Chapter 1254 – Who’s Number One?

Chen Xi didn’t care about Zuoqiu Jun’s reaction at all.

Two years ago, when he’d just entered into Dao Emperor Academy, he was indeed afraid of Zuoqiu Jun because he was only at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm while Zuoqiu Jun was already a Golden Immortal at that time.

Yet now, he was at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm and was practically matchless. So he naturally wouldn’t place his attention onto Zuoqiu Jun.

If this wasn’t an exam led by Zhou Zhili and the other seniors, Chen Xi had thousands of methods to kill Zuoqiu Jun. However, even though he was restricted from making a move against Zuoqiu Jun, Chen Xi wasn’t anxious.

There was still a long path ahead, and he would definitely have a chance to kill Zuoqiu Jun in the future.

To put it in an even more direct manner, Zuoqiu Jun was unable to bring a shred of threat to Chen Xi, so he naturally wouldn’t care about Zuoqiu Jun’s attitude.

In the next moment, Chen Xi turned around and left.

As they watched Chen Xi leave, Zuoqiu Jun and the other disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan had extremely unsightly expressions. Two years ago, perhaps they would go ahead and repress Chen Xi without the slightest hesitation, yet now…not a single one of them dared to stand out and provoke him!

As it was said, flowers remain the same throughout the years, yet people change constantly.

“Chen Xi.” However, there was someone that chased after him when he left, and it was Ji Xuanbing.

Chen Xi had a very good impression of this disciple from one of the seven great ancient clans that helped him share responsibility for a great deal of pressure and hatred, and he immediately stopped and smiled upon noticing Ji Xuanbing’s arrival. “Brother Ji, is there anything you need?”

Ji Xuanbing smiled lightheartedly and passed over a light green book. “Zhen Lu asked me to give this to you. He said that it can repair a Buddhist treasure in your possession.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “Zhen Lu?”

“Yes.” Ji Xuanbing smiled with deep meaning concealed behind it as he said, “He’d once made a move against you during the second round of the entrance test because of a Buddhist treasure in your possession. Perhaps, he’s expressing his apology by doing this.”

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding, and he looked towards the distance. Sure enough, he saw Zhen Lu standing there in a moon white monk’s robe. When Zhen Lu saw Chen Xi look over, he had a calm expression and bowed while he pressed his palms together, and then he turned and left.

“Then I have to find an opportunity to thank Zhen Lu for this kindness.” Chen Xi smiled as he received the light green book. There wasn’t any deep enmity between him and Zhen Lu, so since Zhen Lu had expressed such a sincere apology, he naturally wouldn’t pursue the matter.

So it’s the technique to repair the Calamity Ward Green Lantern… Within a damaged ancient building in Dreamcloud City, Chen Xi sat cross-legged as he sized up the light green book in his hand. It recorded an equipment technique in ancient Sanskrit, and it was called Cloudbook Seven Techniques. It was profound and obscure, and it was completely different to the equipment refinement methods in the three dimensions.

Because this was a technique to mold and toughen a Buddhist treasure. It was a supreme equipment refinement technique, and it was a secret technique of the Buddha Dimension.

According to the introduction of the Cloudbook Seven Techniques, Chen Xi understood that the Calamity Ward Green Lantern was actually a renowned ancient Buddhist treasure of the Buddha Dimension. It was refined by a Great Buddhist Master of the primeval times, and it possessed extraordinary ability and boundless profundity.

Chen Xi still remembered that he’d obtained this Calamity Ward Green Lantern from the Netherworld’s Sea of Misery. The Sea of Misery had buried and suppressed countless extraordinary figures during the primeval times, so there were naturally numerous ancient precious treasures left behind within it. This Calamity Ward Green Lantern was one of them.

When Chen Xi obtained this treasure, he’d obtained an ancient jade slip. However, the jade slip recorded the methods to utilize and nurture the Calamity Ward Green Lantern, yet it didn’t have a true method to repair it.

This had always been a regret of Chen Xi’s, and he could only place the Calamity Ward Green Lantern within the Buddha’s Pagoda and utilize the Calamity Ward Radiance emanated by it to nurture the damaged Buddha’s Pagoda.

I never expected that I would obtain it without any effort. Could this be a fortune of karma that was decided by the heavens a long time ago?

As his cultivation grew, Chen Xi’s attitude towards things had become completely different, and he possessed a type of unique perception and understanding of the secrets of the heavens, fate, karma, and astrology.

It was like some things seemed to be completely random and complicated, yet if one analyzed the sequence of events carefully, one would be able to deduce too many ‘coincidences’ from it.

Those shred of ‘coincidences’ were perhaps the cause and effect of karma.

I can repair the Buddha’s Pagoda as well with this Cloudbook Seven Techniques. Unfortunately, I’m lacking in time and have to leave tomorrow, so I can only repair these two Buddhist treasures after I return to the academy. At that time, perhaps I’ll be able to witness their true might… Chen Xi took a deep breath before putting the light green book away.

The veil of night descended. Dreamcloud City’s central hall was illuminated brightly by the flames of lanterns, and it seemed bright as day.

“319 kills. Haha! Such results will definitely be able to obtain a treasure from Dong Junhou.”

“You’re speaking too early. Wait for now.”

“Oh, that’s true as well. Presently, Chen Xi alone hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Amongst the three immortal treasure, one is at the Valiant Grade while the other two are at the Cosmic Grade. Presently, the rankings have been roughly decided, and Cloudmist Academy’s Chen Moli is leading with 319 kills. Zhen Lu is second to him with 307 kills. The last is Zhao Mengli instead with 293 kills. If nothing unexpected happens, then these three treasures will definitely belong to the three of them.”

