Chapter 1261 – This Kid Is Difficult To Deal With

When he saw Chen Xi’s actions, Huang Long’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch before his face sank, and he stared at Chen Xi before he said in a low voice. “Fellow Daoist, aren’t you going too far by wantonly beating up my subordinates?”

He’d noticed that Chen Xi was a Golden Immortal as well, and this was why he didn’t launch an attack, otherwise, according to his temper, he wouldn’t say at single word at all before directly charging ahead to crush Chen Xi.

Whip! Whip! Whip!

Chen Xi still didn’t look at him, and the iron whip in Chen Xi’s hand swept into a myriad of afterimages while swiftly whipping down fiercely in an orderly manner, and then a wave of wailing and howls resounded once more.

Huang Long’s face sank when he saw this, but he was slightly anxious and fearful as well.

It was common knowledge that the Soulsmelt Mining Area was in the control of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, and it represented the dignity of the Immortal Court. In the past, no one had dared come cause trouble here.

But not only was this young man before him causing trouble, the young man didn’t give him face at all. The young man’s calm and composed attitude didn’t seem like the young man was deliberately making a show of strength as well. This caused Huang Long to be unable to help but guess in his heart. Could it be that this young man is of great background?

When he thought up to here, he forcefully restrained the fury in his heart and said in an unhurried tone, “Fellow Daoist, please stay your hand. I don’t know exactly what has occurred here, but if it’s the mistake of my subordinates, then Fellow Daoist doesn’t have to say anything. I’ll directly punish them myself.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of all the black clothed guards that were originally hoping for Huang Long to assist them turned pale, and they didn’t dare believe that all powerful Lord Huang Long who commanded the wind and clouds would be so courteous to a young man.

Logically speaking, under such circumstances, any other Golden Immortal would probably give Huang Long some face. Unfortunately, Chen Xi still paid no attention to him.

This caused Huang Long to explode with rage in his heart, and he said with a low voice, “Looks like Fellow Daoist doesn’t intend to give me some face today?”

“Who do you think you are? Are you even worthy of talking about that with us?” When he saw Chen Xi keeping silent, Xuanyuan Yun was unable to restrain himself, and he pointed at Huang Long while he cursed. “Not to mention you, there’s nothing to talk about even if the Immortal Monarch of Misty Immortal Continent comes over. I advise you to quickly kneel down and admit your mistakes right now, otherwise don’t blame me for not giving you any advice before disaster befalls you.”

These words were utterly blunt, and it vividly displayed Xuanyuan Yun’s pride and domineering attitude as a disciple of one of the seven great ancient clans.

But when these words entered into Huang Long’s ears, he almost didn’t dare believe his ears, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch while his expression instantly became extremely gloomy.

“You arrogant kid! You asked for death yourself!” Being humiliated like this caused Huang Long to be completely furious, and he disregarded everything as he slapped his palm down towards Xuanyuan Yun.


Chen Xi’s hand shook, and then the iron whip that was comparable to a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact broke apart inch by inch before transforming into powder. After that, the powder swept out like the sharpest glows of light in the world. Everywhere they passed, the few hundreds of black clothes guards who were still emitting shrill cries seemed as if they were burned by blazing flames, and they instantly transformed into pile after pile of ashes!

With a single shake of his hand, he annihilated all of them!

At this moment, Chen Xi’s figure had vanished on the spot. In the next moment, he’d arrived before Xuanyuan Yun, and his palm emanated divine radiance as it swiftly smashed onto Huang Long’s approaching palm.


Divine radiance erupted while a rain of golden light shot into the surrounding, and boundless blazing light swept through the heavens and the earth. Huang Long’s figure seemed as if it was fiercely struck by a myriad of mountains and was blasted flying, and his figure smashed open an extremely terrifying narrow and long rift in space.


Blood sprayed from Huang Long’s mouth, and then he looked at Chen Xi with astonishment. “Who exactly are you?”

He was blasted flying with a single strike and suffered a great injury. This wasn’t something an ordinary expert could accomplish. In these years that he’d been roaming freely through Misty Immortal Continent, only existences at the Saint Immortal Realm were capable of blasting him back so easily.

“You’ve spoken enough nonsense.” Chen Xi finally spoke, yet his tone caused Huang Long’s expression to change once more. Before Huang Long could react, Chen Xi’s figure had vanished once more in his field of vision.

“You’re courting death! This is the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s territory. No matter how great your background is, or how formidable your combat strength is, you’ll never be able to live a day of peace after offending the Immortal Monarch’s Estate!” Amidst his grim shout, Huang Long’s figure flashed backwards repeatedly with the intention of avoiding Chen Xi’s attack.

Unfortunately, he’d underestimated Chen Xi’s ability.

Right at the instant that he’d teleported away, a slender hand stretched out from space, and when it retracted, it was already holding tightly onto his neck and dragged him out like a helpless animal.

“Who exactly are you!?” Huang Long’s face flushed red from being suffocated, and he struggled repeatedly yet it was in vain. He could only stare at Chen Xi with an astounded gaze, and his eyes were filled with disbelief and horror.

On the other hand, when they saw a Golden Immortal had actually been instantly grabbed by Chen Xi like a little chick, those prisoners that hadn’t fled yet gasped while swallowing their saliva with great difficulty.

As for Qi Xiaoyu and Madman Liu, they’d been stunned and shocked speechless a long time ago.

They’d witnessed Chen Xi’s strength earlier, yet they’d never imagined that Chen Xi was actually formidable to such an extent, and it had exceeded their imagination!

