Chapter 1269 – Make The Best Use Of Every Second

The air within the private room still carried a trace of the piercingly cold and thick fragrance from the wine, and it was intoxicating.

Xuanyuan Yun, Madman Liu, and Qi Xiaoyu were slightly dazed instead. Exactly what happened earlier? Where’s that figure that formed out of thin air? Why has it disappeared?

“She’s gone.” Chen Xi gave a simple explanation when he noticed their confusion. Actually, even he hadn’t figured out exactly what ability that woman who called herself Dian Dian had utilized to isolate the senses of Xuanyuan Yun and the others.

“She’s gone?” Xuanyuan Yun was stunned. He was just about to speak when he noticed Chen Xi’s brows knit together tightly, and he instantly went silent because there were some things that he was better off not asking about.

“Let’s go as well.”

At this point, he'd lost all of his interest in this meal, and Chen Xi wasn’t willing to stay here any longer.

Xuanyuan Yun, Madman Liu, and Qi Xiaoyu naturally had no objections. They immediately stood up along with Chen Xi and left the private room.

However, right when they’d just walked out of the room, a group of people walked straight towards them.

The person in the lead was a tall young man who wore an ordinary and loose robe, had dense long hair that touched his shoulder, and had a rugged appearance. He walked with powerful strides, and as his eyes opened and closed, his gaze seemed like electricity that was peerlessly terrifying.

Surprisingly, Meng Tong’s group were following closely behind the rugged young man. All of them had bruised faces and gloomy expressions. Especially when they saw Chen Xi and the others walking out of the private room, their gazes even surged with a wisp of resentment.

“Hmm?” The young man stopped while his gaze swept towards Chen Xi like a bolt of cold lightning. He seemed to have recognized Chen Xi, causing his dense and ink black brows to knit together.

At the same time, Xuanyuan Yun was shocked as well, and he quickly sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi. “This fellow is Meng Qi, that fellow at the 30th position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings of the inner court. We bashed up his companions earlier, so he has probably come to get revenge.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and his gaze shot imperceptibly over to size up Meng Qi. Chen Xi noticed Meng Qi had a heavy aura that faintly revealed a wisp of iron blooded ferocity. Obviously, he was an extraordinary existence that had experienced many battles.

These students of the inner court really are extraordinary. Merely such an aura is something no one in the outer court can compare to. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

However, Meng Qi wasn’t capable enough to arouse fear in Chen Xi, so he immediately intended to leave.

“You still intend to leave? Fucking stand right there!”

“Big Brother Meng Qi, it was these fellows. If they didn’t stop us, then we’d have captured that little thief a long time ago!”

“Dammit! That thief actually took away a jar of wine that we intended to offer specially to Big Brother Meng Qi. We would have been able to capture the thief, yet these fellows messed it up!”

When they saw Chen Xi actually didn’t spare them a glance and intended to leave. Meng Tong and the others were instantly unable to refrain themselves, and they charged out to block Chen Xi’s path while berating endlessly in a fierce tone.

A jar of wine got taken away? Chen Xi was stunned, and then he muttered to himself. That wine the woman called Dian Dian gave me to drink wouldn’t be the wine these fellows intended to present to Meng Qi, right?

“What? All of you haven’t had enough? Your skin is starting to itch again?” Xuanyuan Yun laughed coldly and couldn’t be bothered to spare a glance to Meng Tong and the others. He directly shot his gaze towards Meng Qi, and his expressions was cold while revealing an undisguised provoking expression.

Meng Qi frowned when he saw this, and he stopped the others from speaking with a wave of his hand before he said calmly, “I never expected that it was two Junior Brothers having a meal here. It seems to have been impolite of me.”

Junior Brothers? The others behind Meng Qi were stunned before they revealed shocked expressions as they finally came to an understanding. So they were actually students of Dao Emperor Academy, no wonder they dared to act so arrogantly.

“Since you know you’ve been impolite, then why are you still standing there? Could it be that all of you came over in a threatening manner to apologize?” Xuanyuan Yun was unforgiving.

Meng Tong and the others revealed furious expressions because even though the three of them were from the same academy, but a younger student daring to speak arrogantly to a senior was going too far!

Meng Qi didn’t mind at all, or perhaps, he’d directly and calmly disregarded Xuanyuan Yun, and he moved his gaze onto Chen Xi and sized Chen Xi up briefly before he said, “I heard Junior Brother Chen Xi entered the inner court this time as the first in the exam. Now that I’ve met you, you really deserve your reputation.”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “You’re too kind.”

Meng Qi still remained calm when facing this, and he just changed the topic and said abruptly, “However, the inner court is unlike the outer court. Junior Brother has already offended the Zuoqiu Clan, and as a Senior Brother, I have to remind you that you should be careful when you enter the inner court because the higher they are, the harder they fall.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced deeply at Chen Xi before turning and leaving.

Meng Tong and the others were stunned as they never imagined that it would actually end like this. This caused them to be extremely disgruntled, yet when they thought about how they weren’t a match for Chen Xi, they could only glare resentfully at Chen Xi and the others before quickly following behind Meng Qi.

“Big Brother Meng Qi, we’re just going to let it go like that?”

“We planned and prepared for a long time before purchasing that wine with great difficulty from a grandmaster in wine brewing. We’re truly a bit too disgruntled that it has been stolen.”

