Chapter 1246 – Crushing His Enemies

“Kill! Kill all of them!”

“These students from Dao Emperor Academy are truly detestable. Earlier, Chen Xi was arrogant and unbridled, and he killed our companions. Now, they actually want to seize the fortune that we intend to obtain. They’re simply lawless!”

“There’s no need to care about any rules. How could there be no fatalities in Nightmare Battlefield? There won’t be anyone who’ll pursue the matter and blame us even when we return to Dreamcloud City.”

“Cut the crap. Let’s kill them and seize the treasure first!”

A violent battle was being carried out in a large hall.

One party of the battle was formed from the students of Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academies, whereas the other side was Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu.

The current situation was one where Ji Xuanbing’s group of three were obviously in a disadvantaged and precarious position. They were suppressed to the point of being on the verge of losing, whereas the students of the other academies were pressing down upon them step by step and occupied a position of absolute advantage.

This was bound to be an unfair battle.

In terms of numbers, Ji Xuanbing’s group was only made up of three people, whereas their opponents were more than twenty people.

In terms of combat strength, the students of the other academies were the seniors of their respective academies, and they occupied an inherent advantage, whereas Ji Xuanbing and the others had only advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm a few years ago.

Of course, the most obvious gap between these two parties in the battle was immortal treasures!

The students of the three academies possessed three ancient immortal treasures, causing Ji Xuanbing and the others to be restrained in all aspects. Not to mention counterattacking, even dodging was difficult.

In short, it seemed that no matter which aspect it was, Ji Xuanbing’s group was bound to lose.

“Why don’t we hand over the treasure to them. It’s only a fragment of an ancient immortal treasure, and it isn’t worth us fighting for our lives with them.” Zhao Mengli’s beautiful brows knit together. Even if the situation was precarious, she still maintained her noble and proud bearing.


As she spoke, she gritted her teeth and struck with a strand of True Phoenix Blaze to deal with the attacks that were crushing down at them. However, her countenance became slightly pale as well.

“Even if we hand it over now, it’s impossible for them to let us off. After all, this is the Immortal King’s tomb, and the seniors of the academy wouldn’t be able to come assist us even if we crushed the message talisman. How could they let such a superb opportunity to annihilate us slip from their hands?” A wisp of ridicule appeared on the corners of Ji Xuanbing’s mouth. Just like Zhao Mengli, his countenance was slightly pale while there was no lack of injuries on his body, causing his clothes to be tainted with blood.

“I only regret that Senior Yun Fusheng didn’t annihilate them all those years ago!” Zhao Mengli gritted her teeth as she spoke.

Indeed, no matter if it was Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, or Vastsky Academy, all their opponents at this moment had been defeated by Yun Fusheng all those years ago, and this caused these three academies to eternally view Dao Emperor Academy’s students as their enemies.

If it was in the outside world, then perhaps they wouldn’t dare act so fearlessly out of consideration for everyone’s identities. But it wasn’t the same here, this was the Immortal King’s tomb, and it was a place of supreme fortune.

Coupled with the fact that a conflict had arisen amongst them, it was impossible for any one of them to stop fighting and put an end to this battle.

“I have a secret treasure that can help us escape. However, this tomb’s surroundings are filled with the energy of the space-time lake. So once we’re teleported, we’ll probably encounter danger.” Zhen Lu that had been fighting silently all along spoke abruptly via voice transmission.

Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli glanced at each other, and their minds were clear as a mirror. As the direct line heir of the Ji Clan and the descendant of a True Phoenix, both of them naturally possessed trump cards that they hadn’t utilized. But when they thought about how such trump cards would actually be wasted on these fellows, they felt a wave of aggrievance, rage, and unwillingness in their hearts.

It was their trump cards, and they were utterly unwilling to utilize it unless they were in a moment of desperation where their lives were on the line.

“Bastards! After I get away, I’ll definitely take revenge from every single one of them!” Ji Xuanbing gritted his teeth, and he’d finally decided to utilize his trump card and get away first.


However, before he could act, a terrifying fluctuation that was like a thunderclap suddenly resounded from the space far in the distance, and then a figure crushed through space and whistled over.

Obviously, that figure had actually executed teleportation to the limit, and it caused space itself to emit terrifying booms!

This shocking scene instantly drew the attention of both parties to the battle.

However, before they could make any reaction, they heard a wave of muffled bangs. Figure after figure seemed as if they were smashed into fiercely by a mountain, and they were blasted flying towards the surroundings. Their figures hadn’t fallen to the ground when they coughed up blood without end, and even a wave of the sound of bones breaking resounded along with this.

If one looked down from the sky above the hall, one would be able to clearly see that the figure who’d arrived abruptly was like an awl that fiercely smashed open a path of blood in the crowd of students from the other academies.

Everywhere it passed, figures were blasted flying while blood sprayed into the air. This scene was overbearing and bloody, and it gave others a matchless visual impact.


“Who is it!? Which bastard dares to launch a surprise attack against us?”

“Bastard! Bastard!”

Shrill cries and shouts that were mixed with furious roars resounded and filled the entire hall.

At this moment, everyone finally saw the appearance of this figure clearly. A handsome appearance, tall figure, and eyes that were pitch black like an abyss…

Shockingly, it was Chen Xi!

“Chen Xi?” Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu were stunned, and then they were extremely delighted. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually appear out of nowhere while they were in such a precarious position and resolve this disaster they were facing.

“Chen Xi! It’s actually you!”

“Bastard! You’ve come just at the right time! The enmity from before should be resolved in the end!”

