Chapter 1250 – The Mantis That Stalked The Cicada

Chen Xi’s question was obviously a bit too unexpected to these Xeno-race experts, and it even seemed as if he was mocking them.

What does he mean by who amongst us is the best at unearthing Divine Blood Resin?

This fellow is obviously mocking us!

Especially when they were on the brink of battle, he was actually unconcerned about his fate and had asked such an incomprehensible question, it was indeed extremely difficult to not arouse their rage.

“He actually dared to joke with us at a time like this! Kill! Kill this damnable native!” Lan Qi exploded with rage, and he pointed at Chen Xi while shouting with a grim voice.

“Kill!” The other Xeno-race experts were furious as well, and they charged ferociously.

Instantly, various terrifying and ruthless attacks soared into the sky and rumbled like thunder, and the sky was suffused with various blazing glows that drowned the heavens and the earth.


Space shattered while the blood colored desert raged violently and rocks shattered into powder in an area of 5,000km around Chen Xi, and it had completely fallen into chaos.

However, to the astonishment of Lan Qi and the others, they’d actually lose track of Chen Xi’s figure in the battlefield. In other words, they were actually unable to lock onto Chen Xi since the instant they attacked.

All battles between experts required capturing opportunities through one’s Immortal Sense and will, and it allowed one to turn the situation of the battle around in an instant before deciding the outcome.

Yet they weren’t even able to lock onto their enemy, so the consequences were obvious.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

In the next moment, a figure suddenly flashed out of nowhere, and it flickered repeatedly. Every time it flickered, there would definitely be a Xeno-race expert who was killed, and they either had their throats pierced, had their heads slashed off, or were directly cut into half at the waist…

All of this occurred too swiftly. In the blink of an eye, only Lan Qi remained from the thirty plus Xeno-race experts that were present here.

He seemed to have been stunned by this terrifying and shocking scene before his eyes, and he stood dumbstruck on the spot as if he was a soulless puppet.

It was too swift and too terrifying!

Lan Qi felt as if he was dreaming, and he didn’t dare believe that a native of the three dimensions at the Golden Immortal Realm was capable of erupting with such a heaven-defying combat strength. This sort of ability to kill simply decided life and death in an instant!

“No, this isn’t real… When have the natives of the three dimensions become so formidable? This is impossible…” Lan Qi muttered while his entire body couldn’t help but shiver and tremble while he felt death approaching.

Because at this moment, he suddenly noticed that Chen Xi’s figure was surprisingly standing 3m away from him.

“Don’t kill me. I know who’s best at unearthing Divine Blood Resin!” Lan Qi was horrified, and he roared repeatedly.

Chen Xi smiled. “I don’t feel like knowing that now. Hand over the Divine Blood Resin in your possession and I’ll allow you to die a swifter death!”

He had a gentle smile on his handsome face, yet when it entered into Lan Qi’s eyes, this smile was even more horrifying than the most terrifying demon on Lilywave World.

“Don’t go too far!” Lan Qi roared. “The Divine Blood Resins are something my race’s Saint Emperor Zi Qing requested. Even if I were to give it to you, would you dare accept it?”

Chen Xi was stunned. “Would I be afraid of taking anything?”

“You…” Lan Qi stared with his eyes wide open. He didn’t dare believe that this fellow before him was a native of the three dimensions. Could it be that he’s unaware that he’ll die a horrible death if he takes a treasure that belongs to an Outerealm Saint Emperor?

If it was any other ordinary native, that person would probably think it over when encountering such a threat, right? But this fellow’s reaction was so casual… My god! What sort of freak is he?

Lan Qi was on the verge of going mad while terror, rage, horror, frustration, and various other emotions interweaved within his heart. For a time, he stood there like a fool and stared at Chen Xi while actually being at a loss for words.

Chen Xi similarly felt that this fellow’s reaction was extremely weird. He’s already at the verge of death, yet he’s actually standing there like an idiot. Such an opponent is truly rare.

However, even though it was rare, Chen Xi wouldn’t feel any sympathy and let Lan Qi go.

“Haha! You want to kill me? It’s impossible! I’d rather die at my own hands that allow natives of the three dimensions like you to defile my body!

“Just you wait! The upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand. All of you natives of the three dimensions must die!” Suddenly, Lan Qi roared while his expression of terror and frustration had vanished completely. All that was left was devotion that was fervent to the bone and extreme hatred towards the three dimensions!

As he spoke, his body rumbled and erupted with green flames. In an instant, he was incinerated into ash and vanished without a trace.

He died without the slightest hesitation!

These words seemed to be strange, yet Chen Xi was unable to find any word to describe the scene before him.

“This hatred…really is irreconcilable…” When Chen Xi recalled Lan Qi’s fervent expression and the deep-rooted hatred in Lan Qi’s eyes before his death, Chen Xi’s heart felt slightly heavy for no rhyme or reason, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh lightly.

The hatred between the three dimensions and the Xeno-race had lasted since the primeval times until now, and it was irreconcilable indeed. Perhaps only a war of blood and flames, and the complete destruction of one side would be able to allow this hatred to vanish.

In the past, Chen Xi’s understanding of this wasn’t very deep. However, Lan Qi’s death had inadvertently touched a string in his heart, causing him to have an even deeper understanding of this hatred that had been accumulated for countless years.

After a short moment, Chen Xi took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before starting to clean up the battlefield. In the end, he obtained four more thumb sized Divine Blood Resins.

