Chapter 1266 – Legendary Experience

When they walked out of the VIP room, the expressions of everyone besides Chen Xi was extremely dazed as if they were possessed.

Madman Liu was astounded, and he frequently bit on his toothpick while seeming to be sighing with emotion.

Qi Xiaoyu had an expression of wonder instead. She frequently tilted her head while pondering with a frown on her face, and she was extremely dazed as she seemed to be calculating an extremely complicated list.

As for the beautiful female attendant, Zi Yu, she had a dazed expression as well while seeming to walk unsteadily, and it was even to the extent that she almost collided with Chen Xi by accident.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Xi frowned while imperceptibly exerting a strand of force that steadied her.

“It’s…it’s nothing.” Zi Yu was shocked, and her mind cleared up slightly before she hurriedly shook her head.

Chen Xi nodded and didn’t speak any further.

Zi Yu heaved a sigh of relief in her heart instead. She inadvertently recalled the scenes in the VIP room earlier, and tempestuous waves couldn’t help but surge in her heart.

Within the VIP room moments before, Chen Xi had consecutively withdrawn pile after pile of various precious immortal materials, and he’d filled the entire VIP room nine times!

On the other hand, all of them were fiercely shocked nine times!

Especially when she recalled the changes in Xuan Zhong’s expression every single time, and his seemingly demented expression, Zi Yu couldn’t help but roar with laughter in her heart because even a great appraiser that had wide experiences was actually unable to maintain his composure like that, let alone the rest of them.

After that, her beautiful eyes imperceptibly glanced at Chen Xi who stood by her side, and a wisp of curiosity that couldn't be restrained suddenly appeared within Zi Yu’s heart. How…how could he gather so many precious treasures? Could it be that he’s an extremely formidable expert as well?

“This is the Treasure Hall?” Chen Xi stopped as he gazed at the brilliant and grand hall before him. In an instant, he couldn’t help but glance at the various gorgeous glows of treasures that filled it.

There were truly too many treasures there. They were spread out in rows before the counter, and it was a dazzling array of valuable treasures. It felt to him as if it was impossible to see the end of these rows. At this moment, there were many customers that consisted of both men and women glancing over these treasures, and every single one of these customers wore luxurious clothes and were either rich or noble.

At this moment, Zi Yu had finally returned to her senses, and she asked respectfully. “Young Master, what treasures do you require?”

Chen Xi glanced at Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu that stood by his side, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “I need all the Immortal Artifacts and medicinal pills that every stage of the Heavenly Immortal and Mysterious Immortal Realms require.”

Zi Yu’s eyes lit up because this was a huge trade. After all, the Heavenly Immortal Realm was divided into four stages, whereas, the Mysterious Immortal Realm was divided into three stages, and every single stage had treasures and medicinal pills that specifically fit that stage.

For example, merely in terms of medicinal pills, there were no less than a hundred types that were suitable for experts at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm to consume and cultivate with!

“I only want the best.” Chen Xi added.

Zi Yu’s eyes grew even brighter when she heard this. The best! That meant that if she was able to complete this trade, then even she would obtain a high percentage from it!

Practically without any further thought, Zi Yu led Chen Xi and the others into the Treasure Hall and brought a middle aged attendant over. After she clearly stated Chen Xi’s requirements, the middle aged attendant’s eyes suddenly lit up as well, and he warmly welcomed Chen Xi and the others into a private room.

After that, the private room was silent no more, and it bustled.

“Young Master, please take a look. This is a bottle of Azure Heart Condensation Pills, and the market price is 80,000 Immortal Stones. Even though it’s expensive, it can’t be compared to an ordinary medicinal pill. It’s refined from 107 types of precious immortal herbs, and besides being beneficial to one’s cultivation, it can even strengthen one’s cultivation and solidify the foundation. It’s absolutely an exception treasure for experts at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!” The middle aged attendant was called Lu Cheng. He had a stout figure, yet his movements were extremely swift and smooth. He immediately withdrew a bottle of pills before introducing it to Chen Xi.

