Chapter 127 – Daoist Wen Xuan

Chapter 127 – Daoist Wen Xuan

Grand Ancestor Wen Xuan?

On the way here, Chen Xi had already found out that Liu Zhang was an Inner Court disciple with mediocre natural talent, yet at this moment, he called this learned and refined middle aged man as Grand Ancestor. Wouldn’t that mean that the seniority of this person was even greater than the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect?

After all, the great Rebirth Realm cultivator, Ling Du, that was respectfully addressed as Ancestor by the cultivation world was only the Senior Brother of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master!

At this moment, Chen Xi was indeed stunned.

In the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, disciples were divided into Outer Court Disciples, Inner Court Disciples and Elite Disciples. There were 10,000 plus Outer Court Disciples, and the Inner Court Disciples numbered over 1,000. There were only 36 Elite Disciples, and Yan Qingni was one of them.

The numerous Elders above the disciples were of similar seniority. There was no differentiation between Outer Court and Inner Court. Because of their different abilities, however, they were instead divided into Guidance Elders, Enforcement Elders, Refinement Elders, Medicinal Pill Elders… There were more than 100 of them. The elder with the lowest strength amongst them was at the Golden Hall Realm, and the highest like Ancestor Ling Du had already attained the Rebirth Realm.

With the information he’d learned from Du Qingxi’s group of three, Chen Xi was extremely clear about the composition of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s forces. However, at this moment, the sudden appearance of a fellow that had a seniority that was even higher than the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master had naturally caused him to be greatly shocked.

Most importantly, Wen Xuan had completely suppressed him with only his aura. This caused Chen Xi to instantly understand that this person was probably an existence that was an old monster of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

“Don’t be nervous, Chen Hao is my disciple. I naturally wouldn’t harm him.” The refined, learned, and handsome Wen Xuan spoke warmly, and his expression was warm and affable.

As he spoke, Chen Xi felt his body become light and the terrifying pressure from the surroundings vanished instantly.

Chen Xi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Truthfully speaking, Wen Xuan’s unfathomable cultivation caused him to be unable to arouse the thought of resistance, as this was an enormous gap in cultivation. With his current cultivation, even if he utilized the Grand Astral Palm, it would still be utterly impossible for him to injure Wen Xuan.

Subsequently, he suddenly reacted to the meaning in Wen Xuan’s words, and he was fiercely shocked in his heart. This fellow is Chen Hao’s Master? But why did he exile Chen Hao to this Dragonhell Peak?

Seeming to have discerned Chen Xi’s thoughts, Wen Xuan fanner the feather fan in his hand and said emotionally, “An unpolished jade can’t be made into anything. Hao’er’s natural talent is the best I’ve seen, but if I want to unearth all his potential, then I must fiercely temper his heart and cause him to be persistent, tenacious, devoted, and resolute towards the sword. Only then would he be able to walk faster on the path of the sword, and not come to the extent of being lost midway in the devil that is the pursuit of strength.”

“So, Senior is tempering Chen Hao?” Chen Xi frowned as he spoke.

“Exactly. If one wants to control strength, then one must first lose strength. Suffer infinite torture and pain in a hopeless situation and use this to temper his Sword Heart. The saying destroy before establishing is exactly so. I’ve put shackles on his True Essence, didn’t give him food, and let him struggle in the intense cold for the sake of him possessing a Sword Heart that never gave up.” Wen Xuan said with a happy expression, “You saw it earlier as well. Chen Hao didn’t use a trace of True Essence and only relied on his comprehension of the Sword Dao, yet was able to use a tree branch to exert a matchless sword energy that was vast like the ocean. This is the transformation of the Sword Heart, and when he attains an Enlightened Sword Heart, he can leave this place and advance towards the supreme Sword Dao!”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, but his brows were still tightly frowned as he shook his head and said, “His body is already moving to the verge of collapse, his meridians are blocked up, apertures destroyed, Dantian dried-up, and the vitality of his flesh and blood have been consumed to limit. Even if you use up various medicinal pills to nurse him, I’m afraid it will still be difficult for him to recover. What’s the use of the state of his heart being any stronger? If I still don’t take him away, he probably wouldn’t even be alive.”

“I’ve already found a Watersoul Embryo, I just have to reconstruct a body for him.” Wen Xuan said with regret, “I originally intended to find some treasures that contained the soul of the five elements of nature to help Hao’er reconstruct his body, but unfortunately, treasures like that are too rare, and they can only be found by chance, but not sought after.”

