Chapter 1258 – Utter Annihilation

Along with Wang Tu’s voice resounding out was an icy cold and oppressive aura, and it suddenly filled the heavens and the earth, causing the nearby spectators to be shocked to the point of moving back repeatedly without end.

Wang Tu was a Golden Immortal, once he flared up, he would absolutely kill anyone in his vicinity, and if they would absolutely perish if they were in his vicinity.

Chen Xi’s gaze suddenly became icy cold when he saw this.

He supported Qi Xiaoyu up and withdrew a coat to cover her thin body before patting her on the shoulder as he said, “Wait here calmly. It’ll end very quickly.”

Qi Xiaoyu was stunned. As she looked at Chen Xi’s calm and composed expression, the uneasy and terrified feeling in her heart instantly calmed down greatly for no reason…

“Should I…” When he saw this, Xuanyuan Yun couldn’t help but ask Chen Xi’s opinion.

Chen Xi waved his hand. “Leave it to me.”

Xuanyuan Yun was stunned, and then he didn’t say anything further while he started to feel slight pity for Wang Tu…

“Haha! Bastard! Could it be that you think you can change the outcome today?” When he saw Chen Xi and Xuanyuan Yun speaking as if there was nobody around, Wang Tu’s expression became even more gloomy and icy cold. He couldn’t restrain himself from revealing a grim smile, and in the next moment, his figure flashed as he teleported in midair to arrive before Chen Xi and slapped his palm down towards Chen Xi’s head.


The gusts of wind emanated from the force of the palm were monstrous, and they carried a peerlessly fierce jet black glow that crushed space apart and were extremely shocking.

This obviously showed that as an overlord in Wind Indulgence City, Wang Tu’s strength was rather outstanding.

However, all of this was simply like child’s play to Chen Xi, and it didn’t carry the slightest threat to him. He didn’t seem to have made any movement, yet a shapeless forcefield sprayed out and directly smashed fiercely onto Wang Tu’s face.


Wang Tu’s savage face was suddenly struck by an enormous force, causing his cheekbones to shatter and collapse while his teeth flew out while covered in blood, and his entire body was blasted flying like a cannonball.


All the spectators present here that witnessed this scene gasped in unison, and they were extremely astounded.

They weren’t aware that this young man before them wasn’t just the number one expert amongst the new students of Dao Emperor Academy, he was even the first in the inner court exam who’d once slaughtered three thousand Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts in three months. How could he be someone that Wang Tu could compare to?

No matter how formidable Wang Tu was, he was only an overlord in a city within Misty Immortal Continent, whereas Chen Xi was the number one expert amongst the new students of the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension!

When the two of them were compared together, it was no different than comparing a divine dragon with an ant, and Wang Tu was utterly inferior.

Before Wang Tu’s figure could fall to the ground, Chen Xi’s figure flashed out like an arrow that left the bow, he stretched out his hand before Wang Tu touched the ground and easily grabbed onto the latter’s throat, and he held Wang Tu in his hand like he was holding up a carrot.


This time, Chen Xi smashed his fist onto the Wang Tu’s face, causing the latter’s nose to collapse while his entire face sunk down, and blood sprayed like a waterfall.

“AH!!” Wang Tu howled miserably while his ruthless and domineering aura vanished completely. He was like a deformed puppet that was forcefully punched into the ground, causing rocks to collapse while he formed a human shaped hole on the ground.

All the spectators were astounded while their hairs stood on end, and their eyeballs almost fell from their sockets. The usually all-powerful Wang Tu was actually easily crushed by someone!

Who’s this young man?

Why does he possess such a terrifying combat strength?

On the other hand, Qi Xiaoyu was stunned. She rubbed her eyes and felt that she was seeing things…

“Didn’t you say that you would be merciless? Stand up!” Before everyone could recover from their shock, Chen Xi was like a god of slaughter that stood in midair while he looked down coldly at Wang Tu who was on the ground.

“You… Who’re you? How exactly did I, Wang Tu, offend you?” Wang Tu’s face was badly mutilated, and he shivered as he crawled up. Moreover, his voice couldn’t help but carry a wisp of terror as he looked at Chen Xi who stood in midair.

At this moment, he finally understood that he’d bitten off more than he could chew. Merely Chen Xi’s terrifying combat strength had already caused him to feel terror and despair that filled the bone.


Chen Xi didn’t answer, and he had an icy cold expression while he pressed a single palm down. A shapeless palm smashed down, and Wang Tu was smashed down once more like a toad. His entire body was bleeding while countless bones in his body had broken.

However, Wang Tu’s vitality was actually extremely tenacious. Under such circumstances, he actually didn’t fall unconscious, and he just lay there on the ground while coughing up blood and speaking intermittently. “I… I… Exactly what wrong have I committed? Can you allow me to die while knowing the reason for my death?”

All the spectators were horrified, and they felt their hearts shiver as they gazed at the miserable state Wang Tu was in because the young man before them was too terrifying. He’d dealt with Wang Tu as if he was blowing off dust, and it had exceeded their imagination.

Chen Xi didn’t say a single word when faced with Wang Tu’s dying question. He’d had a ball of rage suppressed in his heart since the beginning, and it was because of his guilt towards Liu Jianheng and the pain he felt for Qi Xiaoyu. So even if he smashed Wang Tu into a thousand pieces, it would be unable to vent the rage in his heart.

However, when he saw more and more people crowding over from the surrounding, Chen Xi stopped in the end. He came over to Qi Xiaoyu’s side and said, “Come, take me to go see my Master.”

Qi Xiaoyu stared blankly at him as she nodded, and she still hadn’t recovered from her shock.

“Chen Xi, what should we do with these people?” Xuanyuan Yun who’d been watching coldly from the sidelines couldn’t help but ask Chen Xi.

