Chapter 1253 – Leaving In Anger

They came looking for a beating!

When they heard these blunt words, the gloomy expressions of many people present here turned even gloomier.

However, compared to this, the attention of most people was attracted by the jade slip that Chen Xi passed over to Zhou Zhili.

Some students faintly guessed something, and their faces turned grim.

But most of the others were still curious about exactly what was recorded within the jade slip that Chen Xi was actually so confident to the point of fearlessly making an appearance here amidst this tense atmosphere.

This was a mirage jade slip.

Zhou Zhili perceived this with a single glance, and out of his confidence towards Chen Xi, he practically didn’t hesitate to speak in a low voice. “Now, let’s stop discussing who’s right and who’s wrong for now. We’ll first have a look at this jade slip before making a discussion, alright?”

As they looked at Chen Xi’s tranquil and composed expression and Zhou Zhili’s calm and domineering attitude, the expressions of the instructors from the other academies changed. They faintly felt that some bad developments were about to occur in the situation…


Before they could express their agreement or refusal, Zhou Zhili directly activated the mirage jade slip and condensed a screen of light that floated up into midair, allowing everyone present to clearly witness everything that was on it.

The image of the screen of light changed and quickly condensed into the first scene. It was within the Impermanent Path of the tomb, and Chen Xi was charging through the Undying Bats by himself, yet he suffered the slander and threats of Le Qianchuan and the others from Vastsky Academy.

The reason was that a student from Vastsky Academy has been killed by the Undying Bats, and these people had vented their rage onto Chen Xi. From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi had never disputed or paid any attention to this.

“Vastsky Academy really has great poise!” When he saw this, Zhou Zhili’s expression was emotionless as he judged coldly.

Chi Ling’zi and the others from Vastsky Academy had livid expressions when they heard this, and they glared angrily with disappointment at all the students by their sides.

The scene changed, and the screen of light suddenly revealed the scene of Chen Xi suffering a surprise attack. It was before the bronze door within the Impermanent Path, and it was the might of the Skyearth Gourd that Le Qianchuan utilized which had launched that surprise attack against Chen Xi.

This strike caused Chen Xi’s entire body to be smashed against the bronze door, and he coughed up blood while almost being killed by it. It was an extremely shocking and dangerous scene.

When they saw this, the faces of Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, and the other instructors of Dao Emperor Academy sank, and their eyes surged with coldness while they emanated a strand of a murderous aura.

“Not only did all of you slander a student of my Dao Emperor Academy, you even launched a surprise attack against him to kill him and keep him quiet. What great ability!” Zhou Zhili judged with a low voice, and his indifferent voice carried a wisp of fury.

Contrary to this, Chi Ling’zi and the others from Vastsky Academy had unsightly expressions that changed indeterminately.

They were naturally clearly aware why Le Qianchuan and the others would have such hatred towards Chen Xi, and it was none other than because of the humiliation Yun Fusheng had brought upon their academy all those years ago. But they’d never expected that Chen Xi had actually recorded all of this!

Everyone else from the other academies had a worse feeling in their hearts when they saw this scene, and they were worried that the screen of light would reveal scenes that embarrassed them next.

But no matter what everyone present here felt, the screen of light was constantly changing and revealing numerous scenes, and it was impossible to stop.

The third scene recorded on the mirage jade slip occurred within a hall within Emperor Yu’s Nine Cauldron Palaces. The students of Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academies were besieging Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu.

The situation was extremely precarious!

When they saw this, the expressions of Zhou Zhili and the others became even more gloomy. They were able to imagine that the students of their Dao Emperor Academy had definitely experienced numerous dangers in the Immortal King’s tomb, yet they’d never imagined that besides the dangers that came from the tomb itself, their students would actually suffer the joint attacks of the students from the other academies!

On the other hand, the expressions of the instructors from the other academies were completely stiff and livid. They’d completely lost their threatening appearances from before, and they seemed to have become listless instead.

The next scene revealed on the screen of light was the scene of Chen Xi fighting the students of the three academies by himself. The process was bloody and shocking, and it drew the attention of many people.

But all of this wasn’t the main point of everyone’s attention when compared to the scenes from before.

At this point, the screen of light vanished completely.

The atmosphere here was deathly silent and oppressive to the extreme.

Zhou Zhili and the others had gloomy expressions, and the instructors of the other academies weren’t any better.

“Even if the actions of the students from our academies were slightly too extreme, it’s considered as a form of competition as well. There was no need to slaughter them, right?” After a short moment, Chi Ling’zi spoke with a low and heavy voice, and it still carried a strand of anger and dissatisfaction.

“Sorry, they were originally still alive, but I couldn’t resist killing all of them.” Right at this moment, Ji Xuanbing suddenly stepped forward before Zhou Zhili could reply, and his expression was calm as he spoke frankly.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present here was astounded.

The instructors of the other academies were naturally aware of Ji Xuanbing’s identity. How could they not recognize this leading figure of the young generation in the Ji Clan who was even renowned in the four great continents?

It was precisely because they were clearly aware of Ji Xuanbing’s identity and the force it represented that they felt such disbelief upon hearing him personally admit to killing those students from the three academies.

