Chapter 1249 – Divine Blood Resin

The tiny cauldron refused Chen Xi’s request without the slightest hesitation. “Aren’t you worried that its aura would be exposed and draw the greed of others?”

After that, Chen Xi instantly shut his mouth.

Earlier, two Immortal Kings had just left, and he wasn’t willing to see a large group of terrifying experts rush over from sensing its aura. After all, the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons were a precious treasure, and even revealing a shred of its aura would probably cause a disaster.

The tiny cauldron consoled Chen Xi in a timely manner. “I’ll probably be able to completely refine the cauldrons when we’re leaving the battlefield. At that time, it won’t be too late for me to allow you to have a look at it.”

Chen Xi nodded.

The gains he’d obtained from this trip to the Immortal King’s Tomb were numerous, they included the ‘仙’ character talisman that contained the energy of Life and Death, the Yin Yang Fish King’s Origin Bone that contained the Laws of Taichi, the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons… It was even to the extent that his cultivation had advanced once more by chance.

If he counted the Skyearth Gourd, Heaven Hatred Seal, and Greensilk Palace Lantern, then these gains were even sufficient to make the seniors of the Immortal Dimension drool and burn with greed.

Of course, Chen Xi was unable to be certain that he would be able to keep the three ancient immortal treasures. After all, it was the ultimate treasures of the Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academies. Now that these treasures had fallen into his hands, they would surely not let the matter go.

However, Chen Xi wouldn’t give it back to them easily, and everything depended on whether they were able to show sufficient ‘sincerity.’

“You have to be careful from now on. I exhausted too much of energy to claim the nine cauldrons earlier, and I need to cultivate in meditation for some time.” The tiny cauldron instructed before falling into silence.

Chen Xi took a deep breath when he heard this, and then discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before sweeping the surroundings with his gaze. After that, his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

The commotion caused by the appearance of the nine cauldrons and the destruction of the tomb was too great, and it had caused the will of two Immortal Kings to envelop Damon Star earlier. It would probably not be long before even more experts rush over, so under such circumstances, Damon Star was extremely dangerous right now.

So Chen Xi intended to immediately leave this place.

I’ve killed nine Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts earlier, and then I seized another fourteen from Zuoqiu Jun’s group… In other words, I still lack another seventy seven…

This won’t do. A hundred kills are only considered as the basic requirements of the exam, and if I want to enter the academy’s Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, then I must ascend into the top five of the inner court exam.

Fortunately, there’s more than two months left before the inner court exam ends, and it’s sufficient for me to hunt and kill a good number of Xeno-race experts…

Chen Xi pondered as he flickered repeatedly through space, and he charged out of Damon Star in the time of a few breaths.

According to the information I obtained from those students of Cloudmist Academy, there seems to be a group of over thirty plus Golden Immortal Realm Xeno-race experts on Bloodink Star… Now that I’ve advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, I can go temper myself there. Chen Xi withdrew the jade slip that contained the map and quickly found the position of Bloodink Star. After that, he immediately teleported and head over swiftly.

Bloodink Star.

No matter if it was the mountains, lakes, or even sky and air, everything on this star was crimson red like blood, and it was filled with a dense baleful aura that gave others an extremely oppressive feeling.

If an ordinary expert were to arrive here, then that expert’s Dao Heart would be very easily invaded by the baleful aura, causing the expert to become irritable, bloodthirsty, and even be at risk of suffering qi deviation.

However, all of this was obviously unable to affect an existence at the Golden Immortal Realm.


A wave of ripples arose in space before Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air above a boundlessly vast blood colored wasteland.

At the same time, a terrifying and powerful Immortal Sense swept towards the surroundings with Chen Xi as the center, and it practically swept through the entirety of Bloodink Star in a short period of a few breaths of time.

On a bloody desert, decaying rocks of all shapes and sizes stood towering atop it. At this moment, there were surprisingly numerous figures standing in the surroundings of these rocks.

Some of them were in the shape of large trees and were completely covered in arms that seems like vines.

Some were completely covered in dense scales, had indigo eyes, and a pair of golden wings.

Some were even like enormous blood colored balls of flesh with bell sized eyes that were studded on the balls of flesh. They had no limbs and bounced on the ground, causing them to seem extremely amusing.

They had strange and varied appearances, but their auras were extremely formidable. At the instant when Chen Xi’s Immortal Sense swept past them, they noticed it at the first possible moment.

“Hmm? Who is it?”

“It’s definitely the natives of the three dimensions!”

“Hmph! They’ve come just at the right time. It’s already been so long since we’ve played with a woman from the three dimensions. I hope that it’s a tall, slender, and beautiful woman this time. HAHAHA!”

“Calm down! Our assignment is to unearth Divine Blood Resin here. No one is allowed to leave arbitrarily without my orders!”

A Xeno-race expert that was covered in scales, had indigo skin, and a pair of golden wings behind him frowned as he shouted in a stern voice.

The restlessness in the surroundings vanished instantly, and they went silent.

This was their commander, and he was called Lan Qi. He was an expert from the Outerealm’s Lilywave World, and he was an existence comparable to experts at the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. He was one that acted cold-bloodedly, and he was cruel and merciless.

“Commander Lan Qi, Divine Blood Resin are formed from the divine blood of the primeval gods that rained down here during the battles of the past. Now that they’d experienced the corrosion of countless years, they’ve become extremely rare a long time ago. It isn’t easy to unearth a huge amount of them.”

“It isn’t just that. Divine Blood Resin even contain a trace of the will of the gods, and it’s as if they possess intelligence of their own. Even if we’re able to locate the place they reside, the slightest carelessness would allow them to escape. They’re extremely difficult to deal with.”

