Chapter 1245 – The Arrival Of Trouble

The nine mysterious restrictions were activated, and they were like screens of light that actually revealed the scene within the nine palaces.

“This is the scene within the Nine Cauldron Palaces. Every single palace has a bronze ancient cauldron residing within it, and it’s precisely because of this that these nine palaces are able to stand towering until now within this time-space lake.” The tiny cauldron explained swiftly. “I’ll utilize the might of the restriction in a moment to take away all those nine cauldrons. You have to stand on guard for me and must not allow me to be disturbed, because I’m only capable of activating such restrictions once with my current strength. This is our only chance!”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and was just about to nod in agreement when his gaze swept over inadvertently, and he saw the scene that had condensed within one of the screens of light. Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu were encircled and were in a precarious position!

“Senior, wait a moment!” Chen Xi spoke immediately while his gaze flowed with cold lights.

“You intend to save them? We don’t have much time left!” The tiny cauldron seemed to be slightly displeased.

“Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli have both helped me greatly in the past, I can’t stand by and watch them die.” Chen Xi spoke apologetically yet his expression was extremely firm.

“Go on. You only have ten minutes, otherwise…the inheritance of the nine cauldrons will be lost forever.” The tiny cauldron went silent for a short moment before it agreed to Chen Xi’s decision.

“Don’t worry Senior, ten minutes is more than enough to deal with those bastards!” Chen Xi heaved a long sigh of relief when he heard the tiny cauldron’s agreement, and his handsome face was suffused with a wisp of confidence and arrogance.

He was only at the initial-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm before entering this hall, yet now, his cultivation had broken through once more, and his combat strength had transformed. Moreover, he possessed a precious treasure like the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram, so how could he possibly take these students of the other academies seriously?

After all, he was able to confront the students of those three academies by himself before he passed through the Bridge to the Deep!

“Unfortunately, you probably have to deal with a bit more of trouble before you go.” At the moment when Chen Xi was about to leave, the tiny cauldron spoke abruptly.

After that, before the tiny cauldron’s voice could finish resounding through the air, a wave of the sound of air being torn apart resounded abruptly from far away.

“Quickly! We must make the best use of our time to search this hall and grab possession of the fortune here before the others arrive!”

“Eh, divine light seems to be effusing out from there!”

“There’s someone there! It’s actually him? Chen Xi?”

“This fellow really didn’t die!”

Accompanying this clamorous noise was a group of people tearing through the sky as they arrived here, and they appeared within Chen Xi’s field of vision. Surprisingly, it was Zuoqiu Jun, Ao Zhanbei, and a few other students from Dao Emperor Academy.

All of them were stunned when they saw Chen Xi, but their gazes were quickly drawn by the platform and the nine mysterious restrictions that were emanating divine radiance.

“Could it be that this is where that great figure’s true inheritance lies?” One of them spoke with a trembling voice and a burning gaze. They’d searched a palace before this, yet they’d only obtained some small fortuitous encounters, so they couldn’t help but be worried that the true inheritance within the tomb was taken away by another.

Yet now it would see like they still had a chance!

“Chen Xi, you did well this time. Give the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram back to us right now, and we’ll forgive your past misdeeds.”

“Yes, a supreme fortune like this belongs to our Dao Emperor Academy. I’ll ask the seniors of the academy to give you merit for this once we return.”

The others spoke as well, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi eased up greatly. However, everything they said seemed as if they’d taken everything before them to be something that belonged to all of them, and they intended to take a share of it.

“I don’t have time to waste my breath on all of you. All of you can either leave right now, or I’ll send all of you out. I’ll give all of you three breaths of time to consider it.” When he saw Zuoqiu Jun and the others had actually come over here by chance, the enmity within Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but surge up. Early on when he was on the Bridge to the Deep, they’d stood idly by and taken him to be an outsider. Moreover, they’d even taken advantage of the situation he was in and intended to seize the Yin Yang Fish King from the tiny cauldron.

In the end, they failed on the verge of success, yet they still pursued him all the way. Now, they intended to speak about forgiving him instead. He felt that they were truly thinking too highly of themselves!

“What do you mean by that?” One of them immediately frowned and berated when he heard Chen Xi actually speak in such a blunt manner. “As a member of Dao Emperor Academy, we’ve already been sufficiently tolerant, yet you actually still don’t know what’s good for you. Could it be that you really intend to go against us?”


This person’s voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Chen Xi had attacked with a frown on his face. He’d discerned that it was obviously impossible to make these fellows leave obediently and coupled with the limited time he had where he to rescue Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu within ten minutes of time before returning to the tiny cauldron’s side, he didn’t have the time to waste his breath on them.

So he didn’t hesitate at all and slapped his palm down with great force upon that senior, and it seemed to carry an ocean as it shot over.

“You actually dare to make a move against us! How arrogant!” The senior shouted furiously before flashing forward and charged out with a punch to go head on against Chen Xi’s attack.


An enormous bang resounded before that senior staggered back, and his sleeve had shattered into pieces while he coughed up blood. He’d already suffered a heavy injury.

All the others were shocked. None of them had imagined that Chen Xi would actually make a move abruptly, and he’d heavily injured a senior student amongst them with a single strike!

“Bastard! Could it be that you’ve forgotten that we’re prohibited from fighting each other during the exam!?” Ao Zhanbei’s gaze went cold, and he shouted loudly with a deep voice.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi sneered and was completely indifferent to him.