“Alas, stop it. Haven’t all of you noticed that Big Brother Meng Qi has already made a decision?” In the distance, the voice of Meng Tong and the others could still be heard faintly.

“These bastards weren’t even able to enter Dao Emperor Academy. If it wasn’t for them relying on Meng Qi, then I wouldn’t be surnamed Xuanyuan if I allowed any one of them to step foot out of here!” They were disgruntled and so was Xuanyuan Yun, and he grunted coldly. Even though he spoke fiercely, it was obvious that he was fearful of Meng Qi.

Chen Xi smiled instead as he watched Meng Qi and the others leave, and he said indifferently, “Let’s leave as well.”

Xuanyuan Yun nodded, and then he couldn’t help but frown as he said, “Why do I feel that Meng Qi had ill intent in the last things he said?”

“It’s the inner court. The competition there is naturally even more brutal than the outer court. However, if he intends to come bully me, then it’s him who should be careful.” Chen Xi spoke calmly. There was no emotion or resolution in his voice, yet it naturally revealed a strand of absolute superiority and confidence.

On that same day, Chen Xi and Xuanyuan Yun sent Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu to the Xuanyuan Clan’s residence in Darkombat City. Chen Xi was finally completely at ease when he saw the Xuanyuan Clan really had arranged a superb place of cultivation that was heavily guarded for Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu, and he turned around and left.

Dao Emperor Academy, within the Emperor Grade Abode on Vastcloud Mountain.

As soon as he returned, Chen Xi couldn’t help but let out a long sigh before sitting on the ground.

Too many things had occurred today. He’d just returned from the Outerealm Battlefield when he received a transmission jade slip, and then he headed to Misty Immortal Continent with Xuanyuan Yun. He rescued Qi Xiaoyu, trespassed into the Soulsmelt Mining Area with anger, and then rescued his Master, Madman Liu, before finally being provoked by the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan in Darkombat City…

When he thought that he could properly accompany Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu, the companions of the inner court student, Meng Qi, caused trouble for him. Originally, he intended to make peace and resolve the matter, yet he never expected that a woman called Dian Dian would appear abruptly. Not only had she exposed his identity as a disciple of Oracle Mountain, she even intended for him to cooperate with her one year from now in order to obtain a River Diagram fragment as a reward…

In short, simply too many things had occurred today, and it caused Chen Xi to feel slightly exhausted. His mind was in chaos, and he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

Fortunately, I’ll officially step into the inner court in a few days, and it can be considered to be taking a load off my mind. Chen Xi started thinking about his future path.

Relying on his position as the first in the inner court exam, it was sufficient for him to easily enter the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds three years from now and find the inheritance of the Dao Emperor within it.

Now, he naturally had to earn sufficient Starpoints because in this way, so long as he obtained the inheritance of the Dao Emperor, he would be able to purchase a River Diagram fragment in one go.

Of course, all of this was established upon the fact that he was able to obtain the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

Besides this, he had to cultivate diligently because if he was able to break through once more within a year and advance into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, then he could choose to cooperate with that mysterious woman, Dian Dian, and obtain another River Diagram fragment from her.

However, Chen Xi still maintained extreme calm and vigilance towards this matter, and even if he was able to cooperate with her a year from now, he would make sufficient preparations beforehand so as to avoid encountering any disaster.

Oh, I have to find the time to pay Zuoqiu Taiwu a visit as well and ask him about the Zuoqiu Clan. However, there’s no rush to do this, and I can casually find the time to pay a visit to him after entering the inner court. I presume that with his identity as a head instructor of the inner court, he probably wouldn’t refuse my visit. As he continuously thought about everything, Chen Xi realized that he had many things to do, whereas he seemed to have less and less time.

A million years is too long, all I seek is to make the best use of my time. Chen Xi shrugged while laughing bitterly, yet he was clearly aware in his heart that as the pressure upon him increased, it would indirectly prove that he was getting closer and closer to his target.

For example, rescuing his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, or finding out about the enmity between the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and Misty Immortal Mountain…

If it was in the past, he was just persisting continuously while it was uncertain if he would be able to accomplish it. Yet it was different now. He’d gained a foothold in the Immortal Dimension and possessed a formidable strength, so the tiny hope he had in the past was growing clearer and clearer, closer and closer.

It was just as it was said, only with eternal persistence would hope appear before one’s door.

Unfortunately, my strength is far insufficient, and I have to make the best use of my time to cultivate! After that, a wisp of a firm expression surged onto Chen Xi’s face. When his objective grew closer and closer, his hopes of success grew greater and greater, and pressure assaulted him in the face, the only thing he could do now was continue working hard and persisting on his path.

Because this path was too dangerous, and it wouldn’t tolerate any mistakes, slack, or weakness!

“Huff! I’ve finally succeeded.” Right at this moment, the tiny cauldron spoke abruptly with a slightly relaxed and happy tone.

“What did you succeed in?” Chen Xi was stunned while his thoughts were interrupted.

“It’s naturally the refinement of the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons. Here, have a look. Even though you can’t utilize them with your current cultivation, it’s an essential treasure to cultivate the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form.” As it spoke, the tiny cauldron’s body emanated the radiance of divinity. In the next moment, a strand of strange ringing of cauldrons drifted and spread through the abode, and Chen Xi could faintly notice that within the beautiful and hazy radiance was nine ancient bronze cauldrons that floated up into the air…

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