“I’ll buy it!” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all, and before Lu Cheng could feel happy from this, Chen Xi added. “I want two bottles.”

Two bottles! That’s 160,000 Immortal Stones. When he saw Chen Xi was so direct, Lu Cheng was instantly overjoyed in his heart. The young man before me is absolutely a descendant of a great clan! He comes from a strong family and based on his bearing and the way he does things, it’s utterly impossible for an ordinary person to be capable of learning how to do it!

After that, he took a deep breath secretly while trying hard to make himself remain calm and become calmer. I absolutely can’t hold back before such a customer. I have to give all the discounts and preferential treatment that I should give him. In short… I can’t make him feel that he’s being cheated! Only in this way would I have the chance to make him a long term customer.

“Violetcloud Lightspin Shoe, it’s one of the best amongst ordinary Immortal Artifacts, and it was refined by a Supreme Grandmaster in equipment refinement. Even though it’s only an ordinary Immortal Artifact, its effects are extraordinary. Besides being capable of improving speed by around 30%, it carries various abilities like avoiding dust, water, wind, fire, and various others.”

“Alright! Two of them!” Chen Xi nodded once more.

He wasn’t worried that Lu Cheng would dare to deceive him and coupled with the fact that he’d observed the quality of these treasures before him, and he felt that they were indeed worth this price. So he naturally didn’t have any objections.

“Ninestar Radiance Armor. Top-quality at the Darkspirit Grade. It carries 36 layers of defensive restrictions that are extremely difficult to shake. Besides this, when this armor is worn, it carries an extremely great profound effect while cultivating. Such a precious treasure is only 190,000 Immortal Stones.”

“Alright, two of them.” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to nod once more. Even though Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu were quite far from the Mysterious Immortal Realm, the time would come in the future where it would be of use.

“Crimson Eight Profundity Powder…”

“I’ll buy it!”

“Glimmer Starcontrol Shoulder Guard…”

“I’ll buy it!”

“I’ll buy it!”

“I’ll buy it!”

“I’ll buy it!”

Up until the point Chen Xi and the others left with the various Immortal Artifacts and medicinal pills, Lu Cheng was still in an excited and dazed state because his experience from today was simply like a dream!

Practically all the Immortal Artifacts and medicinal pills that he recommended were purchased by Chen Xi. He’d seen people that were willing to spend money, yet he’d never seen someone that was so willing to spend money!

“Dammit! I actually forgot to ask for the noble Young Master’s name!” After a long time, when Lu Cheng recovered his senses, he instantly slapped his forehead before moaning endlessly with pain. He felt that he’d made an unforgivable mistake today.

On the other hand, at this moment, the beautiful attendant, Zi Yu, was looking at the figures of Chen Xi and the others disappearing into the distance from the entrance of Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and her expression was extremely dazed while she was unable to calm herself down even after a long time.

He sold treasures to obtain over 93,000 Immortal Essence Stones, yet I never expected that he would spend almost all of it in the blink of an eye. I wonder what’s the relationship of that old man and little girl with that Young Master that he would actually look after them like that. They have absolutely nothing to worry about in their future path of cultivation… Zi Yu was envious in her heart. At this moment, if Chen Xi were to ask her to be his maidservant, then she would absolutely agree without the slightest hesitation!

This was the charm of wealth, and it was able to imperceptibly conquer the hearts of many people or things when one would have imagined that it would be impossible.

Darkombat City, Immortal Love Restaurant.

In a light and spacious private room at the highest level, one could look down upon more than half of Darkombat City from this angle. One’s field of vision was extremely vast here, and it caused others to feel that it was clear and open.

At this moment, only Chen Xi, Madman Liu, and Qi Xiaoyu were within the private room, and the table before them was covered in a dazzling array of various delicacies.

