of time that others yearned for the most. There were Chaotic Fiendgods howling through the heavens and the earth, primeval gods launching expeditions throughout the world, great sages discussing the Dao… It was also that period of time that countless extraordinary figures and legendary overlords had been born.

For example, the Dark Parasol Tree, the Ant Exalt, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, the five Primeval Emperors, the twelve Shaman Ancestors… Even though their figures couldn’t be traced back in time, yet their influence still existed until now.

“Do you remember my inheritance?” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly and interrupted Chen Xi’s thoughts.

“Of course. The Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form.” When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi was suddenly stunned, and he said with surprise, “This cultivation technique wouldn’t be related to the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons, right?”

The tiny cauldron didn’t deny it and said slowly, “All those years ago, Emperor Yu didn’t create the nine cauldrons to reside in the nine continents during the primordial times, and it was just for the sake of tempering his Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form. However, when he attained the peak of the Grand Dao, he has no use for this treasure any longer. Thus, he utilized it to hold down the karmic luck of the nine continents, allowing the myriads of living beings in the world to avoid various natural calamities and man-made disasters.”

“Later on, when the three dimensions were formed, Emperor Yu took back the nine cauldrons and headed to the Outerealm Battlefield with it to resist the great figures of the Xeno-race. In the end…” When it spoke up to here, the tiny cauldron’s voice stopped, and it seemed to be unwilling to mention this part of the past.

However, Chen Xi knew everything since a long time ago, he’d just never expected that the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons were actually created specially for the sake of cultivating the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Forms.

No wonder my clone has always been stuck at the first level while cultivating this cultivation technique. Even though the method is correct, it lacks the assistance of an external force, thus it’s naturally extremely difficult to cultivate. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and his heart burned with yearning as he said, “Senior, since it’s like that, then can that clone of mine rely on this treasure to cultivate?”

“Of course. From today onwards, let your clone cultivate by my side,” The tiny cauldron said with a tone that carried a trace of criticism, “If you continue wasting your clone just like you’re doing now, then you’re truly wasting god’s given gifts.”

Chen Xi was embarrassed. Indeed, since he possessed his clone, it had always been in closed door cultivation within the world of stars, cultivating, or helping him deal with miscellaneous affairs like purifying spirit materials, accepting assignments, and various other things.

Of course, this was because he felt that his main body was sufficient to deal with all trouble, and he’d taken his clone to be a secret trump card. If he were to encounter danger that could threaten his life, then even if his main body perished, he would at least have his clone as a way out.

“Work hard in your cultivation. The Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons are even more formidable than Void Grade Immortal Artifacts, and it’s a Divine Artifact that even Immortal Kings covet. Unfortunately, your cultivation is insufficient, so you’re utterly unable to utilize it, whereas I’m restricted by my cultivation that hasn’t been restored, so I can only utilize it to assist your clone in cultivating the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form…” As it finished speaking, the tiny cauldron seemed to feel extreme regret for the Nine Continent Divine Cauldron.

Chen Xi was greatly shocked in succession instead. An existence that surpasses Void Grade Immortal Artifacts? A Divine Artifact that even Immortal Kings covet? If I advance into the Immortal King Realm, then merely relying on this cauldron would be sufficient for me to sweep through all the experts of the Zuoqiu Clan, right?

“Stop dreaming. You need to make the best use of your time to cultivate diligently now, otherwise, if others find out the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons are in your possession. Hmph! Hmph!” The tiny cauldron struck a blunt blow at Chen Xi, allowing him to recognize reality clearly.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly and shrugged while he sighed endlessly in his heart. It isn’t just the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons, the Dao Calamity Sword, Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword, River Diagram fragments, and even the Dao Insights of Paramita and Oblivion in my possession can’t be exposed in public!

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi actually felt slightly depressed, and he even recalled the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush that was being kept safe for him in the Netherworld. They were similarly taboos that couldn’t be exposed.

All of this was because the strength he possessed was far insufficient!

I’ll get there soon. I’ve only entered the Immortal Dimension for a few years, yet I’ve already advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm. I believe it won’t be long before I’ll definitely be able to advance into a higher realm and grasp even stronger might! Chen Xi took a deep breath while his mind calmed down completely, and the space between his brows was filled with a firm expression.

In the following days, Chen Xi constantly resided within his abode. He didn’t cultivate anxiously, and he ordered and planned his cultivation plan for the future. Preparation never slows down execution.

As for his clone, it was taken into the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons by the tiny cauldron. Within the cauldron was a world of its own, and it was nine worlds that were linked together. Every single world had a different use, and it carried extreme benefits towards the cultivation of the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form.

If his time wasn’t limited, Chen Xi desired to enter the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons to take a look because he wanted to know exactly what miraculous effects lied within. Of course, it was only a desire of his.