Chen Xi didn’t know what a Watersoul Embryo was, but when he heard the words the soul of the five elements of nature, he abruptly recalled. Isn’t there a Goldsoul Lotus Fruit within my Dantian?

This Goldsoul Lotus Fruit was obtained by him in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain’s sword immortal’s abode. Chen Xi had always not known what it was, and he’d only heard Ji Yu said that it was a goldsoul treasure born from the five elements of nature that were extremely rare, even in the primordial era. As for its use, he didn’t know a thing.

Could it be that this thing is related to reconstructing the body?

Chen Xi’s heart thumped and he asked right away. “May I ask Senior, amongst the treasures that contain the soul of the five elements of nature, can the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit reconstruct the body?”

“Goldsoul Lotus Fruit?!” Wen Xuan’s body went stiff as he cried out involuntarily. At this moment, he didn’t have a trace of his learned and refined bearing, and the shock the words Goldsoul Lotus Fruit caused his heart could be seen from this.

Chen Xi instead felt that this reaction was normal. After all, when Ji Yu saw this fruit, he’d lost his composure as well. No matter how high Wen Xuan’s cultivation was, how could it compare to Ji Yu, who’d lived for a million years?

“Excuse my loss of composure, but if Little Brother really possesses this treasure, then I’m completely able to help Chen Hao reconstruct a Goldsoul Body!” Wen Xuan had really he’d slightly lost his composure as well, and he restrained his thoughts right away before saying slowly. “During the primordial era, some almighty figures with extraordinary cultivation would gather items of the five elements of nature to temper them into their second Soul Core or a clone. Moreover, the items of the five elements of nature are innately pure to the extreme and are from the quintessence energy of the heaven and earth, and they’re able to acutely examine the profundity of the Grand Dao. When used to cultivate, they have an unbelievably beneficial effect and are extremely miraculous.”

“Amongst the items of the five elements of nature, the soul lotus fruits was the most wondrous. Lotuses are items that were developed by a trace of the vitality of the heaven and earth, and they’re the most superior treasures for reconstructing the body. Whereas amongst the soul lotuses of the five elements, the soul lotus that possesses the greatest value for a sword cultivator to reconstruct the body would be the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit, without a doubt!” Wen Xuan stared at Chen Xi with a burning gaze as he said, “Now, you understand the value of the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit, right?”

Chen Xi nodded. At this moment, he’d finally understood why Ji Yu would say that day that if he lost the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit, he would regret it for his entire lifetime. The Goldsoul Lotus Fruit was indeed a heaven defying treasure that would cause the minds of anyone who saw it to become vulnerable!

“Alright, I’ve told you everything I should. Leave your younger brother here. If I let him leave now, not to mention all my efforts would be wasted, it’s extremely detrimental to your younger brother’s growth, and that would be too much of a pity.” Wen Xuan smiled warmly.

“Senior, you know my identity?” Chen Xi said in astonishment.

“Yes, I just guessed it.” Wen Xuan nodded. “I’ve heard Hao’er mention you more than one time. Now that I’ve met you, I can see that you’re indeed a talented person that’s difficult to come by.”

“Senior, you flatter me.” Chen Xi was firmly convinced now that this person ought to be Chen Hao’s Master. Otherwise, with this person’s terrifying cultivation, this person would absolutely not talk so much with him.

“Flatter?” Wen Xuan broke into laughter. “Since thousands of years ago, you’re the only person that was able to avoid the Sect Guarding Sword Formation of my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect without anyone noticing. This isn’t an undeserved praise.”

It was at this moment—


A sound of something tearing through the sky sounded out from the distant horizon, then a handsome young man in white clothes stood on a flying sword as he floated over.

“Grand Ancestor Wen Xuan?” This person saw Wen Xuan on the peak of the mountain from afar, and he was stunned before hurriedly descending to the peak and bowing. “Disciple Su Chan greets Grand Ancestor Wen Xuan!”

As expected!

The Su Clan’s movement is really swift. If I was a step later, wouldn’t Chen Hao have been captured by him?

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he suddenly looked at Su Chan.

Whereas at this moment, Su Chan noticed the nearby Chen Xi as well. Especially when he saw Chen Hao who was on Chen Xi’s back, he instantly understood in his heart that he was a step too late.