Stir fried deer, Nine Treasure Stew, Dragon Roar Jadesky, Exquisite Land, Dragon Turtle boiled in clear soup… There were a total of 81 delicacies on the table, and every single one of them was prepared by a Supreme Grandmaster Spirit Chef.

Of course, the value of this table of delicacies was sufficient to terrify most immortals.

But Chen Xi didn’t care. So long as he was able to make Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu happy, then this little bit of money was nothing!

“Oh you…” Madman Liu sighed abruptly while the gaze he shot at Chen Xi was slightly complicated, yet he was at a loss for words, and it was an emotional sigh where he wanted to speak yet didn’t know what to say.

“Master, let me offer a toast to you.” Chen Xi’s feeling rose and fell in his heart as well when he saw this. He immediately stood up and raised his cup before bowing solemnly. “Without you, it would be impossible for disciple to enter the Dark Reverie or cultivate in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. I will never dare forget this great kindness in my entire lifetime.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi cleared the wine in his cup.

Madman Liu stared blankly for a long time before his eyes suddenly became slightly moist, and he said with a trembling and hoarse voice, “What ability do I, Madman Liu, have to receive this? What ability!”

He finished the wine in his cup yet was unable to stop the tears from flowing out of his eyes.

An old geezer that had lived for countless years had lost control of his emotions at this moment and was crying without end. If it was any other time, Madman Liu would probably suffer the gazes of disdain and ridiculing laughter of countless people.

But Chen Xi didn’t. Conversely, Chen Xi had a complicated feeling in his heart as well. He was very clearly aware that Madman Liu had suffered greatly in Soulsmelt Mining Area, and now that Madman Liu had finally been freed from it, his excitement was naturally not something others could understand.

“Xiaoyu, let me offer a toast to you as well. You’re Master’s adopted daughter, so you’re naturally my younger sister as well. Without the information you provided this time, I would probably have to live with this regret for my entire lifetime.” Chen Xi turned around and gazed at Qi Xiaoyu. The young woman was consoling Madman Liu, and she was instantly stunned open hearing this. Her fair and pretty face flushed red while she was at a slight loss for what to do.

She’d grown up in Soulsmelt Mining Area since a young age, and she’d practically had no contact with the outside world. It could be said that she didn’t know the matters of the world and had never experienced such a scene.

“Haha! You little girl. Quickly raise your wine cup.” Madman Liu roared with laughter when he saw this, and he patted Qi Xiaoyu on the shoulder as a form of comfort.

“Mmm.” Qi Xiaoyu hurriedly stood up and hastily held up her wine cup before drinking all its contents. However, because she’d drunk too quickly, she choked on it and coughed repeatedly while her face flushed red like sunset, and it was extremely cute and loveable.

Chen Xi smiled before he quickly poured a cup of Immortal Dew for her to clear her throat, and only then did he finish the wine within his cup.

After that, they chatted as they drank. Madman Liu asked about Chen Xi’s experiences in these past few years, and Chen Xi spoke of them without concealing anything.

Even though he spoke casually about it, when it entered into Madman Liu’s ears, he exclaimed endlessly with surprise. He didn’t dare believe that this disciple of his had actually experienced such complicated ups and downs in these past few years.

As for Qi Xiaoyu, she’d been stunned by Chen Xi’s experiences a long time ago. She held up her snow white chin with both hands while her eyes glowed brilliantly, and she didn’t even eat the food before her as she listened attentively to what Chen Xi had experienced in these years as if she was listening to a legendary story that was filled with ups and downs.

The lives of some people were bound to be extraordinary and filled with variables. Their lives were filled with countless dangers and accompanied by innumerable favorable turns. To others, all of this was filled with a legendary color.

To the person themselves, it was a string of footsteps on the path of cultivation. It recorded the past, accumulated experience, and allowed one to walk in an even more firm and composed manner.

Beyond all doubt, since a long time ago, Chen Xi’s experiences made his path of cultivation to be bound to be…extraordinary.

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