Chapter 1263 – Shocking Secret

Even though he wished for nothing more than to kill Huang Long and the others, Feng Yanshan’s expression didn’t change on the surface.

Especially when he heard that Chen Xi had passed the inner court exam while taking the first position in it, the smile on his face became even warmer like a daisy that bloomed wildly beneath the raging wind.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he saw this, and he said, “Immortal Monarch Feng, I’ll get straight to the point. I only want an explanation, and if I’m dissatisfied by it, then I’ll give you one instead.”

Feng Yanshan’s heart jerked when he heard such direct words, yet he sighed instead and said, “Little Brother Chen Xi, to tell you the truth, I’ve always lived in seclusion and shut myself from the outside world, whereas the Soulsmelt Mining Area has always been managed by my subordinate, Huang Long. If I knew all of this earlier, how could I have dared to detain your Master here?”

He was telling the truth. At any rate, Feng Yanshan was the Monarch of a continent that possessed monstrous authority, so how could he have placed his attention on an unimportant place like the Soulsmelt Mining Area?

But Chen Xi wasn’t satisfied, and he said directly, “Since it’s like this, then please continue staying out of these matters and allow me to deal with these people, alright?”

Feng Yanshan’s expression turned slightly grim, and then he smiled bitterly as he cupped his hands and said, “Little Brother Chen Xi, please show mercy. There are only four Golden Immortal Realm commanders under my command. Moreover, some of them weren’t aware of the situation. So if they’re implicated just like this, then I’m afraid…”

Chen Xi sneered in his heart and interrupted. “Then what does Immortal Monarch Feng intend to do?”

Feng Yanshan’s expression instantly turned solemn, and then he turned to look at Huang Long who was on the ground before he said in a low voice, “Huang Long, I need an explanation from you!”

His voice carried a wisp of a murderous tone. He could submit before Chen Xi, yet he was unable to tolerate his own subordinates bringing such a disaster to him.

If he hasn’t rushed over in time, then these two students of Dao Emperor Academy would have almost turned their hatred onto his Immortal Monarch’s Estate as well, and he was absolutely unable to accept such a consequence.

Huang Long raised his head and said with a trembling voice, “My Lord, I’ve always acted according to your instructions, and I’ve never deceived you.”


Feng Yanshan waved his hand and slapped Huang Long heavily from afar. He seemed to be cold and merciless as he said, “If you still remain stubborn, then don’t blame me for punishing you!”

Huang Long let out a shrill cry while his entire body shivered from intense pain, yet he gritted his teeth tightly and was unwilling to speak.

“There’s no need to ask him. He was put up to this by Misty Immortal Mountain.” Suddenly, Madman Liu spoke and revealed everything.

Misty Immortal Mountain? A bright light flashed in Feng Yanshan’s eyes while the gaze he shot at Huang Long was icy cold and indifferent, and it didn’t have the slightest emotion as he said, “As a commander of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, you colluded with Misty Immortal Mountain in secret? How audacious!”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a bang resounded. Huang Long didn’t even have the chance to react before his head exploded while blood and brain sprayed into the surroundings and dyed the sky red with blood.

The other three heavily injured Golden Immortals were horrified when they saw this.

“Hmph! He deserved death!” Feng Yanshan remained cold and indifferent instead, and he revealed an awe-inspiring appearance of righteousness and hating evil.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and glanced at Feng Yanshan when he saw this scene, and then he didn’t say a single word before leading Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu away with the intention of leaving.

Xuanyuan Yun was stunned, and then he hurriedly chased up to Chen Xi and the others. “You’re letting them off just like that?”

Chen Xi replied calmly. “Let’s go. We’ve killed enough people today.”

Feng Yanshan let out a long sigh of relief when he saw this, and then he caught up to Chen Xi as well before he revealed a benign smile and said, “Little Brother Chen Xi, please feel free to let me know if you’re displeased with how I handled the matter.”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “I really admire Immortal Monarch Feng for placing righteousness above your own relationships.”

Feng Yanshan frowned imperceptibly before he roared with laughter and said, “But no matter what, it was the negligence of my Immortal Monarch’s Estate that is to blame for this matter. Why don’t you allow me to hold a banquet in order to apologize for the offence? Please don’t refuse.”

“There’s no need.” Chen Xi waved his hand and said, “I appreciate your kindness, but I have important matters to attend to, so I won’t disturb Immortal Monarch Feng any longer.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed as he teleported away with Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu.

“Hmph! All of you got off easily this time!” Xuanyuan Yun glanced at Feng Yanshan before he flicked his sleeve and left.

“The youngsters these days are getting more and more extraordinary.” After he watched Chen Xi and the others leave, the smile on Feng Yanshan’s face gradually vanished, and he became cold and indifferent.

The three Golden Immortals crawled up from the ground and arrived by Feng Yanshan’s side before one of them asked in a low voice. “My Lord, Huang Long…”

“Hmph! He deserved death!” A wisp of a vicious aura surged onto the space between Feng Yanshan’s brows when Huang Long’s name was mentioned. “He almost got me killed. What’s the point of keeping such a traitor by my side?”

All the others were silent like cicadas in the winter.

“After all of you recuperate, go investigate exactly what Misty Immortal Mountain wanted Huang Long to do. Remember, don’t alarm them. Even though Misty Immortal Mountain is far less terrifying than Dao Emperor Academy, it has existed for a very long time, and it can be traced back to the primeval times…” Feng Yanshan rubbed his chin and seemed to be lost in thought. “Most importantly, Misty Immortal Mountain’s background is extremely strange. Even the Central Immortal Court isn’t clearly aware of its background, and rumors say that it’s related to one of the three great sects of the three dimensions, the…”

His voice ceased abruptly when he spoke up to here, and he went silent. He seemed to not dare casually mention the name of that sect.


