Chapter 1265 – Clearance

Two years ago, when Chen Xi participated in the second round of the recruitment test in Dao Emperor Academy, he’d once killed numerous disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan within the Bloodlands.

After he entered Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi had successfully resolved every single action Zuoqiu Jun took against him. Not only was it unable to cause any material harm to Chen Xi, it instead indirectly boosted Chen Xi’s status and reputation in the academy.

Moreover, in the recent inner court exam, the Zuoqiu Clan had secretly carried out the greatest hunting operation even and it could even be considered an unprecedented extravagance because it was carried out by an expert at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. Unfortunately, it still failed on the verge of success.

Perhaps others weren’t aware of all of this, but all of these disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan were naturally clearly aware. At this moment, when they found out that they’d actually offended this maleficent existence, Chen Xi, all of them were terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies.

Indeed, they were disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan, but they weren’t even able to pass the test and enter Dao Emperor Academy, whereas their status in the clan couldn’t be compared to core disciples like Zuoqiu Jun and Zuoqiu Yin, so how could they dare to go against Chen Xi?

“You…you…you’re Chen Xi?” The green robed young man spoke with a trembling voice. Actually, he didn’t know what he was saying at all because his mind and heart were already filled with terror. The only thing in his mind was the desire to flee as far as he could!

Perhaps others would be fearful of the Zuoqiu Clan’s reputation, but to this maleficent existence called Chen Xi, he loved to kill members of the Zuoqiu Clan the most!

When he saw their appearances, Chen Xi instantly understood that even if these fellows before him were members of the Zuoqiu Clan, they were probably nobodies within the clan.

Suddenly, a wisp of disinterest arose in his heart, and he tossed the woman on the ground before he said, “Apologize and then fuck off.”

His voice was calm, and it carried an indisputable tone.

The young men and the woman were terrified out of their wits long ago, but asking them to bow before Chen Xi and admit their mistakes was absolutely impossible because everyone was clearly aware that there was conflict between Chen Xi and the Zuoqiu Clan. How could they possibly admit their mistakes and apologize to the enemy of their clan?

But if they didn’t…

When they thought about Chen Xi’s fierce reputation, their hearts trembled once more, and they were vexed and terrified. They were in a dilemma, and it was extremely painful for them.

Chen Xi’s eyes turned cold and was just about to say something when he inadvertently noticed Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu. He went silent for a moment and didn’t say anything in the end. He didn’t spare another glance at those disciples from the Zuoqiu Clan before he turned around and left with Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu.

It wasn’t the time to get even with the Zuoqiu Clan now and coupled with the presence of Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu, he was worried that they would be implicated in the conflict.

“There was enmity between you and them a long time ago?” Madman Liu couldn’t help but ask.

“There’re too many people here. I’ll tell you in the future.” Chen Xi was able to sense numerous gazes following him all along the way. Some of them carried surprise, some carried adoration, some were fervent… Of course, there was no lack of some that were watching him with ill intent.

This was the bustling streets of Darkombat City after all, and it wasn’t suitable to speak too much here.

“Then where’re we going?” Madman Liu was able to understand what Chen Xi meant, and he immediately changed the topic. “If you have something important to do, then you just have to casually arrange for a place for us to stay at.”

Chen Xi shook his head. “That won’t do.”

After that, he sized up Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu from head to toe before he said with a smile, “Come, I’ll go get some clothes and things both of you’ll need to cultivate with. In the future, even if it’s when you’re in the territory of the Xuanyuan Clan, you don’t have to trouble them too much.”

He acted as soon as he finished speaking. Chen Xi immediately disregarded their agreement and led them towards the busiest street at the center of the city.

Goldwave Immortal Pavilion.

As one of the most notable merchant groups in the entire Immortal Dimension, Goldwave Immortal Pavilion had opened a branch in Darkombat City. Moreover, it was on an extremely grand scale that surpassed all the other stores, so those that were able to become customers of it were either rich or noble.

When Chen Xi led Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu here, the beautiful female attendants that stood in two rows at the side of the entrance instantly revealed polite smiles.

They didn’t reveal any disdain because of Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu’s attire, and this obviously showed that it was absolutely not luck that allowed Goldwave Immortal Pavilion to exist until now. Merely the character of these female attendants had definitely been formed through strict training.

When Chen Xi withdrew a VIP token of Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, those beautiful attendants were even more modest while their smiles grew wider. One of them immediately bowed and stood up before she led Chen Xi and the others in.

“Young Master, may I know if you’ve come this time to purchase something or to sell something?” The attendant asked respectfully.

“I’ll sell some things first, then I’ll buy some.” Chen Xi replied in a casual manner. He’d obtained great gains from Nightmare Battlefield, and the various rare immortal materials and ores he possessed could be piled into a mountain. However, he had no use for some of these, so he naturally had to dispose of them.

“Then may I know what treasures Young Master intends to sell?” The attendant’s eyes lit up.

Chen Xi replied. “You’ll know when the time comes.”

The attendant was able to discern that Chen Xi wasn’t willing to chat with her, so she moved the target of conversation to Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu.

She wore light violet gauze clothes, had a pretty appearance, fair skin, and a slender figure that swayed about. Even her cultivation was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. However, she didn’t put on any airs before Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu who were respectively at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm and Earthly Immortal Realm. She was respectful and polite, and it caused Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu to reveal slight smiles from time to time.

