Chapter 1260 – Merciless Whipping

At the same time, the blood in Chen Xi’s entire body suddenly started burning while seething killing intent surged out like unshackled ferocious beasts that emanated strands of divine radiance from every single inch of his body.

He took a deep breath, and then his expression turned even more indifferent. Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and his icy cold and deep black eyes swept over ahead before he spoke slowly in a low and calm voice. “Once some mistakes are made, they can’t be forgiven!”


The extreme killing intent suppressed within his heart suddenly swept out, and it sliced the air apart into pieces like cotton before it rumbled as it collapsed and swept towards the surroundings.

Under the force of such terrifying killing intent, the black clothed guards had ashen and ghastly pale expressions. Before such violent killing intent, Mysterious Immortal Realm experts were as tiny as ants.

Their hearts instantly hit rock bottom while they were terrified to the extreme. Not to mention resist, they didn’t even have the slightest will to fight. They truly wished for nothing more than to turn around and flee, but their legs were shivering and didn’t have a shred of strength left in them.


A guard was unable to endure this killing intent, and his soul was shattered into pieces before he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. As his figure swayed, he crashed to the ground without any signs of vitality.

A Mysterious Immortal Realm expert had actually been killed by the killing intent Chen Xi emanated!


“You…you…. Who’re you? Could it be that you don’t know that trespassing into Soulsmelt Mining Area will incur the punishment and pursuit of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate?”

“Don’t you dare be arrogant. You’ll be in trouble when Lord Huang Long arrives!”

This scene was like a fuse that completely caused all the black clothed guards to go mad, and they cried out with terrified voices. This terrifying young man with a monstrous aura and surging killing intent who’d appeared out of thin air before them wasn’t someone they could go against at all.

They turned around with the intention of fleeing, yet they were restrained by a shapeless force, and they were utterly unable to take a single step. This caused them to be terrified to the point being frightened out of their wits while their souls almost left their body.

Chen Xi moved forward and seized an iron whip from the hand of a guard, and then his wrist shook, causing a myriad of whip images to spray down like a violent storm and envelop all the guards.

In the next moment, a wave of shrill howls that caused one’s scalp to go numb rose and fell in the surroundings. All the guards were whipped to the point their skin and flesh split apart while blood flowed in streams, yet they were unable to escape or dodge, and they were in an extremely miserable state.

Chen Xi seemed indifferent towards all of this. The iron whip in his hand seemed to have transformed into black dragons that filled the sky as they whipped down fiercely. However, he controlled his strength very well, so it was able to make them feel bone piercing pain yet wasn’t enough to take their lives.

This was simply torture!

The black clothed guards were whipped to the point they lost their voice from shouting, and they really had nowhere to turn for help.

In the end, a guard was even beaten to the point his mind collapsed, and he fell into madness. His seemed as if he was suffering from seizures while white froth flowed from his mouth, yet he was roaring with laughter and howling with tears throughout this process.

Such a wicked scene caused Xuanyuan Yun to gasp without end, and he quickly covered Qi Xiaoyu’s eyes so as to avoid such a brutal and bloody scene leaving a bad shadow in the young woman’s heart.

“Please, I beg you. Kill me. Kill me please!”

“I don’t want to live any longer. Please, I beg you!!!”

In the end, the guards were completely broken. They knelt on the ground while howling miserably and begging without end. They hoped that Chen Xi would stop torturing them like this and only wished for death.

This obviously showed how much pain the iron whip in Chen Xi’s hand gave them.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all of this. His expression was indifferent while his hands didn’t slow down at all, and he seemed to be cold and merciless.

Since he’d entered the Immortal Dimensions, he’d never been so furious. Yet all of this was caused by these damnable bastards before him, so he naturally wouldn’t allow them to die so easily.

“Stay your hand!”

“Fellow Daoist, we can always discuss the matter. If we’ve offended you in any way, then please tell us about it, and we’ll definitely compensate you tenfold.”

Suddenly, numerous figures tore through the sky and flew over from afar. All of them were guards from Soulsmelt Mining Area, and when they saw their companions who were being brutally tortured, all of them had pale countenances while coldness arose from their hearts. They only dared to stand far away and didn’t dare approach.

“Compensation? Even your lives are unable to relieve the hatred in my heart.” Chen Xi raised his head indifferent and glanced at all the figures in the distance before he flicked his sleeve and executed the Grand Confinement Dao Arts. Instantly, all the guards in the distance were restrained and were unable to struggle free.

Thump! Thump!

In the next moment, all of these guards let out shrill cries as they fell to the ground, and their figures were enveloped by Chen Xi’s merciless iron whip.

This scene caused the distant prisoners to be shocked. Those were a few tens of Mysterious Immortal Realm guards, yet they were captured by Chen Xi like utter trash now, and it was truly unbelievable.

Whip! Whip! Whip!

He swung the whip mercilessly, whereas the miserable and shrill cries of pain resounded once more.

The Soulsmelt Mining Area was extremely large, and these weren’t the only guards that resided here. There were many guards that noticed the situation was bad and hid far away while some even fled directly.

