Chapter 1243 – Fortune

A vertical eye flickered in the space between Chen Xi’s brows, and it emanated a deep jet black light as he focused it upon the lantern.

Instantly, the lantern that flickered with a dim glow emanated a flaming glow that was extremely dazzling, and it effused a horrifying force that press down upon Chen Xi to the point of feeling suffocated.

Suddenly, he closed the Eye of Divine Truth.

After that, the scenes before him vanished. The lantern was still the same lantern, the glow it emanated was still dim, yet in Chen Xi’s heart, this lantern had risen to the level of being a divine object.

He didn’t dare inspect it with the Eye of Divine Truth once more, and in this way, the scenes from before didn’t appear once more.

A layer of dark gold colored oil lay within the lantern, and it was like a dim lake yet contained a formidable aura of divinity. After the passage of countless years, its aura hadn’t been worn away at all.

I wonder what this lantern oil is made of. Why does it emanate such a terrifying aura? Chen Xi puckered his lips as he pondered deeply for a moment. In the end, he refrained himself and carefully lifted the lantern onto his palm before gently touching it. The lantern was heavy, and it felt icy cold and smooth. It seemed as if it was made of jade and metal, and he was unable to discover any secrets from it.

This treasure was probably left behind by the owner of this tomb. I’ll put it away for now because it might be of great use in the future. Chen Xi put the lantern away before his gaze moved onto the meditation cushion.

Compared to the lantern, this cushion seemed to be much more ordinary. But when Chen Xi intended to pick it up, he was actually unable to move it at all no matter how hard he tried!

Eh! Strange, moving mountains and seas with my current strength isn’t a problem at all, yet I’m unable to move this tiny cushion. Could it be that it’s a divine treasure as well? Chen Xi tried every method he could think of yet was unable to move this cushion, so he couldn’t help but be surprised and bewildered.

“Eat the Yin Yang Fish and cultivate.” Right at this moment, the tiny cauldron’s voice suddenly sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears. However, he was utterly unable to find the tiny cauldron when he looked around.

He stared blankly for a moment before he stopped thinking about it, yet he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Since the tiny cauldron spoke, then it at least proves that it’s still alive. That’s more than enough.

Subsequently, Chen Xi acted according to the tiny cauldron’s instructions. He withdrew the 19 Yin Yang Fish before sitting onto ground before the platform, and then he started a fire and started to…roast fish.

The consciousness of these Yin Yang Fish had been wiped out by him. They were completely bright red while their tails were covered in illusory and gorgeous scaled. When held in his hand, an aura of divinity assaulted his face.


Starry was let out as well. He squatted by the fire while looking covetously at the Yin Yang Fish Chen Xi lay there, and he seemed to be unable to resist such a supreme delicacy.

After a short while, an extremely tempting fragrance drifted out. It seemed to be able to invade the depths of one’s bones and draw out one’s entire appetite, and it revealed temptation that was impossible to resist.

Starry was restless and ceaseless rubbed his fluffy head on Chen Xi like a famished glutton.

At this moment, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. The smell of these Yin Yang Fishes were truly too tempting, and it actually even caused his Dao Heart to find it difficult to refuse. This was the first time he’d encountered such a situation.

After another ten minutes passed and when Starry was anxious to the point his tears were almost squeezed out, Chen Xi finally took down a Yin Yang Fish. However, before he could try it, Starry had pounced over and swallowed it.

Chomp! Chomp!

Starry chomped down while his mouth glowed with the aura of divinity. It was the shocking aura of divinity contained with the Yin Yang Fish, and it was even thicker and purer than peerless immortal herbs.


In the blink of an eye, Starry opened his mouth and spat out an intact fishbone. Half the fishbone was black like the night sky, and the other was white like day. It was branded with strands of mysterious Dao markings that had an illusory sense of beauty.

Chen Xi hurriedly picked it up and observed it carefully for a moment. Sure enough, he was able to sense that the strands of Dao markings branded on the fishbone actually contained the aura of the Grand Daos of Yin and Yang, and a weak and imperceptible trace of the aura of Darkness and Light!

The tiny cauldron really was right. These Yin Yang Fish really are primeval variant beasts, and they’re rare and precious treasures. Merely this fishbone is comparable to a rare treasure… Chen Xi exclaimed with shock in his heart. He carefully put the fishbone away because even if he was unable to comprehend Darkness and Light from it, he could utilize it as a precious immortal material.

Ao! Ao!

Starry’s eyes narrowed while it seemed to be reveling in its recollection from before. After that, it gazed at Chen Xi with a pitiable and covetous expression while begging endlessly.

“You’re an existence comparable to a divine beast, yet why do you seem like a cat now?” Chen Xi slapped Starry on the head.

The little fellow was intelligent, and he actually let out a ‘meow’ before grabbing a Yin Yang Fish with its mouth and fled. He seemed to be saying ‘I’m a cat, so what about it?’

Chen Xi exploded with laughter and shook his head.

He picked up a Yin Yang Fish before carefully tearing a piece of meat and tasting it. The meat was extremely delicious and melted in the mouth while leaving a fragrant aftertaste on his teeth. At the same time, a strand of pure and burning waves flowed from his throat throughout his body, and it was comfortable to the point Chen Xi almost moaned.

