Chapter 1247 – The Nine Continent Divine Cauldron

Chen Xi left without the slightest hesitation, and it caused everyone else to be unable to react to what had just happened.

In other words, the entire process from him suddenly charging into the hall to sweeping through all the students from Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academies before turning around and leaving had occurred in less than ten minutes of time!

All of this occurred too quickly, and it seemed unreal.

But when they saw the figures that lay scattered on the ground, smelled the pungent smell of blood that suffused the air, and sensed the fluctuations and aura of battle that hadn’t dissipated from within the hall…

All of this allowed Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu to be very clearly aware that it was real!

Chen Xi had crushed over twenty experts from the three academies by himself, and he’d crushed them to the point they were mostly heavily injured and on the verge of death. Moreover, they’d all lost any ability to fight.

Most importantly, he’d taken away their ancient immortal treasures!

“Could it be that this fellow encountered an extraordinary fortuitous encounter within this Nightmare Battlefield? Even the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram has fallen into his hands. He wouldn’t have…” Zhao Mengli’s clear eyes flowed with glowing light while she was surprised and bewildered in her heart.

“He won’t kill Ao Zhanbei and the others.” Zhen Lu spoke abruptly in a concise manner.

“Of course. According to my understanding of Chen Xi, Ao Zhanbei and the others had definitely offended him, and that was why he seized the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram.” Ji Xuanbing let out a long sigh of relief before his gaze turned cold, and it descended towards the side like a piercingly cold blade. There were over ten heavily injured students of the three academies who were struggling on the verge of death, and they were groaning with pain.

“What’re you thinking of doing?” Zhao Mengli was stunned as she faintly guessed Ji Xuanbing’s intentions.

“Chen Xi helped us so much, so we can’t allow him to bear all the hatred and pressure. So…” Amidst his calm and indifferent voice, Ji Xuanbing took a step forward and smashed apart a heavily injured student of the three academies with a palm strike, causing blood to spray into the surroundings, and this scene was extremely cruel. However, Ji Xuanbing’s expression didn’t change at all, and he seemed to be extremely cold and merciless.

“What’re all of you doing? Could it be that all of you aren’t afraid of the vengeance of the three academies if you slaughter us like this?” Those heavily injured students cried out with terror and rage, and they struggled with all their might to stand up.

Unfortunately, Ji Xuanbing didn’t give them the chance to flee. His figure flickered repeatedly, and every single palm strike of his definitely reaped a life away.

This was an undisguised slaughter. His opponents didn’t have the slightest ability to resist him, so it was naturally impossible for him to encounter violent resistance. In practically a short moment, blood flowed into rivers on the ground of the hall, and there wasn’t a single student of the three academies left alive.

At this point, Ji Xuanbing finally stopped and casually dusted his clothes before he said, “If I’m even unable to bear this little bit of pressure, then I’m not worthy of the surname, Ji.”

Zhao Mengli was stunned, and then she went silent for a long time before she said, “Count me in as part of this matter as well.”

Ji Xuanbing smiled, and then he glanced at Zhen Lu who stood by his side.

This leading figure of the Buddha Dimension’s younger generation who’d always maintained a silent and reserved bearing sighed abruptly at this moment. “When I participated in the second round of the test, I once made a move against Chen Xi with the intention of taking back a precious treasure of the Buddhist Sect in his possession. I offended him that time, yet I never expected that he would rescue me instead…”

Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli were stunned. They’d never expected that there was actually such an issue between Chen Xi and Zhen Lu.

“This is a Buddhist Scripture that can repair that Buddhist treasure in his possession. Please help me pass it over to him. I’ll ask those three academies for an explanation for the incident that occurred today.” Zhen Lu withdrew a light green book and passed it to Ji Xuanbing, and then he pressed his palms together and chanted the name of Buddha before turning and leaving.

“This fellow is actually even more ruthless than me…” Ji Xuanbing puckered his lips. He’d only killed a group of people that were on the verge of death, yet Zhen Lu actually intended to seek justice from those three academies, and he simply didn’t seem like a benevolent Buddhist cultivator at all.

“All the members of the Buddha Dimension are like this. They believe that karma goes around, yet they actually act by avenging any hatred or enmity they possess.” Zhao Mengli laughed lightly.

After that, she glanced at the area outside the hall and said, “It’s probably impossible to conceal this matter because a figure flashed by outside the hall earlier. Perhaps it was a student from Cloudmist, Dao Secret, or Windstream Academies.”

“It’s best if they find out. I truly wish to see if they’ll dare come looking for trouble with us.” Ji Xuanbing stood with his hands behind his back and laughed proudly.


Space fluctuated as Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared out of thin air.

“Chen Xi! Quickly let us go. Otherwise, once the instructors of the academy find out, they’ll definitely expel you from the academy!”

“You’ve already brought great disaster upon yourself by seizing the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram. Quickly end this!”

When they saw Chen Xi, the eyes of Zuoqiu Jun, Ao Zhanbei, and the others who were restrained within the hall turned red, and they roared furiously in succession.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when facing this, and with a flip of his hand, three ancient immortal treasures had appeared. They were respectively the Skyearth Gourd, Greensilk Palace Lantern, and Heaven Hatred Seal. They floated in midair while emanating a flowing glow.

When they saw this scene, the furious roars in the hall stopped abruptly while their expressions transformed into surprise and bewilderment.

“You… You… You killed the students of those three academies just now?” One of them realized something and spoke with trembling voices.

