Chapter 1268 – A Treasure In Return

Her voice was like the sound of nature, clear, melodious, gentle, and moving. It was intoxicating to the bone. The light violet rain of light swayed through the air as it gradually formed into a figure that was graceful, slender, beautiful, and otherworldly.

Even Chen Xi who was accustomed to seeing various beautiful women since long ago was slightly dazed at this moment because this woman was truly too matchlessly beautiful.

After that, Chen Xi frowned as he noticed that no matter if it was Xuanyuan Yun, Madman Liu, or Qi Xiaoyu, all of them seemed as if their souls had left their body, and they were stunned on the spot as if they were in deep sleep.

“What’re you doing?” Chen Xi was suddenly shocked in his heart while his voice carried a strand of the tune of the Dao, and it drifted out with the intention of waking Xuanyuan Yun and the others up, yet it was to no avail.

“Don’t worry, they’re just unable to hear us for now.” The beautiful woman that appeared in the corner smiled lightly before casually sitting at the other side of the table, and she picked up an exquisite jar of wine and took a sniff before she frowned and said, “This wine can only be considered to be ordinary. It doesn’t carry any fragrance.”

“Oh.” Chen Xi stared at her with a calm expression while he was extremely vigilant in his heart because this woman had appeared here soundlessly, and if it wasn’t for the Eye of Divine Truth, he would have almost been unable to notice her.

Moreover, she actually soundlessly isolated Xuanyuan Yun and the others upon making an appearance. Such ability was even more terrifying, and this obviously showed that this woman was extremely formidable!

The woman had a beautiful appearance, a graceful and slender figure, jet black hair that fluttered, a round forehead that was fair and smooth, eyes that flickered with wisdom, willow leaf shaped brows, lively black eyes, and otherworldly beauty.

“Try the wine I brought.” The woman puckered her cherry lips lightly and formed a wisp of a grin before she flipped her fair hand, causing a jade white jar to appear. She tilted the jar slightly and wine that was like green amber flowed from within it and into the wine tankard before Chen Xi.

Instantly, an intoxication fragrance rose from it, and it seemed as if it could seep into the depths of one’s bones.

Chen Xi inhaled a mouthful of it, and he acutely noticed that the energy contained within this wine was actually extremely thick. Just its fragrance made the vital energy in his entire body become lively, and it wasn’t inferior to a peerless immortal herb.

“The wine can be drunk later. I’m just curious. With Miss’s ability, avoiding capture by those people should be easy, so why did you just happen to come to this room?” Chen Xi gazed at the woman with a calm expression while the depths of his eyes seemed to be still like an ancient well. This woman was unique indeed, her bearing was divine and lively while she carried otherworldly beauty, yet every single move and action she made carried a strand of extreme natural charm. She was like the product of the fusion between a celestial maiden and a siren, and it was very unique.

Most importantly, he felt the woman before him was extremely dangerous. Up until now, he wasn’t able to see through her strength, and this caused him to be rather vigilant.

“Oh, not a single disciple from your Oracle Mountain is as cowardly as you are.” The woman suddenly smiled sweetly, revealing jade white teeth, and she seemed beautiful and enchanting. Moreover, her voice carried a trace of a teasing tone as she said, “Could it be that you’re worried that I would eat you up?”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart because it was the first time someone had exposed his identity since he started cultivating!

This woman wouldn’t be an heir of Nuwa’s Dao Palace or the Sovereign Sect, right? Chen Xi quickly pondered in his mind while he said calmly, “Miss, you can try and see if I’m cowardly.”

At the same time, he was even more confident that this woman seemed to have come specially for him!

“Oh, how can I determine how brave you are?” The woman spoke curiously while her red cherry lips parted lightly, and she revealed a strangely enchanting expression.

Chen Xi didn’t speak any further when he heard this. After staying silent for a long time, Chen Xi suddenly stretched out his hand while his fingers parted, and it directly moved like a bolt of lightning to grab her throat.


This strike was launched rather suddenly, and at the instant he executed it, the Five Element Divine Crest emanated a blazing and powerful crushing force. At such a close distance, Chen Xi was confident that it would definitely be difficult for her to avoid it.

However, the woman smiled sweetly. From the beginning until the end, she didn’t move at all, but a strand of a shapeless and powerful force effused out from her body, causing Chen Xi’s palm to barely be able to arrive an inch before her snow white throat before being unable to move closer any further.

Chen Xi was horrified in his heart. However, before he could withdraw his hand, the woman’s white wrist flipped abruptly while her fair hand suddenly grabbed onto Chen Xi’s palm.

When the woman’s slender, jade white, and beautifully fair hand grabbed onto Chen Xi’s palm, a strand of a slightly cold yet warm feeling came from it.

After that, the tip of her finger moved lightly on Chen Xi’s palm, causing an electrified feeling to surge through his entire body. Chen Xi instantly withdrew his arm while his expression was slightly furious, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Who exactly are you? Why did you come looking for me?”

“I was just playing with you. You’re angry?” The woman chuckled while her voluptuous body shook slightly, and her snow white figure was suffused with a divine and enchanting glow. She was like an ice lotus that was swaying lightly in the wind. She was filled with grace and breathtakingly beautiful.

