Chapter 1260 – Merciless Whipping

At the same time, the blood in Chen Xi’s entire body suddenly started burning while seething killing intent surged out like unshackled ferocious beasts that emanated strands of divine radiance from every single inch of his body.

He took a deep breath, and then his expression turned even more indifferent. Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and his icy cold and deep black eyes swept over ahead before he spoke slowly in a low and calm voice. “Once some mistakes are made, they can’t be forgiven!”


The extreme killing intent suppressed within his heart suddenly swept out, and it sliced the air apart into pieces like cotton before it rumbled as it collapsed and swept towards the surroundings.

Under the force of such terrifying killing intent, the black clothed guards had ashen and ghastly pale expressions. Before such violent killing intent, Mysterious Immortal Realm experts were as tiny as ants.

Their hearts instantly hit rock bottom while they were terrified to the extreme. Not to mention resist, they didn’t even have the slightest will to fight. They truly wished for nothing more than to turn around and flee, but their legs were shivering and didn’t have a shred of strength left in them.


A guard was unable to endure this...

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