Chapter 1248 – A Struggle Between Immortal Kings

The river of stars between the three dimensions and the Outerealm was boundlessly vast, and it continued on without end like a river that lay across the universe.


But that dazzling and mighty figure passed through this layer upon layer of space in just a flash, and in merely an instant, he’d arrived on Nightmare Battlefield!

After that, Damon Star was reflected within his field of vision.

At this moment, the enormous Damon Star seemed as if it was on fire, and a boundless flaming glow rose into the sky. He was able to clearly notice strands of time-space energy coiled around the surroundings of the star while whistling and surging about. It was like a vortex that could draw over the nearby stars and faintly formed a space-time blackhole.

Space-time blackholes were the most terrifying disaster in the universe. Once one appeared, it was capable of swallowing everything in the vicinity, including stars!

Before him, the energy of space-time whistled around Damon Star, and if it were to condense into a space-time blackhole, then all the nearby stars including Damon Star would be swallowed and crushed into powder.


However, this scene didn’t occur. Right when the space-time blackhole was about to take form, a grand and ancient fluctuation charged out from Damon Star.

After that, the images of nine ancient cauldrons floated above the stars. They resided in the surroundings of Damon Star and practically instantly suppressed the space-time energy in the surroundings, causing it to fall into a motionless state.

When looked at from afar, it was like numerous stars had been grabbed by a shapeless hand, and they had stopped revolving. This sight was extraordinarily shocking.

“It really is the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons that Emperor Yu created… Perhaps it’s my fortune as well?” The dazzling and mighty figure stood upright in space like a blazing divine flame, and he was even more dazzling than the stars, more resplendent than the sun and moon. He was so brilliant that one couldn’t look closely at him.

“I’m sorry, this fortune is destined to another.” Right at this moment, a warm and clear voice resounded, and then a young man who wore ancient clothes, a high crown, and had a refined bearing appeared abruptly out of thin air.

He had an ordinary appearance, yet his eyes were deep and bright like the stars. He had a smile on his lips while his entire body wasn’t enveloped by any divine radiance. However, as he stood before the dazzling and mighty figure, he didn’t lose in imposingness at all.

“Oracle Mountain’s Fifth Disciple, Li Fuyao?” The dazzling and mighty figure spoke with surprise. As he spoke, the divine radiance around his body was restrained to reveal his appearance. He was actually a thin man with sideburns that were sharp like swords, a broad forehead, and he wore a black colored robe.

His skin was fair and crystalline while his eyes were long and narrow like blades, and there was even a flying sword made that was made of bones and fine like a needle hanging from his left ear. It gave him a strange yet piercingly cold aura.

“Fellow Daoist Shi Yu really possesses a discerning gaze. It is I.” Li Fuyao laughed lightheartedly in a warm and modest manner, and it caused others to find it impossible to have a bad impression of him.

“You recognize me?” The brows of the black robed man called Shi Yu raised, and his eyes that were like blades were bright like lightning and were extremely terrifying.

“Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Eldest Disciple of protection, Shi Yu. How could you possibly be a nobody?” Li Fuyao smiled as he spoke.

“Since you know who I am, then why’re you obstructing me from obtaining my fortuitous encounter?” Shi Yu’s eyes narrowed like blades and revealed a murderous aura that struck the heart.

“To tell you the truth, even though Brother Shi has the word ‘Yu’ within your name, you have no karma or fate with the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons because it has already been obtained by my Little Junior Brother.” Li Fuyao turned around and gazed towards the distant Damon Star before he smiled warmly and said, “If it wasn’t for him, it would be impossible for you to see this scene, right?”

Shi Yu frowned while keeping his hands behind his back, and he said indifferently, “But it was noticed by me in the end. Since it’s like this, then it means that this treasure is definitely related to me.”

Li Fuyao couldn’t help but smile, and he shook his head as he said, “You’re wrong. If it wasn’t for you, it would be impossible for me to make an appearance here. The circulation of cause and effect is just like this. Everything that has occurred today has already determined the ownership of the treasure.”

“I don’t agree to that. As it’s said, it’s a fight for supremacy, and fortuitous encounters belong to the Grand Dao, so I naturally have to fight for it in order to determine the final outcome. What do you think, Brother Li?” Shi Yu’s bearing changed abruptly. His entire body surged with divine radiance while being enshrouded with strands of terrifying fluctuations of the Grand Dao, and it caused the surrounding space to be solidified while even time slowed down!

If anyone else was here, that person would definitely be able to notice that the time and space in this expanse of the starry sky seemed to have been locked down. There was no sign of the passage of time and movement of space here.

It was even to the extent that if an ordinary person were to stand here, then his lifespan wouldn’t reduce at all while countless years passed in the outside world!

Li Fuyao’s expression remained warm as before when he saw this, and he glanced mysteriously at Shi Yu as he said, “I heard that there’s a new female disciple in Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and Brother Shi has a new Little Junior Sister?”

Shi Yu frowned. “So what if I do? So what if I don’t?”

“There’s some fate between her and my Little Junior Brother. Unfortunately, it has been concealed by the heavens, and you’ve probably not noticed it.” Li Fuyao grinned as he said, “I suggest that Brother Shi should make a trip back to your sect and ask if you can actually seize this fortune. Of course, if Brother Shi insists on making a move, then I can only accompany you until the end.”