“However, all of this needs to wait until Dao Emperor Academy’s Chen Xi arrives before an outcome can be decided. After all, that little fellow’s combat strength is extraordinary.”

“Geezer Gu, your Cloudmist Academy’s Chen Moli actually performed in such an outstanding manner this time, it truly exceeded our expectations. This kid’s achievements are limitless.”

“Haha! It was luck, just luck.”

“Don’t deny it. Luck is a part of strength. Some young people have extraordinary natural talent, yet their fates are lacking, causing their luck to be terrible. In the end, they died at an early age, and it’s truly a pity.”

When Chen Xi arrived at the central hall, he heard a wave of clamorous voices resounding from within, and the atmosphere seemed to be rather bustling.

Chen Moli? Chen Xi was stunned because this name was very unfamiliar to him.

“Eh, that little fellow has arrived.”

“Quickly, quickly make him hand over your Dao Emperor Academy’s Violet Ribbon Starcrest and see exactly how many kills he has.”

“Right, right, right! I’m extremely curious about his performance on Nightmare Battlefield.”

When they noticed Chen Xi’s figure appear outside the hall, many gazes within the hall focused over successively and descended onto Chen Xi.

Unlike before, Chen Xi was indifferent towards such attention, and he didn’t enjoy it at all nor did he feel uncomfortable. His heart was calm and composed, and he seemed as if he would stand unmoved no matter what.

Chen Xi walked into the hall amidst these focused gazes, and he arrived before Zhou Zhili and the others. He greeted all of them one by one before sitting down on a seat at the side.

From this angle, he was able to clearly see the center of the hall, and there were three treasures that flowed with glowing light spread out on the table before Dong Junhou.

They were respectively the Valiant Grade Immortal Treasure, Soul Descent Bell, and the two Cosmic Grade Immortal Treasures, Jadelight Streamer and Whitewater Blade.

The Soul Descent Bell resided at the center of the table. It was around the size of a palm, completely jet black, and faintly emanated strands of terrifying black light.

On the other hand, the other two Cosmic Grade Immortal Treasures were suffused with immortal radiance while auspicious qi drifted around them. They were majestic, magnificent, and extremely extraordinary. Obviously, they were top-quality and precious Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts.

At the same time, Chen Xi noticed that Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, and Vastsky Academy hadn’t participated in the banquet Dong Junhou held this time.

But it seemed very normal to him when he thought about it. After all, these three academies had lost all face earlier today, so how could they have any mood to participate in such a banquet?

Hmm? That fellow is presumable Chen Moli… Chen Xi acutely noticed that there was a violet clothed thin young man sizing him up from Cloudmist Academy’s seats. He had a broad forehead, sunken eyes, and an extremely formidable aura. He was at least as the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

The reason Chen Xi recognized this person as Chen Moli was very simple. It was because Chen Moli’s gaze was completely different than anyone else here, and it faintly carried a trace of provocation, yet it couldn’t be considered hostility. Obviously, Chen Moli wasn’t convinced of Chen Xi’s superiority, and had made Chen Xi his target.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle in his heart. Making me a target to provoke is a good thing, but I’m worried he’ll be unable to endure the heavy blow from losing after provoking me.

“Chen Xi, let me see your Violet Ribbon Starcrest.” Meanwhile, Zhou Zhili spoke.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to immediately withdraw the Violet Ribbon Starcrest and hand it over.

The voices in the hall instantly became deathly silent when they saw this scene, and the gazes of everyone focused over while carrying faint urgency.

At this moment, Zhou Zhili couldn’t help but be slightly nervous in his heart. In the past, the students of Dao Emperor Academy had competed with the other six academies on more than one occasion, and there was both win and loss in these competitions. But it was still Dao Emperor Academy that won the most.

However, it was unlike the past now. Cloudmist Academy’s Chen Moli had come out of nowhere and actually hunted and killed over three hundred Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts within three months of time, allowing him to surpass Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli in one go.

If it wasn’t because of Chen Moli, there was no need to doubt that the first three positions would be in Dao Emperor Academy’s pocket. Unfortunately, Chen Moli just had to appear here.

If such a young man was to be allowed to gain the first, then even if Dao Emperor Academy has two students that were in the top three of this joint training of the seven great academies, it couldn’t be considered to be an honor.

Fortunately, all of this hadn’t ended because there was still one more person, Chen Xi!

This kid is always able to do the unexpected. Please don’t fail this time… Zhou Zhili muttered in his heart and took a deep breath before he focused his gaze onto the Violet Ribbon Starcrest. When he saw the number on the Combat Exploits Record, his face instantly froze while the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He was actually stunned on the spot and went silent for a long time.

Everyone in the hall was even more curious when they saw this scene. Does this expression represent that his results are extremely terrible, or are they heaven-defying?

“Brother Zhou, what exactly are his results? Everyone is still waiting. If his results are inferior… I mean if by any chance it’s like that, then don’t announce it.” Wang Daolu couldn’t help but speak in a low voice.

“See for yourself.” Zhou Zhili took a few deep breaths repeatedly before he passed the Violet Ribbon Starcrest over.

Thus, in the next moment, everyone clearly noticed that the corners of Wang Daolu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch as well, and then his hand trembled and almost dropped the Violet Ribbon Starcrest on the ground…

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