The others were horrified as well, and they faintly felt that it was probably true because every single one of these ancient immortal treasures were precious treasures of extraordinary origin, and they were on par with the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram. Yet now, they’d appeared in Chen Xi’s possession, so it was obvious that he’d seized them from the other three academies.

“So, as students that are from the same academy as me, all of you ought to feel lucky and not threaten me at a time like this. Because if you infuriate me, then this Immortal King’s tomb might become the place where your bones are buried.” Chen Xi flipped his palm and put the three ancient immortal treasures away.

The hall became perfectly silent. All of them puckered their lips while their heavy expression faintly revealed a wisp of deep fear. Obviously, they were worried that Chen Xi would disregard everything and kill them.

“Alright, I’ll send all of you out right now.” Chen Xi glanced at all of them who were completely dispirited, and he didn’t hesitate any longer. He grabbed all of them up with a flick of his sleeve before tossing them out of the hall like trash.

“Remember that if any one of you dares to take a step in again, then don’t blame me for killing him!” Chen Xi patted his hands together and left an undisguised threat before walking back into the hall.

“Chen Xi, I hope…you die a horrible death!” Zuoqiu Jun’s entire body felt relaxed when the restraints were removed, and he was unable to restrain the rage in his heart any longer and cursed loudly with rage from outside the hall.

“Just you wait, we’ll report this to the instructors once we leave the tomb, and we’ll expose all your evildoing to the public. Let me see how you’ll maintain a foothold in the academy!” The others cursed as well.

But from the beginning until the end, not a single one of them dared to take a step into the hall.

Because they were truly filled with fear from being crushed by Chen Xi. Earlier, Chen Xi had swept through all of them, causing them to almost collapse. Moreover, Chen Xi had killed an unknown number of students from the other academies in this short period of time and had even seized their ancient immortal treasures…

All of this made them have no choice but to carefully consider Chen Xi’s words, and they didn’t dare rashly take a risk.

Within the hall, Chen Xi remained indifferent to all of this, and he started standing on guard for the tiny cauldron.


The tiny cauldron was already impatient from waiting. It immediately executed a secret technique and emanated a myriad of strands of divine radiance that swiftly surged into the nine mysterious restrictions.

At this moment, the entire tomb suddenly trembled in unison, and it was like it had awakened from countless years of slumber!

The nine palaces that stood towering on the space-time lake almost simultaneously resounded with the ring of cauldrons that seemed to have come from the ages.

It was heavy, ancient, and desolate. This sound seemed as if it could directly strike at the depths of the soul, and it caused others to be unable to help but feel reverence in their heart.


Right amidst this ringing of the cauldrons, an indescribable and shapeless force suddenly rumbled and surged out.

At this instant, no matter if it was Ji Xuanbing’s group, Zuoqiu Jun’s group who were still cursing furiously outside the hall, or the students of the other academies, all of them raised their heads in unison.

After that, nine ancient bronze cauldrons suddenly soared into the sky above the nine palaces. They effused an extremely grand and terrifying aura that suppressed everything in the world.

Even space seemed to be unable to endure the weight of these nine cauldrons, and it shattered inch by inch. When looked at from afar, it was like the entire sky had suddenly collapsed!

“The Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons!”

“These nine cauldrons were created by the primeval Emperor Yu, and it held down the karmic luck of the Primordial nine continents during the time before the three dimensions had been formed!”

“Sure enough, those seniors weren’t wrong. This is true inheritance within this tomb. Emperor Yu perished in battle here all those years ago, and even the renowned Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons were left behind here.”

Everyone was shocked, and they couldn’t restrain their emotions. This was a primeval precious treasure that greatly surpassed ancient immortal treasures like the Skyearth Gourd.

“What’re all of you still standing there for? Let’s make a move!” Someone roared furiously and jolted everyone back from their shock, and then their expressions blazed with covetous intentions and excitement.


However, right when they intended to make a move, the heavens and the earth suddenly shook as if the world was turning upside down, and the entire tomb started to collapse violently.

They were able to clearly notice that space-time storms, space-time tides, and space-time blackholes, and the energy of Life and Death that were like a surging ocean were actually filling this tomb at the same time, and they flowed and whistled ceaselessly with an extremely astounding impetus.

The River of Fiery Refinement, the Bridge to the Deep, the Space-time Lake… All of them were on the verge of collapse and destruction.

“What’s going on?” Everyone was shocked while the desire in their hearts were replaced by terror, and their souls almost left their bodies while they felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“AH!!!!” Before they could make any reaction, they felt their entire bodies tremble, and they were carried off by a terrifying force that was impossible to resist. In the next moment, the scene before their eyes darkened, and they’d lost all consciousness.

“Hmm?” At the depths of the river that separated the three dimensions from the Outerealm, an exclaim of surprise suddenly resounded, and then an extremely terrifying will swept out. It instantly passed through layer upon layer of space and the boundless river of stars.

“Emperor Yu’s nine cauldrons? This treasure has actually emerged into the world…” After that, an extremely dazzling and mighty figure suddenly appeared in the depths of the river of stars, and his entire body was bathed in a terrifying divine radiance that caused the starry sky behind him to dim in comparison.


A completely black and enormous mammoth roared and crushed numerous stars as it charged towards the dazzling and mighty figure.

“Hei Ren, I have something important to attend to. I’ll come kill you next time!” When he saw this, the dazzling and mighty figure left these words before suddenly vanishing into thin air.

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