Chapter 1267 – Unexpected Event

After a few rounds of drinks and enjoying the food, Chen Xi had finished speaking of his experiences in these past few years, and he asked about Misty Immortal Mountain.

When this topic was mentioned, Madman Liu’s expressions instantly became extremely solemn and faintly revealed a wisp of undisguisable hatred.

“They did it for the sake of the Dao Calamity Sword.” Madman Liu didn’t conceal anything and spoke directly in a low voice. “Early on when I was still in the Mortal Dimension’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect, I’d heard the legends of this sword. All those years ago, when the founding ancestor of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, attained the extremes of the Grand Dao, he’d once obtained a strand of the quintessence energy of the heavens. Unfortunately, before he could succeed, he was schemed against by numerous enemies and failed on the verge of success.”

“At the moment of his fall, the founding ancestor sealed this strand of the quintessence energy of the heavens into his sword, and then hid it within the 99th level of the sword cave.”

“The power standing behind Misty Immortal Mountain is the place of birth of one of the formidable enemies that schemed against the founding ancestor all those years ago. Perhaps it’s precisely because they’re aware of this secret that they cruelly oppressed my Nine Radiance Sword Sect like this.”

When he mentioned this enmity, Madman Liu’s expression was gloomy and murderous, but there was a greater sense of loss on his face. After all, the forces of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension had been uprooted and ceased to exist since a long time ago.

“Why…did they choose to make a move now?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from asking this question.

As far as he was concerned, the Chaotic Divine Lotus had fallen during the primeval times, and it was too long ago from now. However, Misty Immortal Mountain just had to make a move in recent years, and it was strange.

“The reason is the Dao Calamity Sword. According to legend, the mysteries of the heavens would collapse during the upheaval of the three dimensions, and the order of the heavens and the earth would fall into chaos. If one was able to grasp the strand of quintessence energy sealed within the sword, then one could remain invincible during the upheaval and even obtain a great deal of benefits.” Madman Liu frowned and pondered deeply before he said, “However, this is a legend in the end, and very few people are aware of it. It’s even to the extent that I’m unable to confirm if the Dao Calamity Sword exists.”

When he heard up to here, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding, and he said in his heart, The power standing behind Misty Immortal Mountain is definitely the Sovereign Sect, and it’s naturally one of the enemies that schemed against the Chaotic Divine Lotus and killed him all those years ago. As for the Dao Calamity Sword, it naturally exists. Unfortunately, I’ve promised Senior Dao Lotus that I wouldn’t expose it to anyone else…

“As for why they chose to make a move now, I’m utterly unaware.” Madman Liu’s brows knit together tightly as he pondered deeply for a long time. In the end, he was unable to wrap his head around the matter.

“It’s fine. We’ll be able to find out one day.” Chen Xi spoke with a light voice while a firm expression resided between his brows, and then he said seriously to Madman Liu, “Master, you and Xiaoyu can cultivate peacefully within Darkombat City in the future and leave everything else to me. Only in this way would I be able to rest at ease.”

Madman Liu sighed while he revealed a slightly bitter smile, yet he agreed in the end because he was clearly aware that he was unable to be of any help and would cause a great deal of trouble for Chen Xi instead.

Perhaps the only right decision was to agree to Chen Xi’s request.

Right at this moment, the door of the private room was knocked from the outside. “Brother Chen, it’s me.”

Chen Xi stood up and opened the door. It was exactly Xuanyuan Yun. Chen Xi immediately welcomed Xuanyuan Yun in with a smile, and then placed down an extra pair of chopsticks for Xuanyuan Yun.

However, during this entire process, his gaze inadvertently swept towards the side of the room, and then he withdrew it imperceptibly.

“It’s done. I can welcome your Master and her back tonight.” Xuanyuan Yun drank a cup of wine before he said with a smile, “I just never imagined that the prestige you received would be greater than me. When the seniors of my clan heard it was for you, they immediately divided out a superb place of cultivation, and it was simply as if they’d agree to any request of yours. They even told me if I didn’t manage this matter nicely, then they wouldn’t allow me to take another step into the clan.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but grin, and then he cupped his hands and said, “No matter what it is, I have to thank Brother Xuanyuan for taking the trouble.”

“If you really want to thank me, then accompany me for a good meal and drinks. We’ve never had a good drink since we’ve known each other.” Xuanyuan Yun roared with laughter.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

However, before Xuanyuan Yun’s voice finished resounding through the air, a wave of rapid and heavy knocks resounded, and it was no different than smashing down the door, causing it to seem extremely rude.

At the same time, a gruff voice entered the room. “Friends within the room, please open the door quickly. We’re trying to capture a thief, and we’ll leave after searching the room.”

Xuanyuan Yun’s brows raised while his face sank. He was just about to seize this rare opportunity to enjoy a drink with Chen Xi and bring their friendship closer together, yet he just happened to be disturbed at the critical moment, so how could he not be annoyed?

“What the fuck are you talking about? Is this a place where a thief can enter? Let me see who exactly you are to speak so arrogantly!” He did as he said. Xuanyuan Yun was about to stand up immediately when he was stopped by Chen Xi who smiled while shaking his head. “Forget it, it doesn’t matter.”

Chen Xi just felt that too many things had occurred today, and he didn’t want Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu to be worried for him. When one could take a step back to avoid some trouble, then it was better to avoid it.

