Chapter 1257 – The Golden Immortal, Wang Tu

Amidst the terror within this shrill cry was an unyielding tone.

Chen Xi was stunned. She’s waiting for someone?

“Little bitch! Have we not beat you enough in the past few days? Beat her! Let me see if she still dares to be stubborn!” When he saw the little bitch failing him at the critical moment, the middle aged merchant instantly turned against her and exploded with rage as he cursed furiously in a loud voice.

Immediately, two ferocious Mysterious Immortal Realm experts approached and fiercely swung the whips in their hands into the cage towards the young woman.

Crack! Crack!

The iron whips tore through the sky and caused a sharp boom to resound in the air, and it emanated a ruthless force. If this were to strike the young woman, then it would definitely beat her half dead.

Right at this critical moment, Chen Xi suddenly grunted coldly. It seemed to be an ordinary grunt, yet when it entered into the ears of those two Mysterious Immortals, it sounded like a thunderclap that caused their entire bodies to tremble while the vital blood roiled. Moreover, their souls almost collapsed, causing the iron whips in their hands to fall limply along with this. This strike could be considered to have completely missed.

“You…” The middle aged merchant was shocked and infuriated, and then he seemed to have realized something, causing his expressions to suddenly turn pale while he revealed a wisp of reverence. “Young Master?”

The two Mysterious Immortal Realm experts looked at Chen Xi with surprised and bewildered expressions, and they still didn’t dare believe that the cold grunt from before could possess such a terrifying force. Could it be that he’s a Golden Immortal?

“Fuck off to the side!” Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Yun who’d remained silent all along move forward abruptly and slapped the middle aged merchant, causing the latter to let out a miserable howl as his figure flew towards the side, and a mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth as he fell to the ground in an embarrassing state.

“Bastard! So, both of you came to look for trouble. Quickly, quickly capture them…!” The middle aged merchant roared in a savage tone. However, he hadn’t finished speaking when he felt something tighten on his neck, and then his entire body was lifted into the air while he almost suffocated.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The space between Xuanyuan Yun’s brows was filled with a murderous aura while he struck down clear and resounding slaps. It caused the merchant’s entire head to swell up and emit shrill cries that sounded like a boar being slaughtered, and it caused the people passing nearby to look over in succession.

“I’ll kill you if you make another sound!” Even though Xuanyuan Yun seemed to keep a low and sedate profile in Dao Emperor Academy, but as a disciple of the ancient Xuanyuan Clan, he was extremely proud in his bones. Now that he’d left the academy along with Chen Xi, how could he possibly take a tiny merchant seriously?

Yes, in the eyes of disciples from ancient clans like Xuanyuan Yun, even if this middle aged merchant possessed extraordinary authority in Wind Indulgence City, he was only a useless nobody in the end.

So he didn’t show any mercy when bashing up this merchant, and it was even to the extent that he could be said to be unreasonable. Of course, this was because Chen Xi was here, otherwise, he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to the merchant so as to avoid dirtying his hands.

The merchant was terrified to the point of shivering, and he instantly shut his mouth. However, his resentful gaze stared at Xuanyuan Yun and Chen Xi and seemed ruthless as if he would take revenge on them soon.

“What? All of you intend to make a move against me?” Xuanyuan Yun suddenly turned around and swept the Mysterious Immortal Realm experts that encircled him. These were all associates of the merchant, and they’d been taking care of the slaves in the surroundings. So, they instantly swarmed over when they saw the merchant being bashed up.

“How presumptuous! Have you not asked around about who we are? How dare you attack one of us here?”

“Hmph! I’m not afraid to tell you that no one dares to touch Lord Wang Tu’s goods in Wind Indulgence City!”

“Quickly let him go! Otherwise, both of you can dream of leaving Wind Indulgence City!”

The over twenty Mysterious Immortal Realm experts had gloomy expressions as they shouted loudly with grim voices. Because the middle aged merchant was still in Xuanyuan Yun’s hands, it caused them to be cautious, and they didn’t dare make a rash move.

“Brother Xuanyuan, make them shut up.” Chen Xi had a calm expression as he instructed in a light voice, and then he flashed over onto the platform before he flicked his sleeve, causing the iron cage that confined the young woman to transform into powder.

At the same time, Xuanyuan Yun’s spirits were instantly refreshed when he heard what Chen Xi said, and his rugged and firm face revealed a wisp of coldness as he suddenly shouted in a deep voice. “Kneel!”

Along with this voice was a terrifying pressure that belonged to a Golden Immortal, and it swept through the surroundings, causing thumping sounds to resound successively. The figures of all twenty plus Mysterious Immortal Realm experts trembled as they knelt down uncontrollably!

They furiously tried to get up, yet they were utterly unable to struggle. They wanted to scream yet their throats seemed as if it was held tightly by a shapeless hand, and it suffocated them to the point their faces flushed red and were unable to make a single sound.

This was Orchid Tree Lane, and it was the most bustling moment of the day at this moment. Streams of people surged about, and when they saw this astounding scene, it instantly caused a mighty uproar.

“My god! Isn’t that the subordinates of the Golden Immortal, Wang Tu? Wang Tu controls almost half the slave trade in Wind Indulgence City, and he possesses monstrous authority. There’s someone that actually dares to look for trouble with him?”

“Who’re those two young men?”

“Shh. Haven’t you notice that young man has a terrifying aura and is a Golden Immortal as well?”

“Based on the circumstances, Wang Tu seems to have offended some ferocious figures this time.”