This sort of feeling was like drinking top-quality divine wine. It melted in the mouth and spread throughout the body, and even the soul was nourished. It was boundlessly wonderful.

Delicious!It’s truly a supreme delicacy!

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had cleaned up the entire Yin Yang Fish, and he’d almost swallowed his tongue as well.


Starry come over at this moment as well, and he wagged his large tail while shamelessly meowing like a cat. After that, Starry grabbed another Yin Yang Fish with his mouth.

“Leave some for me.” Chen Xi shouted hastily.

Thus, in the next period of time, this pair of man and beast started to sweep through the Yin Yang Fish and ate voraciously.

When Starry ate six fishes, his entire body was emanating surging divine radiance. He seemed as if he’d become drunk and fell into deep sleep in the end. This was because the amount of divinity contained within the Yin Yang Fishes was too strong, and it had arrived at Starry’s limits.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was eating continuously. Every single pore on his entire body was emanating dazzling divine radiance, and the terrifying energy of divinity was like surging lava that rolled through his body and was on the verge of breaking free from the restraints of his body.


When Chen Xi ate the last Yin Yang Fish, it was like a volcano had erupted within his body, then a strand of divine radiance effused out and enveloped him, and it seemed as if it intended to scatter into the surroundings.

How could Chen Xi dare hesitate when he saw this? He hurriedly ascended the platform and sat cross-legged on the meditation cushion before guiding it into the world within his body to be refined.

At this moment, his consciousness felt as if he’d drank strong wine, and he was in a daze. So, he was guiding the terrifying energy of divinity contained within the Yin Yang Fish by instinct alone.

Logically speaking, it was extremely easy to experience qi deviation while cultivating under such circumstances, yet not only did Chen Xi have no such feeling, he even felt that his speed of cultivation was a few times faster than before. It was extremely relaxed and smooth.

Gradually, Chen Xi’s mind and body entered into an extremely calm state. His mind and body had joined into one, and he’d attained a state of extreme harmony and clearness. On the other hand, the powerful and vast Immortal Force within his body was ceaselessly refining the energy of divinity instead.

The hall was dim and deathly silent.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged atop the platform while his entire body was enveloped by divinity. It wasn’t really dazzling, yet it was extremely harmonious, and it formed into various profundities that seemed like circle after circle of the flames of the gods flickering around him, causing him to seem like a god of legend.

At this moment, the entire hall seemed to be unlike before. It emanated a wave of indistinct chanting, and it seemed like the tune of the Grand Dao was reverberating through the ages.

Under the influence of this chanting, the cushion beneath Chen Xi was suffused with an ancient aura that suffused Chen Xi’s entire body, and it imperceptibly brought unbelievable benefits to Chen Xi’s cultivation.

His cultivation had attained the Allheaven Level of the Golden Immortal Realm, and he was practically unprecedented and invincible amongst his peers. Yet it was precisely because of this that advancement became extremely difficult for him.

Chen Xi was prepared for this since the beginning, so after he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, he’d never hoped to be able to improve his cultivation in a short period of time.

However, it was different now!

The energy of divinity contained within the Yin Yang Fished was too powerful and pure. It was a supreme precious treasure that was rare in the three dimensions. At this moment, it had completely fused into Chen Xi’s body, and under the influence of the chanting and the ancient aura emanated by the meditation cushion, Chen Xi’s cultivation was actually rising steadily and vigorously!

However, Chen Xi was utterly unaware of all of this. He was frowning and grinning from time to time, and his mind and body had fallen into a strange state of comprehension a long time ago.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi’s entire body trembled before a bang reverberated through his body. The blood, flesh, skin, bones, tendons, and even internal organs, apertures, and meridians within his entire body seemed to have been plated with the radiance of divinity and were suffused with a mysterious aura.

At the same time, his cultivation at the Allheaven Level actually broke through into the Embody Heaven Level in one go!

In other words, Chen Xi was currently an existence at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.


There seemed to be countless mountains colliding within his body. It was the sound of his Immortal Force circulating, and it was deafening while seeming like the resounding tune of the Dao. It emanated a terrifying imposing aura that caused others to feel reverence in their hearts.

I actually…broke through here. Chen Xi was dazed in his heart as if he’d had an unbelievable dream. He was truly unable to imagine that there would be such fortune that allowed his cultivation to improve once more.

After all, he’d advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm less than a year ago!

Not to mention the views of others, just he himself was extremely dazed. If he wasn’t able to clearly sense the completely new transformation the vital energy within his body had undergone, he wouldn’t dare believe such a thing had occurred.

All of this was naturally related to the extraordinary benefits that came from consuming the Yin Yang Fish, and it was similarly slightly related to the meditation cushion beneath him.

Because at this moment, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that this cushion was absolutely a divine treasure that was able to help one quickly enter into a state of Dao comprehension. It didn’t just help one yield twice the results from cultivating ordinarily, it was even to the extent that it helped one yield ten times the results!

This is what fortune is. If it isn’t, then why would so many people have fought to the death with the intention of entering this tomb throughout the countless years of the past?

Everything is for the sake of fortune!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

Hmm? Right at the instant he opened his eyes, a slender and beautiful figure suddenly flashed within his field of vision. Even though it was only momentary, Chen Xi’s heart was fiercely shaken, and his breath was completely taken away.

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