The aura of blood within this treasure was shocking, and it was scarlet red and bright like the most dazzling red diamond in the world. Merely holding it in his hand caused a thick aura of blood to assault his face, yet it wasn’t bloody, and it seemed like numerous little suns that caused his entire body to feel warm and comfortable instead.

After he put these spoils away carefully, Chen Xi utilized the Eye of Divine Truth and started to search this area that had been dug up by Lan Qi and the others.

The Divine Blood Resin was an extraordinary treasure, so it was naturally best to gain as many as he could.

Since Lan Qi and the others had unearthed a few Divine Blood Resins here, then there were definitely more buried here, and they had just not discovered them yet.


The vertical eye between his brows emanated a deep jet black light that seemed to be able to see through reality, and it revealed the essence of all things before him.

“Hmm? There really are many left…” After a short moment, a wisp of excitement appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

Within his field of vision, there was actually a natural and obscure blood colored fluctuation at the depths of the ground beneath the blood red dessert, and it was like a restriction that caused the layers of ground beneath him to become extremely solid to the point of even being able to obstruct the detection of one’s Immortal Sense.

However, all of this was unable to hide from Chen Xi’s Eye of Divine Truth. At this moment, he clearly noticed that at the depths of the obscure blood colored fluctuation 30km beneath the surface were numerous dazzling, blood red, and extremely blazing glows buried there. Shockingly, they were all Divine Blood Resins!

“Thirty seven of them!” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. The primeval gods definitely had a battle on Bloodink Star, and they shed a great deal of blood. Otherwise, it’s impossible for so many Divine Blood Resins to have condensed into form.

As he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi flipped his palm, and a square shaped ancient seal appeared before he fiercely smashed it towards the ground.

The ancient immortal treasure — Heaven Hatred Seal!


A divine glow erupted while hatred shot into the sky. Merely a single strike had forcefully smashed upon a bottomless abyss in the ground, and the ground in an area of 500km was shaken to the point that sand shot up and filled the sky.

If the seniors from Bitter Silence Academy were to see that the ultimate treasure of their academy had actually been utilized in this way, they would probably be infuriated to the point of spitting blood.

Chen Xi was clearly unconcerned about whether he was utilizing this ancient immortal treasure wrongly. He put the Heaven Hatred Seal away before withdrawing the Skyearth Gourd, and then he jumped onto it and charged into the depths of the ground with a swish.


Not long after Chen Xi had left, a wave of spatial fluctuation arose before a few figures appeared.

Surprisingly, they were Xeno-race experts. The only difference was that their auras actually surpassed Lan Qi and the others, and they could compare with Saint Immortal Realm experts of the three dimensions!

“Lan Qi and the others are dead!”

“The culprit just left and entered the depths of the ground!”

“Don’t pursue him! The aura of blood there is too thick, and it’s too dangerous. Waiting here for him is enough.”

“Dammit! He actually dared to meddle in Lord Saint Emperor Zi Qing’s affairs. I’ll definitely skin that native of the three dimensions alive when he emerges!”

These Xeno-race experts conversed via their thoughts. Their expressions were ruthless to the extreme, and they didn’t conceal their killing intent at all.

Time flowed by slowly.

After the time for an entire incense stick to burn, a wave of fluctuations suddenly arose from underground, and it was flying towards them at a terrifying speed.

This scene was instantly noticed by those Xeno-race experts that were comparable to Saint Immortals. They instantly restrained their auras while accumulating strength and waited for the moment to attack. They were like the most experienced hunters that were waiting for the moment their prey took the bait before killing it in one go.

“Nightmare Battlefield doesn’t allow the appearance of existences at your cultivations.” However, right at this moment, an indifferent voice resounded. Accompanying this voice was a figure that appeared out of thin air. He wore a grey robe, had an emaciated figure, a face that was covered in crisscrossed wrinkles that were deep like ravines, eyes that were narrowed into slits and sunken into their sockets, and he seemed as if he was sleeping. He was actually the inner court instructor of Dao Emperor Academy, Zuoqiu Taiwu!

“Who is it!?” The Xeno-race experts were shocked and couldn’t be bothered about restraining their auras as they turned around successively and locked onto Zuoqiu Taiwu.


Unfortunately, Zuoqiu Taiwu didn’t speak another word and attacked directly, and he seemed to be extremely domineering. With only a flick of his sleeve, the entire heavens and the earth seemed as if it had collapsed, and it was locked down by a terrifying shapeless force.

After that, he took a step forward while his grey robe fluttered, and then raised his hand before grabbing lightly.


A Xeno-race expert comparable to a Saint Immortal was actually crushed apart from afar and transformed into pieces of meat!

He annihilated an existence comparable to a Saint Immortal with a casual attack!

This was a Half-step Immortal King. Even though they were unable to compare to Immortal Kings, yet their strengths were sufficient to look down upon all Saint Immortals in the world!

“Dammit! He’s actually a Half-step Immortal King! We’ve fallen into an ambush! Flee!” The other Xeno-race experts were terrified, furious, and extremely shocked, and they turned around and fled without the slightest hesitation.

“It’s a rare occasion that I make a move. So wouldn’t I seem to be too useless if I allowed all of you to escape? Leave your lives behind!” Amidst his indifferent voice, Zuoqiu Taiwu’s clothes fluttered while his aura shook the surroundings, and he swung his aged and broad palm. Every time he slapped out with his palm, a Xeno-race expert would definitely be slapped into pieces and perish on the spot, and even teleportation was unable to escape such attacks!

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