Most puzzling to him was... Grand Ancestor Wen Xuan seems… Seems to know Chen Xi and Chen Hao?

If it’s really like this, then it’ll be troublesome to take Chen Hao away!

Instantly, countless thoughts flashed within Su Chan’s mind, but he was a person with extremely swift reactions, and his face immediately sank as he shouted out explosively at Chen Xi. “Who are you? You actually dare trespass into my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect?”

Chen Xi laughed coldly without end in his heart, and he hid his understanding and pretended to be a fool. Questioning me like this? Don’t you just want to sound out the relationship between me and Wen Xuan? Members of the Su Clan are all deep schemers as expected.

“He’s the elder brother of my disciple, and he trespassed here because he was worried about his younger brother’s safety, so it can be considered to be unintentional. I’ve already forgiven him.” Wen Xuan glanced at Su Chan with deep meaning hidden within his gaze and spoke in a warm voice.

“What!? Why is it like this?” Su Chan was unable to maintain his composure any longer, and his face went pale as he cried out involuntarily. “Chen Hao is your disciple?”

At this moment, Su Chan’s heart was heavy to an unprecedented extent. If it’s really like Grand Ancestor Wen Xuan says, then wouldn’t Chen Hao have become my Martial Uncle?

If I still dare look for trouble with him, I’m afraid… Even Master will be unable to protect me, right?

Why is it like this?

Su Chan’s heart was in turmoil as he suddenly felt that the person his clan wanted to take revenge on seemed to be impossible to kill any longer. Not only that, it was absolutely impossible for them to look for trouble with Chen Hao in the future. Because a terrifying existence like Grand Ancestor Wen Xuan stood behind him!

How could Wen Xuan have known that countless thoughts would emerge in Su Chan’s heart because of a single thing he said? He was only slightly dissatisfied with Su Chan’s attitude, and he said with a frown, “What? Would I deceive a junior like you?”

“Grand Ancestor, you’ve misunderstood. Disciple is just too surprised. You’ve been in closed door cultivation in the rear mountain for a thousand years, and this disciple has never heard of you taking a disciple, so I couldn’t help but be slightly shocked for some time.” Su Chan hurriedly shook his head without end. How could he care question Wen Xuan, who was a terrifying existence than was senior to his own Master, Ancestor Ling Du? No matter how great courage he possessed, he wouldn’t dare do this.

“I know of everything you did in the past, including you joining together with other Elite Disciples to suggest that the Sect Master exile my disciple here. I’ve noticed all of it. The only reason I didn’t stand out and stop it was because I felt it was a dispute between you juniors, and it was not worth interfering in.” Wen Xuan looked at Su Chan and sighed. “But now it would seem that my thoughts were too simple.”

Grand Ancestor knows everything already?

Su Chan’s heart shook, and his back was instantly drenched with cold sweat. When he thought of how the person he wanted to capture was his Martial Uncle in name, he felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit, and his entire body went cold.

“You can leave. You’re not allowed to take a single step out of Soarsky Peak for 10 years. Otherwise, I’ll surely not let you off.” Wen Xuan waved his hand as he spoke.

“Yes, Grand Ancestor.” Su Chan’s voice was exceedingly bitter as he turned around and left in dejection. From the beginning until the end, he didn’t take a single glance at Chen Xi again.

“Are you satisfied with the outcome of how I handled this?” Wen Xuan looked at Chen Xi and grinned as he spoke.

“Truthfully speaking, I’m slightly dissatisfied. You’re protecting him. At least, if I want to kill him, I have to wait for ten years.” Chen Xi said helplessly.

“Hahaha, as the saying goes, understanding of worldly wisdom is true knowledge. This perceptive ability of yours is extremely outstanding.” Wen Xuan laughed endlessly towards the sky, and he didn’t mind Chen Xi’s slightly dissatisfied attitude in the slightest.

“Come, I’ll take you to see someone.” As Wen Xuan spoke, his figure flashed to swiftly tear through the sky, and his speed was so fast, it was as if he was teleporting.

Not even giving me the chance to refuse. This Master of Chen Hao’s looks to be warm like the wind, yet in his bones, he’s extremely overbearing and unreasonable! Chen Xi sighed in his heart. When he saw Wen Xuan’s figure soon to vanish, he didn’t dare hesitate any longer and executed his Divine Windwing Flight right away. With a whoosh, he chased closely behind.

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