Chapter 125 – Traversing The Formation

Chapter 125 – Traversing The Formation

In Dragon Lake City, if it was in terms of the enormity of a power and the vastness of their hidden reserves and resources, then without a doubt, it would be the eight great sects, three great institutions, and six great clans. Whereas amongst these great powers, if it was in terms of the power with the greatest strength, then it would instead surely be the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

Sword cultivators were extremely adept in matters of slaughter and battle, moreover, there were allegedly many Earthly Immortal Realm formidable sword immortals holding down the fort in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. They were godly figures that lived in seclusion within the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, wholeheartedly bitterly cultivating the Sword Dao in order to overcome the heavenly tribulation and become a Heavenly Immortal that possessed the same lifespan as the heavens and the earth.

However, legends were only legends after all. During these past 1,000 years, there had never been anyone that saw the elegant demeanor of these sword immortals with their own two eyes. Undeniably though, this rumor proved how formidable the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect was from another aspect.

“The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect is indeed formidable. It’s formed from a group of 72 mountains, and every one of them was protected by an enormous sword formation. All of them are interwoven together, deriving and generating together an enormous group of sword formations that possesses 10,000 plus restrictions that are used to protect the sect. It’s indeed extremely formidable.” On the precipitous and rugged mountain path, little Ling Bai stood on Chen Xi’s shoulder as he lightly muttered in Chen XI’s ears.

After he found out that little Ling Bai possessed the ability to avoid the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Sect Guarding Sword Formation, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to depart from the foot of the mountain right away, and he drifted and flew all along the way as he dashed towards the peak of the mountain.

“Stop!” After the time for an incense stick to burn, Ling Bai abruptly pointed towards the precipice that lay before them and said, “This place seems to have no path to tread, but it’s actually a Yin-Yang Splitlight Sword Formation used to mislead others. It’s made from 108 flying swords as the foundation of the formation and a Mirage Souldevouring Pearl. A mass of illusory realms and forests of swords are contained within it, and slight carelessness would cause one to fall into a nightmare that causes one’s Dao Heart to become unprotected. It’s extremely formidable.”

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look, and under the moonlight, the precipice that lay before him seemed to be connected to the heavens. It was smooth like a mirror as if it was leveled with a single sword slash, its surface covered in moss and creeping vines, and there was nothing out of the ordinary on it.

However, when he released his Spiritual Perception to search it, he felt a ghastly sword qi that was like a boundless expanse of water assaulting his face, and it was like a fierce beast that was accumulating strength while waiting to attack hiding within the precipice. It seemed to be warning others not to come close, otherwise, their blood would spray and they would surely lose their lives.

“Listen to my direction and walk step by step. You must not fly because it would trigger the reaction of the restrictions, and at that time, the entire Sect Guarding Sword Formation of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect would activate in unison, then even an immortal would be unable to save you.”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and stabilized his mind before raising his feet and walking towards the precipice.


The seemingly hard and thick precipice was instead like a layer of coiled up air that Chen Xi stepped into with a raise of his feet. As soon as he stepped in, it was like he’d entered a picturesque world that possessed a clear blue sky with soft white clouds, luxuriant trees, and a gurgling river.

There was a limestone arched bridge on the clear and windy river. A lad sat on a buffalo while playing a flute, playing a light and cheerful rhythm.

Under the arched bridge was an old man wearing a straw cape and a bamboo hat on his head that was rowing his boat and catching fish.

Whereas at the other side of the river was actually a paradise with a bamboo forest that danced with the breeze. A simple stone door was hidden on the rock wall and the words Unfettered Immortal Abode was written on it. On the grass before the door was a white tiger pouncing at a butterfly, a spirit monkey holding a peach, a deer holding a ganoderma in its mouth, and a red-crowned crane flapping its wings and crying out, and it was a scene of a place an immortal lived.

“Fellow Daoist, please pass the bridge. The bridge leads to an immortal abode that’s a place of fortuitous encounters.” The lad on the buffalo spoke in a clear voice.

“Fellow Daoist, please get on the boat. The boat will cross the river to the immortal abode that’s on the other side.” The old man in the river laughed loudly in an unrestrained manner as he gave out his invitation.

It was like the immortal realm in drawings.

A lad on a buffalo.

An old man wearing a straw cape.

A blessed ground that an immortal lived in was on the other side of the river and could be seen with a single glance.

At this moment, when one heard the invitations given out by the two of them, it seemed as if a great fortuitous encounter and luck of a great immortal was within reach. If it was an ordinary person, the person’s mind would probably have swayed since long ago and the person’s soul would have become enchanted before slowly moving towards the divine place on the other side of the river.

