Chapter 1264 – The Influence Of His Reputation

Valiant Star Continent.

Darkombat City.


A strand of fluctuation arose from the teleportation formation, and when it was activated once more, a group of cultivators had surged out from within it. Amongst them was Chen Xi, Xuanyuan Yun, Madman Liu, and Qi Xiaoyu.

Only a day had passed since they returned from Misty Immortal Continent and arrived at Darkombat City, yet it was like a cycle of great happiness and sorrow to Chen Xi.

Getting his Master, Madman Liu, caused him to be extremely delighted, yet witnessing the agonizing experience Madman Liu had suffered all these years caused him to be aggrieved and furious.

This was Chen Xi’s great sorrow and great happiness. Actually, with his cultivation in the Dao Heart, he was entirely capable of controlling his emotions. But he didn’t do so.

No matter if it was a man or an immortal, they were absolutely not cold and emotionless. If they lost their emotions, then they would be no different than a walking corpse or puppet, then how would they cultivate? How would they comprehend the Dao?

As the place where Dao Emperor Academy resided, countless experts were attracted over to Darkombat City from all over the Immortal Dimension every single day. In terms of scale and prosperity, it was absolutely impossible for other cities to compare to it.

Today, Darkombat City was bustling and prosperous as usual.

As they walked amongst the streams of wagons and crowded streets, as they gazed at the experts of various different races and origins in the Immortal Dimension, and as they felt the air that was enshrouded with dense Immortal Energy, no matter if it was Madman Liu or Qi Xiaoyu, their eyes were wide open while they had extremely dazed expressions as they exclaimed endlessly with shock.

To Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu that had always been confined within the dark Soulsmelt Mining Area as prisoners, everything before them was like a dreamlike place of prosperity, and it was the true Immortal Dimension!

As he watched Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu follow by his side while carrying dazed and shocked expressions, Chen Xi was able to faintly notice their slight fear towards this prosperous place, and they were like bumpkins that had entered into a bustling city for the first time…

All of this caused Chen Xi to feel sad, and it hurt in his heart.

From today onward, I absolutely can’t allow them to suffer again! Chen Xi took a deep breath and puckered his lips. He didn’t say anything and just decided silently in his heart.

Not long after, Xuanyuan Yun bid his farewell and left to arrange a place for Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu to stay.

The reason was that Dao Emperor Academy prohibited outsiders from entering it. Even though Chen Xi had brought Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu back with him, in consideration of their safety, he had to find a safe place for them to reside in.

The Xuanyuan Clan had a branch in Darkombat City, and if he was able to arrange for Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu to reside in the Xuanyuan Clan’s territory, then it would undoubtedly be the safest.

After all, it was the territory of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Xuanyuan Clan. Even if the members of Misty Immortal Mountain were to pursue Madman Liu here, they wouldn’t dare take a single step into the Xuanyuan Clan’s territory.

Chen Xi wasn’t in a rush to return to the academy, and he brought Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu around Darkombat City.

He was very clearly aware that he had too many things to deal with. So no matter how unbearable it felt to leave them behind, he had no choice but to spend a great deal of time on his cultivation. In this way, the chances he would have to meet Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu would undoubtedly be extremely rare.

So he intended to seize this opportunity and accompany them for some time while disregarding everything else.

But before long, Chen Xi acutely noticed that Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu’s expression were slightly ill at ease. He swept his gaze towards the surroundings and instantly understood everything.

It turned out that Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu’s clothes were too shabby, and every single move they made caused them to seem like bumpkins who’d entered a city. They seemed to be too fearful and reserved, and it drew strange gazes and the attention from many people who passed by.

It was even to the extent that some bad mouthed people even didn’t conceal their disdain and ridiculed them.

“An emaciated geezer at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm bringing along a little girl at the Earthly Immortal Realm. I wonder which village they came from. It really is a rare sight in Darkombat City where everyone is either rich or noble. Haha!”

Chen Xi had just become aware of the situation and didn’t even have the time to react when a voice of ridicule sounded out from the side of the street.

It was a woman in luxurious clothes. She wore a belt made of jade rings, had a precious hairpin in her hair, and she was even waving a feathered fan that glowed with the aura of a treasure. She had an arrogant bearing and was like a female peacock with its feathers spread wide.

However, at this moment, the ridicule on the corners of her mouth caused her to seem mean.

Chen Xi frowned and glanced over with an icy cold gaze.

“What’re you looking at? You’re displeased? Since you’re with that geezer and little girl, you’re obviously trash as well.” The woman noticed Chen Xi looking over, causing her brows to be instantly raised before she raised her chin and spoke with disdain.


Before her voice could finish resounding through the air, Chen Xi slapped her on the face from afar. It struck her to the point the hairpin fell from her head while her hair became disheveled, and the left side of her snow white cheeks swelled up. She fell to the ground and let out a shrill and miserable cry.

“You…actually dared to hit me?” The woman held onto her face and seemed to not dare believe that someone actually dared to raise a hand against her, and then she cried out with fear and rage. “You lowly ant. All of you’ll…”

Her voice stopped abruptly because a hand was holding tightly onto her snow white neck, causing her face to flush red, yet no matter how she struggled, she was unable to arouse even a trace of strength.