Xuanyuan Yun laughed bitterly and helplessly as he said, “Alas, doing this will only grow their arrogance.”

Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, the door that was densely covered in layer upon layer of restrictions was blasted open, and it was actually forcefully kicked open!

After all, a group of people charged in furiously, and the person in the lead was a young man in an embroidered robe gilded with gold. He directly waved his hand and said, “Search! The restrictions of Immortal Love Restaurant have been activated. It’s impossible for that little thief to escape!”

After he said all of this, he raised his chin and put on a fake smile as he glanced at Chen Xi and the others. “I’m sorry for disturbing your meal. You can put it on my tab, Meng Tong.”

He spoke with an indifferent and arrogant tone, and he didn’t reveal a trace of an apologetic tone.

This scene caused the nerves of Xuanyuan Yun’s forehead to bulge. Especially when he saw those people starting to overturn everything in the room and searching in an unbridled manner while seeming as if they didn’t take him and the others seriously. Xuanyuan Yun was instantly unable to restrain his rage and stood up before revealing a ghastly smile, and he revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth as he said, “Little bastard, does this lord even need that from you!?”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding when he swung a fierce slap, and his palm whistled through the air, carried divine radiance, and was rather fierce and swift.

The young man who called himself Meng Tong raised his hand and actually blocked Xuanyuan Yun’s slap. However, he was shaken by it to the point of taking three steps back.

“Grandson, you actually dare to avoid your Grandad’s beatings?” Xuanyuan Yun glared as he swiftly charged forward, and the force on his palm grew. Instantly, he slapped out a thousand layers of surging gales, and it seemed like tempestuous waves that were ruthless, domineering, and ferocious!

This indirectly displayed that as an existence that was able to be ranked in the top ten of Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test, Xuanyuan Yun’s strength was extremely formidable.


Meng Tong had never imagined that Xuanyuan Yun would attack so decisively and ruthlessly, and he was instantly caught off guard. In an instant, he was struck by Xuanyuan Yun’s terrifying attacks to the point his body trembled and was on the verge of being unable to endure it.

“Big Brother Meng Tong!”

“You’re courting death!”

“Let’s join forces against him!”

When they saw this scene, his subordinates couldn’t be bothered to continue searching the room, and they roared furiously as they charged over.

When he saw Xuanyuan Yun was about to be surrounded by enemies, Chen Xi sighed in his heart and immediately didn’t hesitate to make a move. However, at the instant he did, his gaze inadvertently glanced towards a corner at the side of the room.


Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and a terrifying force swept out from the room.

In the next moment, a wave of thumps and muffled groans that were accompanied by shrill howls resounded. All of them including Meng Tong were suppressed on the ground while letting out shrill cries that reached the skies.

This scene could be described as annihilation with the flick of a sleeve!

Xuanyuan Yun was stunned before he glanced at Chen Xi with a bitter smile on his face, and then his face sank as he raised his leg and stomped fiercely on Meng Tong. “I’ll pay for my own food. However, if you’re willing, then you can put this beating on my tab!”

Meng Tong let out a shrill howl while the bones in his entire body were on the verge of breaking, and he wasn’t able to speak another word properly.

Chen Xi felt slightly annoyed because it was too noisy. The appearance of these people had spoiled the mood of their gathering.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Xuanyuan Yun acutely noticed the changes in Chen Xi’s emotions, and his hands grabbed repeatedly as he tossed Meng Tong and the others out of the private room.

“Bastards, all of you just wait. You’re dead for spoiling Big Brother Meng Qi’s business!” Meng Tong’s resentful shout resounded from outside the room.

Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and formed a restriction when he heard this, and he sealed the door, causing all noise to be completely isolated from them.

“Meng Qi? It’s him?” Xuanyuan Yun frowned instead and seemed to have thought of something.

“What is it? Is Meng Qi’s background extremely formidable?” Chen Xi was seated once more and glanced at Xuanyuan Yun with surprise.

“Meng Qi’s origins are nothing worth mentioning. However, this kid is currently a rather famous fellow in our academy’s inner court, and he’s ranked at the 30th position on the Violet Ribbon Golden Rankings, and he has obtained the attention of many top powers.” Xuanyuan Yun introduced Meng Qi in a concise manner, and then he laughed coldly. “However, we don’t have to fear him because Meng Qi isn’t the only expert in the inner court.”

Chen Xi nodded. He didn’t take this matter seriously, and he just frowned and pondered deeply for a long time before he shot his gaze towards the corner of the room in the end and said, “Miss, you seized the instant my friend entered the room to enter uninvited. Now that we’ve helped you deal with this disaster, it’s hardly justifiable if you still don’t make an appearance.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Xuanyuan Yun, Madman Liu, and Qi Xiaoyu were shocked in their hearts, and they swept their gazes over in unison, yet saw that it was empty while even their immortal sense was unable to detect anyone!

Especially Xuanyuan Yun, he’d never imagined that someone would seize the opportunity when he entered to enter along with him, and if it was true, then it was terrifying.

“What? You really intend to make me invite you out?” Chen Xi frowned and placed emphasis on the world invite.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t come out. Why’re you so ferocious? Don’t you know that you should be courteous when dealing with women?” Along with a clear and melodious voice, a wisp of light violet radiance suddenly arose from the originally empty corner of the room, and as the light flowed, it formed into a graceful and slender figure.

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