Space fluctuated while two figures flickered repeatedly within it.

“Brother Xuanyuan, do you know of Misty Immortal Mountain’s background?” As they traveled, Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before he asked abruptly.

Xuanyuan Yun seemed to be utterly unsurprised, and he said with a smile, “I knew you would ask this question.”

When he spoke up to here, he withdrew a jade slip and passed it over before he said, “This is the information I obtained from those friends of mine after we arrived at Wind Indulgence City. The information about Misty Immortal Mountain is within it.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he glanced at Xuanyuan Yun with surprise.

“There’s no need to be surprised. Even though I don’t like to be known as the disciple of a great clan, I’m able to obtain many unexpected things by relying on the name of the Xuanyuan Clan. For example…information.” Xuanyuan Yun laughed with self-ridicule.

Chen Xi smiled as well, and then he went silent as he started to look through the jade slip.

There were 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension, whereas even though Misty Immortal Continent couldn’t compare in reputation to the four great continents, it wasn’t much inferior, and the reason was Misty Immortal Mountain.

It was an ancient sect whose origins could be traces back to the primeval times. In the history of the sect, more than one Immortal King had been born from within it. Unfortunately, in the recent tens of thousands of years, Misty Immortal Mountain’s forces were in a gradual decline, and they’d lost their former glory.

But a lean camel was bigger than a horse. Even though Misty Immortal Mountain could be considered as a first-rate power in the Immortal Dimension, yet while it stood within Misty Immortal Continent, it was like a unique power that couldn’t be compared to by any other power.

Especially in the last few hundreds of years, numerous experts had suddenly set out from Misty Immortal Mountain, and they trespassed into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect before annihilating it overnight. This incident caused a mighty uproar in the Immortal Dimension.

After all, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was an ancient sect that was even considered to possess greater resources and reserves than Misty Immortal Mountain. But it was precisely a formidable sect like this that was annihilated overnight, and it was truly shocking.

It was that exact battle that caused Misty Immortal Mountain to rise to fame, and no one dared underestimate this ancient sect that had fallen into a decline any longer.

According to the information on the jade slip, Misty Immortal Mountain presently possessed no less than ten Saint Immortal Realm experts. As for whether it possessed experts at the Half-step Immortal King residing within it, no one dared to be sure.

So, it really was Misty Immortal Mountain that annihilated Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension… Chen Xi let out a long sigh when he finished looking through the jade slip, yet he inadvertently thought of Dao Lotus and Evil Lotus that had left the 99th level of the sword cave.

Evil Lotus had ascended into the Immortal Dimension after leaving all those years ago, and he’d said that he intended to kill the enemies that schemed against the Chaotic Divine Lotus all those years ago. Unfortunately, Chen Xi still hadn’t heard any information about Evil Lotus until now.

Chen Xi still remembered that when Evil Lotus left all those years ago, Evil Lotus had once said that when a lotus flower appeared on the Dao Calamity Sword, then it meant that Evil Lotus had perished…

Of course, the Dao Calamity Sword still remained as it was in the past and a lotus flower pattern hadn’t appeared atop it, so it proved that Evil Lotus was at least still alive.

“Chen Xi, according to the information I obtained, there something strange about Misty Immortal Mountain. It seems…it seems to be greatly related to one of the supreme sects of the three dimensions, the Sovereign Sect.” Suddenly, Xuanyuan Yun revealed a shocking secret.

The Sovereign Sect! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Since a long time ago, he was aware that there were three supreme sects in the three dimensions. One was Oracle Mountain, the second was Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and as for the third, he only knew it existed, yet didn’t know its name.

The reason was that amongst the people he knew, no matter if it was his Little Senior Sister, Li Yang, or the tiny cauldron, they’d never mentioned its name.

“The Sovereign Sect is extremely mysterious, and just like Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace, it’s a supreme existence in the three dimensions. Even I’ve only heard the seniors of my clan talking about it occasionally, and I know very little about it. However, the Sovereign Sect is undoubtedly formidable, unbelievably formidable. Even if others know its name, practically no one dares to mention is casually.” Xuanyuan Yun had a solemn expression, and he lowered his voice while speaking to Chen Xi via voice transmission.

“I understand.” Chen Xi nodded, yet he didn’t think there was anything to feel fearful of. After all, he was a disciple of one of the three supreme sects, Oracle Mountain, so he naturally wouldn’t feel that the Sovereign Sect was mysterious and terrifying.

However, Xuanyuan Yun’s words still caused his heart to feel very heavy. The Nine Radiance Sword Sect was annihilated by Misty Immortal Mountain, whereas Misty Immortal Mountain was related to the Sovereign Sect. Could it be that the enemy who schemed against the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s founding ancestor, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, came from the Sovereign Sect?

If it’s really like this, then Evil Lotus is in danger. It’s one of the three great sects after all, so how could Evil Lotus be a match for it by himself?

Moreover, why did Misty Immortal Mountain instruct Huang Long to continue detaining and oppressing my Master, Liu Jianheng? What did they intend to obtain from him?

Chen Xi took a deep breath and restrained the chaotic thoughts in his mind, and his gaze recovered its calm. No matter what, it was best to think about it after he returned to the academy because at that time, he might be able to find out the truth from Liu Jianheng.

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