Chapter 1259 – Master And Disciple Meet

Soulsmelt Mining Area.

Row after row of figures in ragged clothes like prisoners moved through the packed and dark mining cave like a swarm of bees. When they moved slightly slowly, they would suffer the merciless strikes of the iron whips in the hands of the nearby guards.

Whip! Whip! Whip!

Every single strike of the iron whips emanated an ear piercing sound of flesh and skin splitting apart, and then groans of pain that rose and fell along with a wave of wild laughter.

These sounds were mixed together and filled the air at all times, and it caused the mining area to seem like a brutal purgatory.

Incidents like this occurred every single day, and no one would feel pity for them because these imprisoned fellows were forsakers of the heavens from the Mortal Dimension.

Perhaps forsakers of the heavens had respected status in the Mortal Dimension, and they were able to make a large sect worship them as a senior, but in this Soulsmelt Mining Area of the Immortal Dimension, they were no different than the lowest prisoners.

Because in the eyes of the Immortal Dimension, these forsakers of the heavens had disrespected the laws of the Immortal Dimension, and they had to suffer punishment!

At this moment, before a tattered and dirty stone house in Soulsmelt Mining Area.

“All of you…actually sold Xiaoyu off!” An emaciated and stooping old man was furious, and his hoarse voice seemed to be squeezed out from his shriveled chest and revealed a strand of extreme rage and pain.

Moreover, his dark skinned face that showed he’d experienced all sorts of hardships had warped and turned savage. His eyes were bloodshot while his white and disheveled hair trembled, and he seemed as if he was about to go mad.

Standing before him were a few black clothed guards. All of them had their arms wrapped before their chests while sneering with disdain at the enraged old man as if they were looking down at a laughable ant.

“Of course we had to sell her off. That little girl was still young, and she could still be sold for a high price. If she was a bit older, then she would lose the unique charms of a young woman.” A black clothed guard rubbed his chin while laughing slyly, and his gaze faintly revealed an indecent glow. “Unfortunately, for the sake of obtaining a high price, we weren’t able to taste that little girl.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the other guards laughed endlessly as well, and their ferocious faces were covered in a mocking expression.

“All of you…are simply worse than animals!” The old man was even more enraged when he heard this, and his entire body trembled while he suddenly roared and charged towards them with the intention of fighting them with his life.


The guard in the lead swung the iron whip in his hand, and it tore through the sky before striking onto the old man’s emaciated figure, causing the old man to be instantly blasted flying like a piece of paper. He was smashed onto a rock wall before blood sprayed from his mouth, and his white hair became even more disheveled.

“Ptooey! Who the fuck do you think you are? How many years has it been, have you still not understood the situation you’re in? Remember this! This place isn’t the Mortal Dimension where you can do as you please, it’s the Immortal Dimension! Moreover, you’re just a prisoner!” The guard in the lead spat out a large mouthful of saliva while he revealed an even more disdainful expression.

The old man lay on the ground while his body trembled from rage, and his hoarse voice revealed extremely rage. “I, Liu Jianheng, served my sentence of ten years and should have been able to leave, yet all of you disregarded the rules of the Immortal Court and have imprisoned me for so long. Could it be that you’re not afraid of suffering the wrath of the heavens!?”

“The wrath of the heavens?” The guards seemed as if they’d heard an extremely absurd joke, and they roared with laughter.

“A forsaker of the heavens like you dares to speak about the wrath of the heavens with us?”

“You ought to be clearly aware of the reason we’ve kept you until now. If you agree to Lord Huang Long’s conditions right now and tell us everything you know, then we’ll let you go right now. Otherwise, we won’t simply sell off your foster daughter…”

“How about it? Have you considered it properly?”

All the guards spoke successively while sneering as they looked at the old man who lay on the floor heavily injured. They seemed high and mighty as if they were staring at a stinking worm.

“Dream on!” The old man raised his head with great difficulty while his emaciated face was covered in bloodstains, and his voice even seemed as if it was squeezed out word by word from the cracks between his teeth and were extremely resolute.

“Old goat! You really are stubborn! Whip him! Fiercely!” The expression of the guard in the lead sank, and he waved his hand as he instructed.

Whip! Whip! Whip!

In the next moment, dense sounds of whips tearing through the sky resounded as they struck onto the old man in succession, causing him to roll around on the floor in an effort to avoid the whips yet was unable to avoid being enveloped by the layer upon layer of whip images. His ragged clothes were whipped into pieces, and they revealed numerous bloody scars.

The bodies of all the nearby prisoners shivered when they saw this scene, and they revealed expressions of pity.

In their memories, since this forsaker of the heavens called Liu Jianheng had been captured, he’d been beaten cruelly almost every single day. Countless years had passed until now, yet he was still able to persist and survive until now, and it was simply a miracle.

Of course, no one wanted to experience such a miracle because it was too painful. If it was any other person, the person would have probably been unable to endure it any longer since a long time ago and chose to commit suicide.

“All of you…all of you…I hope all of you die a horrible death!!” As the sounds of whipping resounded and the images of whips tore through the sky, Liu Jianheng’s disgruntled and furious roar resounded.