“Commander Lan Qi, we’ve bitterly exhausted half a year here, yet we’ve only unearthed three thumb sized Divine Blood Resin. If this continues, then we’ll be utterly unable to complete the orders of Saint Emperor Zi Qing.”

All the Xeno-race experts instantly frowned when Divine Blood Resin was mentioned, and they voiced their grievance and complained without end. Obviously, they were extremely dissatisfied because they had to accomplish such an assignment.

“Hmph! If Divine Blood Resin was easily obtainable, then would we have to do it?” Lan Qi was displeased and berated loudly.

The others puckered their lips and instantly didn’t dare speak another word.

Divine Blood Resin?

Chen Xi had concealed himself in the space extremely far away from them, and he’d clearly heard everything Lan Qi and the others had said. Especially when he found out that these Xeno-race experts were actually unearthing Divine Blood Resin, he couldn’t help but be slightly shocked in his heart.

When he was reading through the books in Dao Emperor Academy’s Scripture Reserve , he’d once read the introduction of Divine Blood Resin. It was condensed from the blood of the primeval gods, and it contained a trace of the quintessence will of these gods. Not only could it be utilized as a precious pill refinement material, most importantly, this treasure was simply a supreme precious treasure to those that cultivated in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement.

If one utilized Divine Blood Resin to cleanse the body, then it would allow one’s body to undergo a shocking transformation. The body would be able to hold the aura of divinity, and it was called the Body of Gods. Once it was cultivated successfully, then the body was practically eternal, and it was extremely terrifying.

Of course, this was only one of the most commonly known effects of Divine Blood Resin.

If my clone cultivates the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form with Divine Blood Resin, then its speed of advancement would probably be not as difficult as it is now, right? Chen Xi thought of his clone, and he seemed to be lost in thought.

Chen Xi’s clone was cultivating the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form, and it had always been advancing at a very slow pace. Even though its body refinement cultivation had advanced into the perfection-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm since a long time ago, the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form was still at the first level until now.

Before this, the tiny cauldron had once promised that so long as he was willing, the tiny cauldron would guide his clone in cultivating the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form. However, guidance was only guidance after all. If his clone didn’t have the assistance of other treasures, then the effect of this guidance was probably be reduced greatly.

“Commander Lan Qi! Quickly! Another Divine Blood Resin has emerged from the ground!” Suddenly, a loud and pleasantly surprised shout resounded, and it drew Chen Xi’s attention.

A blood red and dazzling crystal soared into the sky above the blood colored dessert, and it emanated a terrifying energy of blood. It actually tainted the entire expanse of the heavens and the earth around it into scarlet red.

At this moment, a Xeno-race expert that was completely covered in arms that seemed like vines was moving countless vines to keep the blood crystal from escaping. However, the might of the blood crystal was extremely terrifying, and it actually dragged the Xeno-race expert all around in the air and faintly showed signs of escaping his control.

“Quickly! Quickly make a move together and capture it. We must not allow it to escape!” Lan Qi roared and was extraordinarily excited.

Before his voice could finish resounding through the air, the other Xeno-race experts had moved out in succession, and they flashed in midair as they blocked off all the paths of retreat from all directions.


In the next moment, various terrifying attacks sprayed down towards the scarlet red crystal like a storm, and it drowned the entire heavens and the earth while revealing an extremely terrifying impetus.

“Has it been captured?”

“Who got it?”

“Bastards! If anyone dares to take possession of it for themselves, then I’ll kill your entire clan if I find out!”

After a short moment, the dust and dirt dissipated. The excited expressions on the faces of Lan Qi and the others vanished gradually, and then they glanced at each other with gloomy and doubtful expressions.

Especially Lan Qi, his ferocious gaze swept all the others, and it seemed as if he was on the verge of swallowing them up.

The reason was extremely simple. They’d moved out in unison, yet the Divine Blood Resin had actually vanished into thin air!

“Commander, look over there!” One of them glanced over inadvertently and suddenly noticed a figure flashing momentarily before vanishing into space. However, that expanse of space was enshrouded by a wisp of scarlet red light, and it was because of the scarlet red light that his tracks were exposed.

“Bastard! You actually dared to seize something that belonged to us!”

“Eh! That fellow wouldn’t be that native of the three dimensions we sensed earlier, right?”

“Kill! No matter who he is, we’ll kill him and reclaim the Divine Blood Resin first!”

All the Xeno-race experts roared with savage appearances, and they seemed ruthless and bloodthirsty. In the next moment, all thirty plus of them actually moved out simultaneously, and they teleported towards that figure.

The person that seized the Divine Blood Resin was naturally Chen Xi.

However, he’d never expected that the trace of the will of the gods contained within the Divine Blood Resin would be extremely tenacious, and he had no choice but to expose his tracks for the sake of suppressing and eliminating this trace of will.

Of course, Chen Xi had never intended to flee.

“Wait a moment!” When he saw those Xeno-race experts comparable to experts at the Golden Immortal Realm had swarmed over, Chen Xi said immediately, “Can I ask all of you a question before the battle begins?”

“Speak! I’ll fucking satisfy this wish of yours before you die!” Lan Qi waved his hand, and all the other Xeno-race experts suddenly stopped moving. They sealed off all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat, and then they laughed coldly as they looked cruelly at him.

“Who amongst all of you is the best at unearthing Divine Blood Resin?” Chen Xi asked in a straightforward manner.

Lan Qi and the others were instantly stunned. What sort of shitty question is this?

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