A golden beam of light tore through the sky towards Chen Xi. It was Zuoqiu Jun that had attacked. He held a golden immortal sword in hand as he slashed. It was like a terrifying dazzling sun descending from the sky, and its golden radiance illuminated the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he teleported to arrive in front of Zuoqiu Jun before he slammed down with his palm.

“Hmm?” Zuoqiu Jun’s expression turned grim. He’d never expected that Chen Xi’s reaction would be so swift. He swung the immortal sword in his hand and swept it out horizontally, causing a golden sword light to shoot out like a torrent.

A strike like this was sufficient to slash a mountain apart.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dodge, and a bang resounded as he actually slapped the golden strand of sword qi into pieces with his palm. After that, his palm emanated the radiance of the five elements as it grabbed onto the blade of Zuoqiu Jun’s sword!

“How…how could he be so strong?” One of them exclaimed with shock.

The others were dumbstruck as well when they saw this. In just a short period of a few hours, Chen Xi’s combat strength had actually more than doubled when compared to when he was on the Bridge to the Deep!

At the same time that he was shocked by this, Zuoqiu Jun urged his Immortal Force violently, causing the blade of his sword to glow while he intended to sever Chen Xi’s palm.

Unfortunately, how could Chen Xi give him a chance to counterattack? Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward, and his right palm still held onto the blade of the sword while his left palm smashed down fiercely onto Zuoqiu Jun’s chest.


Zuoqiu Jun’s chest sunk down while his entire body bent into the shape of a prawn before being blasted flying.

However, he was extremely formidable. After suffering such a heavy injury, he actually teleported halfway and intended to stabilize himself.

However, Chen Xi’s figure flashed in the next moment, and he solidified the surrounding space with a single palm strike, causing Zuoqiu Jun to be struck to the ground.

“I’ll fight you to the death!” Zuoqiu Jun coughed up a mouthful of blood and seemed to have gone mad. He was able to sense that Chen Xi didn’t care about the rules of Dao Emperor Academy at all and intended to kill him.


His figure disappeared into thin air once more and ceaselessly slashed out golden and brilliant strands of sword qi that contained a peerlessly sharp aura. They seemed as if they could slice through anything.

Chen Xi stopped pursuing him and stood on the spot, and he casually slapped out with his hands to easily deal with those golden strands of sword qi, causing them to vanish into nothingness.

All the others were shocked once more because Chen Xi was too domineering. Even though he stood there without moving, yet he seemed inviolable!


Chen Xi slapped down once more with his palm, and Zuoqiu Jun was unable to resist it this time. He was forcefully slapped down onto the ground, causing his skull to split apart and bleed while the bones in his entire body cracked apart.

However, this wasn’t the end. In the next moment, Chen Xi’s arm stretched out, and he grabbed Zuoqiu Jun’s neck.

All the others in the surroundings looked at this scene with shock and horror. Zuoqiu Jun was extraordinarily formidable, he was ranked at the 2nd position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings of the academy, yet he was held up like a little chick now and was unable to struggle at all.

How could Chen Xi become so strong in such a short period of time?

None of them were able to figure it out.

“You want to kill me? Do you know that if you do, then you’ll be expelled from the academy? At that time, let’s see how long you can live without the protection of the academy!” Zuoqiu Jun roared with a savage expression, yet he actually seemed to be ferocious in appearance but cowardly in heart.

He was very clearly aware that before Chen Xi could be expelled from the academy, Chen Xi would definitely die in the Nightmare Battlefield. So, he really couldn’t help but feel terrified.

“Don’t worry, I won’t allow you to die so easily.” Chen Xi’s eyes were icy cold as he stared at Zuoqiu Jun for a long time, and then he lightly spoke a few words. He was indeed almost unable to restrain the killing intent within his heart just now, and he intended to kill Zuoqiu Jun.

But in the end, he’d restrained himself. Just as Zuoqiu Jun had said, he had no choice but to rely on the might of Dao Emperor Academy to protect himself.


Chen Xi tossed Zuoqiu Jun away like a dead animal, and then he shot his icy cold gaze onto Ao Zhanbei and the others.

“What…do you intend to do?” One of them spoke with fear and anger.

“What I intend to do?” A piercingly cold arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

Thus, in the next moment, a wave of the sound of violent battle resounded within the hall, and it was accompanied by shrill cries of pain…

It didn’t go on for long, and it didn’t even go on for a short moment before the hall recovered its deathly silences. However, a few figures lay scattered about on the ground, and no matter how they struggled, they were unable to stand up again.

“Don’t worry, I’ve only temporary restrained all of you, and I’ll let all of you go once I’ve finished rescuing the others. After all, we’re…brothers of the same academy, right?” Chen Xi clapped his hands and laughed lightly, and he’d turned around to leave the hall as he spoke.

“Chen Xi, I won’t let you off for this!”

“I’ll definitely report this to the higher-ups of the academy!”

“Dammit! Damnable bastard!”

All of them were disgruntled and roared furiously, yet it was to no avail. On the contrary, they seemed like a group of pitiable worms that were moaning and groaning for nothing. Perhaps they’d never imagined that they would fall to such a terrible situation.

Actually, Chen Xi was already sufficiently merciful. If it was in the past, he would absolutely not allow a single one of them to remain alive!

Since I can’t kill all of you, I can kill those bastards from the other academies, right? Chen Xi took a deep breath after he walked out of the hall, and a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent flashed within the depths of his eyes because he recalled everything he’d encountered within the Impermanent Path and on the Bridge to the Deep.


Chen Xi distinguished the direction and didn’t waste any more time before he flashed and vanished into thin air.

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