“Hmph! I’ve said it a long time ago, it’s not that karma hasn’t hit him, it’s just that the time hasn’t come. Wang Tu has committed evil for many years, and he has cheated, captured, and sold countless innocent people as slaves. Now, he’s finally going to suffer retribution. The heavens aren’t blind.”

Chen Xi remained indifferent to all these discussions, and he just stared at the young woman before him as he said, “You’re Qi Xiaoyu?”

The young woman was obviously in a terrified state, and her face was ghastly pale. Her entire body shivered when she heard this, and she shook her head without end while her eyes faintly revealed a strand of terror.

Chen Xi frowned and withdrew a transmission jade slip as he said, “Do you recognize this jade slip?”

As he spoke, his voice carried a gentle force that was like a warm spring, and it surged into the young woman’s body and calmed her terrified soul.

Under the calming effect of this force, the young woman’s emotions obviously became calmer. However, when her gaze descended onto the transmission jade slip in Chen Xi’s hands, her eyes instantly opened wide before surging with a wisp of indescribable excitement.

When he saw this, Chen Xi had roughly confirmed that this young woman was definitely Qi Xiaoyu.

This caused him to heave a sigh of relief in his heart. According to what the jade slip said, Qi Xiaoyu was obviously clearly aware of the situation his Master, Liu Jianheng was in. So if he found her, he didn’t have to worry about locating Liu Jianheng.

“You… You… You’re Uncle Liu’s disciple?” said Qi Xiaoyu in a soft voice. She was slightly perturbed and fearful, yet she revealed even more pleasant surprise and happiness.

It was truly difficult for Chen Xi to imagine exactly what sort of pain this young woman had suffered after being reduced to a slave that was confined within an iron cage until she would become so unsettled and terrified.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he frowned as he said, “Since you’re Qi Xiaoyu, then why didn’t you answer me earlier?”

Qi Xiaoyu seemed to have recalled some bad memories when she heard this, and her entire body shivered. However, she gritted her teeth and said in the end, “I… I didn’t dare confirm it was you. They…they kept probing me like this, and so long as I spoke, they would… would…”

As approached the end of what she intended to say, she actually hugged her knees and started crying with a lowered head, and she seemed revealed a terrifying, helpless, and hurt appearance.

Even though she spoke in a vague manner, Chen Xi still came to an understanding that those slave traders were definitely worried she would be rescued. So they acted as unfamiliar people and called out her name to probe her, and so long as she dared to reply, she would definitely suffer a cruel beating.

The objective of doing this was easy to guess. During the process of carrying out a transaction, if Qi Xiaoyu were to be noticed by her friends, then so long as she didn’t admit it, no one would be able to take her away, and this would allow the slave traders to avoid a great deal of trouble.

“These bastards truly deserve death…” Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a piercingly cold expression suffused his eyes. He’d already felt extreme detest towards slave trading, and when he saw Qi Xiaoyu had actually suffered such a miserable experience, a wisp of killing intent couldn’t help but surge out from his heart.

Sure, slave trade was a normal thing in the Immortal Dimension, and Chen Xi was powerless to stop it. Yet now that such a matter had actually occurred before him, how could he stand by idly?

Not to mention that if it wasn’t for Qi Xiaoyu sending the information to him, he wouldn’t be aware of Madman Liu’s whereabouts. So, even if it was for the sake of taking revenge, he had to interfere in this matter today!

“You…you should leave here quickly. Wang Tu is an overlord in Wind Indulgence City that possesses monstrous authority, and he’s extremely ruthless. If…if he arrived here, then both of you will definitely be unable to escape.” Suddenly, Qi Xiaoyu raised her head and spoke. She actually wanted to persuade Chen Xi to leave, and she had a firm expression while her eyes faintly flashed with tenacity. “So long, so long as you’re able to rescue Uncle Liu, then even if…even if I’m sold, it’s…it’s fine!”

Chen Xi was instantly moved while a wisp of a complicated feeling surged in his heart. Since he arrived at the Immortal Dimension, he’d been in a situation of being pursued at all times, thus he was even powerless to inquire about his Master, Liu Jianheng’s, whereabouts. This had always caused him to feel rather guilty in his heart.

Now, when he saw this young woman actually constantly think about his Master, Liu Jianheng, while she was in a dangerous situation, Chen Xi felt even worse.

“Let me see exactly who dared to look for trouble with me, Wang Tu. If you don’t give me an explanation today, then don’t blame me for being merciless!” Right at this moment, an icy cold and hoarse voice suddenly resounded. Along with this voice, the distant space suddenly started to roil before a robust middle aged man appeared.

He wore a black robe, was bald, had narrow and fine eyes, and his lips revealed a wisp of a strange dark purple color, causing him to emanate a ruthless and vicious aura.

He was Wang Tu, a Golden Immortal that was renowned in Wind Indulgence City that possessed monstrous authority, and he could be said to be known by all.

When they saw him make an appearance, all the spectators on the nearby streets revealed a wisp of awe and moved back successively without end, causing a large empty space to be opened up.

Only Chen Xi and Xuanyuan Yun stood on the spot and seemed to be rather conspicuous. Of course, there was also the middle aged merchant and the figures that knelt on the ground.

“Haha! Very good! Not only did you come looking for trouble with me, Wang Tu, you even made my subordinates kneel. What ability!” Wang Tu swept the surroundings with his gaze, and when he noticed his subordinates kneeling on the ground, his expression instantly became icy cold and gloomy. In the end, he shot his gaze onto Chen Xi and Xuanyuan Yun.

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