Before long, when the female attendant who called herself Zi Yu brought Chen Xi and the others to their destination, Qi Xiaoyu had become friends with Zi Yu, and they even called each other as sisters.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all of this because it was the magic of authority and wealth. Everything in the world was like this, so he had nothing to say about it.

They arrived in a bright and spacious private room, and it was furnished in a grand and elegant manner.

After Chen Xi and the others took their seats, Zi Yu carefully offered them tea before turning around and leaving, and it wasn’t long before she brought an Appraiser over.

“I’m Xuan Zhong. May I know what treasure Young Master intends to sell?”

The appraiser was a very old man that had a reserved expression, and he was neither humble nor haughty. He was like an old scholar in the mortal world, and he was suffused with an intellectual and graceful bearing.

It was the bearing unique to appraisers, and it was impossible to attain without years of experience.

“There are a lot. I’ll probably have to trouble senior to spend some time here today.” Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked around the room before he spoke casually.

A lot? Xuan Zhong frowned and reminded. “Young Master, this is a VIP room. If the treasures you’re about to sell aren’t precious or rare, then forgive me for being unable to accompany you.”

Obviously, he felt that Chen Xi intended to waste his time with a pile or ordinary things.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile, and he didn’t give any explanation before flicking his sleeve. Instantly, the entire room was filled with the brilliant glow of treasures, and it was beautiful, dreamlike, and emanated a variety of auspicious glows.

Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu were stunned, and they were dazed by the various immortal materials that filled with room.

The eyes of the beautiful attendant that stood at the side opened wide while she hurriedly covered her red lips, and her ample chest rose and fell slightly because she was rather excited and unable to calm herself down.

There were too many treasures before them, and all of them carried a variety of auras. With her experience, she was able to roughly determine that most of the treasures that filled the room were extraordinary.

On the other hand, the appraiser, Xuan Zhong, was extremely moved. He casually picked up one of them and sized it up carefully before he nodded. “This is the beak of a Void Hawk from the Outerealm, and it can only be obtained in the Outerealm Battlefield. It’s of great value.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he picked up another object. “Eh, this is the Icethread Dreamherb from the Outerealm’s Mistysea World, and it’s impossible to find in the three dimensions. It possessed a miraculous effect, and it’s a precious treasure that’s difficult to come by.”

“How could this be possible? Goldmarked Wisdom Fruit! This immortal herb has gone extinct in the three dimensions since a long time ago, and it’s extremely difficult to gather. Only the secret technique of the Outerealm’s Nethergold Clan is able to gather them.”

“Hiss! Skynet Fragrant Rock! It’s actually this treasure!”

“And this is…”

As he appraised more and more rare treasures, Xuan Zhong was unable to maintain his calm any longer, and his eyes glowed while he muttered continuously. He exclaimed with shock sometimes, frowned sometimes, sighed with emotion sometimes… His intellectual and graceful bearing from before had vanished completely.

Chen Xi didn’t have any intention to laugh at Xuan Zhong, and Chen Xi felt extreme admiration in his heart instead.

He didn’t recognize most of these treasures, and he only relied on the strength of the auras emanated by these immortal materials to determine their quality. As for their exact usage, his knowledge was far inferior to Xuan Zhong.

“Since these treasures are so precious, then…why do you intend to sell them?” Madman Liu couldn’t help but send a voice transmission to Chen Xi. Even though he was unable to figure out the value of those treasures, based on the passionate expression Xuan Zhong had, Madman Liu was able to make a rough judgment.

“I have even better treasures than these. I have no use for most of these.” Chen Xi smiled as he replied via voice transmission.

Madman Liu’s eyes opened wide and the corners of his mouth twitched when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. As his Master, I’m unable to figure out the world this kid lives in now…

After an entire ten minutes had passed, Xuan Zhong raised his head from the pile of treasures and let out a long breath of air, and his gaze had changed when he looked once more at Chen Xi.

“Young Master, these treasures are indeed rare in the three dimensions, and they’re mostly special products from the Outerealm. Even though their quality can’t be considered to be high, they’re rare, so their value is naturally high.” After considering his next words, Xuan Zhong slightly didn’t dare confirm Chen Xi’s intentions and couldn’t help but ask once more. “Young Master, you intend to sell all of these?”

Chen Xi said casually, “Of course.”

Xuan Zhong was stunned, and then he took a deep breath before he said, “These treasures are too numerous in number. If they’re exchanged for ordinary immortal stones, then it’ll come to an amount that’s too huge. However, if they’re exchanged to top-grade Immortal Essence Stones, then I can determine a rough amount.”

“How much?” asked Chen Xi.

“8,000,” said Xuan Zhong, and then he explained. “This amount can absolutely be considered as fair. If Young Master doesn’t believe me, then you can go around and ask about it.”

Chen Xi laughed lightheartedly as he said, “I naturally trust the reputation of Goldwave Immortal Pavilion. However…”

“However what? Please feel free to tell me because everything can be discussed.” Xuan Zhong was instantly nervous.

Chen Xi shrugged and said with a smile, “It’s a bit too early to talk about the price now. I didn’t say that I would only be selling this little bit of things this time.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Xuan Zhong was stunned. This little bit of things? These precious immortal materials that are difficult to find in the three dimensions and piled up within this room are actually only…a little bit…to him?

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