Chapter 1244 – Unsurpassed Beauty

In an instant, a slender figure flashed into appearance, and it possessed unsurpassed beauty as it looked down upon the world!

Even though it was only momentary, it caused Chen Xi to feel his breath being taken away while his mind shook. It was an otherworldly bearing, and this figure’s body was suffused with the aura of boundless divinity that seemed to be like divine halos, causing this figure to seem like a god.

Yes, Chen Xi had merely noticed a figure and sensed an indescribably unique bearing, yet he wasn’t able to see this figure’s appearance.

However, even then, it still shocked Chen Xi. At that time, he seemed to have seen the various Grand Dao Laws stand on guard around that slender figure and bowed down in worship to her!

What sort of bearing was this? It could be said to be unsurpassed in beauty and peerless!

After that, Chen Xi suddenly returned to his senses and realized that besides himself and Starry, only the tiny cauldron was present in this spacious and empty hall.

Could it be…that figure from before is the projection of the tiny cauldron? Chen Xi was shocked by his own guess. Even though he’d suspected that the tiny cauldron might be a woman, yet it was only a random guess of his after all, and he’d never taken it seriously.

However, he had some doubts now.

“You’ve advanced? Not bad, you didn’t waste the energy contained within the Yin Yang Fishes.” Meanwhile, the tiny cauldron’s voice resounded abruptly, and then Chen Xi saw the tiny cauldron transform into a bright light that appeared out of thin air.

The cauldron had become even purer and more clear, and it faintly flowed with a divine aura. It seemed to be even more full of spirit and power now.

Obviously, the tiny cauldron had refined and absorbed the Yin Yang Fish King, and it had brought great benefits to the tiny cauldron.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of this. He asked directly when he saw the tiny cauldron make an appearance. “Senior…earlier…”

“You were seeing things.” The tiny cauldron interrupted him without the slightest hesitation.

Chen Xi was still unwilling to give up and probed. “Senior, that figure from before was a projection of yourself, right?”

He shook his head after he finished speaking, and he felt the tiny cauldron would probably not answer his question. The peerlessly beautiful figure from before had indeed appeared too suddenly, and if he was the tiny cauldron, he would definitely not admit that he was a woman.

After all, according to Chen Xi’s understanding of the tiny cauldron throughout these years, it was proud and aloof to the bone, and it looked down upon the heavens and the earth and frequently spoke shocking words. It was like a senior that came from the primeval times.

“You noticed?” On the contrary to Chen Xi’s expectations, the tiny cauldron actually didn’t deny it at this moment!

This caused him to be stunned, and he felt slight disbelief. He said after a short while, “Senior, could it be that you’re really a…woman?”

“What do you think?” The tiny cauldron asked with a composed voice.

However, it caused Chen Xi’s heart to jerk as he said with embarrassment, “I thought…”


Before he could finish speaking, a scroll flew out from the tiny cauldron and descended onto Chen Xi’s palm. “Alright, enough nonsense. This is for you.”

Chen Xi sighed in his heart. She changed the topic again! Tiny cauldron, oh, tiny cauldron, you’re definitely a girl because only girls like to change the topic when they dislike it.

Chen Xi shook his head and picked up the scroll before scanning it briefly. Shockingly, it was the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram!

This was one of the precious treasures of Dao Emperor Academy, and it was on par with the Skyearth Gourd, Greensilk Palace Lantern, Bloodmaster Sword, and the other ancient immortal treasures.

“I never expected that Senior would seize this treasure from them.” When he thought about the expressions Ao Zhanbei and the others would have from losing this treasure, he couldn’t help but start laughing. After that, he felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart because they didn’t use such a precious treasure to deal with the students of the other academies and had utilized it to rob him and the tiny cauldron instead…

Nevermind, since they didn’t cherish this treasure, then I’ll take care of it for now, and I’ll hand it over to those seniors after I return to the academy. Chen Xi carefully put the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram away.

He didn’t dare to think about taking possession of this treasure. After all, it belonged to the academy, and he would naturally not return it back to Zuoqiu Jun, Ao Zhanbei, and the others.


The tiny cauldron withdrew something once more, and it was a crystalline white bone that was an entire 12m long. Half of it was black like the night sky while the other half was snow white like the day, and it was suffused with the aura of Yin and Yang that assaulted the face.

Moreover, the scene of the alternation between light and darkness was even formed atop it, and it was condensed into form from the aura of the Grand Daos of Light and Darkness!

With practically a single glance, Chen Xi recognized this thing. Shockingly, it was the fishbone of the Yin Yang Fish King!

“This is the Origin Bone of the Yin Yang Fish King, and it’s branded with the complete Grand Dao markings of the Grand Daos of Light and Darkness. Comprehend it and perhaps you’ll be able to grasp two rare Grand Dao profundities.” The tiny cauldron guided him casually. “Of course, if you attain perfection in these two Grand Daos, then you’ll be able to condense the Laws of Taichi, and that is where the true value of this bone lies.”

Light, Darkness, Taichi!

All of these were Grand Dao profundities that everyone in the world dreamed of!

All those years ago, Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing had become renowned throughout the world and shocked the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty because they’d respectively grasped the Dao Insights of Light and Darkness. Now, after so many years have passed, these rare Grand Daos were actually right before him.

At this moment, Chen Xi was extremely shocked. He’d never imagined that he would actually obtain such shocking gains in a short period of time, and he would absolutely have no regrets if he was asked to leave the tomb right now.


Another divine light flashed, and it was an ancient ‘仙’ character that was powerful, piercingly cold, and raging. It was sealed within a jade talisman. Its strokes were scarlet red like blood, and it revealed a supreme energy of Life and Death that assaulted the face.