“Haha! How laughable! In this Soulsmelt Mining Area, our lives will only grow longer and longer, yet you…if you continue being stubborn, then you won’t have much time left to live.” The guards roared wildly with laughter and in an unbridled manner. They didn’t have to conceal anything within Soulsmelt Mining Area because they were the lords of this place, and even if the sky collapsed, Lord Huang Long would be there to endure it. So could anyone do anything to them?

The old man fell into silence when he heard this. He allowed the myriad of whip images to strike his body, yet he gritted his teeth tightly and didn’t speak a single word. Only his bloodshot eyes revealed a wisp of despair and death surging within.

In his daze, the scenes of the past in the Mortal Dimension flashed within his mind. There were his Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, those disciples he’d taken in West Radiance Peak, and that young man that he’d brought back from the Primeval Battlefield to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect…

So what if I die? Even if I know the whereabouts of the Dao Calamity Sword, how could I possibly tell these idiots? I’m just so angry that I’ve implicated that little girl, Xiaoyu, in the matter… A wisp of dense misery and pain arose in Madman Liu’s heart, and the despair in his eyes grew denser. After that, he suddenly shouted while he actually struggled to stand with his body that was bathed in blood, and he slapped his palm towards his head!

He actually intended to commit suicide!

Perhaps he’d had enough. He was tired and filled with despair…

However, right at this moment, an extremely terrifying pressure suddenly enveloped down like a storm, and it covered the sky and blotted out the sun, causing the world to dim down. The terrifying aura caused the heavens, earth, and space to wail and be on the verge of collapse and destruction.

At this instant, it seemed as if the sky was about to collapse, the earth was about to sink, and everything in the world was in a state of horror!

At this instant, the bodies of those guards that were laughing wildly froze while their eyes opened wide, and their faces were covered in shock and terror while the iron whips fell to the ground like dead snakes.

At this instant, the entire Soulsmelt Mining Area had fallen into great terror. It was like the end of the world had arrived, and no matter if it was the ferocious guards or the miserable prisoners, everyone was terrified while bone piercing coldness spread throughout their bodies as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice.

At this instant, Madman Liu who was covered in scars, bathed in blood, and intended to commit suicide felt a warm and gently flow surge throughout his body and repaired his utterly damaged body while calming his helpless and despairing soul…

In his daze, he saw a handsome figure appear before him, and that handsome face, ramrod straight body, and indifferent and extraordinary bearing were so familiar to him.

After that, he couldn’t help but laugh with self-ridicule. How could this possibly be that little fellow? I’m seeing things again…

“Master!” A low and heavy voice resounded by his ear, causing Madman Liu’s entire body to freeze as if he’d been struck by lightning, and his eyes suddenly opened wide while he stared blankly ahead.

Yes, that familiar figure is right before my eyes, it isn’t a hallucination!

“Xi’er! It really is you…” Madman Liu’s voice was hoarse, and because the injuries he’d suffered were too heavy, every single word he spoke seemed to be spoken with difficulty. But his emaciated face that was thin and covered in bloodstains revealed a wisp of an extremely happy and gratified smile.

The person before him was Chen Xi.

As he looked at the stooping and emaciated figure of the old man that was bathed in blood and covered in scars, and as he gazed at the old man’s ragged and dirty clothes, the white and disheveled hair on the old man’s head, and the aura that was on the verge of death…

Indescribable pain suddenly surged into Chen Xi’s heart.

That sort of pain was mixed with fury, regret, hatred, guilt… It was like a stream of surging and blazing lava that spread through every inch of Chen Xi’s skin, and he was on the verge of bursting into flames!

“AH!!!” At this moment, Chen Xi was unable to restrain himself any longer. His jet black hair fluttered while he roared into the sky, and his voice was like a surging thunderclap that resounded through the world. It was filled with indescribable sorrow and rage, and it caused even the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade!


The terrifying soundwave transformed into a shapeless storm that swiftly stretched out with Chen Xi at the center. Everywhere it passed, rocks shattered into powder, mountains collapsed, the earth split apart, and practically nothing was able to endure this terrifying sound.

Even the guards and prisoners within Soulsmelt Mining Area suffered a heavy blow at this moment, causing their vital blood to roil as blood flowed out from their seven apertures, and they let out shrill cries while being blasted to the ground.

In the surroundings, only Madman Liu and the nearby Xuanyuan Yun and Qi Xiaoyu didn’t suffer any harm.

However, when they saw Chen Xi’s sorrowful and furious appearance as he howled with pain, Xuanyuan Yun and Qi Xiaoyu were both moved and horrified while indescribable shock arose in their hearts.

Especially Xuanyuan Yun, it was the first time he’d seen Chen Xi lose control like this and be so furious. This allowed him to deeply understand exactly how important Madman Liu was in Chen Xi’s heart!

After a short moment, the terrifying soundwave that surged through the heavens and the earth had gradually vanished while everything returned once more to calm. However, the entire Soulsmelt Mining Area was in a mess. It was covered in horrifying rifts and scars, and it seemed as if it had been fiercely crushed.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s expression had become completely indifferent. Only his eyes were icy cold and unfeeling as if he didn’t have even a shred of emotion any longer.

“Master, all of those years ago, it was you who brought me into the Dark Reverie from the Primeval Battlefield. Today, allow me to take you away from this dirty place.” Chen Xi didn’t look at Madman Liu because he was worried that he would lose control once more, and then his calm and indifferent gaze descended onto the black clothed guards.

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