Only Xuanyuan Yun felt that this was very normal because this fellow, Chen Xi, was the number one expert amongst the new students of Dao Emperor Academy, and he’d even crushed all the top existences of the other academies in Nightmare Battlefield to pass through the inner court exam while ranked at the first. He could be considered to be peerless. Even though Huang Long could be considered as an overlord in Misty Immortal Continent, he really was nothing before Chen Xi.

It was even to the extent that Xuanyuan Yun admitted that even if he was the one that fought Huang Long, even though he wouldn’t be able to accomplish it as easily as Chen Xi had, he would still be able to annihilate Huang Long in a short period of time.

This was the ability of the students of Dao Emperor Academy. Because there were too many genius experts in the academy, their talents couldn’t stand out, yet if it was in the outside world, all of them were existences that could be considered as little freaks.


Chen Xi smashed Huang Long on the ground as if he was throwing down a bag of trash, and then he looked down at Huang Long and said, “Who I am isn’t important. But you definitely won’t live to see another day. I’ll give you a chance to call for assistance.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi didn’t speak any further.

This fellow really is completely infuriated today… Xuanyuan Yun was astounded in his heart because he’d never seen this mad side of Chen Xi’s.

On the other hand, the others were shocked by these words to the point tempestuous waves surged in their hearts. Who exactly is this young man? Could it be that he’s really unafraid of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s authority?

Only Liu Jianheng revealed a worried expression. Even though he’d found out from Xuanyuan Yun early on that Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, at this moment, he still couldn’t help but be slightly worried that Huang Long would seize this opportunity to call the Immortal Monarch over because that would be troublesome.

However, he didn’t speak up to persuade Chen Xi. He was very confident that this disciple of his wasn’t a person that would rashly disregard everything.

“Alright! You asked for it!” Huang Long crawled up from the ground with a dusty and dirty appearance. Originally, he thought that he would definitely die, yet never had he imagined that Chen Xi would actually allow him to call for help. For a time, his spirits were refreshed, and he didn’t dare hesitate at all to instantly execute a secret technique and seek assistance.

After he finished doing all of this, he still felt slightly anxious and fearful because he was worried Chen Xi would go back on his word. However, even until the end, Chen Xi didn’t do anything, and this allowed him to heave a sigh of relief in his heart, yet he couldn’t help but be anxious and fearful in his heart. Could it be that this young man really isn’t afraid of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate?

No matter how anxious and fearful Huang Long was, Chen Xi kept silent and stood silently in midair.

At this moment, time actually seemed to be moving extremely slowly. To Huang Long, it was even like torture, and every single second felt like a year to him as he was worried at all times that Chen Xi would suddenly launch an attack against him.

While under this extreme pressure, ten minutes passed before Huang Long’s help finally arrived!

Om! Om! Om!

Along with intense fluctuations of space, three figures that were suffused in golden light appeared out of thin air. Surprisingly, they were three Golden Immortals. As soon as they appeared, their terrifying pressure enveloped the entire heavens and the earth.

“Daoist Brothers Nan Zhen, Zhou Heng, and Wan Kun, quickly save me!” Huang Long couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart when he saw this, and he shouted loudly. Obviously, these three people were experts from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate.

“What happened?”

“Dammit! Someone actually dared to cause trouble in the territory of our Immortal Monarch’s Estate?”

The three Golden Immortal swept the surroundings that was in a mess with their gazes, and they instantly understood everything. In the next moment, they swept their icy cold gazes towards Chen Xi in unison.

On the other hand, Chen Xi frowned instead and glanced at Huang Long with indifference before he said calmly, “Just these three? If it’s like this, you won’t be able to live for another moment.”

“How presumptuous! Don’t you dare act arrogantly!” An extremely mighty Golden Immortal with a beard that was like a lion’s mane shouted loudly, and he held a violet colored blade that was the size of a door as he slashed down towards Chen Xi.


The violet blade light swept down like a waterfall as it tore through the sky, and it was suffused with violent Golden Immortal Laws as it moved with a peerlessly shocking impetus.


However, Chen Xi only casually stretched out two fingers against this attack before casually stabbing with them to shatter the blade light into powder. His fingers then pressed down together to instantly clamp onto the violet colored blade that was slashing down, causing it to be unable to move another inch!

“This kid is troublesome! Let’s attack together!” The extremely mighty Golden Immortal’s pupils constricted before he suddenly let out a long and grim howl, and then he utilized his entire strength with the intention of breaking Chen Xi’s fingers.


Chen Xi didn’t give him the chance to succeed, and his fingers light struck and flicked the blade.

Instantly, a terrifying force moved along the blade and instantly surged into the Golden Immortal’s body, and it shook his entire body to the point of shivering. It was like he’d been struck fiercely by the sledgehammer of a god, and the violet blade flew off from his grasp. Moreover, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood while his aura plummeted, and his body was blasted down from midair like a sandbag.


At this moment, all the Golden Immortals including Huang Long charged towards Chen Xi, and all of them exerted their entire cultivations, causing their attacks to seem like tempestuous waves that were ruthless, merciless, and terrifying.

At any normal time, three Golden Immortals were sufficient to crush any Golden Immortal, but the target they’d chosen this time was wrong, so they were bound to make mistakes in their attacks.


They felt something flash before their eyes before they lost track of Chen Xi’s figure. Before they could make any reaction, every one of them felt an extremely terrifying and deep force smash onto their bodies. They seemed as if they trampled on by a group of wild horses as countless bones in their entire bodies were broken while blood sprayed from their entire body, and it hurt to the point they couldn’t restrain themselves from emitting shrill cries.

All of this had merely occurred in less than the time for a single breath, yet the outcome was already decided!

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