“Unfortunately, he acted too quickly, otherwise I wouldn’t have let them off so easily.” At this moment, Zhao Mengli’s red lips parted lightly as she spoke indifferently, and her voice that was beautiful and pleasing to the ear didn’t carry any emotion, causing the faces of many people present here to turn gloomy.

“Once I advance into the Saint Immortal Realm, I’ll pay a visit to all the three academies. At that time, please provide me with your guidance.” At practically the exact same time, Zhen Lu who wore a moon white colored monk’s robe spoke the name of Buddha before speaking calmly.

Amongst these two people, one was the descendant of a True Phoenix in the Phoenix Clan while the other was the leading figure of the Buddha Dimension’s younger generation, yet they didn’t hesitate at all to display their displeasure towards Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy just like Ji Xuanbing had. It caused waves of shock to rise and fall in the hearts of everyone present here.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned as well, and then he faintly understood the intentions of Ji Xuanbing and the others, causing a wisp of an indistinct smile to appear on the corners of his mouth.

“But no matter what, the Skyearth Gourd of my Vastsky Academy ought to be returned to us, right?” Chi Ling’zi gritted his teeth and spoke with a heavy voice that carried a trace of bitterness.

These words were already no different to yielding.

It couldn’t be helped because no matter how aggrieved Chi Ling’zi was in his heart, but after he witnessed the scenes within the mirage jade talisman, he knew that they were in the wrong this time and couldn’t blame anyone.

“It’s very simple if you want me to return it to you. After I return to the academy, all of you just have to bring your ‘sincerity’ along and make the exchange with me.” Chen Xi spoke without the slightest hesitation. “It isn’t just for the Skyearth Gourd, it’s the same for the Heaven Hatred Seal and Greensilk Palace Lantern as well.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was able to discern that Chen Xi obviously intended for them to pay a price in order for him to return these treasures in good condition.

Moreover, the ‘sincerity’ he spoke of was no different from asking for an exorbitant price!

If it was at any ordinary time, and if a Golden Immortal dared to speak like this with them, then Chi Ling’zi and the other Half-step Immortal Kings would definitely slap him to death. Yet now, they obviously didn’t dare do this.

It couldn’t be helped, Zhou Zhili and the others were still glaring fiercely from the side.

So they could only endure this monstrous rage and accept this extremely insolent condition.

“Aren’t we…letting them off a bit too easily?” Wang Daolu suddenly frowned as he spoke.

“Yes, I think so too. Our Dao Emperor Academy obviously suffered a great loss this time.” Zhou Zhili nodded.

As soon as these words were spoken, the faces of Chi Ling’zi and the others twitched fiercely. You’re going too far! From the young to the old, all these fellows from Dao Emperor Academy are horrible!

“Hmph! I hope you take good care of it. If you lose it, then it won’t be sufficient to make up for it even if you had nine lives!” Chi Ling’zi spoke fiercely before turning around and leading the students from Vastsky Academy away. It couldn’t be helped, he was truly worried that Zhou Zhili and the others would raise other extreme conditions.

When they saw this, the others from Bitter Silence and Grand Desolation Academies left in anger with gloomy expressions.

As for the students and instructors of Cloudmist, Dao Secret, and Windstream Academies, they’d been watching all of this coldly from the sidelines since the beginning, and besides sighing without emotion about Dao Emperor Academy’s domineering attitude, they couldn’t help but feel fortunate in their hearts because they didn’t offend these troublesome people from Dao Emperor Academy. Otherwise they would probably be in a situation similar to Vastsky Academy and the others.

After this, no further incidents occurred. Everyone left successively and started to rest, and they would be leaving Dreamcloud City tomorrow to return to their respective academies.

However, before they left, Dong Junhou notified them that there would be a banquet at the central hall to celebrate the students that had passed the exam. Of course, the three immortal treasures would be distributed at that time, and it would be rewarded to the three students with the best performance on Nightmare Battlefield this time.

“Chen Xi, you did well!” After everyone left successively, Zhou Zhili praised Chen Xi with a smile on his face. This was a rare piece of praise because Zhou Zhili was always stern and reserved in the impressions of everyone else. It was very rare for anyone to have seen him smile and praise another.

“Senior is too kind.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. Only now did he notice that besides Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, and Zuoqiu Taiwu, Taba Tianxi’s figure was actually nowhere to be found.

“Have a good rest and gather at the central hall at night. I really look forward to your performance on Nightmare Battlefield this time.” As soon as he finished speaking, Zhou Zhili left with Wang Daolu and Zuoqiu Taiwu.

Chen Xi originally intended to seize this opportunity to ask Zuoqiu Taiwu about some things, yet he could only give up when he saw this.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something. His gaze swept towards the side, and he noticed Zuoqiu Jun looking at him from afar with undisguised resentment and hatred.

It wasn’t just Zuoqiu Jun, all the disciples from the Zuoqiu Clan including Ao Zhanbei and the other senior students were the same. This was extremely understandable because they’d been bashed up by Chen Xi within the tomb, so it was naturally impossible for them to have a good impression of Chen Xi.

Chen Xi smiled at Zuoqiu Jun and said something that was incomprehensible to the others, “Your Zuoqiu Clan…seems to have failed again.”

All of them were puzzled, and only Zuoqiu Jun’s expression couldn’t help but change slightly. Besides resentment and hatred, there was a trace of frustration in his eyes, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi could return safely from Nightmare Battlefield…

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