Shi Yu frowned as he glanced at Li Fuyao, and his expressions turned even more indifferent. “I heard since a long time ago that amongst the thirteen disciples of Oracle Mountain, you, Li Fuyao, love to make things seem mysterious the most. Now it would seem like it really is true.”

Li Fuyao didn’t mind at all, and he continued grinning at Shi Yu. “So, in this way, Brother Shi intends to fight me?”

“Of course…not.” Shi Yu suddenly restrained the aura around his body and sighed. “If we do fight, then it would be absolutely impossible to decide the outcome in a short period of time. In this way, I would definitely lose the fortune I seek. So what’s the point of fighting you?”

Li Fuyao smiled as he cupped his hands and said, “Thank you, Brother Yu, for fulfilling my wishes.”

As he spoke, he suddenly turned his head and gazed towards the depths of the river of stars, and then he said, “For the sake of returning Brother Shi’s favor, I’ll help you deal with that beast.”

His voice had just finished resounding through the air when his figure had vanished into thin air, and he could be said to be elusive and unfathomable.

“You…” Shi Yu was stunned. Shi Yu originally intended to ask Li Fuyao if Li Fuyao wasn’t worried about him seizing this opportunity to take the Nine Continent Divine Cauldron. But in the end, he forcefully swallowed back these words and sighed angrily before stamping his feet and vanishing.

“Li Fuyao stop right there! Who asked you to help me deal with Saint Emperor Hei Ren?” In the depths of the river of stars, a displeased cold grunt resounded, and it was like a thunderclap that shook the nearby stars to the point of shaking violently.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Not long after Li Fuyao and Shi Yu left, numerous figures appeared out of thin air and stood where they stood moments before. These figures included Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, Taba Tianxi, Zuoqiu Taiwu, and the instructors of the other six academies.

Moreover, even the great figure of the Immortal Court that held down the fort in Dreamcloud City, Dong Junhou, was amongst them.

All of these great figures of the various academies had converged here!

“Who were those two?”

“They were probably not one of the four great Immortal Kings. Their auras were completely different from the four great Immortal Kings, but they were similarly formidable.”

“So in this way, they might be heirs of Oracle Mountain?”

“They might have been members of Nuwa’s Dao Palace as well.”

“That might not be the case. The Dragon Dimension and Buddha Dimension have Immortal Kings as well.”

“No matter what, those two figures were definitely Immortal Kings, and it’s even to the extent that…”

All of them conversed with their will while their expressions were extremely heavy, and they faintly revealed a trace of fear and reverence. Moreover, they even didn’t dare speak about some uncertain guesses they had.

“The Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons have emerged into the world. Why would they have turned around and left before such a precious treasure from the primeval times?” One of them frowned and asked.

“Who knows? Look, the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons have been taken now. I wonder which academy’s student actually possessed such heaven-defying good luck.” Dong Junhou stared at the distant Damon Star and sighed with emotion.

At this moment, Damon Star had returned to normal since a long time ago. The images of the nine ancient cauldrons had vanished along with the energy of space-time that suffused and whistled through the surroundings, and it seemed to have recovered to its previous calm state.

“It’s a pity indeed. Those two great figures were present here earlier, so we didn’t dare rashly approach Damon Star, otherwise…” One of them sighed and felt that losing such an extraordinary fortune was a pity.

“Haha! This shows that this fortune isn’t related to all of us old goats here. Perhaps only those young people are able to allow it to reclaim its former glory?” Dong Junhou laughed heartily and seemed to be rather open-minded. “Come, the exam hasn’t ended, so we can’t affect the fairness of the exam.”

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve and left.

The others could only shake their heads and leave successively when they saw this.

Damon Star.

Within an utterly desolate gorge.

Chen Xi gazed towards the distance with a lingering fear in his heart. He was able to clearly notice that the Spatial Tide entrance that led to the tomb had already collapsed and was obliterated. Only a terrifying black colored spatial rift was left behind.

The tomb of a great figure that had existed for countless years was obliterated just like that? Chen Xi was still unable to calm himself when he recalled the scenes from before.

When the tiny cauldron activated the nine mysterious restrictions within the hall, it caused the nine ancient cauldrons to float up into appearance, whereas just like the other students, he was carried by an irresistible force and lose consciousness.

When he woke up once more, he’d been teleported to this desolate gorge.

At this moment, as he looked towards the distance and recalled the various fortuitous encounters he had in the tomb, even with Chen Xi’s composure, he couldn’t help but feel that it was unreal like a dream.

Looks like that tomb has really vanished, and it’s impossible for it to emerge into the world in the future… Chen Xi took a deep breath, and then he completely recovered his calm.

“Earlier, the wills of two Immortal Kings enveloped this star.” Suddenly, the tiny cauldron spoke words that caused Chen Xi to be astounded.

Immortal Kings! Two of them!

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked to the point of asking hastily. “Senior, then the nine cauldrons weren’t taken away, right?”

“Of course not.” The tiny cauldron’s voice carried a trace of pride as it said, “Without the secret technique I inherited, could anyone take the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons away? During the Primordial times, these nine cauldrons resided at various different areas of the world, yet not a single person was capable of taking them away.”

Chen Xi heaved a long sigh of relief when he heard this, and his entire body relaxed. It couldn’t be helped, existences at the Immortal King Realm were too terrifying, and merely this title was sufficient to induce despair in others.

“Senior, can I observe the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons?” In the next moment, Chen Xi’s eyes revealed a wisp of blazing yearning, and he asked with slight anticipation.

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