Chapter 1262 – A Saint Immortal Arrives

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three heavily injured Golden Immortals were smashed down from midair like sandbags, causing dust and dirt to suffuse the air while shrill cries resounded without end. They were unable to crawl up again and were in an extremely miserable state.

A moment ago, they seemed awe-inspiring as they teleported over through space, yet an instant later, they’d collapsed on the ground like dead animals while endlessly crying in pain. When these two moments were compared, it created an unparalleled visual impact that caused everyone present to be stunned on the spot with their mouths wide open in shock.

This was too shocking, and it was unbelievable.

After all, these were four Golden Immortals from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate. Every single one of them was a renowned figure in Misty Immortal Continent, yet now, they’d lost at Chen Xi’s hands in a few moments!

“Who…who’re you?” Huang Long and the others were terrified. As Golden Immortals, they were naturally clearly aware that since the young man was able to defeat them so easily, the young man definitely had an extraordinary background.

However, no matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out when such a terrifying figure had appeared in Misty Immortal Continent!

“Who I am isn’t important. The important thing is that all of you’ve…offended my Master.” Chen Xi stopped in midair as he looked down indifferently at Huang Long and the others, and he pointed towards the Madman Liu.


The gazes of Huang Long and the others descended onto Madman Liu. As they looked at that shriveled and haggard body that was in ragged clothes and covered in scars…their expressions instantly became extremely unsightly.

Who could have imagined that a lowly forsaker of the heavens confined like a prisoner here would actually possess a disciple at the Golden Immortal Realm?

It wasn’t just Huang Long and the other Golden Immortals, even those forsakers of the heavens that hadn’t fled yet were completely stunned because it was shocking to the point that they didn’t dare believe their ears.

“How…how could this be possible! He’s only a forsaker of the heavens. How could he possibly...” Huang Long was dumbstruck. His pupils had dilated while he still revealed an expression of disbelief.

The others were the same as well.

It couldn’t be helped, the contrast was just too great. In the entire Immortal Dimension, no one had seen a disciple whose cultivation and combat strength actually surpassed his master by more than a realm!

This sort of astounded gazes didn’t give Chen Xi any sense of accomplishment at all. Conversely, he recalled Madman Liu’s bitter and miserable encounter.

All those years ago, if it wasn’t for the sake of rescuing him in the Primeval Battlefield, how could Madman Liu have possibly been exposed as a forsaker of the heavens by Bing Shitian and be forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension? 

If he hadn’t been forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension, then how could Madman Liu have possibly suffered such bitter and miserable hardships?

Presently, Madman Liu’s cultivation is indeed greatly inferior to me while he’s even a prisoner. Moreover, the situation he’s in is one where he’s unable to see the light of day and is utterly miserable. Yet wasn’t all of this because of me?

The more he thought like this, the more vexed and guilty Chen Xi felt. His eyes that were deep like an abyss surged with a wisp of pain…and killing intent that couldn’t be restrained.

When the heavens emanated killing intent, the stars were moved; when the earth emanated killing intent, dragons rose from the ground; when man emanated killing intent, the heavens and the earth were overturned… When Immortals emanated killing intent, everything fell into oblivion!

At this instant, a terrifying killing intent erupted and enveloped this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth. It caused space to be shattered into pieces while it pressured Huang Long and the others to the point their countenances instantly went pale. Even breathing felt difficult to them while every single inch of their skin felt as if it was sliced by sharp blades, and a strand of indescribable terror and despair surged from their hearts.


“Don’t kill us. We didn’t know anything about this at all. If we did, then we would absolutely not dare touch a hair on your Master no matter how bold we were!”

“My Lord, My Lord, please be merciful and spare us this time…”

Under the pressure of death, Huang Long and the other Golden Immortals disregarded their pride and knelt down while begging for mercy. At this moment, they were no different that those people that were cowardly and afraid of death.

This indirectly proved the saying that the greater a person was, the more fearful that person would be in the face of death, whereas a nobody would normally dare to suffer disaster in order to drag the Emperor down from his horse.

Besides feeling enjoyment from watching this scene, a wisp of dense ridicule couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Madman Liu’s mouth. This is what Golden Immortals are? Haha…

“I’ve said it earlier, once some mistakes are made, then they can’t be forgiven.” An indifferent voice was lightly emanated from Chen Xi’s mouth, and it was like giving them the death penalty.

The expressions of Huang Long and the others turned pale. Before they could beg for mercy once more, Chen Xi raised his hand as a terrifying force effused out from his body, and it caused Huang Long and the others to even be unable to speak a single word.

At this moment, their expressions changed repeatedly as they struggled with all their might, yet they were like people drowning and on the verge of death, it was completely in vain and powerless.


Chen Xi’s palm stretched out while carrying divine radiance on his fingers, and it was like the hand of the heavens was smashing down.


However, right at this moment, space suddenly trembled like a rag was being torn apart, and a mighty figure appeared.

He had dense brows, wide eyes, and a dignified appearance. He wore a dark violet colored robe embroidered with a python, and every single move he made emanated a divine aura while naturally emanating a lofty and immovable imposing aura.

Chen Xi frowned, yet he withdrew the might of his palm that was descending. It couldn’t be helped, this middle aged man just happened to be standing between him and Huang Long’s group.

Most importantly, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that this middle aged man who’d appeared abruptly was obviously a Saint Immortal Realm expert, and the vital energy within the middle aged man’s entire body had a lofty and saintly aura.