Chen Xi glanced at Qi Xiaoyu to ask her opinion. He didn’t know what sort of miserable sufferings this young woman had encountered in this time, so she needed to put an end to this matter and cut away the knot in her heart so as to avoid it affecting her Dao Heart in the future.

“I… I…” Qi Xiaoyu was obviously too kindhearted, thus she obviously seemed to be slightly indecisive. This indirectly showed that she was too young, and she hadn’t formed a heart that was resolute and decisive in slaughter.

However, it was precisely because of this that Chen Xi felt even more pity towards her. In this world, the kindhearted were always so weak and powerless, and it was precisely because of this that they were even more respectable.

Because it was exactly their kindness that allowed others to feel that this world wasn’t so ugly and dark.

“I’ll help you decide.” Xuanyuan Yun was originally unable to restrain himself since long ago, and when he saw Qi Xiaoyu was unable to make a decision, he instantly flashed out and smashed Wang Tu’s head into mush as casually as if he was smashing a watermelon.

After that, his figure flashed repeatedly like a gust of wind, and he utterly annihilated all the twenty plus Mysterious Immortal Realm experts including the middle aged merchant.

Xuanyuan Yun let out a long sigh after he finished doing all of this, and he said with a smile, “I’d had enough of these bastards a long time ago. Now that I’ve killed them, my thoughts truly feel clearer.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the nearby spectators to be unable to help but shiver. Exactly who’re these two young men? Why do they kill others as easily as eating?

Chen Xi didn’t say anything about this, and he just nodded to Xuanyuan Yun before turning around and leaving with Qi Xiaoyu.

He was unable to wait any longer, and he urgently wanted to see Liu Jianheng.


As soon as Chen Xi and the others left, the entire Orchid Tree Lane exploded with an uproar while astounded discussions resounded.

“My god! Wang Tu was actually killed on the streets!”

“Who exactly are those two young men? Could they be disciples of Misty Immortal Mountain? No, the disciples of Misty Immortal Mountain probably wouldn’t kill Wang Tu so mercilessly.”

“Hmph! This is karma! It goes around, and it’s a bitch! After all, the gods are everywhere, and retribution always follows closely behind those who commit evil!”

“The Soulsmelt Mining Area?”

“Yes, since Uncle Liu was drawn over from the Immortal Dimension, he’d always been confined there. Originally, according to the criminal law of the Immortal Court, he only had to be confined for ten years. However, that Golden Immortal Huang Long in the Soulsmelt Mining Area has been keeping Uncle Liu there ever since. Not only did he prohibit Uncle Liu from leaving, he even frequently cruelly tortured Uncle Liu to the brink of death.”

Chen Xi led Qi Xiaoyu along as he flew in midair outside Wind Indulgence City while asking her about his Master, Liu Jianheng.

“Who’s Huang Long?” When he heard that Liu Jianheng had actually suffered such hardships after entering the Immortal Dimension, rage surged even more strongly in Chen Xi’s heart, and his expression became more and more calm and indifferent.

“He’s a subordinate of the Misty Immortal Continent’s Immortal Monarch’s Estate, and he’s in-charge of Soulsmelt Mining Area.” When she spoke up to here, Qi Xiaoyu seemed to have thought of something yet didn’t dare be certain of it. She hesitated for a long time before she said, “I heard… I heard that the Golden Immortal Huang Long seems to be related to Misty Immortal Mountain, and the reason Uncle Liu was oppressed cruelly was out of the instructions of Misty Immortal Mountain.”

Misty Immortal Mountain!

When he heard this name, Chen Xi instantly recalled too many matters of the past. Early on when he was at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect within the Dark Reverie, he was clearly aware that the forces of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension had suffered the joint attacks of numerous enemy forces, and it was annihilated in the end.

Misty Immortal Mountain was one of these enemy forces!

The reason he was so clearly aware of this was naturally because of a single person — Qiu Yunsheng. In the Mortal Dimension, Qiu Yunsheng had schemed with the intent of seizing the Dao Calamity Sword that lay at the 99th level of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Bloodsoul Sword Cave. In the end, he was captured by Qing Xiuyi and was forced to serve Chen Xi.

However, after he arrived at the Immortal Dimension, Chen Xi hadn’t contacted Qiu Yunsheng. If he didn’t come to Misty Immortal Continent this time and Qi Xiaoyu didn’t mention Misty Immortal Mountain, it was be impossible for Chen Xi to recall this fellow.

So, that’s how it is. Misty Immortal Mountain ordered Huang Long to oppress Master, and it’s probably related to his identity in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect… Chen Xi’s eyes were deep, and he’d faintly guessed something.

“Big Brother Chen Xi, the Soulsmelt Mining Area is right ahead.” Qi Xiaoyu suddenly pointed towards the distance.

“Oh?” Chen Xi returned to his senses from his deep contemplation, and he saw a mountain range that rose and fell continuously in the distance. The mountain range seemed imposing and boundless.

“Yes, according to the information I obtained, that’s the Soulsmelt Mining Area in the control of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate.” The nearby Xuanyuan Yun said, “What do you intend to do? Directly kill your way in, or wait for an opportunity to make a move and rescue your Master first?”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly as he carefully sized up the boundless mountain range in the distance, and then he asked after a short moment, “Would there be any trouble if we killed members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate?”

Xuanyuan Yun immediately roared with laughter when he heard this. “If it was anyone else, then they would naturally bring a monstrous disaster onto themselves. But if we did it, then even if the Immortal Monarch of Misty Immortal Continent arrived, he wouldn't dare criticize us at all.”

“Alright.” Chen Xi nodded while his eyes that gazed towards the distance faintly flashed with a wisp of icy cold killing intent.

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