“Dammit! We were actually taken by surprise by this fellow!”

On the other hand, when they saw the figure who’d appeared was Chen Xi, the students of the three academies had a surprisingly uniform reaction. They didn’t conceal their hatred and rage at all.

“Die!” Xue Lianqiong from Bitter Silence Academy flashed into the air while controlling the ancient Immortal Treasure, Heaven Hatred Seal, and it brought forth a wave of divine radiance that contained surging hatred as it smashed down towards Chen Xi.


Hatred was like a wave that seemed to have flown over from the ages, and it was enshrouded with killing intent as if crushed space into pieces and dyed it red.

“Watch out!” Ji Xuanbing warned. Earlier, he’d suffered a great loss because of the Heaven Hatred Seal.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when facing this, yet his figure flashed and vanished into thin air. In the next moment, he was holding Starclasp while slashing down fiercely. It was simple, direct, and completely plain, yet it carried a might imposing aura of its own that looked down upon the heavens and the earth.


Under the astounded gazes of everyone present here, the ancient immortal treasure, Heaven Hatred Seal, was actually blasted flying, whereas Xue Lianqiong cried out in pain as he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his figure was smashed onto the ground, causing a wave of the sound of bones breaking to resound. Merely hearing this sound caused the others to shiver and feel extremely terrified.

He was defeated with a single strike!

At this moment, even Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu stared with their eyes wide open. They didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi was actually formidable to such an extent now.

“It was my fault for being unable to kill all of you that time. This time, it won’t be the same!” Chen Xi spoke with a calm expression, and his handsome face carried a terrifying and arrogant expression.


As he spoke, he’d teleported in midair, and he’d arrived before Xue Lianqiong who was heavily injured.

“What…what do you intend to do?” Xue Lianqiong was terrified to the point of struggling to crawl up. That sword strike of Chen Xi’s from before had completely crushed his confidence, and it was even to the extent that he couldn’t refrain from feeling despair in his heart.


A bronze lantern appeared out of nowhere, and it flowed with strands of crimson red flaming radiance.


The Skyearth Gourd flew up into the sky, and it emanated heavy Skyearth Qi.

Right at this moment, both of these ancient immortal treasures had moved at the same moment and assaulted Chen Xi. They carried a vast impetus and were suffused with a terrifying aura that was extremely astounding.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly and didn’t even turn back as he swung out a scroll with a flick of his sleeve. It soared into the air while chaotic Yin and Yang fused within it, and it seemed to intend to sweep the heavens and the earth into it.

At the same time, Chen Xi himself arrived before Xue Lianqiong, and Chen Xi sliced Xue Lianqiong’s throat under his terrified gaze. Chen Xi did it without the slightest mercy or a shred of hesitation!


A head flew into the sky while blood sprayed.


The Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram collided with the two ancient immortal treasures, and the collision emanated deafening rumbling and erupted with divine radiance.

These two actions were practically carried out at the exact same moment, causing very few people to have noticed Xue Lianqiong’s terrified, despaired, savage, and unwilling expression before his death…

But there were still some people who’d noticed it after all. For example, the hearts of Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli shook when they saw Chen Xi kill Xue Lianqiong without the slightest hesitation, and their lips twitched slightly. This fellow…is even more resolute and decisive then I imagined!

"Restrain!” After he finished doing all of this, Chen Xi didn’t waste a shred of time before his entire body suddenly emanated boundless divine radiance, and he stretched out his hand and grabbed. His palm was like a Roc swallowing water, and it didn’t just take away the Heaven Hatred Seal, even the Skyearth Gourd and Greensilk Palace Lantern was swept up by the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram before flying into Chen Xi’s palm.

“How dare you!”

“You’re courting death!”

In an instant, Xue Lianqiong was dead and the three ancient immortal treasures had been taken away. It was simply like suffering a matchlessly heavy blow, and it caused the students of the three academies to roar loudly with shock and fury while they attacked fearlessly.

They were absolutely unable to tolerate the precious treasures of their respective academies being seized, they absolutely wouldn’t!

Unfortunately, Chen Xi had advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm now, and he was like a completely different person and even possessed the assistance of the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram. How could they possibly be a match for him?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thus, in the next moment, under the horrified and astounded gazes of Ji Xuanbing and the others, Chen Xi was like a tiger that had entered into a group of sheep, and he rampaged about amongst them. Everywhere he passed, he caused string after string of scarlet red and hot blood to spray into the sky while shrill cries resounded without end.

It could be said to be like he was crushing dry leaves and made a clean sweep of all of them!

His peerlessly overbearing and domineering attitude deeply shocked Ji Xuanbing and the others, and they were unable to recover from their shock even after a long time.

No one had imagined that Chen Xi’s combat strength would actually attain such a state that even existences at the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm weren’t a match for him, and he’d seemed to have attained an unprecedented level where he was invincible amongst those of the same cultivation realm.

This was absolutely a crushing battle!

It was even to the extent that Ji Xuanbing and the others felt slightly sorry for the students of the three academies. All of you just had to offend Chen Xi, isn’t this like…courting death?

“I have important matters to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave first. I’ll trouble all of you to deal with the matter here. All of you will probably not encounter any danger after this.” After a short moment, Chen Xi stopped because there wasn’t a single enemy that could stand up in the surroundings, whereas he suddenly teleported and left after he spoke these words.

It couldn’t be helped, his time was truly too limited, and he had no choice but to make the best use of it and return to the tiny cauldron’s side.

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