But Chen Xi had already been warned by Ling Bai, so how could he be enchanted by everything before him? He stood on the spot with a calm and indifferent expression as he remained unmoved.

“That old man is Yin, the lad is Yang, the stream of water in the river is the Yin sword formation, the limestone on the bridge is the Yang sword formation, whereas the extraordinary immortal abode on the other side of the river and the picturesque scene in the surroundings was instead illusorily transformed from the Mirage Souldevouring Pearl.”

Little Ling Bai had his arms crossed before his chest and said in disdain, “I originally thought it would be similar to the Yin-Yang Splitlight Sword Formation of the Hundred Flower Sword Sect of 10,000 years ago and is able to transform into an illusory scene of a universe. Unexpectedly, it’s an incomplete sword formation, and it’s not even worth to be laughed at. That old man and lad are where the core of the formation is, and with your strength, it’s sufficient to break apart this formation with a single sword strike. But in this way, it would trigger the restrictions on this formation and you’d surely be noticed. You only have to wade this river, pass the stone bridge, and you’ll walk out of this formation.”

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate and walked into the river right away, then walked step by step through below the bridge and walked ahead. The river seemed to be bottomless, yet it was actually only formed from the illusory realm, and it was like walking on flat ground.

“Fellow Daoist, the abode at the other side of the river contains supreme and extraordinary techniques and treasures collected by immortals. Wouldn’t it be too much of a pity if you let a fortuitous encounter like this slip by?”

“Fellow Daoist, the abode stores the supreme techniques of the world and is abundant with immortal qi. Staying within it will allow you to become an immortal within a hundred years!”

When they saw Chen Xi wade pass the river and stone bridge, the lad and old man had regretful expressions, and their voices revealed boundless enchantment. If it was one with slightly inferior willpower, the person would probably have their mind enchanted.

But Chen Xi instead turned a deaf ear to it as he walked forward step by step. The instant he passed the stone bridge, all the scenes were like shattering bubbles as they vanished swiftly.

Before Chen Xi could react, a spacious and desolate tomb reflected into his eyes.

This place was like an ancient battlefield with layer upon layer of grey haze in the air. Gloomy winds whistled by, the ground was suffused with blood stains, and countless swords were densely pierced into the ground. With a glance, the swords were dense like weeds, and one actually couldn’t see where it ended.


In the air, a wave of wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves sounded out, seeming to be discontent, unwilling, miserable, resentful… It was like innumerable vengeful spirits were crying and shakings one’s soul.

“Don’t move. This formation is a Bloodprison Devildevour Sword Formation, and it’s an extremely formidable grand formation of slaughter. One wrong move and the innumerable swords on the ground will transform into bloody devils that moved to devour you.”

Ling Bai frowned and his voice became icy cold. “This is a sword formation created by the devil sects. Its foundation is formed by 3,600 baleful swords that vengeful spirits were sacrificed to, and it draws upon the baleful void winds at the center of the earth. When activated at full force, it’s sufficient to obliterate an Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator. But based on its aura, the grand formation before us isn’t the complete Bloodprison Devildevour Sword Formation, and it seems to be transformed from a sword formation diagram Magic Treasure, causing its might to be greatly weakened. But even then, it’s sufficient to obliterate a Golden Core Realm cultivator.”

“It’s so formidable?” Chen Xi’s expression instantly became much more serious. An illusion formation wasn’t terrifying, so long as one’s mind was clear, it would at most trap the person within it. But a slaughter formation contains killing intent with every step, and one wrong move might cause one’s blood to splatter on the spot.

“Walking out of this formation and not triggering the restrictions is troublesome to the extreme. Follow me.” At this moment, Ling Bai actually soared into the sky and flew by Chen Xi’s side, and then with a swing of his arm, a sword qi pierced out.

Chen Xi saw clearly that amongst the dense swords on the ground, there was a sword that wanted to prop up, yet was pressed down firmly by this sword qi of Ling Bai’s.

“Quick, we must walk out of the grand formation within the time of four breaths, otherwise, even I have no way to get out.” As Ling Bai spoke, his fingers flicked out successively, and numerous sword qi shot out violently. They seemed to be disorderly, yet it was as if he possessed foresight, and they precisely pressed down on the numerous swords that wanted to prop up.

Buzz! Buzz!

Sword qi that was like tidewater pierced the sky like a myriad of bees flapping their wings and emitted a buzzing sound. Chen Xi followed closely behind Ling Bai, and they flew forward as swift as a bolt of lightning.

Grating Wheel Sword Formation!

Flame Particle Sword Formation!

Four-Symbols Ice Dragon Sword Formation!