“Speak another word and I’ll kill you!” Chen Xi spoke while his deep black eyes surged with bone piercing coldness.

The woman originally intended to continue mouthing off, yet when her gaze inadvertently met Chen Xi’s icy cold eyes, it was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on her, and her entire body surged with coldness as if she’d fallen into an icy pit while she was actually terrified to the point of being stunned on the spot.

“Fellow Daoist, please show mercy!” Meanwhile, a few young men in luxurious clothes rushed over swiftly, and all of them were shocked when they saw this scene. One of them who wore an embroidered robe hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “My cousin sister was having a bad day today, so it’s unavoidable that her words temper is slightly fiery. Please do forgive her.”

“So she can vent her anger on others just because she’s having a bad day?” Chen Xi spoke coldly.

“What? We’ve already apologized to you. Could it be that you still intend to take a yard after being given an inch? Do you really think you’re some great figure? You should go find out if you can afford to offend our Zuoqiu Clan!” Another green robed round man grunted coldly and spoke with displeasure.

“The Zuoqiu Clan?” A wisp of a piercingly cold smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and it caused him to seem even more icy cold and indifferent.

“Exactly. Do you understand now? Quickly let go off Cousin Sister Yuyan and apologize for your offence, and then the we’ll let this matter go. Otherwise… Hmph!” The green robed young man crossed his arms before his chest and glanced proudly at Chen Xi while grunting coldly without end.

“Xi’er, let’s go. Don’t cause trouble.” Meanwhile, Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu came over and glanced at Chen Xi with worry because they were able to discern from their luxurious clothes and conversation that these people probably had great backgrounds.

Even if they were clearly aware that Chen Xi was helping them vent their anger, Madman Liu wasn’t willing to see Chen Xi offend such a power because of some ridiculing words.

However, Madman Liu had never imagined that when he spoke like this, it caused all of them to become even more arrogant. Even the woman whose neck was held by Chen Xi raised her head high while her eyes revealed a wisp of resentment and ruthlessness.

Chen Xi sighed in his heart. All those years ago, Madman Liu’s temper was so wild and unrestrained, and he took revenge for all enmity. Yet after experiencing the hardships in the Soulsmelt Mining Area, the lofty aspirations in his heart seemed to have been ground away. This caused Chen Xi to feel extremely sad in his heart.

“Friend, have you made up your mind or not? If you continue delaying, then the consequences will probably become even worse for you!” When he saw Chen Xi remaining silent, the green robed young man was even more complacent, and even if tone became oppressive.

“Is this a threat?” asked Chen Xi.

The green robed young man didn’t hesitate to reply. “Hmph! You can take it like that.”

However, his companions by his side were slightly stunned because they faintly felt a trace of uneasiness upon hearing Chen Xi’s words.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

At this instant, Chen Xi didn’t speak another word nor did he seem to have made a single move. However, a few tens of clear and resounding slaps resounded from the face of that woman called ‘Cousin Sister Yuyan.’ He struck her to the point her pretty face was swollen like the head of a pig, and it was extraordinarily ugly and unsightly.

Her sharp and miserable cries resounded at this instant as well.

They were on the bustling streets of Darkombat City where streams of people moved about. After this scene occurred, it instantly drew the attention of numerous gazes from the vicinity.

On the other hand, the expressions of those young men from the Zuoqiu Clan instantly became gloomy while they didn’t conceal their killing intent at all because the young man before them was simply too arrogant and really didn’t know what was good for him!

However, before they could flare up, a wave of exclaims of surprise resounded.

“Chen Xi?”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi! It’s you!”

“What? That young man is Chen Xi? I heard that he just entered the inner court while holding the first position in the inner court exam. I never expected that I would actually be able to see him here.”

“My god! Who’re those fellows? They’re so stupid to actually offend Chen Xi on Dao Emperor Academy’s territory. Aren’t they just courting death?”

The crowd bustled. There were numerous outer court students from Dao Emperor Academy within the crowd, and when they recognized Chen Xi, they cried out with pleasant surprise while their expressions couldn’t help but reveal fervor and respect.

On the other hand, those who didn’t recognize Chen Xi started exclaiming in surprise in succession when they heard the handsome young man before their eyes was the renowned number one expert amongst the new students in Dao Emperor Academy.

Thus, Madman Liu finally understood that Chen Xi wasn’t that young man he had to protect all those years ago any longer. He…was already a renowned and influential figure in the Immortal Dimension!

So this little fellow has already grown to a state where I don’t have to worry about him… Madman Liu sighed with emotion in his heart, and he gratified from the bottom of his heart.

Compared to Madman Liu, the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan were dumbstruck on the spot, and they were scared out of their wits. I…actually offended this maleficent existence today!?

On the other hand, the woman was terrified to the point her entire body shivered, and she almost wet herself. As a disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan, how could she have not heard of Chen Xi’s name?

After all, many disciples from their Zuoqiu Clan had fallen at Chen Xi’s hands!

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