The tiny cauldron’s voice resounded once more. “Keep this talisman, and you can comprehend the energy of Life and Death within it once you’ve advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm. However, whether you’re able to comprehend and grasp it will depend on your own fortune.”

At this moment, Chen Xi felt that he’d become numb to pleasant surprises.

It couldn’t be helped because he’d obtained too much within this tomb. First, he’d relied on the energy within the Yin Yang Fish to break through into the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. Next, he’d obtained the Chaotic Yin Yang Diagram from the tiny cauldron, the Origin Bone of the Yin Yang Fish King, and the jade talisman that contained the energy of Life and Death…

Any one of these could be considered as outstanding fortuitous encounters, yet now, he’d obtained them successively. How could all of this not cause him to be excited and pleasantly surprised?

“Now, we have to go claim the true inheritance of this tomb…” The tiny cauldron spoke once more.

Chen Xi was utterly stunned when he heard this. There are actually more pleasant surprises that haven’t been unearthed…

“This is Emperor Yu’s Nine Cauldron Palaces. There are a total of nine, yet the actual inheritance within it is the nine bronze ancient cauldrons.”

“Emperor Yu? This tomb belongs to the primeval Emperor Yu?”

“Yes, Emperor Yu was on par with the Martial Emperor, Equipment Emperor, Spirit Emperor, and Dao Emperor, and they were called the Five Primeval Emperors. They were existences in the three dimensions that stood proudly at the peak of the Grand Dao during the primeval times. This place was left behind by Emperor Yu when he passed away.”

“So…this tomb actually possesses such a great background. No wonder, no wonder it was able to use the might of the Spatial Tide as an entrance and create the Impermanent Path with the energy of Life and Death…”

“This is very ordinary because the supreme Laws of space, time, and Life and Death were supreme abilities that could be grasped at the Immortal King Realm.”

Within the spacious and empty hall, the tiny cauldron spoke with Chen Xi while emanating strands of divine radiance that set up nine mysterious restrictions in the surroundings of the platform.

These restrictions were like numerous jade cauldrons made of light, and they stood around the meditation cushion in the position of the nine palaces. As the tiny cauldron ceaselessly perfected them, they emanated strands of shocking energy fluctuations.

Chen Xi’s attention wasn’t on them, and it was on the tiny cauldron instead. Up until now, he was able to confirm that the tiny cauldron’s level of familiarity with the situation in the tomb wasn’t normal, and this seemed to be extremely unusual.

Thus, he pondered for a long time before he was unable to restrain himself from asking in the end. “Senior, could it be that you were friends with Emperor Yu?”

“Friends?” The tiny cauldron was stunned, and it stopped what it was doing and went silent for a long time before it said, “No.”

Before Chen Xi could pursue an answer, the tiny cauldron sighed faintly and said, “You ought to be well aware of my bitter detest towards the Xeno-race and how I wish for nothing more than to annihilate all of them. The reason for that is Emperor Yu…died because of them.”

Chen Xi’s heart thumped, and he seemed as if he was listening to a shocking secret that was about to be exposed.

Early on when he met the tiny cauldron for the first time in the Primeval Battlefield, Chen Xi was clearly aware that when the tiny cauldron mentioned anything related to the Xeno-race, it would be unable to refrain from emanating boundless detest and hatred.

Moreover, during his cultivation in these past few years, the tiny cauldron had helped him crush numerous Xeno-race experts on many occasions. However, he’d never imagined that the tiny cauldron had so much hatred for the Xeno-race because of Emperor Yu!

“You’re very curious why I would act in this way, right?” The tiny cauldron’s voice became slightly complicated, low, and heavy as it said, “It’s very simple. Emperor Yu…was my father.”

Her father!

Chen Xi felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck his heart. Emperor Yu was the tiny cauldron’s father!

This had exceeded his expectations, and he felt it very difficult to believe. However, a voice in his heart was faintly telling him that this was logical, and this was the truth…

“I was by his side when he was building this tomb all those years ago, and I’d suffered an injury that was impossible to recover. In the end, I could only watch as he passed away and vanished in the three dimensions…”

“Later on, I finally recovered a trace of my strength, yet I was dispirited. So I left this place and drifted aimlessly through the three dimensions for a million years, and I killed countless Xeno-race experts. Perhaps it was by chance that I encountered a Xeno-race expert that heavily injured him all those years while I was in the Primeval Battlefield. After that…

“I put everything I had on the line and crushed that fellow in the end, whereas I myself fell into deep sleep because I’d exhausted to much of my strength, and I continued sleeping until a few years ago…when I met you.”

The tiny cauldron’s low and deep voice drifted through the spacious and empty hall. It didn’t contain any emotions, yet it revealed a trace of an indescribable feeling of age and sorrow.

“I was already in despair and had decided that I would never return to this sorrowful place in my entire lifetime. But who would have expected that the will of the heavens would play tricks on me, and I would just happen to encounter you after countless years?”

“Me?” Chen Xi was stunned.

“Yes.” When the tiny cauldron spoke until here, it seemed to put its emotions in order before its voice became composed as it said, “You possess River Diagram fragments, are an heir of Oracle Mountain, and even I’m unable to see through your fate. However, I’m able to see a trace of hope from you.”

“Hope?” Chen Xi was stunned once more. He was clearly aware that this sort of reaction was very inappropriate at this moment, yet he was unable to restrain the shock in his heart because the pleasant surprise and shock that he’d received in this short period of time was truly too much, and his mind was unable to recover from it.

“I’ve told you all that I should. Now, let’s start to gather the bronze ancient cauldrons that are branded with the true inheritance of Emperor Yu.” The tiny cauldron refused to mention the matter from before any longer, and it suddenly surged with a wisp of brilliant divine radiance that surged into the mysterious restrictions that were arranged in the position of the nine palaces.

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