Chen Xi remained silent. He puckered his lips while staring at her with extreme vigilance. He was clearly aware in his heart that her strength was probably far above his own, otherwise, it would be impossible for her to deal with his attack so easily.

“Oh, it was you who attacked first. Logically speaking, I should be the one that’s angry.” The woman pursed her bright red lips while her fair fingers started casually playing with a strand of her jet black hair.

After that, when she saw Chen Xi remained silent while staring vigilantly at her, she shrugged helplessly and said, “You’ve probably discerned that I carry no ill intent towards you.”

Chen Xi acknowledged this, so he pondered briefly before picking up the wine tankard and finishing it. He savored it for a moment before he said seriously, “This wine is good.”

It was good wine indeed. It was mellow and wonderful as it entered the mouth, and its piercing coldness contained an indescribable fragrance. As soon as it entered the throat, it transformed into trickling streams of warmth that flowed through his entire body, and it possessed shocking strength and caused his cultivation to actually solidify a step further at this instant.

The woman revealed a sweet smile upon seeing this. “You’re not afraid any longer?”

Chen Xi didn’t spare a glance at her and just stared at the wine tankard in his hand as he said, “In any case, I can’t defeat you, so keeping my guard up is useless.”

“Not bad. Let’s get to business then.” The woman withdrew her smile instead upon hearing this, and her expression seemed pure and emotionless while a wisp of lively radiance flickered between her brows, and her eyes were clear like water as she stared at Chen Xi and said, “I hope you can advance into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm next year, and then go to a place with me.”

What a strange condition! Thoughts flickered within Chen Xi’s mind in an instant, yet he said, “A year? I’ll probably be unable to help you.”

What a joke, I was only able to advance into the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm that day because of the various fortuitous encounters I had in that tomb. Even I feel that there isn’t much hope for me to advance into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm within a year.

“You can do it.” The woman’s eyes glowed brilliantly. She withdrew a jade box and opened it lightly. “As a reward, this treasure will be yours once we return from that place.”

Chen Xi originally intended to refuse, yet when his gaze descended onto the jade box, he was instantly stunned on the spot. A River Diagram fragment?

It was indeed a damaged turtle shell shaped object that was smaller than the size of a palm. It was completely dark and suffused with an ancient and mysterious aura. Presently, Chen Xi had already obtained five River Diagram fragments, so how could he be unable to recognize it?

Who exactly is this woman? Not only does she know that I’m from Oracle Mountain, she actually seems to know that I’ve always been searching for River Diagram fragments! Great waves suddenly arose in Chen Xi’s heart, and he had an even deeper feeling that this woman’s background was extraordinary.

“Where are we going?” Chen Xi was silent for a long time before he finally moved his gaze from the jade box while his expression recovered its calm. Since the woman was able to produce such a treasure as the reward, she definitely had great plans, and this also meant the danger was extremely great. He had to find out about it clearly.

“You’ll know when the time comes.” The woman put the jade box away.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely not allow any danger to befall you when the time comes. Otherwise, your Oracle Mountain would probably not let me off. That’s an even greater headache to me than killing me.” When she spoke up to here, her clear eyes flickered with wisdom, and her calm smile caused her to be covered in an indescribably supreme and mighty aura…

Chen Xi thought in his heart. Since she’s actually afraid of Oracle Mountain, then it’s easy to deal with. At the very least, if she arouses killing intent towards me, then she’ll have to consider the consequences of offending Oracle Mountain.

“Hehe. I have to go. The strength of this Spirit Body Clone has been exhausted too much. If I still don’t return, then my true body will be in danger. Remember, I’ll come see you again in a year. Of course, if you advance beforehand, then you can come look for me at Midnight Continent.” The woman stretched her graceful figure and drew out a breathtaking curve, and then she smiled sweetly to Chen Xi before transforming into an expanse of a light violet rain of light and was about to leave.

Spirit Body Clone?

That was only a clone condensed from supreme energy?

Chen Xi was extremely shocked before finally being astounded. He guessed that her strength was probably greater than a Saint Immortal!

“Wait, you haven’t told me who you are.” When he saw the wisp of light violet light rain was about to vanish completely, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to think about anything else as he asked in a loud voice.

“Oh, call me Dian Dian. In any case, all those fellows from Oracle Mountain know about it. However, you can’t tell anyone else, alright.” Amidst her wispy, clear, and resounding voice, the light rain vanished into thin air.

Dian Dian? This is obviously not her real name… Chen Xi stared at the place the rain of light vanished and fell into deep contemplation. The appearance of this woman was too strange. I wonder exactly what she plans to do that she actually needs me to work together with her. Could it be that she has taken interest in one of the treasures in my possession? Or perhaps she wants to use my identity as a disciple of Oracle Mountain?

Midnight Continent? She wouldn’t be the mysterious Midnight Immortal King, right? When he thought up to here, Chen Xi immediately shook his head and returned to his senses. Existences at the Immortal King were extremely supreme and lofty existences, so even if an Immortal King desired to go somewhere, how could an Immortal King possibly seek to work together with a Golden Immortal like him?

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Yun, Madman Liu, and Qi Xiaoyu returned to their senses as well. All of them had extremely dazed expressions, and they obviously didn’t know what had happened earlier.

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