Shapeless Lightconfusion Sword Formation!

Under Ling Bai’s guidance and leading, Chen Xi safely avoided the numerous sword formations that contained killing intent in every corner. During this process, his knowledge towards formations became even deeper.

Although little Ling Bai had never reviewed any knowledge related to the Dao of Talismans, because he’d already lived for 10,000 years until now and possessed extremely abundant experience, the Sect Guarding Sword Formations of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect were practically seen through with a single glance of his. Their true essence derived with a single word of his, and he pointed directly to their weak points. With just a few words, he’d allowed Chen Xi to comprehend the essence of every single sword formation.

Chen Xi originally possessed an extremely surprising natural talent on the Dao of Talismans. After Ling Bai’s slight pointers and combined with his own understanding towards the Dao of Talismans. As he walked in numerous completely different sword formations and observed, comprehended, pondered, and inferred… Even though it was only a hasty glance, he frequently felt enlightened and came to a sudden understanding. This caused his cultivation in the Dao of Talisman’s to improve along with his comprehension.

Just like this, one of them spoke with fervor and assurance, while the other comprehended with devotion. All along the way, they were like a pair of master and disciple that were giving lessons and answering questions and seemed to have taken the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Sect Guarding Sword Formation as a classroom for learning, and they were extremely at ease. If this scene were to be seen by someone from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, it was a wonder what they would think.


Soarsky Peak was one of the 72 mountains on the Wanderingcloud Mountain Range, it was precipitous and straight like a sword, and even when it was amidst the night sky, beautiful lights still shot up into the sky from the mountain, and it was dazzling like the day.

Around the body of the mountain hung numerous waterfalls of sword lights that were 33km long and completely suffused with violet lights; they were like numerous violet colored dragons that guarded the surroundings, they possessed monstrous impetus and were extremely striking.

This place was the great Rebirth Realm cultivator of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ancestor Ling Du’s, place of cultivation. The myriad of sword light waterfalls surrounding the mountain was the Mountain Guarding Grand Formation that was set up by him personally, the 36 Heavens Violetsky Sword Formation, and it possessed matchless might to slaughter both devils and gods.


A Transmission Talisman transformed into a wisp of white light as it flew into a palace at mountainside of Soarsky Peak.

“Hmm?” On the meditation cushion, a young man with a handsome appearance opened his eyes as he caught the Transmission Talisman with a raise of his hand.

Chan’er, that Chen Xi had already appeared in Dragon Lake City now… Quickly capture his younger brother, Chen Hao. No matter what methods you use, you must put him in our Su Clan’s prison before dawn. An extremely dignified voice sounded out, then the Transmission Talisman instantly transformed into ash.

“Father’s voice seemed to be extremely urgent. Never mind, I’ll take a trip to Dragonhell Peak right away.” The handsome young man stood up, then pondered for a moment before walking out of the hall.

“Su Chan, for what are you going out in the middle of the night while bearing killing intent?” It was at this moment that a rough and piercingly cold voice abruptly sounded out within the hall.

Su Chan’s figure stopped and hurriedly turned around, and he said respectfully, “Reporting to Master, disciple received an urgent transmission from my clan, and it ordered disciple…” Su Chan hesitated to continue.

“Never mind, Master won’t ask you anymore. Remember, even if you have deep hatred, since you’re both Wanderingcloud Sword Sect disciples, don’t commit the sin of murder within the sect. Otherwise, I’ll surely not forgive you. As for once you’re outside the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, you can run wild.” The rough and piercingly cold voice sounded out once more.

“Yes, Master.” Su Chan took a deep breath and bowed down, then he turned around and walked out of the hall before transforming into a ray of light that flew towards the extreme distance.

“Hmm? Going to Dragonhell Peak? That’s the place of exile for punishing sect disciples.” Not long after Su Chan left, a tall figure swiftly appeared outside the hall, and his eyes were like electricity as he looked towards the mountain in the extreme distance.

This person was 2.6m tall with white hair that hung down loosely like a waterfall behind him, he possessed a pair of eyes that were sharp like sabers, an appearance that seemed to be shaved and chiseled, and a piercingly cold glow of slaughter was suffused on him. He was like a treasured sword that was filled with killing intent, a sword with a sharpness that shocked the heavens, and he was precisely the Rebirth Realm sword cultivator who was famous for slaughter and ruthlessness in the southern territory’s cultivation world — Ancestor Ling Du!

“Something’s amiss! I keep having the feeling that something’s unusual, exactly what is it?” Ancestor Ling Du stood with his hands behind his back, and his brows tightly locked together as he fell into deep thought.

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