But no matter if it was those that hid or those that fled, they were successively restrained by a shapeless force in the next moment, and then they were dragged over from the surroundings like sandbags before falling in front of Chen Xi.

In practically the short time of a single breath, there were already a few hundred guards that had rolled down onto the ground before Chen Xi in a sorry state, and it was an extremely shocking scene.

At the side, Madman Liu was stunned by this scene since a very long time ago. That little fellow who was only at the Rebirth Realm all those years ago has already grown to such an extent?

This was simply like an unbelievable miracle, and it caused Madman Liu to be unable to recover from his shock for a very long time.

The disciple he’d brought into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect all those years ago had grown to such an extent now, and even had a strength that far exceeded him. However, Madman Liu didn’t feel a sense of loss, conversely, his heart was filled with happiness and gratification.

Yes, when Chen Xi possessed such strength, he was even happier about it than Chen Xi was.

“Awesome! Beat them up!” Suddenly, a cheer sounded out from afar. It was a prisoner of the mining area who’d witnessed everything that had happened, and he was unable to restrain the delight in his heart at this moment and shouted loudly.

“Yes! These bloody bastards of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate have tortured and killed countless forsakers of the heavens that were sentenced here. In their eyes, we’re simply no different than animals that they can order about, humiliate, and whip at will. They don’t have the slightest dignity of an immortal at all!”

“Awesome! Senior’s righteous actions today have allowed all of us to see hope. If you have any orders in the future, then we’re ready to give up our lives to get it done!”

Accompanying that cheer was numerous shouts from the surroundings, and all of them were from the forsakers of the heavens that had been imprisoned here.

Their delighted expressions carried excitement and resentment while the eyes of some were even moist. This obviously showed what sort of unimaginable pain and hardship they’d suffered in the Soulsmelt Mining Area, otherwise they would absolutely not be so happy at this moment.

However, right amidst this expanse of delighted shouts was a sudden voice that resounded out. “Senior, you should leave quickly. If you wait until Huang Long arrives, then the consequences would probably be bad.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it was like a bucket of cold water that was poured onto the prisoners, and it caused their excitement and delight to be instantly wiped away before they became anxious and fearful.

It was even to the extent that some of them gritted their teeth before turning and fleeing.

They couldn’t be blamed for this. If they didn’t seize this opportunity to leave, then they wouldn’t have a chance to escape once Huang Long arrived.

“Haha! All of you can dream of escaping!”

“All of you damnable bastards can forget about escaping once Lord Huang Long arrives! I’ll fucking cut your bodies into a thousand pieces!”

When they saw this scene, one of the guards that Chen Xi was whipping endured the intense pain and roared resentfully.

This caused all the forsakers of the heavens in the distance to be even more anxious and fearful, and they couldn’t be bothered to continue watching before they turned around and fled. This indirectly displayed how terrifying Huang Long was.

They were slightly unable to confirm whether Chen Xi would be a match for Huang Long. After all, in their understanding, Huang Long was an expert under the command of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate in Misty Immortal Continent, and he was an existence at the Golden Immortal Realm. He was like an immovable lofty mountain to them.

Chen Xi’s expression remained calm when facing this while the strength he exerted with the whip gradually increased, causing those guards that were mouthing off earlier to let out endless shrill cries that were filled with misery, and they were unable to speak another word.

However, even though Chen Xi was indifferent, Madman Liu was slightly worried instead. He couldn’t help but intend to advise Chen Xi, yet he was stopped by Xuanyuan Yun who said with a smile, “Don’t worry. Even if the Immortal Monarch comes here, he wouldn’t dare interfere in this matter.”

Madman Liu was shocked. The Immortal Monarch? Wouldn’t dare interfere in this matter? Exactly what has this disciple of mine encountered after entering the Immortal Dimension to even be unafraid of the Immortal Monarch?

Since he was forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension, he’d been confined within the Soulsmelt Mining Area ever since. He was utterly unable to come into contact with the information from the outside world, so it was naturally impossible for him to be aware that Chen Xi wasn’t the same Chen Xi he knew any longer.


Before Madman Liu could recover from his shock, he felt the distant space suddenly shook as if struck by thunder. In the next moment, a wisp of blazing golden light erupted and illuminated the heavens and the earth.

Amidst this dazzling golden radiance was a robust young man that wore flexible armor gilded with gold and had a bright golden crown on his head who walked out from that expanse of space.

His entire body was covered in Golden Immortal Laws, and as soon as he appeared, a terrifying aura belonging to a Golden Immortal swept over and caused everyone to exclaim with shock.

“Lord Huang Long!”

“Lord Huang Long has finally arrived!”

“My Lord, someone has trespassed into our Soulsmelt Mining Area and acted in an unbridled and ruthless manner. You have to stand up for us.”

When they saw this person, all the guards that had been badly beaten cried out with sorrow while some even cried from their extreme joy, and they seemed as if they were overjoyed from seeing their savior arrive.

However, in the next moment, their voices were replaced by the clear and resounding crack of a whip. After that, the miserable and shrill howls resounded once more.

Yes, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi paid no attention to this person called Huang Long, and he still concentrated his attention on whipping these black clothed guards, and how he acted as if no one was present seemed to be especially striking.

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