After all, his main body and clone were like his right and left hand. If he wanted to find out everything his clone had experienced, then it was only a thought away.

However, he didn’t have the mood to pay attention to all of this now.


Numerous extremely rare immortal materials of high quality were spread out, and then Chen Xi picked and chose them before finally placing them within the Buddha’s Pagoda according to type.

He’d obtained these immortal materials from the Outerealm Battlefield. However, they were rare and precious when compared to the immortal materials Chen Xi had sold in the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, so he naturally didn’t have the heart to sell them all.

I heard that I can exchange various rare items into Starpoints within the Starpoint Hall. I should make some time to go have a look. It’s a pity to sell these immortal materials for money, but I can use them to gain Starpoints instead. According to Chen Xi’s plan, if he utilized these rare immortal materials that were practically extinct in the three dimensions to gain Starpoints in exchange, then it would probably be a shocking amount of Starpoints.

Presently, the Starpoints within his Violet Ribbon Starcrest had barely passed 10,000,000 in total, and the reason was that he’d obtained 8,000,000 Starpoints in one go from obtaining the first position during the inner court exam!

Coupled with the Starpoints he’d accumulated in the past, he’d gathered an entire 10,300,000 plus Starpoints. Of course, he was still extremely far away from his objective to exchange 180,000,000 Starpoints for the River Diagram fragment.

Even if it was to exchange for the Chaos Quintessence Fragment that was worth 160,000,000 Starpoints, the Starpoints he possessed were far from being sufficient.

Presently, my clone is cultivating the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form by the tiny cauldron’s side, so the method of accepting assignments in the Dao of Talismans to earn Starpoints can only be stopped, and I have to rely on my own hard work for all of this…

However, there’s no rush. I’ll enter the inner court first before thinking about it. At that time, there ought to be even more assignments which reward even more generous amounts of Starpoints for me to accept.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and put this matter aside for now. After that, he started to deal with other things, and he simply didn’t stop or slack off for a moment.

He didn’t have much time at all, but Chen Xi really enjoyed this sort of feeling. It was as if he’d returned to his youth when he was a Talisman Crafting Apprentice. His life was difficult, yet it was extremely rich.

To Chen Xi, the meaning of cultivation was none other than five words — Not spending time in vain!

Perhaps it was precisely the tempering he’d received during that difficult period in his youth that allowed Chen Xi to never slack off or feel satisfied all along his path of cultivation until this day.

I only lack the wings of a Phoenix to refine the Flame God Fan. I have to find the time to pay a visit to Zhao Mengli and find out what sort of price I have to pay in order to obtain this treasure from that Senior Phoenix in the academy.

Presently, I possess the Cloudbook Seven Techniques, but there’s no rush to refine and repair the Buddha’s Pagoda and Calamity Ward Green Lantern because I have no use for them for now. It wouldn’t be too late to complete it when I’m free.

The important matter at hand is to comprehend the Origin Bone of the Yin Yang Fish King. If I’m able to grasp the Dao Insights of Light and Darkness from within it, then I’ll naturally be able to condense the Laws of Taichi, a rare Allheaven Divine Crest. At that time, my combat strength will definitely obtain an enormous increase…

Just like that, he planned out everything he had to do like peeling the skin off a cocoon, and just differentiating the order he had to complete them utilized a great deal of Chen Xi’s time.

As for various other miscellaneous and trivial matters, he couldn’t be bothered about them.

It was impossible to do everything flawlessly on the path of cultivation, and perhaps flaws conformed the most to the original intent of the Heaven Dao.


Within the abode, the over 1m long Yin Yang Fish King’s Origin Bone that was partially dark like the night sky and partially snow white like day floated in midair. It was branded with dense and complicated glowing golden bone markings, and they were interwoven together to form expanses of profound bone markings. They were like numerous ancient patterns that were revealed in midair and emanated strands of the energy of the Grand Dao of Light and Darkness.

Darkness was born from Yin.

Light sprouted from Yang.

Yin and Yang complemented and aided each other. Light and Darkness fused together and Taichi was born.

This was the true essence of the Grand Dao that came from within the Yin Yang Fish King’s Origin Bone. This variant beast of the primeval times was born within the Grand Dao, and if it wasn’t for the tomb of the primeval Emperor Yu, it was utterly impossible to find Yin Yang Fish any longer.

This bone was so valuable that its value even surpassed the bone of a Roc that contained the Devour Dao Insight or the bone of a Phoenix that contained the Undying Dao Insight.

The reason was held in the Grand Dao of Taichi. It contained the profundities of the Grand Daos of Yin, Yang, Light, and Darkness, and it was an extremely formidable and rare Golden Immortal Law.

Chen Xi held his breath in concentration while his mind and soul was immersed within it. He comprehended it calmly while his expression remained calm as an ancient well, and he’d fallen into a deep state of comprehension.

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