The appearance of this middle aged man caused everyone present here to be stunned. Especially Huang Long and the others, their originally despaired and helpless eyes suddenly emanated a wisp of blazing light when they saw him make an appearance.

“Lord Feng!”

“Lord Feng, save us!”

They shouted while feeling overjoyed, and they were excited to the point their entire bodies trembled. They saw a trace of hope descending from the heavens while covered in the shadow of death, so it was impossible for them or anyone else in their situation to maintain their calm.

Obviously, this middle aged man was the master of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate in Misty Immortal Continent, Feng Yanshan, an overlord at the Saint Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, the expressions of Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu turned pale while Xuanyuan Yun’s brows raised, and only Chen Xi’s expression was calm as before.

However, to the surprise of everyone present here, Feng Yanshan’s expression was extremely gloomy upon arriving here, and he didn’t even conceal his rage at all. He seemed like an infuriated ferocious beast. However, his gaze had descended onto Huang Long and the others instead…

Moreover, everyone was even more greatly surprised when Feng Yanshan didn’t say a single word before stretching out his palm and smashing it down fiercely at Huang Long and the others.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The might of a Saint Immortal was terrifying. In an instant, a palm print formed from blazing radiance descended like the autumn wind sweeping away dry leaves as it struck repeatedly onto Huang Long and the others. It caused them to roll on the ground like gourds while emanating shrill cries and coughing up blood repeatedly, and their injuries became even more severe.

“Lord Feng! You…you…”

“Why? Why?”


Huang Long and the others were completely dazed. Never had they imagined that their Lord would actually make a move against them, and this caused the trace of hope that had just arisen in their hearts to be instantly obliterated. They felt both frustration and despair, and they were on the very of collapse.

It wasn’t just them, even Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu were dumbstruck. They almost didn’t dare believe their eyes because this scene was simply too absurd and bizarre!

Only Chen Xi and Xuanyuan Yun seemed to have understood something, and they exchanged glances before maintaining silence.

After a short while, Huang Long and the others had been struck to the point white froth sprayed from their mouth, and they were on death’s door. Only then did Feng Yanshan stop angrily, and he still cursed. “A group of stupid trash that have eyes but fail to see! All of you simply deserve to be cut into pieces!”

After he finished doing all of this, he turned around and looked at Chen Xi and Xuanyuan Yun while his attitude had changed completely at the instant he turned around.

His cold and murderous appearance was completely replaced by an extremely warm and amiable smile, and it was even to the extent that it carried a trace of indistinct modesty!

This sudden scene caused Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu to be flabbergasted once more. Is this…still that Lord Immortal Monarch that possessed a saintly imposing aura that was lofty like a mountain just moments ago?

“I’m Feng Yanshan, it’s a pleasure to meet both of you.” Feng Yanshan cupped his hands while his face was covered in a smile, and his tone was even extremely polite.

“You’ve recognized us?” Xuanyuan Yun frowned as he spoke, and then he shut his mouth because he felt his question was a bit unnecessary.

“Haha! One of you is an outstanding disciple of the ancient Xuanyuan Clan while the other is the first amongst the new students in Dao Emperor Academy. Even though I’ve been living in Misty Immortal Continent for a long time and have shut myself away from the world, both your great names are like thunder that reverberates in my ears.”

Sure enough, Feng Yanshan calmly admitted this.

The ancient Xuanyuan Clan?

The first amongst the new students in Dao Emperor Academy?

The figures of Huang Long and the others who lay on the ground while on the verge of death froze upon hearing this, and they had ashen expressions while the bitterness and regret in their hearts had risen to the extreme. They’d finally understood the identity of their opponents and why they lost so terribly today…

On the other hand, Madman Liu and Qi Xiaoyu seemed to be greatly confused when they heard this. They’d been confined in Soulsmelt Mining Area all along and were unable to come into contact with information from the outside world, so they were naturally unaware of the monstrous authority that the ancient Xuanyuan Clan and Dao Emperor Academy represented.

But even though they were unaware, when they saw that even an Immortal Monarch revealed such an amiable and even modest attitude when facing Chen Xi and Xuanyuan Yun, they were roughly able to sense what it meant. For a time, besides sighing with emotion in their hearts, they couldn’t help but feel curious. Exactly what sort of shocking favorable turns in life has Chen Xi experienced in these past few years within the Immortal Dimension?

Feng Yanshan spoke politely, yet Xuanyuan Yun didn’t appreciate it, and he frowned as he said coldly, “What an excuse! You think you can cast aside all your responsibility with just that?”

Madman Liu was horrified when he heard this, yet to his astonishment, Feng Yanshan actually didn’t mind at all, and his smile actually grew wider as he cupped his hands repeatedly in an apologetic manner. “Little Brother Xuanyuan, please calm your rage. I was really unaware of this matter. However, I won’t evade the responsibility that I should bear.”

“Alright, you’re pretty responsible. However, you’re mistaken something. Chen Xi isn’t just the first amongst the new students now, he just obtained the first in the inner court exam to become an inner court student.” Xuanyuan Yun grunted coldly and glanced at Chen Xi.

The first in the inner court exam!

Feng Yanshan was greatly shocked in his heart while he gasped without end. He was well aware what the inner court of Dao Emperor Academy meant, yet Chen Xi had actually entered it as the first in the exam, and this obviously showed how heaven defying and shocking Chen Xi’s natural talent was.

Moreover, such a figure would definitely be the center of attention for the extraordinary figures in Dao Emperor Academy!

These idiots! Why did they offend such an influential figure!? At this moment, Feng Yanshan wished for nothing more than to swing his palm and crush Huang Long and the others.

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